Aveo t250 air conditioner compressor bearing replacement

Chevrolet Aveo fuses and relays

Chevrolet Aveo. manufactured by General Motors since 2002. The first and second generation Aveo is labeled T200 and was produced in 2003, 2004, 2005. Further, after restyling, next generation is designated as T250 and T255. Years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. It was updated in 2010 and released in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 as the T300. We will review the schematics and fuse boxes of the Chevrolet Aveo with a detailed description of all the listed generations, separately note the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter.

This model, regardless of year of manufacture, has two fuse boxes. One is located in the passenger compartment at the end of the dashboard on the left side. The second one is under the hood in the engine compartment, near the battery and covered with a protective cap, which is secured with clips.

Causes and consequences of air conditioner bearing failure

An air conditioner compressor bearing repair is most often needed because it has either been running long enough, or because the air conditioner drive belt is overtightened. As a result, friction increases, the balls overheat, expand, the grease thickens, and the cage deforms. The bearing will jam and it can cause such a part as the air conditioner packing to fail, the clutch will short circuit and break: there will be a short circuit between the coils and its winding will burn out the insulating coating. If the replacement of the bearing of the air conditioner compressor clutch will not be made in time, in most cases, it simply starts to scroll in his seat, resulting in a withdrawal may reach a depth of one millimeter. Check the condition of the bearing after pressing it in: Check the condition of the bearing after pressing it in: This will cause the compressor to be replaced. Of course, you should not allow the situation to get to this state.

How much does it cost to replace the Aveo air conditioner compressor? ?

If a driver wants to avoid high repair costs, it is necessary to be attentive to his car and react in time to the manifestation of certain malfunctions. If a worn bearing is not replaced in time, there is a high risk of a more serious damage that will require a full replacement of the Aveo air conditioner compressor.

No need to wait for the air conditioning system to break down completely. If you contact our specialists in time you will save not only your time but also money that you will have to spend for repair. We buy spare parts and consumables for repairing issues directly from manufacturers or reliable suppliers at the best prices.

We do not make any surcharges for our customers and have fair pricing policy. Before we start the repair, we provide complete information on its implementation to the car owner and make an estimate. All necessary works are done quickly, efficiently and reliably. After requesting technical assistance from our repair shop, you get quality services at affordable prices.

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Self-service of the car air conditioning system will not help the driver to save money, as poor-quality repair of breakdowns will lead to additional costs for repeated repairs.

Replacing pulley bearing

Keeping the pressure plate from turning, unscrew the fastening nut.

Notes: Use the special tool to keep the compressor pressure plate from turning.

4, Install a special threaded puller and press the pressure plate from the compressor shaft.

Useful tip: The pressure plate is mounted on the shaft with interference, so do not try to remove it by inserting a screwdriver in the gap between the pulley and the plate. This will cause the plate to deform and need to be replaced.

Use the special threaded puller to remove the pressure plate.

Screw the puller bush into the tapped hole of the pressure plate hub and press the plate off by turning the puller thrust screw.

During operation the threads in the hub bore can become clogged with dirt and rust. If this is the case, clean the threads before screwing in the puller bushing.

Inspect the key and keyway in the pressure plate. Replace the plate if the keyway is worn.

Examine the surface of the shaft seal. If there is evidence of oil leaking from the shaft seal, the compressor should be replaced.

Tip: In some cases, the packing can be replaced if it leaks. be aware, however, that leaks are usually caused by shaft end play due to bearing wear, corrosion or deterioration of the shaft end surfaces around the oil seal. That is why oil seals should only be replaced in the short term at best. If packing leaks, we recommend replacement of the complete compressor.

With a special puller, remove the retaining ring of the pulley bearing.

Note: Use the special unclamping puller to remove the retaining ring.

Install puller and press pulley from compressor front cover journals.

Tip: It is convenient to use a multi-purpose three-armed puller to remove pulley.

Inspect the friction surfaces of the pulley.

10 and the clamping plate, paying attention to the presence of deep annular grooves, scoring, obvious signs of wear and overheating. Replace defective parts if necessary.

Inspect the A and B riveted joints, the resilient steel levers B the plate. If the reins are broken or the rivet connections are loose, replace the clamping plate.

After removing the pulley inspect the keyway 2 and the threaded end 3 of the shaft, groove 4 for the retaining ring and the seating surface 1 of the journal cover (for illustration, the coil magnet is removed). If worn or damaged, replace compressor.

Use a lathe to cut the flats securing the bearing in the sheave.

Use a drift of a suitable size to press the old bearing out of the pulley.

Press in new bearing. When pressing in, force only the outer ring of the bearing. The cage on the old bearing can be used as a mandrel. 16. Secure the bearing by punching the edge of the belt bore after pressing it in.

Pulley bearing outer ring has a very thin wall. Even the slightest misalignment can cause the bearing to break. After pressing in, check the condition of the bearing. It should rotate smoothly and quietly without catching. Axial and radial play should be eliminated.

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Press pulley onto compressor front cover. When pressing them on, only apply pressure to the inner ring of the bearing. It is possible to use the inner ring from an old bearing as a mandrel. 18. Install the retaining ring. Make sure that the ring is fully seated in the groove.

Slide the clamping plate onto the shaft, aligning the key and keyways on the shaft and hub plate. Press the plate onto the shaft so that a 1-1,5 mm gap is left between the friction surfaces of the pulley and the plate. 20. Put the compressor in a vise.

Install the dial indicator as shown in the illustration. Connect the positive battery terminal to the coil winding connector, and the negative terminal. to the compressor body. 24 Measure clearance A between the friction surfaces of the pressure plate and the pulley (clearance equals the measured difference in dimensions between the pressure plate positions when the compressor clutch is engaged and disengaged) at 60-degree intervals around the circumference. If the clearance is not uniform at every point on the circumference, the pressure plate is warped and must be replaced. The nominal clearance should be 0.35-0.85 mm. If the play is larger, press the hub onto the shaft. If less, use a puller to remove the hub from the shaft.

After the adjustment is complete, screw on the new locking nut and tighten it with 5 Nm.

Note: Use a special disposable locknut to secure the clamping plate.

Reinstall the compressor and all removed parts in reverse order of removal. 24. Charge the air conditioning system with refrigerant at a specialized auto air conditioning service center.

Maintenance of air conditioner Chevrolet Aveo: compressor repair and replacement of Aveo air conditioner bearing

Virtually every modern vehicle today is equipped with air conditioning system, which allows you to drive with great comfort in hot weather. This unit is a well-designed reliable system, which, unfortunately, has its weaknesses. In this article we will consider the causes and symptoms of failure of air conditioner pulley bearing.

At our specialized auto service center, the Aveo air conditioner bearing replacement service is one of the most demanded. Repair of this unit requires experience and proper skills, so it should be trusted only to qualified specialists. Our shop provides a full range of diagnostic, maintenance, and repair services for air conditioning systems of Chevrolet cars.

Thermostatic expansion valve

Thermostatic expansion valve A of block type is located in the evaporator housing. The valve is attached to the piping and evaporator with flange connections. After passing through the throttling hole in the valve body the liquid refrigerant sharply reduces its pressure and starts to boil. In the valve body there is a regulating element that changes the flow cross-section of throttling orifice depending on the refrigerant pressure and temperature. The regulating element is set at the factory and cannot be adjusted during operation.

Thermostatic expansion valve location.

How to Check a Chevrolet Aveo’s Air Conditioning Wiring

Failure of the air conditioning system can be related to the electrical part. Approximately 20% of air conditioner malfunctions relate to the breakage of current conducting wires.

If conditioner refuses to work, first of all you should check integrity of wire from compressor to fuse box. This is done as follows:

  • I wrote a letter to a guy who built a few trikes and he answered, but he said he does everything by eye without any blueprints
  • If the indicator does not show the presence of the connection, you need to look for the place of breakage.
  • Repairing the damaged wire.
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Remove and install the air conditioner compressor

5 and the right engine mudguard (see “Repairing and Reinstalling the Air Conditioner”). “Removing and installing the mudguards and engine crankcase protection”).

Remove the accessory drive belt (see. “Replacing Accessory Belts”).

Check drive belt for condition.

NOTE: Replace the belt if upon inspection you find:

  • signs of wear on toothed surface, cracks, undercuts, folds, or separation of fabric from rubber;
  • Cracks, creases, indentations, or bulges in the outer surface of the belt;
  • Loosening or splitting on the end surfaces of the belt;
  • Traces of oil on belt surfaces.

9 and disconnect wiring harness block from the block of electromagnetic muff engagement of the compressor.

Remove bolt from high and low pressure piping flange to compressor and remove bolt from hole.

11 and disconnect piping from compressor.

Remove the bolts securing the compressor to the bracket on the cylinder block.

NOTE: This is how bolts fixing air conditioner compressor are located.

Remove the bolts from the mounting holes and remove the air conditioner compressor by lowering it down. 14. Reinstall compressor and all removed parts in reverse order of removal.

WARNINGS: Do not open the process flange plugs on the new compressor until immediately before connecting the piping. When installing new pipe flange o-rings, be sure to lubricate them with air conditioner compressor oil.

Make sure that when you install the drive belt, the V-belt tracks align with the pulley knobs, and the belt tension is normal. 16. Have the air conditioning system charged with refrigerant at a specialized vehicle air conditioning service center.

TIP: When purchasing a new compressor, verify with the salesperson the amount and type of oil you put in the new compressor. This information can be helpful for mechanics who will be charging the system with refrigerant later.

To replace air conditioner compressor on Chevrolet Aveo you don’t need any special knowledge and skills, just follow all instructions. In order to replace this part, you will need to have access to the bottom of the unit, since many items will need to be removed from there. Let’s proceed directly to the process itself:

  • Before you start the process, it is necessary to remove the refrigerant from the air conditioning system.
  • Now you have to de-energize the vehicle. This can be done by removing the minus terminal.
  • We climb underneath if we remove the lower engine guard.
  • To remove the air conditioner compressor it is required to remove the right underfender.
  • The next step is to remove the auxiliary units drive belt. It is also necessary to check the condition of the belt.

To assemble in the reverse order from disassembly.

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