Angle Grinder Discs For Woodwork

Basically, an angle grinder is used for cutting metal. However, a huge variety of nozzles allows you to use it for other tasks. For example, stripping of defects in a weld; removal of scale, agnail, dirt, old paint, slag crust; cutting and grinding of stone and concrete.

Choose according to features and characteristics

Outside and seat disc size for wood, the angle grinder must clearly correspond to the parameters of the tool. If the tool has an outer diameter of 125 mm, and the grinder is designed for 115 mm, then it cannot be set (even if, having removed the protective cover, this can be done practically). Firstly, the discrepancy between the maximum revolutions of the tool and the circle is dangerous for the user; and secondly, when it warms up, which means it expands, the disk may jam and sharply slow down, which will lead to a jerk.

For circular saws, there are several sizes of fit: 16, 20, 25.4, 30, 32, 50 mm; for angle grinder it is one 22.2 mm.

Number of teeth. The fewer there are, the faster the cut occurs, but the quality of the cut obtained is lower and, conversely, a larger amount will increase the time for cutting, but the ends of the resulting blanks will be smoother.

Angle Grinder Discs For Woodwork

Unlike steel, which is sawn; wood, due to strong fibers, is more likely to be torn apart by teeth of equipment. With a large number of small teeth, the tool will work with low cutting efficiency; wooden workpieces will be very hot, but it will be easier to hold with your hands. Large teeth will make it possible to carry out work faster, but the machine will be prone to jerking.

Carbide brazing. A model with them will have a larger resource. A circle without soldering will have to be sharpened after several cuts.

Disk price woodwork for angle grinder depends on the outer size, the number of teeth, the manufacturer. Most expensive. Model with a chainsaw around the circumference.

Multi tooling. For example, Rotarex R3 can, in addition to wood, cope with rubber, plastic and lightweight concrete, and Rotarex R4, which is working and the front side allows you to process the edges immediately after cutting.
The Arbortech TurboPlane wood wheel is both cutting and grinding. Three long teeth made of carbide material, also located on the front side, allow grinding and leveling of wooden surfaces, giving the workpieces the necessary shape.

Angle Grinder Discs For Woodwork

Safety recommendations: