angle grinder diold 150 with speed control

Angle grinder CHEAP speed controller _DIY_

angle grinder (angle grinder) with speed control DIOLD


Maximum RPM reflects the idle speed of the spindle per minute. Models with higher maximum rpm provide high performance, even with less power. Depending on the model of the angle grinder, the maximum number of revolutions can be from 6,000 to 15,000 rpm. over, for “Bulgarians” of a larger size, with a disc diameter of 230 mm, this figure is lower, and for models with a disc of 115 mm, 125 mm, respectively, higher.

The tool weight parameter when selected determines how much force the user will have to apply to move the device. Ultimately, this means how tired the worker will be when using the grinder.

Weight depends on the dimensions and power of the electric motor of the equipment. the higher the power, the higher the dimensions and weight.

Heavy grinders are more stable when processing flat surfaces, but they are not convenient to use if you need to spend a lot of time with the device “on the fly”.

Angle grinder CHEAP speed controller

Low weight determines not only ease of control, but also maneuverability, smoothness, natural holding by the user.

Adjusting the speed of the grinder allows you to optimally adjust it for grinding materials of different density. This is a necessary function for those who have to work not only with wood, but also with plastic and metal surfaces.

Soft start, or a starting current limiting system, allows you to limit the starting current to 16 A. This is necessary in order to connect the grinder to a household power supply without damaging it.

Concrete dust. corrosive abrasive environment for any power tool, therefore an angle grinder is used for cutting, chasing or grinding building materials only if they are equipped with an electric motor with windings in a protected design.

An electronic constant speed control system protects the angle grinder motor from overloading and related breakdowns. The system keeps the speed constant, regardless of the change in load level.

Using an optional vibrating pen helps to reduce vibration when using the tool. The built-in damper dampens vibration vibrations, which makes it much easier to work with the tool, reduces fatigue and, ultimately, protects the user’s health.

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A number of angle grinder models presented on our website are equipped with an unintentional start-up protection system. In the course of working with an angle grinder, situations may arise when the tool remains connected to the mains without the knowledge of the operator: emergency shutdown and subsequent sudden turn on of electricity, violation of safety precautions. Such situations are dangerous if the tool is turned on unintentionally, which could result in operator injury and property damage. Anti-unintentional start-up function prevents accidental start-up of the grinder and related problems.

Some models of grinders presented on our website are equipped with an SDS quick-clamping nut, which makes it possible to change the equipment (disc) to an angle grinder in a matter of seconds, by simply turning the nut along the axis (without using special keys). In addition, in the process of working with an angle grinder with a conventional nut, situations arise when the disc tightens so much that it becomes very problematic to remove it with a wrench. The presence of a quick-clamping nut is guaranteed to save you from such situations.

Superflange. supporting part of the disc clamping mechanism. Simplifies disc disassembly and replacement: Loosening is achieved by simply turning the washer radially a few degrees relative to the spindle. “,” sort “: 25,” additional “: true],” productCount “: 126,” queryString “:” “” data-category-ID = “123” data-category-name = “angle grinder (angle grinder) “data-bowed-category-name =” in Bulgarians (angle grinder) with speed control “data-rname =” bolgarka-ushm “data-tag-page-ID =” 3697 “data-make-ID =” 14458 “ = “” data-reset-link = “/ instrument / shlifmashiny / bolgarka_ushm / s_regulirovkoj_oborotov / # goods” data-ab-is-expanded-filters = “”

angle grinder 150 mm with speed control

This section covers 150 mm angle grinder with speed control.

For blacksmiths, smithies, industries and individuals (homemade, self-taught and enthusiasts).

See below for useful information for selection.

Variable Speed Grinders. How to extend their life

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Metabo WEVA 15-150 Quick. powerful, robust, ergonomic, reliable angle grinder

Angle grinder Metabo WEVA 15-150 Quick 600506000 is equipped with a powerful motor that develops speed up to 9600 rpm. The tool is comfortable to hold in the hand thanks to the narrow body. An additional anti-vibration handle facilitates precise work. The electronically controlled soft start ensures jerk-free operation. The model features the best anti-vibration system. Purpose Designed for grinding and cutting work. Specifications Brand. Metabo Country of brand and production. Germany. Landing.

DIOLD MSHU-1,2-01-150. an affordable tool with wide capabilities

Angle grinder DIOLD MSHU-1.2-01-150 is used for cutting and grinding work on a construction site and during repairs. The rubberized grip rests securely in the hand for comfort and safety. To perform various works due to the use of additional nozzles, electronic speed control is provided. Purpose Angle grinder MSHU-1,2-01 is designed to perform grinding and cutting work on metal and other structural and building materials without water supply in domestic conditions using.

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Hitachi G15VA. versatile angle grinder with convenient operation

The Hitachi G15VA angle grinder is a compact model that is easy to use. Versatility in any application. Excellent handling and control thanks to its light weight and compact body design. Purpose The power tool is designed for grinding and cutting various materials, in particular, an angle grinder is used: for removing burr from castings, finishing various types of products and castings made of steel, bronze and aluminum; for grinding welded sections and sections obtained.

Makita GA6040C. Powerful Angle Grinder with Advanced Drive

Makita GA6040C is a powerful angle grinder with a dustproof motor and an advanced Super Joint System II drive, electronic soft start and speed control. Purpose The tool is intended for grinding, cleaning and cutting materials from metal and stone without using water. Specifications Brand. Makita Homeland of the brand. Japan Landing diameter. 22.2 mm. The presence of a vibrating pen. no Number of revolutions. 4000-9000 rpm. SDS quick-release nut. no Superflange. no Maintaining constant.

Standard complete set

  • Angle Grinder;
  • Additional handle;
  • Special key;
  • 2 brushes;
  • Manual;
  • The addresses of the warranty repair shops;
  • Packaging.

Features of the model

Angle grinder DIOLD MSHU-1.2-01-150 10041200 is used for cutting and grinding work at construction sites and during repairs. The rubberized grip rests securely in the hand for comfortable and safe work. To perform tasks in hard-to-reach places, the tool is equipped with an additional three-position handle. To perform various works due to the use of additional nozzles, electronic speed control is provided.

  • Spindle lock in DIOLD MSHU-1.2-01-150. for the convenience of changing equipment;
  • Quick change of brushes without disassembling the tool body;
  • Double insulation. to protect the operator from electrical shock;
  • Lightweight for easy handling;
  • Three-position additional handle;
  • Electronic speed control. for working with different materials.


Power, W 1200
Voltage, V 220
Disc diameter, mm 150
Landing diameter, mm 22.2
Electr. speed control Yes
Number of revolutions, rpm 3000-9000
Superflange not
SDS quick-clamping nut not
Protection against unintended start not
Work on concrete (stone) Yes
Adjusting the guard position without tools not
Maintaining constant speed under load not
The presence of a vibrating pen not
Equipment box
Smooth start not
Weight, kg 2.8
Dimensions, mm 400x165x120
Spindle thread M14
Spindle lock when the disc is jammed not
Engine overheating protection not
Cable length, m 2

Reviews and reviews

Good angle grinder! In use for a little less than a year. There are no complaints about the quality. than enough power for all my work.

Model’s rating: 4.6 / 5. Number of ratings: 15


  • Drills (520)
  • Abrasive Discs (295)
  • Tool bits (121)
  • Grass trimmer reels, lines (93)
  • Bits (78)
  • Saw blades (64)
  • Jigsaw blades (50)
  • Drill bits (41)
  • Pneumatic Tools & Accessories (40)
  • Machine oils (25)
  • Saw chains (24)
  • Sticks for gun glue (22)
  • Saw bars (16)
  • Mixer Attachments (15)
  • Tool Holders (15)
  • Abrasive Belts (14)
  • Drill chucks (8)
  • Planer knives (4)
  • Hole saws (4)
  • Engine Plugs (3)
  • Angle grinders (99)
  • Cordless drills (99)
  • Rotary hammers (62)
  • Power saws (57)
  • Drills (45)
  • Jigsaws (38)
  • Heat guns (38)
  • Cordless drills (33)
  • Concrete mixers (30)
  • Sharpeners (29)
  • Plastic pipe welding machines (28)
  • Surface Grinders (24)
  • Electric guns (16)
  • Spray guns (15)
  • Electric planers (15)
  • Electric screwdrivers (14)
  • Construction hair dryers (14)
  • Routers (13)
  • Drilling machines (7)
  • Belt Sanders (6)
  • Polishing machines (6)
  • Electric cutters (5)
  • Construction mixers (4)
  • Detectors, pyrometers (4)
  • Chargers (3)
  • Demolition hammers (2)
  • Thicknesser and planing machines (1)
  • Wall chasers (1)
  • Electric shears (1)
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Angle grinders

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How to choose a grinder?

Angle grinders are versatile tools that allow you to cut and grind a wide variety of materials. These include ferrous and non-ferrous metals, natural and artificial stone, ceramic and silicate bricks, concrete, porcelain stoneware, all types of tiles, wood. Due to its excellent technical characteristics, the angle grinder is in demand in construction, metalworking, automotive engineering.

Main characteristics of angle grinders:

  • Disc diameter and thickness, spindle connecting thread. Angle grinder cutting or grinding discs are available in several types. Each of them is designed to work with a specific type of material. How deep the cut can be made depends on the maximum permissible diameter.
  • Rotational speed of the disk in idle mode. A high spindle speed is required by grinders when processing materials with a small diameter disc. For grinding and stripping, high speeds are not needed, since most of the processed materials begin to burn, which is unacceptable.
  • Angle grinder power. Power consumption depends on the overall dimensions and weight of the angle grinder, disc diameter. The angle grinder with a large disc has a lot of weight and is subject to higher loads during operation. Professional high-power angle grinders, have more endurance, do not heat up so quickly.

Additional options greatly simplify the work with the angle grinder, make it safe. This is a “soft start” system, maintaining a constant number of revolutions of the disc, self-disconnecting brushes, automatic balancing of the disc. For the convenience of work, some models of grinders are equipped with an additional handle that can be rearranged, as well as special vibration-absorbing handles. Some models are also equipped with a special quick-locking nut that can be tightened and unscrewed by hand, a button for locking the spindle.