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Rating of the best models of gasoline trimmer for grass: reviews, which option to choose

This article presents the rating of the best models of a gasoline trimmer for the grass: reviews, which option to choose a structure for the care of the lawn and other areas of the site. You will understand the difference between professional and household trimmers, the features of their application and choice. You will learn the specificity of the products of popular manufacturers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each individual model, you will see a comparative price table.

Many owners of suburban and summer cottages are asked what is better to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass for caring for such territories, which companies should pay attention to and what technical indicators the optimal model should have.

benzotrimmers, disadvantages, leading, manufacturers

The ratings of the best gasoline trimmers, as well as customer reviews who have already experienced this technique in practice and appreciated its weaknesses and its weaknesses, give answers to all these questions.

Gasoline trimmers for grass have a similar structure:

note! The bar is the most important component of the lawn mower, since other components are attached to it.

To ensure convenient operation, the bar in the device is telescopic, and the handle has the following types of rotary structure: t, d, j.

The cutting headset is a knife that can be made of metal or plastic. In some models, a fishing line for a trimmer is used to mow grass, wound on a rotational element of a trimmer for grass. Over time, a fishing line for a trimmer can be thinner or stretch, but there are many stores where you can buy spare parts for gasoline trimmers any day.

The brackets have a very favorable shape, thanks to which the operator has the opportunity to eliminate unnecessary plants during the cutting of the lawn, without touching the rest of the plantations.

Gasoline trimmers for grass or electric: which is better to purchase

Before the buyer in the store, primarily a dilemma appears regarding which trimmer for the grass is better to buy: gasoline type or by electric power. For comparison, we denote the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

The most significant advantages of electric power devices:

  • environmental friendliness due to the lack of exhaust gases;
  • The preparation of the unit for work does not require significant efforts and time of time;
  • low noise exposure;

The advantages of electric power devices can also include an acceptable cost, compact dimensions and a convenient use system.

Disadvantages of trimmers operating on the basis of electricity:

  • a limited radius of movement (the working area is limited to the length of the cable);
  • The cord often creates obstacles during operation;
  • Most of the models are subject to overheating, so there is no way to work without interruptions for a large period of time.

Useful advice! It is recommended to work in small stages, about 20-30 minutes. Thanks to this, you can extend the service life of electrical equipment.

With regard to which benzotrimer is better, the price, quality and practicality of the design play an important role.

  • light control system;
  • high mowing speed;
  • Working with tools does not require significant physical effort;
  • extensive number of manufacturers and wide model lines.

The ability to process places is another reason to buy a trimmer for grass for grass of gasoline type.

  • high level of noise exposure;
  • With the combustion of gasoline, a large amount of exhaust gases is formed;
  • Significant weight of the structure.

Gasoline trimmers for grass: which companies are better (according to consumer reviews)

Regarding which brand it is worth paying attention to and which is better a gasoline trimmer for grass, consumer reviews diverge.

The market offers customers a lot of manufacturers. Conditionally, devices can be divided into two large categories: Chinese and European. For the range of Chinese gasoline lawners, manual trimmers, the price is much lower than in the case of European.made models. But also the quality of the parts, as well as the assembly in this case, is lame. Only Japanese braids for Makita grass are substantially allocated in the Asian market, the cost of which is 15 thousand.

German.made Stihl Benzotrimmers usually lead the ratings of high.quality models. They provide a quality result, work without interruptions and offer a large selection of technical parameters.

note! STIHL is present on the market for a fairly long period, the brand is known to many consumers, thanks to its equally effective gasoline saws.

Вибрационная шлифмашина Edon OAF21-VC

For gasoline trimmers for STIHL grass, the price is in the range of 11-20 thousand. The company’s horse is reliable motors of a two.stroke type, which have a slight weight, give out a minimum level of vibration and rarely fail for insignificant reasons.

Trimmers for Chinese.made grass, on the contrary, are accompanied by many breakdowns:

To buy a trimmer for grass gasoline Husqvarna, you will need to lay out at least 50 thousand. Among the Chinese there are also good options, but the quality should be checked independently, carefully inspecting the unit. Asshed at the price of STIHL is not only reliable, but also allows you to easily buy spare parts for gasoline trimmers.

Household and professional gasoline trimmers for grass for grass: how to choose an unit

Many virtual network users are in search, wanting to buy gasoline trimmers inexpensively for grass in the online store. However, the cost is not a fundamental factor on the basis of which equipment for caring for the garden and the adjacent territory is carried out.

There are a number of moments that should not be lost, namely:

  • the nature of the vegetation prevailing on the site (perennial plants, lawn grass, shrubs);
  • the area of ​​the territory that will be processed;
  • relief features of the site;
  • design weight;
  • type of gasoline engine (two.stroke or four.stroke);
  • type of cutting element, its parameters and material from which it is made;
  • The shape of the handle.

note! In the rating of gasoline trimmers, the price, quality and operational characteristics play a key role. But at the initial stage, you should decide on the purpose of the tool, which can be professional or household. The differences between them are not only in performance and functionality, but also in parameters such as weight and power.

Household trimmers for grass gasoline: which unit to buy for a summer residence

The best gasoline trimmers for herbal grass are equipped with two.stroke engines and have certain technical parameters:

  • The power of the unit does not exceed 2 horsepower. This is enough to process a plot of 5-10 acres.
  • The total weight of the structure is in the range of 2-3 kg. To this indicator, you still need to add the weight of gasoline with a volume of 0.5-1.5 l (depending on the size of the fuel tank).
  • The tool is able to work continuously for 20-40 minutes. Cooling period is 10-15 minutes.
  • The control system is located on the bar, which creates inconvenience, since access to management is limited.
  • In most cases, the bar with the equipment has a curved design that provides convenient mowing of grass, especially in places. Manufacturers use a folding system that facilitates the transportation process.
  • The equipment includes several varieties of handles, so you can choose the most convenient option for solving certain problems.
  • There are two types of cutting parts in the design. a disk knife made of metal and a fishing line for a trimmer from Kapron.
  • Gasoline used as fuel is mixed with engine oil before refueling. Standard proportions of the recipe for the preparation of a gas station. 1:50. However, you should be guided by the instructions from the manufacturer.

Useful advice! When choosing the unit, pay attention to the location of the control buttons. They must be completely affordable.

The price of gasoline trimmers for mowing house of domestic purpose is almost half the cost of professional structures. This equipment is also suitable for weak operators: pensioners, women, people with weakened health.

Professional gasoline trimmers for grass: which is better to select the unit and how to use it

If you decide to buy a 4-stroke trimmer for grass, a gasoline braid for this type of grass will weigh about 5-7 kg. The capacity of the fuel tank is usually 0.5-1.5 liters. The design provides for special containers located separately from the tank with gasoline. They are designed to mix fuel and oil. In professional models, this process is carried out automatically, in contrast to domestic braids.

A person with an average package who does not have the experience of handling a gasoline scythe, with the help of a professional tool, is able to cope with the processing of a territory with an area of ​​10 acres in about 5-6 hours.

The use of professional equipment applies to the processing of extensive areas for:

The importance of wellbeing, dignity and respect #PowerOfKindness

  • refinement of territories assigned to large enterprises;
  • hay blanks in agricultures;
  • Solving problems to provide greenhouse pets with herbal feeds for the winter period.

The headset of the cutting elements is significantly expanded and includes:

  • Plastic knives.
  • a fishing line for a trimmer from a nylon with a different type of cross.section and thickness. The more horsepower is contained in the engine, the thicker and stronger there should be a fishing line for a trimmer.
  • Plastic knives and discs that can be equipped with a different number of blades or teeth.

note! It is recommended to buy professional equipment only to physically strong and hardy people with a strong physique, for the reason that not everyone is able to maintain a structure of 6-10 kg for many hours in a row for many hours in a row.

To facilitate the operation of the operator, special belts are provided for the redistribution of loads in the configuration. Thanks to them, the design is conveniently fixed on the back.

Possibilities of gasoline trimmers: which option to solve different problems

With regard to cutting, household and professional units differ from each other in the thickness of these elements, diameter, their structure, as well as the type of material used for their manufacture.

To solve certain problems, various cutting elements are used on the site:

  • A pair of blades is designed to mow juicy grass with young and thin stems.
  • To combat high thickets, you need a knife with 4 teeth.
  • To fight the grass mixed with perennials will help the design equipped with a knife with 3 teeth.
  • 8 teeth on a knife will come in handy for hay harvesting, when long.term work is required without overload and overheating.
  • To solve problems such as mowing grassy vegetation and small trees (trunk thickness of not more than 30 mm), wheels with 40 teeth are used.
  • The largest strength is possessed by discs with 80 teeth. They are designed to remove shrubs and branches, the diameter of which reaches 40 mm.

Amenities in the process of working with a trimmer are provided by the use of handles of a suitable form. Such elements include D-shaped (for hard-to-reach zones) and U-shaped (for open spaces) handle.

best inexpensive gasoline trimmers

What owner of a cottage or private house does not want his site to look neat and attractive? A special device will help to cope with the thickets of grass and tidy up the territory. a trimmer for grass. Consider the 10 best inexpensive models working on gasoline.

Trimmer for grass is a reliable assistant to any summer resident or owner of a country house. With this tool, you can simply and quickly get rid of unwanted vegetation in the garden or garden and maintain cleanliness on the site. It is best to give preference to gasoline devices. they have more functionality in comparison with the battery. Their main advantage is autonomy, and therefore the possibility of moving throughout the site, regardless of how far from the place of work is the power source. In addition, they are easy to operate and are very unpretentious in maintenance. The choice of a particular model depends on how exactly it is supposed to use the unit. Before you go for a purchase, you should study the technical characteristics of products of different manufacturers and decide which of them are of greatest importance for you. All the benzotrimers presented today on the market, in addition to cost, may also differ in a number of other indicators. The most significant are the following.

The location of the engine. Can be below, at the top or separately in the shoulder backpack. Below the engine is usually placed in low.power trimmers. In devices with medium and high power engines, the upper location is usually used. this simplifies the control of the unit and its movement in the site during operation. Models with an engine separately from the device itself are extremely rare.

Power. The most powerful units relate to professional technology. For household needs, these are rarely needed, because they are expensive, and they will be used at best half.heartedly. However, with low power, there is a risk that the trimmer for the grass cannot cope with dense grass. If you plan to use a trimmer for grass rarely, a small power model is quite suitable, with frequent use it is better to find the option more powerful.

The volume of the gas tank. The duration of work without refueling directly depends on this indicator. At the same time, it is worth considering that the more fuel tank, the trimmer itself for the grass will be harder. The minimum volume is 0.35 liters standard, the maximum is 1.2 liters, but there are models where the fuel tank is increased to 1.4 liters.

Type of bar. Can be straight or curved, as well as a solid or collapsible. The first option is more common, it is the easiest and most reliable. Models with a curved bar are characterized by increased maneuverability, so they are well suited for places. The collapsible is easily transported.

Cutting mechanism. Benzotrimmers can be equipped with fishing line, steel or plastic knife or a rookore. The greater the density of the vegetation on your site, the stronger the material of the cutting mechanism should be.

Almost all firms specializing in the production of tools and small construction equipment are engaged in the production of benzarimmers.

Rating of the best benzotrimers

Nomination Place Name Price
Rating of the best benzotrimers one 53 990 ₽
2 39 990 ₽
3 27 080 ₽
four 31 990 ₽
5 25 689 ₽
6 19 990 ₽
7 15 950 ₽
eight 16 990 ₽
9 14 990 ₽
ten 11 120 ₽
eleven 16 800 ₽
12 8 050 ₽

Husqvarna 545rx

Husqvarna’s motorcycle engineering always holds leading positions in ratings. The lawn mower 545RX was no exception. Benzotrimmer belongs to a professional tool, with its help you can lay out significant areas in area. Powerful gasoline engine (2.8 liters. With.without problems it copes not only with lawn grass, but also by a real weed. Experts note the convenience of use, which was achieved by the manufacturer due to the optimized length of the bar, a gearbox with an angle of 35 degrees, a comfortable shoulder belt. Special dampers effectively extinguish vibration, reducing the load on the hands of the owner.

Users are ready to talk tirelessly about the advantages of the Husqvarna benzotrimmer. Of the disadvantages, only high price is noted.

How to choose a benzotrimer

Now many are going to live in cottages and in country houses, where they have to take care of the site the whole season. This is what increased the demand for various lawn mowers. over, according to BusinesStat, more than 74% was for the share of light and mobile trimmers.

Gasoline trimmers for grass choose less often than electric braids for grass-mainly due to a higher cost. However, they have their advantages:

High power

The gasoline engine easily copes with thick grass and shrubs, like raspberries.


Such a trimmer for grass will work until the fuel in the tank ends, after which it can be quickly refined and continued to mow.


Benzotrimmer does not overheat during prolonged operation, unlike electrical models.

But so that such an expensive technique really copes with its tasks, you need to know what to look at when choosing:


The motor is located above the handle, next to the fuel tank. Most often, a two.stroke single.cylinder engine is used for trimmers. It is suitable for simple tasks, such as a bevel of grass on a house site.

Four.stroke engines cope with more complex tasks:

benzotrimmers, disadvantages, leading, manufacturers

Such trimmers for grass are more expensive and consume more gasoline, but at the same time have greater power.

There is a myth that two.stroke engines serve less than four.stroke. However, much depends on the manufacturer. If the motor is assembled high quality, then it will withstand the annual mowing of grass.

In addition to the type of engine, it is important to pay attention to the additional functions that the manufacturer provides. It is better to buy models equipped with a “quick start”. This is a special technology that allows you to start the engine with one click, without warming up.

But the most important indicator when choosing a trimmer for grass is the power of the motor. The larger it is, the more torque the discharge or fishing line for trimmer will be able to develop. However, it also needs to be correlated with working conditions:

Such a trimmer for grass is suitable for small and medium sections. It will be difficult for him to mow tough thickets of tree plants, but the device will cope with the seasonal care of the lawn.

Powerful trimmers for grass that cope with thick and old thickets. If you regularly have to mow grass, then this option is perfect.

Professional devices. With their help, you can mow dense thickets of tree plants. Consume a lot of gasoline, but provide high.quality mowing.

Rush and handle

The bar is the main part of the trimmer for the grass, on which all other details are attached.


Is a whole metal pipe. Such a trimmer for the grass is cheap, while it is reliable and durable. However, the device takes up a lot of space when stored, and it is also difficult to transport it in the car.


Easy option. The collapsible design is convenient to store in the house, apartment and transport in the car. Some believe that such trimmers for grass are quickly breaking. this is not so.

If you follow the rules of operation, then the difference between the collapsible and the whole oblique will be invisible.

The forms of rods are also distinguished. There are also two main options: curved and straight. The first is more convenient and creates a smaller load on the body. However, much depends on your personal preferences.

The convenience of work determines the handle and the handle. Benzotrimmers have three types of them:


The most popular and, according to reviews, the most convenient option. At the ends of the handle, the control buttons are often placed, which makes the braid more ergonomic. In addition, muscles do not get tired of such a handle. Can be mowed for hours until gasoline is over.


Comfortable but small. Often it can be found on electrical models.


It is rare, suitable for high grass.

Cutting part

For mowing ordinary grass, a nylon fishing line for a trimmer is used, and for hard plants. a metal disk. They are attached to the head that rotates the gasoline engine.

In some models, the tilt of the head can be adjusted. For example, if you need to mow grass on a slope, it is better to set the desired angle. It is also useful when leveling the lawn that crawls out onto the path. By deploying a head of 90 degrees, you can cut a hedge (such models are often called bush cutters).

Lines for a trimmer

The nylon fishing line for a trimmer under the influence of centrifugal force becomes tougher and easily cuts fresh grass. The faster the shaft spins, the “more acute” it becomes. Tests show that even a string with a round profile at large revolutions is able to cut stems.

Trimmer fishing line wears out quite quickly. If you have to mow often, it is better to buy a few coils.

Trimmer fishing lines differ in length, manufacturing material, profile and diameter. the last most important. It must correspond to the diameter of the hole in the head of the trimmer for the grass.

The length of the fishing line is tied to the engine power. For example, weak electric trimmers for grass are equipped with a string, the length of which does not exceed 20 cm, and professional gasoline. 45 cm. Accordingly, the width of the mowing is also increasing. another fact in favor of gasoline models.

As a manufacturing material used: nylon, silicone and thermoplast. There are also combined fishing lines containing metal particles. This not only increases their stiffness, but also helps to scatter heat from friction.

  • Most often there are round strings. Such a profile is reliable, but mediocre cuts off the grass.
  • Square fishing lines cope better due to sharp faces.
  • The best result is provided by star profiles. They do not bend the grass, which allows you to achieve a flat lawn.

When the string becomes unsuitable, it is replaced. In cheap trimmers, the operator has to manually change the string. To do this, he takes a coil, cuts off the desired length and winds up a trimmer’s head for the grass. Professional devices uses autopods technology. The operator only needs to insert a coil with a fishing line into the braid, and the mechanism will determine and cut the string himself.

There is no point in choosing a straight bar in general?

There is a meaning, but only in some cases. For example, a straight bar is suitable for those who are going to constantly work with a metal disk, mating thick thickets. Curved here may not be the best option. However, you still need to rely on how convenient this or that design is for you personally.

What are the disadvantages of the benzotrimmer?

The most important problems of gasoline motorcycle are noise and vibration. Manufacturers try to reduce the volume of the engine in all possible ways, but such trimmers for the grass still remain noisy. In addition to the loud engine of the engine, the bar of the trimmer for the grass vibrates greatly, which creates additional tension for the muscles.

Those who mow often and high, you need to constantly keep the canister with gasoline ready. Well, let’s not forget that the ICE pollute the air with exhausts.

Recommendations for choosing a benzotrimer

The intensity of application. Start a search for a gasoline trimmer for grass is best from the purpose.

  • If the summer cottage is small, it is possible to download grass often, then you can dwell on inexpensive and compact household models. If necessary, periodically transport the lawn mower, should be preferred with collapsible models.
  • Owners of large land allotments (more than 20 acres) require reliable professional technology. It is able to work for a long time with the highest grass or is used to remove the shrub.

Type of gasoline engine. Trimmers for grass are installed gasoline motors of two types.

  • Two.stroke engines have a low price and simple design. But with each refueling of the fuel tank, gasoline should be mixed with engine oil.
  • Ease of operation is attracted by potential buyers four.stroke engines. Gasoline is poured into the fuel tank, and the oil into the engine. But such power units are more expensive, they will be more difficult and in repair.

Power. Benzosos engines differ in power.

  • The most productive trimmers for grass with engines 2.5-4.0 liters are considered to be the most productive. With. Most often, such units are put on professional equipment.
  • Light models with 1.0-2.0 liters are suitable for summer residents. With. Such a tool to cope with small grass, and with processes of raspberries, blackberries, plums.

Convenience in work. Since the kosba can take a lot of time, some useful functions will help reduce the operator’s fatigue.

  • Anti.vibrational system is an integral part of professional benzosos. Thanks to rubber shock absorbers, vibration from the motor does not reach the hand of the operator.
  • Shoulder belt should evenly distribute the load on the body of the operator. When buying, you need to pay attention to the simplicity of adjustment and ease of removing and putting the belt.
  • The degree of hand fatigue depends on the design of the handle. U-shaped handles consisting of two parts are best set up best. Each of them easily adjusts to the arm.

We selected the 17 best gasoline trimmers into the review. All of them are implemented in specialized stores when distributing places, the editors of Expertology magazine relied on the opinion of the expert community, given the reviews of domestic users.

Rating of the best gasoline trimmers

Nomination Place Name Price
Rating of the best gasoline trimmers one 53 990 ₽
2 36 662 ₽
3 30 990 ₽
four 31 490 ₽
5 27 990 ₽
6 29 790 ₽
7 27 990 ₽
eight 16 990 ₽
9 15 990 ₽
ten 15 990 ₽
eleven 13 310 ₽
12 7 780 ₽
13 10 590 ₽
fourteen 11 180 ₽
fifteen 8 050 ₽
16 7 994 ₽
17 6 207 ₽
eighteen 6 427 ₽

Husqvarna 545rx

Professional trimmer for Husqvarna 545rx grass is characterized by a durable design and a hard rod with a diameter of 32 mm. The transmission of the torque from the engine to the cutting head provides a shaft with a thickness of 9 mm. Experts note an easy launch of the motor, it is possible to start it even by weight. The purity of air entering the combustion chamber is provided by the filtering system with centrifugal prevention. The lawn mower picks up well from the bottoms, high torque gives out a watering (9000 rpm) engine 2.8 liter engine. With. A good maneuverability and complete equipment should be brought into the model of the model. Trimmer for grass conquers gold in our review.

The owners of the Swedish lawn mower liked the reliability, durability, high performance. Of the disadvantages, the high price of the brand model is noted.

Makita EM4351UH

Practically not inferior in power (2.0 liters. With.) the winner of the gasoline trimmer for the grass Makita EM4351UH. High.speed engine (10,000 rpm) allows you to make creams 43 cm wide. Experts pay attention to a four.stroke motor, which forms a sufficiently soft sound without high frequencies. The technique is started easily, the manufacturer installed the decompression valve, so it is enough to make half the turn by a starter. The specialists really liked the unloading of braids for the grass, the operator does not even feel a large weight (8.6 kg) of a trimmer for grass. The praise deserves the vibration system. The model receives silver of our review.

Users praise the lawn mower for power, light start, acoustic comfort. The disadvantages they include inconvenience during transportation and mediocre instruction.

Oleo-Mac 741

Professional benzotechnics include experts Trimmer for the grass OLEO-MAC 741. The model can work both with a fishing line with a diameter of up to 3 mm, and with a three.lobed knife. The unit is driven by a gasoline two.stroke engine with a capacity of 2.1 liters. With. The speed of rotation reaches 11,000 rpm. With the help of Italian lawn mower, you can lay out grass on a area of ​​about 50 acres, remove shrub and weeds with thick stems (up to 2 cm). A backstone.type belt is included with the device, which is equipped with a bunker and breast support. The resistance of the trimmer for grass to prolonged loads is provided by the magnesium case. For easy launch, the manufacturer installed Easy-on.

While the trimmer for grass is inferior in popularity to the viewing leaders. Owners are satisfied with good equipment, power and competent suspension.

Echo SRM-350ES

Owners of suburban real estate show special interest in the Japanese gasoline trimmer Echo SRM-350S. The model combines reliability, performance and adequate price. Experts consider the lawnapers a successful device for caring for summer cottages or village farmsteads. By power (1.47 liters. With.) the trimmer for the grass is inferior to the leaders of our review, but this is enough for everyday use. The technique will cope without problems, both with fresh grass and with coarse vegetation. The manufacturer provided the possibility of installing a knife, but cut stems fall on the cutting head, making it difficult to work. The model stops a step away from the prize pedestal.

Users are satisfied with power, ease of use, reliability. Of the minuses, noisy work of the motor and large weight (8.3 kg) is noted.


Traditionally, high demand in the European part is observed on the gas technology of the German company STIHL. In the manufacturer’s catalog, there was a place for the professional trimmer FS 250. Experts note high build quality, powerful motor (2.15 liters. With.), comfortable shoulder belt. The model was appreciated by professional foresters, road workers, gardeners. To facilitate the launch of the motor, the manufacturer installed the Elastostart system. The use of rubber buffers made it possible to minimize the vibration effect on the hands of the operator. However, there are no headphones and heads for fishing line.

Domestic users are flattering about the reliability of a trimmer for grass, uniform distribution of load, comfort in work. Of the minuses, they release incomplete equipment and good motor appetite.

Redverg Basic GB52C

Powerful Engine Country: (produced in China) Average rating (2022): 4.9

In the budget segment, low.power trimmers for grass with low performance and weak motors are most often found. But there are exceptions. Now we have the most powerful unit standing much less than 10 thousand. On board there are 3 strong motor, which allows you to use not only a fishing line for a trimmer as a cutting element, but also knives that also come in the kit.

It should be noted a convenient, ergonomic handle. Then the manufacturer decided to confuse, and made a complex design with two curved handles. In the hands of a trimmer for the grass lies perfectly and does not cause a load on the wrists after a long work. And for long work, this tool is quite suitable. As for the shortcomings, but they are here, customer reviews often mention incomplete equipment. Before buying, it is recommended to carefully study the delivery kit. Otherwise it will be very difficult to prove that some detail did not report the manufacturer.

The price tag of a truly reliable benzotrimer starts about 20 thousand. In this segment, you can already count on the high quality of the assembly and the components used. Here you will not meet the problems inherent in budget models: promoting fasteners, non.built nozzles and fragile plastic. In addition, in the average price segment, mostly popular brands with world famous, and they value their reputation very strongly and if a marriage is found, quickly make contact and correct their mistakes.

This Chinese brand often becomes a guest of various ratings, and the rating of gasoline trimmers is no exception. What are its advantages, and what such a price is justified, and it should be noted quite high. The manufacturer tried to create a tool with a minimum of working vibrations. There is a perfectly balanced rod, and the engine is completely isolated and has several dashes. Indeed, as they write in reviews, the lawn mower practically does not vibrate, which makes work with it very comfortable, and hands do not get tired even after several hours of mowing of grass.

But is everything so perfect? Unfortunately no! Firstly, the engine here is pretty weak. Its capacity is less than a kilowatt, so if an adult grass captured your cottage, this benzotrimmer can not cope with it. Secondly, quite a lot, more than six kilograms weigh the tool, and this is taking into account a very small fuel tank, which will have to be often refused. Yes, the assembly quality is on top, but the technical characteristics for such a price category are too small.

How much does a lawn mower costs

Tool for a summer residence will cost 3500-4500

Equipment for the bevel of fields and meadows for food for animals costs 5000-8000

Trimmer for grass for housing services is estimated at 7000-14000

The lawn mower to combat vegetation along the highway will cost 17000-40000

Patriot PT 3555ES

Universal model capable of passing uneven areas. Equipped with a vibration damping system, which makes it as convenient as possible with long work.

Benzotrimmer with advanced functionality and a large set of auxiliary options. Despite the budget segment, has an anti.vibration system on board and is great for areas with an uneven surface.

Champion T333

A popular model weighing only 6.7 kg from a budget segment, which is a lot of positive reviews on the network that note both the quality of the assembly and the general reliability of the tool.

The lightest gasoline trimmer for grass for 6.7 kilograms. The most convenient model for long work and with high user grades, where it is praised for reliability and durability even at high loads.

How to choose a trimmer for grass if necessary frequent use in garden areas with a complex landscape and a variety of vegetation? The best option is a good semi.professional device with a price of 20 thousand. rubles with a strong engine and a large number of nozzles.

Huter GGT-2900S

The device is small in size and the ideal price/quality ratio. German manufacturers equipped a benzotrimmer with a powerful engine with an air.coolant system. Despite the budget price, it is positioned as a professional unoic tractor for cutting high.grass and shrub. The equipment provides for a measured tank for the fuel mixture.

  • size 0.87 m;
  • mass 7.5 kg;
  • sound strength 96 dB;
  • Motor: 2-stroke, power 3.9 liters.With., speed 9500 rpm;
  • fuel tank 1.2 l;
  • Materials: case. plastic;
  • Handle: T-shaped, folding;
  • warranty of 12 months.

Echo SRM-22GES

A good device for injection of herbs in large territories up to 20 acres. Differs in a small mass and economical fuel consumption. about 0.6 l/h. A lobed disk with a wide capture of 35 cm cope with harsh herbs and a shrub. A motor with a forged shaft and ball bearings is easily started, and the compactness of a trimmer for grass ensures the comfort of work.

  • size 1.75 m;
  • mass 5.3 kg;
  • sound volume 91 dB;
  • Motor: 2-stroke, power 0.91 liters.With., speed 6500 rpm;
  • fuel tank 0.44 l;
  • Materials: case and deck. plastic;
  • Handle: T-shaped;
  • Anti.Vibration system.
  • Smooth adjustment of the handle
  • Comfortable, quiet operation
  • The presence of protection against random launch
  • Compactness and small weight
  • The translucency of the fuel tank


Very hardy tool, despite the lightweight. An indispensable assistant in the personal plot of any relief capable of providing high.quality mowing the first time. Its design features provide impeccable balance and even, comfortable work in any weather. A high.quality case with chrome elements opposes wear, and a width of a fishing line of 55 cm significantly reduces the fuel consumption and mowing time.

  • size 1.8 m;
  • mass 5 kg;
  • sound volume 108 dB;
  • Motor: 2-stroke, power 1 liter.With., speed 7700 rpm;
  • fuel tank 0.33 l;
  • Additional functionality: Custores/brutal disk;
  • Materials: case and deck. plastic;
  • Handle: T-shaped, with adjustments;
  • Warranty 2 years.
  • Long term of continuous work
  • High performance
  • Very small vibration
  • Small fuel consumption
  • Full set

How to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass: Biokot recommendations

Before buying a technical device, first of all, it is worth deciding on the purpose of its purpose, to find out the scale and complexity of the upcoming work and the capabilities of your wallet. For example, which trimmer for the grass to buy for a garden plot and a small lawn before a country house? Enough domestic apparatus for 6-8 thousand. rubles. And if you mow the grass no more than 3-5 times a year, you should probably not even look closely at more serious tools.

The main attention when choosing a trimmer for grass pays its power:

  • For a periodic haircut of a well-groomed lawn there is a 600-800 W engine (not more than 1 liter.With);
  • To combat old weeds and weeds, it is better to choose a more powerful device for 1.5-2 kW.
  • However, it should be borne in mind that the products of proven Japanese and German marks of small power cope with weeds no worse than Chinese brands at 1.5-2 kW.

Another important criterion is the type of motor. Motokos are presented in the 2 type of engines in the market:

The latter differ in less vibration and stability.

An important characteristic is the volume of the fuel tank and the amount of fuel consumed. It depends on how much gasoline and oil will be required for the period of continuous operation. This also includes the weight of the device.

Other components of the design require attention. For example, a trimmer bar for grass happens:

The first option is much more reliable, used mainly in power units for long.term work in large areas. The second is convenient for operation on lawns of limited areas with small obstacles, but does not serve so long.

The mandatory complete set of the benzotrimmer includes nozzles. various types of cutting elements:

  • The fishing line for a trimmer is intended for cutting light covering lawns and is unable to eliminate a rigid weed;
  • The lobed knife is focused on the fight against rigid shoots in large areas and is usually combined with the reel of the fishing line;
  • An additional saw disc (bushcores) is more common in professional units and easily cuts even thin trees.

Having decided to buy a good benzotrimer, taking into account the characteristics and recommendations of the editorial office, one should not forget about strict compliance with the rules of the attached instructions. Then the technical unit will serve you faithfully for more than one year.