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best angle grinders with speed control

Review of the best according to expertology Selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a buying guide. Before buying it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

A wide range of applications in the home and in production are found in angle grinders with adjustable speed. Angle grinders (angle grinders) enable a wide range of operations, from cutting to grinding. The tool is suitable for machining different materials, be it soft plastic or hard concrete. Today the domestic market offers a wide range of angle grinders with adjustable speed. They differ both in cost and technical parameters. The recommendations of our experts will help you to choose the most suitable model.


Make a compact angle grinder is not like everyone else? It’s not easy, but DeWALT has accomplished it. DWE4150 is not only powerful 900 W, but with its low-profile gearbox and repositioned to the chassis by the blocking button, this angle grinder is an all-rounder. Good rotor balancing, and brush holder has ability to turn brushes off automatically when they are critically worn, so there is no risk that the brush filings will be caught by the rotor during operation, ploughing up the collector lamellae. The cable is long enough and has good frost resistance, it does not freeze badly in the cold.

The only thing we did not like was the bright yellow housing, which instantly gets dirty when working and looks, to put it mildly, not very presentable: the company color black and yellow could be played better for such a tool, which by definition works in conditions of strong dust. Well, even a bit strange looks favorite DeWALT tightening of spindle nut not with special key, and hex, however, hexagonal holes are located on it so that the usual wrench can still be used.

Makita GA4530

The Makita GA4530 angle grinder continues our rating of the best. This popular budget angle grinder (which has, by the way, an undocumented possibility to transform into a 125mm one by simply replacing the cover with the cover of the GA5030, with which the GA4530 is completely unified, it will not bind anywhere) came out from Makita quite good, which is not to say that the author knows by hearsay, having replaced the stolen (but never broken after 7 years of living in the garage)!) Hitachi. 720-watt motor with a well-balanced rotor, gearbox with bearings, from the factory it is not required to fill it with grease, which is more than enough, comfortable enough in the hand, such, in principle, and should be a compact angle grinder without frills. Though, the back cover of almost all grinders of this model is secured with a backlash (which only spoils the impression, but does not affect the quality of work), and the gearbox is still heated a little too much, but these are more picky things rather than serious shortcomings by the standards of a budget line from the manufacturer with a well-known name.

It is curious that Makita has not transferred production of this angle grinder to China, although it sins in this case with more expensive models: most likely you will see in a store GA4530 of Romanian assembling. The angle grinder weighs less than two kilograms, its ribbed body sits comfortably even in not the biggest brush, and a long cable does not suffer from oakiness: in general, for their money it will be very interesting purchase.

Hitachi G12SR4

Good inexpensive angle grinder, compact, but not at the expense of economy on the metal it weighs under 1.8 kg without a wheel. Motor power 730 W, and it is more than enough for any work with 115 mm circles: you can cut, clean, grind without overloading the motor.

The ability to quickly replace the brushes is not provided, but this is not attributed to an unambiguous disadvantage: they live very long at Hitachi. This is confirmed both by the reviews of owners and the author’s own experience. claims to dust protection, but you should take into account that this is not a professional model, designed for continuous work in conditions of high dust, but a home-garage angle grinder. In such conditions, for which it is designed, to kill G12SR4 can only a person with clinical rectal disposition of the upper extremities.

The motor is well balanced the tool can be used for a long time without the risk of getting acquainted with the concept of vibration disease. The noise level is moderate. Handle can be repositioned to the right and left side of the gearbox, vertical threaded hole is not provided: a pity, sometimes it is useful.

angle grinder (angle grinder)

Angle grinder (angle grinder) or angle grinder is a universal tool for cutting metal, stone or tiles, as well as for grinding and polishing various surfaces.

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The principle of operation of the angle grinder is based on rapid disc rotation. Abrasive nozzles for grinders are available in different thickness and diameter, which allows you to perform various repair and construction works.

Depending on the power source, angle grinders are divided into:

  • The most common type of grinder works from 220 V. Typically used in gardening and cottage work, as well as in construction for trimming hard materials (brick, tile, etc.д.). The advantages of this model include the ability to use attachments of different diameters, high power, durability, affordable price. The disadvantages of working can include dependence on the power supply and the presence of a tangled wire.
  • Rechargeable design of such an angle grinder provides for an additional compartment to mount the battery. The advantages of this model include autonomous operation regardless of power supply and low weight. However, such an angle grinder is suitable for short-term work, t.к. requires recharging.
angle, grinder, variable, speed

When choosing a tool, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Diameter grinding wheel. Focus on the width of the part or product, which you will work with the angle grinder. Small discs can be installed on a large tool. But large discs cannot be mounted on the small grinder.
  • Power. The higher this indicator, the faster the angle grinder works. For countryside work is enough power in the range of 900 watts.
  • Speed control. This feature protects you from overheating. In Castorama you will find angle grinders with and without rotation control.
  • Weight. For short and irregular jobs, a heavier machine is the right choice. For regular use, choose lightweight version.
  • Spindle lock becomes functional in the event of a jammed disc.If this feature is present, the motor stops as soon as a jam occurs.
  • Easy-to-use handle. A finger protection and slip prevention device on the handle of the sander is desirable.

Choose and buy an angle grinder in Castorama at an affordable price. Our consultants will always help you choose the right option from a large number of models.

The power tools category has other useful products that you should pay attention to.

Why adjusting?

The quality of cutting and grinding the material depends directly on the set speed of the angle grinder. Since hard and thick workpieces lend themselves well to cutting at maximum speed, and aluminum, on the contrary, can melt when heated, you should regulate the speed of the disc when working with them. Only models with a special tool to control spinning speed. This function is useful and can be used in several instances.

  • When working on stone. This material is good for cutting and grinding at low speeds, a different speed for each type of stone is selected.
  • When finishing delicate work that requires special care. High speeds may damage such workpieces.
  • When replacing one size wheel with another. Speed adjustment is necessary in this case.
  • When using diamond-tipped bits and discs in work. To avoid their overheating and breakage, the processing of workpieces should be carried out with low revolutions.

If you plan to use the tool only for cutting operations, there is no need in the speed controller. In the case of universal use of angle grinder, it is indispensable. The speed control system in the angle grinder is represented by integrated circuits. They are reliable in use, operate with a system of soft start and tuned module.

What models are popular in Russia: top 10

Most power tools sold in the territory. produced in China. Only small part is assembled in Russia from Chinese spare parts. But 10-15 models are sold for a long time and have proven themselves.

Zubr angle grinder 230-2100 PM3

angle grinder is equipped with a handy rotary handle, enough power for most jobs. But there are also disadvantages: high weight, high noise level.


Powerful and reliable angle grinder for the home, garage and country house. However, poor ergonomics and excessive weight make this tool less attractive.

AEG WS 13-125 XE

Quick-release nut makes it possible to quickly change grinding wheels. The angle grinder itself is very easy to hold. There is overload protection. The only drawback is that the cable gets tough in cold weather.

Bosch PWS 1000-125 CE

Power tool of medium power, suitable for home use. Plastic case included. Of minuses: average ergonomics. the case is too thick.


Very powerful and ergonomic angle grinder. Vibration absorbing handle is installed. Own dust extraction system. The hood position can be adjusted without a key. Long cable.

Bort BWS-950

The main difference between electric tools smooth operation of the motor. Reliable and not very expensive angle grinder. Suitable for home or summer cottage use.


Powerful enough for most jobs. Low noise level. Ergonomic. Disadvantages: too heavy and not suitable for continuous use over several hours.

Sturm! AG95141P

Powerful, reliable, budget angle grinder. On the downside: not very handy “Start” button.

RWS angle grinder 125/900

Power of the angle grinder is enough to work at home and in the garage. Low noise level, and the electric motor works without vibration. Acceptable price. The only drawback is the short cord.

angle, grinder, variable, speed

Zubr angle grinder P230-2400 PV

Powerful professional tool for any works with convenient vibration absorbing handle.

Tool types

Typically used in the home, devices that are characterized by small size and high demands on the working environment. Their technical capabilities do not exceed the scope of domestic operations. As a rule, after 15-20 minutes the masters’ hands will feel the increase of the device body heat. This means you have to pause for work. Intensive work on a daily basis is not up to the task of such an angle grinder.

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Industrial applications require a powerful, robust angle grinder with soft-start, speed regulation and a housing that is waterproof and dustproof to handle in unfavourable conditions. Usually, such machines are difficult to break, so for the daily full work it is perfectly suited. When performing operations with such a device do not choose the type of material, even if it requires delicate processing. Turning down the speed of the disc is enough, and any tool can do the job.

Such machines can also be used at home, for example, when building a country house or major repairs. It will show itself only from the best side.

Tips for choosing an angle grinder with soft start

For work away from power sources choose a battery-powered tool. This increases the cost and limits the operating time, but allows you to use an angle grinder even in the field.

There are also gasoline and pneumatic angle grinders, which are used mainly at industrial enterprises. Machines with internal combustion engines perfectly cope with cutting overall workpieces up to 400 mm in diameter. Models running on compressed air need a compressor with a capacity of 200-400 l/min.

Consider other parameters that affect the choice of angle grinder.

Size of discs used

All circular saw blades, including those with variable speed, are divided into two types: cutting and deburring. Diameter of discs ranges from 100 to 500 mm. The most common sizes are:

Smaller disc diameters are allowed to fit on oversized models, provided that the fitment hole corresponds to.

Specialists do not recommend using grinding wheels, the size of which exceeds the passport indicators. This will force the angle grinder to work in overload mode, which reduces its life.

Remember: the larger the disk size, the more massive the machine will be. This will affect the duration of the work cycle.

Engine power

The power of household models does not exceed 1 kW. For professional applications, this can be up to 5 kW.

angle, grinder, variable, speed

The depth of cut depends on the value of this parameter.

Manual and electronic protection

Disc jamming in the process of operation is the biggest trouble. the angle grinder can escape from hands and cause serious damage. Possible causes:

variable speed angle grinder unboxing || ऐसा angle grinder अपने पहले नही देखा होगा || Mr. Dharoniya

  • Contact of the wheel with a foreign object;
  • Working with an object that is too strong;
  • weak tightening of the spindle nut;
  • exceeding the maximum speed of the tool;
  • operation of the disc, the material of which does not correspond to the processed surface.

All these causes the working head to break or fly apart. In the latter case, splinters that fly at high velocity are a health hazard.

To reduce the risk of injury, the tool is equipped with anti-jamming mechanisms.

All inexpensive models have a special cover to protect against splinters of disk in case of jamming. These are international safety requirements.

Protection systems can be divided into two types:

  • Mechanical. Professional models with speed control are fitted with a special clutch. If the disc overloads or jams during torque transfer, it starts to slip, preventing the tool from spoiling.
  • Electronic. In this case, a special safety unit is responsible for an emergency stop. Its operating principle is based on reading electrical parameters during operation. An abrupt cessation of rotation is accompanied by an electric current surge, to which the sensors react instantly, de-energizing the tool.

Other features

  • Protection against unintentional switching on. The angle grinder is equipped with two start buttons. only switches on when pressed simultaneously.
  • Stabilizer under load. Electronic system automatically maintains the set RPM when cutting very hard materials. The function comes in handy for craftsmen who work with oversized workpieces made of stone, marble or concrete.

Production of angle grinders are engaged in both foreign and domestic manufacturers. The Germans have achieved very great results in this industry. This firm is Bosch.

The Japanese machines are also very popular, Hitachi and Makita make them. These companies mainly produce models that can be used professionally. angle grinder from these manufacturers have adjustable speed, high power, which exceeds 1200 watts. It’s also very convenient that there are different diameters of discs, which can be installed on the machine. Angle grinders allow you to perform various types of complex work.

If you use special diamond discs, then you can even cut stone or concrete, as well as walls for laying wire. The side handle is very convenient because it will provide full control over the powerful tool during the whole work.

Bosch GWS 850 CE

Angle grinders from Bosch have variable speed and power of 850 W. Such machines are ideal for grinding natural and artificial stones, if you put a diamond disc. Such grinders are very popular among electronic tools. Usually Bosch equipment is purchased by professional stone engravers, who daily face the need to polish marble or granite. Such an angle grinder has a fairly low weight, and therefore it is very easy to operate. Anyone can hold it in one hand.

Bosch grinder will have a one-year warranty, and in the event of a breakdown, you can easily exchange it for a serviceable model.

The machines are equipped with special 6 positions, thanks to which the rotation speed can be adjusted. Speed range. from 2800 to 11000 rpm.

The quality of polishing will depend on the speed of the nozzle. The slower the speed, the better the quality of the work. It is necessary to remember this requirement, because it is necessary to work very carefully with granite, marble or glass details. To process marble surfaces, experts recommend a speed of 2800 rpm. Wooden surfaces can be processed with a special nozzle, which allows for high speed.

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The kit includes a special wrench, a handle and several fixing washers that will hold the discs and nozzles.


Quality of work will directly depend on the selected attachment. If you have to work with marble and granite, then experienced engravers will choose diamond flexible disks. For wood, a petal sanding disc is fine. To polish metal products, it is better to use circles consisting of felt or felt, which can be attached to a special attachment with Velcro. Felt nozzles can also be used for polishing glass. But in this case you also need to buy diamond paste, which will greatly simplify the work. If the surface is painted or varnished, the lambswool pads are best.

Makita GA5030

This is an excellent household sander. It also has an adjustable speed. Makita machine has a very small weight, which will not exceed 2 kilograms, and therefore this machine has very many advantages compared to other similar models that have much more weight.

The manufacturer guarantees very high quality of assembly of all units. angle grinder with adjustable speed gives the opportunity to engage in different types of work:

There are numerous reviews about this machine, which indicate that all users are very satisfied with the purchase of such a machine. The angle grinder has very low vibration levels and the additional handle makes it very easy to operate.

Makita has a lot of advantages, but the owner should not forget that this is still a household angle grinder, which means that you should not work long with this equipment. Take a break from time to time so that the Makita does not overheat.

Makita 9565Cv

This Makita model also has adjustable speeds and provides speeds from 2,800 to 11,000 rpm. It is necessary to buy a disc with a diameter of 125 mm. Power consumption. 3400 W. Angle grinder is a professional tool, the design of which will contain the following components:

  • Speed regulation, which allows you to optimize the operating mode. The spindle receives the speed that is needed for the application: cutting, deburring or grinding.
  • Power button lock. It is a good thing that makes your work safer, especially in cases when the light goes out or the plug is accidentally unplugged. With a secondary start fuse, the owner is always protected against accidental activation of the angle grinder, and therefore the possibility of injury is eliminated.
  • Double insulation.
  • RPM stabilisation. This feature eases the load on the blade, making it easier to work on larger, more laborious parts.
  • Two-position side handle. Thanks to this component, the owner can hold the power tool well during use.

The Makita unit is protected from critical overloads at the time of switching on, has a soft start, which protects the system and numerous parts from a strong voltage surge. The speed can be dialed in very gently.

Suitable drive size for every application

For grinders, special discs are made that have a diameter of 115 to 230 mm. Working part will always protrude beyond the machine housing. The nozzles will wear out over time during use. Those 115mm diameter discs will wear out very quickly and are good for cutting workpieces that are less than 3cm thick. This diameter is also unsuitable for work in hard-to-reach places. For this kind of work it is better to choose a disc with a diameter of 180 or 230 mm.

Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick

This is another equipment that has a speed regulator. The optimal disc size is 125 mm. It is the best model for the given power output. It features a very wide spindle speed adjustment and an unvarying speed under alternating loads. This is achieved thanks to the built-in electronics, which will protect the motor from overload. the angle grinder is equipped with an automatic safety clutch, as well as an angle brush, which will turn on if the voltage fails.

The device also has an overheat indicator, an automatic clutch, and a long power cord. This angle grinder has no drawbacks, judging by the reviews of users, and therefore it is successfully used for various works.

Hitachi G13SS

This is a Japanese model of the machine, which is characterized by average performance. But this angle grinder is very comfortable, ergonomic and relatively inexpensive. It can be used in car repair shops or on the construction site. This power tool is made especially for cutting metal and sanding all surfaces. the angle grinder is lightweight, but also features a narrow grip, so you can hold it with one hand in any position. The power tool is designed for professional use. Users note its convenience. The only disadvantage is considered to be the small power of the device.

The model is ergonomically shaped, it has an attached handle, and therefore it can be moved to either side. Carbon brushes are also very easy to replace. These are the main advantages, which are already appreciated by so many people.

Angle grinders

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