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Angle grinders with speed control are widely used in everyday life and in production. Angle grinders (angle grinder) allow you to perform a variety of operations, from cutting to grinding. The tool is suitable for processing a variety of materials, be it soft plastic or hard concrete. Today in the domestic market there is a rich assortment of grinders with speed control. They differ in both cost and technical parameters. Recommendations of our experts will help you choose the most suitable model.

Makita 9565CVL, 1400W, 125mm

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How They Control RPM On Angle Grinders | Makita 9″ Grinder Vs Makita 7″ Grinder

The lightest angle grinder in our review was the Japanese development Makita 9565CVL, it weighs only 1.8 kg. The model is suitable for performing such types of work where a low rotational speed of the disk is required. The 1.4 kW electric motor has a maximum speed of 6800 rpm. The experts liked the pleasant soft start of the instrument, quiet operation, as well as the presence of a disc with P60 grain and a round sole with Velcro for skins. The spindle lock speeds up the tool change process, the engine cooling system efficiently removes heat. With increasing load, the rotational speed of the disk does not change.

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Russian craftsmen have identified several shortcomings of the model. This is a low engine speed, a short power cord, an archaic attachment of a protective casing.

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AEG WS 13-125 XE, 1300 W, 125 mm

Users consider the disadvantages of the machine to be rapid heating when operating at low speeds, noise in the gearbox, shaft play.

Rating of the best grinders with speed control

Large angle grinders.

Inconvenient for making precise cuts, for example, cutting pores in welded seams of thin-walled pipelines. The 6.7 kg weight, like the GA9040RF01, is more difficult to control for the accuracy of the immersion depth. Cutting discs of large angle grinders start with a thickness of 2 mm, as opposed to 0.8 mm in small 125 models. Even a physically strong worker can hardly cope with the force of a jerk when the equipment is jammed. But a cutting depth of up to 85 mm, in one plunge without turning the workpiece, can only be performed by large angle grinders, such as DWT WS22-230 D or Titan BSUM20230. Cutting through is more hindered by the dimensions of the case. You can go a little deeper by tilting the angle grinder, but the cut will no longer be perpendicular to the surface.

The soft start function is implemented in the same way on all tools?

Not. And the speed of reaching the operating mode and the user experience are different. In the Flex L 3406 VRG, the rig unwinds in 1.5 seconds and is very soft. The Makita GA9040RF01 jerk, though small, is felt. And for Fiolent MSHU 1-20-230 acceleration occurs without jerking, but in two stages.

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angle grinder with speed control and smooth start.

Often buyers want to choose an inexpensive angle grinder with these custom features, like the Makita GA5040C. At the press of the start button, the user will feel the sharp jerk associated with the rapid speed up of the rig. over, the heavier it is, for example, a grinding grinding disc, the more tangible the tool is trying to escape from the hands. The user experiences the inconvenience; from a peak load exceeding the nominal 3-5 times, the gears of the reducer suffer; voltage sags in the network. It can knock out electrical machines and plugs, “swell” and stall a low-power gas generator if the angle grinder is powered from it without a soft start.

angle grinder with speed control

angle grinder is the most common name for angle grinders, which are widely used both in industrial and professional activities and in everyday life. angle grinders gained their distribution due to their versatility, convenient use, as well as additional technical and functional characteristics, which they are complemented by modern manufacturers.

Angle grinders are used for cutting surfaces and parts, cleaning, grinding (roughing and finishing), and polishing surfaces. Among the materials that the device can handle, first of all, they call metal, concrete, wood, stone, plastic, etc.

The quality of the work performed by the device is influenced by its technical characteristics and indicators.

Pay attention

When buying an angle grinder, pay attention to the following specifications, which will indicate the capabilities of the device:

  • Angle grinder power. The power depends on how the angle grinder handles the loads. For long and continuous work, give preference to more powerful devices. Thus, they will not break in the process. But for household tasks, devices with an average power, low-power angle grinders are also suitable. In addition, high-power angle grinders are designed more for professional activities and their cost is much higher.
  • Diameter of the working cutting disc. This indicator will determine the depth of the hole and cut that will be created by the device.
  • Rotation speed of the device. Affects the performance, as well as the speed of the task.
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angle grinder with speed control

Additional functions

As mentioned above, angle grinders are professional and household. Professional (like some household) grinders have additional advantages, in addition to power, in use. Among them is the ability to adjust the number of revolutions of the device. This function is important for both the professional and the home craftsman. It allows you to select the correct speed for the material, thickness and cutting conditions. So, for less durable surfaces, you can cope with the task with a small number of revolutions, but for a metal surface, select the maximum speed and maximum number of revolutions.

Also, the angle grinder is supplemented with the functions of protecting the device from voltage surges, maintaining a constant speed, protection against repeated switching on of the device, fuses against switching on. An important addition is a smooth start-up and shutdown of the device, due to which there is no discomfort in the form of a strong shock when the device is turned on.