Best Gasoline Garden Trimmers 2020-2021

The classic braid has long been modernized, and its “followers” are of help to the household. Various types of garden trimmers perform their functions well, and, depending on the type, they can be used to mow a small area or an impressive territory. A garden trimmer with an internal combustion engine is the most powerful. Below, get acquainted with the types and features of garden trimmers, read selection tips and choose the right one gasoline model from our rating.

What is a garden trimmer?

First of all, it should be noted that the garden trimmer is a manual lawn mower. The tool is designed as conveniently and safely as possible, in order to manually tidy up your household or mow fresh grass for pets. The garden trimmer is much more powerful than a mechanical scythe, therefore it has high performance and copes with complex tasks:

  • Helps to get rid of annoying bushes;
  • Mow weeds in hard-to-reach places: under a bench;
  • Mow the grass where the lawnmower does not pass: among the stones, above the stone path;
  • Cut the knots.

Types of Garden Trimmers

To date, the three main types of garden trimmers are equally in demand. Depending on the purpose and scope of work, users praise or scold each of them. Nevertheless, all types of garden trimmers are perfectly applicable in the household.

The structural similarity of the various trimmers ensures high-quality performance of work:

  • A long (sometimes height-adjustable) bar helps to operate the instrument with a flat back, without bending over;
  • The handle holder provides convenient work;
  • Engine (located at the bottom or top of the bar). The performance of the trimmer depends on its type and power;
  • Metal knives or a fishing line wound on a spool are located under the protective cover, which minimizes the risk of injury to the operator.

Consider the features advantages and disadvantages of three types of garden trimmers.

  • Electric trimmers:work directly from the network and require wires and transfers. If the area is very large, such a trimmer may be ineffective. Well suited for older people to mow in a small garden. It is characterized by low weight, maneuverability, environmental friendliness.

As disadvantages of electric garden trimmers, it should be noted the limitations of the wire, carrying; electrical safety requirements, engine overheating during prolonged operation.

  • Rechargeable:These models do not require a direct connection to the network, and operate on a pre-charged own battery. They are characterized by low power, but excellent mobility.

Cons of battery models: low power, high cost, the need for regular charging. The battery also adds to the weight of the instrument.

The first two types we examined in detail in a separate material: “The best garden electric trimmers.”

Let’s dwell on the details petrol trimmers, as our material is dedicated to them.

  • Petrol: For large areas, a petrol-powered garden trimmer is ideal. This is the most powerful representative of automated braids. Working with this tool requires strong shoulders and endurance, but the result will be excellent. Among gas trimmers, it should be distinguished:
  • Two-stroke trimmers (gasoline oil);
  • With a four-stroke engine (gasoline).
  • High power
  • Very high performance;
  • The ability to well clean shoots and tall weeds.
  • Fuel required;
  • Regular engine care is required;
  • High noise level;
  • Traffic fumes.

Choosing the best garden trimmer with an internal combustion engine

We offer you useful tips on what to look for when choosing and buying a gasoline garden trimmer.

1) Choose a trimmer depending on area of ​​the cultivated area and its neglect. If this is a heavily overgrown large area with overgrowth, a gasoline garden trimmer will help to defeat it in several passes. If only a small local area, overgrown with tall grass, a trimmer to help you.

2) Power: The loads that lie on the tool are not endless. If you plan to use the tool frequently and work a lot, you will need a powerful (from 900 W) garden trimmer with overheat protection. Also pay attention to the duration of continuous operation recommended by the manufacturer.

A unit with a capacity of 1400 watts copes with bushes in a neglected area.

3) Garden Trimmer Cutting System. One of the key elements when choosing this tool:

  • Fishing line of various thicknesses is recommended only for mowing grass;
  • Plastic knives. For grass and large weed;
  • Steel knives with teeth. For serious work in heavily overgrown areas.

The speed of the cutting system is determined by revolutions per minute. Depending on the complexity of the work, you can choose tools with a speed of 7000 to 15000 rpm.

5) Cutting line thickness also plays a role:

  • 1.2 mm: on a trimmer with a lower engine, for treating lawn and tracks on a dry day;
  • 2 mm: on the trimmer with the top engine, for mowing grass;
  • 2.4 mm: on the trimmer with the top engine, for harvesting weeds.

6) Type of engine and tank capacity. The most important parameters when choosing gas trimmer:

  • Two-stroke engine trimmers: cost less, are lighter in weight, are easier to maintain, are very noisy;
  • Four-stroke engine trimmers: are more expensive, weigh more, require regular lubrication and maintenance; make less noise.

If you have already made the choice in favor of a gas trimmer, then a tool with a 4-stroke engine and the most capacious tank is recommended.

Expert advice: a good 2-stroke engine should have twice as much liter capacity (the ratio of power to engine displacement) than a 4-stroke one.

7) Type of engine drive:

  • A rigid shaft (rotation is transmitted using a gear shaft). This type is used in more powerful models, and therefore it is recommended;
  • Flexible shaft (rotation is transmitted using a steel cable). Is used in low-power models.

8) Handle shape important for varying lengths and types of work.

  • D-shaped: for stone slides, flower beds, garden paths, along the fence, for hedges, for short work;
  • J-handle: for a serious fight against the overgrowth and even overgrowth in overgrown areas, the safest;
  • Handle in the shape of a “T”: for large areas with grass and long work, most similar to a scythe.

9) When choosing a garden trimmer, also pay attention to the width of the cut. Narrower. For flower beds and around stones, near fences. Wider. For open areas. The universal cutting width should be between 30 and 35 cm.

10) Functional garden trimmers can be extended, but such models are more expensive: delimbers, edge cutters, cultivators, snow blowers.

Very useful features are:

  • Overheat protection;
  • Vibration absorption;
  • Reversal of the cutting system;
  • Mulching (mowing grass)
  • Support rollers (relieve stress from the back, help regulate the height of the cut);
  • Telescopic bar (for operators of different heights);
  • Knapsack fastening, instead of one belt over the shoulder (reduces the load on the back).

14) Since petrol-powered garden trimmer needs more attention and regular maintenance, we recommend that you pay attention to special parameters: tank volume, brand of gasoline, shaft location.

15) If you prefer a trimmer model with steel cutting heads, An important parameter will be their availability in the delivery package and, in principle, the possibility of replacing them. A solid expensive model must have this option.

Models with fishing line are also not eternal: when thinned, the fishing line requires replacement. Prefer models with automatic line replacement. How this happens will be described in the instructions for the trimmer.

Sixteen) Price Garden trimmers can be so different that you will be surprised.

The spread in cost in the range from 1,500 to 60,000 rubles is due to the type of garden trimmer, tool power, engine type, quality, and functionality. The most expensive models are powerful gasoline garden trimmers with a cultivator and delimbers, which are suitable for farms and professional use (for example, in the road service). In our rating below are models with a good price / quality ratio, recommended for domestic use.

Safety precautions when working with a petrol garden trimmer

Here are the main safety precautions when working with a garden trimmer (lawn mowing).

  1. Safety glasses are required when working with any trimmer. This will protect your eyes from getting small, and sometimes sharp, particles of plants.
  2. Gloves will additionally protect your hands, and headphones are important when working with very noisy gasoline powered tools.
  3. It is forbidden to remove the protective cover of the trimmer: the fishing line can break off and injure your legs.
  4. Consider the cyclical operation of any garden trimmer recommended by the manufacturer in the instruction manual. Do not overload the tool.
  5. Periodic lubrication of the engine and metal knives is required.
  6. Regular cleaning of the trimmer head (on which the cutting line is wound) is also necessary.
  7. If your site has a lot of stones, you should choose a trimmer with fishing line, and not with knives. Knives can jam or become dull, and require sharpening, repair, and balancing.
  8. Be sure to follow all safety rules recommended by the manufacturer of the tool you purchased.

Proper maintenance of the tool increases its safety.

Rating of the best gasoline garden trimmers 2020

5th place: Carver Promo PBC-33 (3744 rubles)

Garden trimmer with a two-stroke gasoline engine from the category of budget. This is not a very powerful model that can mow with a knife and fishing line. The thickness of the fishing line that is suitable for this trimmer is 2.4 mm, and the width of mowing with a knife is 25 cm.

According to user experience, the fishing line is suitable for grass in small, not very overgrown areas, and the knife copes with more overgrown territory.

Best Gasoline Garden Trimmers 2020-2021

  • Type: gasoline portable trimmer;
  • Cutting width: 25 cm;
  • Knife rotation speed: up to 7500 rpm;
  • Grass catcher: no;
  • Mulching: no;
  • Possibility of installation: brush cutter / delimbers;
  • Engine: gasoline, two stroke;
  • Engine power: 1.50 hp.;
  • Engine Location: Top;
  • Displacement: 33 cc;
  • Engine brake: yes;
  • Fuel tank: 0.95 L;
  • Handle: with adjustable height;
  • Deck material: plastic;
  • Case Material: Plastic;
  • Bar: straight;
  • Handle shape: T-shaped (bicycle);
  • Wheels: no;
  • Options: fishing line (2.4 mm), knife, shoulder strap;
  • Weight: 7.3 kg;
  • Warranty period: 1 year.
  • Budgetary;
  • Relatively light;
  • Good fishing line;
  • Adjustable handle height;
  • Metal knife included.
  • Cheap materials;
  • Lubricate regularly;
  • Strong vibration;
  • Long start;
  • Noisy;
  • Low power.

4th place: Huter GGT-1900S (6350 rubles)

Gasoline garden trimmer with a fairly powerful revolving engine of 52 cm3. The advantage of the engine is a rigid shaft. Simple replacement of fishing line and inexpensive branded reels allow you to use fishing lines of various thicknesses. For this model, a 3 mm fishing line is well suited. One recommended continuous cycle for this trimmer is 30 minutes. Using the tool cyclically and lubricating it before the start of the season and storage, you can significantly extend the life of the trimmer.

  • Type: gasoline portable trimmer;
  • Cutting width: 26 cm;
  • Knife rotation speed: up to 9500 rpm;
  • Grass catcher: no;
  • Mulching: no;
  • Noise Level: 96 dB;
  • Engine: gasoline, two stroke;
  • Engine power: 2.4 hp.;
  • Engine Location: Top;
  • Displacement: 52 cc;
  • Anti-vibration system: yes;
  • Fuel tank: 0.7 L;
  • Handle: folding;
  • Bar: straight;
  • Handle shape: T-shaped (bicycle);
  • Options: fishing line (up to 3 mm), knife;
  • Weight: 7.0 kg.
  • Price;
  • High power
  • Rigid shaft;
  • There is a fishing line and a knife in the kit;
  • Well assembled gas tank;
  • High-quality protective cover;
  • Straight barbell;
  • Can be disassembled;
  • Fairly light weight;
  • Low gas consumption.
  • High fuel consumption;
  • Two stroke engine;
  • Hard to start;
  • Not perfect rod assembly;
  • Poor assembly of the gas handle;
  • Weak plastic on the reel head with fishing line;
  • Vibrates violently;
  • Warms up after 15-20 minutes of work;
  • Unreliable protective cover;
  • The shutter in the “Start” position shuts off the air supply.

3rd place: PATRIOT PT 3355 (6949 rubles)

A fairly popular brand, from inexpensive (with a two-stroke engine). This gasoline trimmer has high performance and a decent line of line mowing. 43 cm, which is rare among models of this class. Includes a simple knife and fishing line. A trimmer with an installed knife cuts well the neglected weed and young shoots. Due to the build quality of the engine, this trimmer starts up well and works efficiently, the design itself is slightly different in quality from more expensive models, so the owners of this tool warn buyers about the need to tighten the nuts and check the fasteners before use. The backpack belt does use of the tool more convenient. To extend the life of the trimmer, it is necessary to use engine oil, the composition is identical to the “native”.

  • Type: gasoline portable trimmer;
  • Cutting width with fishing line: 43 cm;
  • Knife mowing width: 23 cm;
  • Knife rotation speed: up to 7500 rpm;
  • Grass catcher: no;
  • Mulching: no;
  • Possibility of installation: brush cutter / delimbers;
  • Engine: gasoline, two stroke;
  • Engine power: 1.80 hp.;
  • Engine Location: Top;
  • Displacement: 33 cc;
  • Engine brake: yes;
  • Fuel tank: 0.5 L;
  • Handle: folding, with adjustable height;
  • Deck material: plastic;
  • Case Material: Plastic;
  • Bar: straight;
  • Handle shape: T-shaped (bicycle);
  • Wheels: no;
  • Options: fishing line (up to 2.4 mm), knife, shoulder strap;
  • Weight: 6.6 kg;
  • Note: the line feed is semi-automatic.
  • Price-quality ratio;
  • Quickly starts;
  • Power;
  • Volumetric tank;
  • Clutch;
  • There is an air filter;
  • High-quality protective cover;
  • Collapsible bar;
  • Knapsack belt.
  • Two stroke engine;
  • High noise level;
  • Plastic carburetor flap adjustment lever;
  • Small pictures in the instruction manual;
  • Poor-quality coupling for connecting rods;
  • Grass is constantly clogged into the mowing head; it is necessary to clean it;
  • Trimmer coil is erased after 2 seasons, must be changed;
  • Narrow mowing width with a knife;
  • Knives are fastened with a light alloy nut (erased);
  • Heavy tool.

2nd place: STIHL FS 55 (15 490 rubles)

A powerful and high-performance tool with a two-stroke engine, a representative of a well-known brand. With it, you can defeat tall grass, weed and small shrubs. The straight high boom and the T-handle give the operator a swing and allow mowing over a large area. The step of mowing the fishing line is much wider than the step of the knife, so it is more convenient to mow the grass with a fishing line, and set the knife to handle highly overgrown areas.

The cutting part is well protected by the casing, but the manufacturer recommends the use of safety glasses, which are included. Feature of the model: during a break between work cycles, for a good start, you need to wait for the engine to cool.

The following fuel mixture is also recommended for this model: 2 liters of gasoline 40 ml of oil.

  • Type: gasoline portable trimmer;
  • Knife rotation speed: up to 7700 rpm;
  • Grass catcher: no;
  • Mulching: no;
  • Possibility of installation: brush cutter / delimbers;
  • Engine: gasoline, two stroke;
  • Engine power: 1 hp.;
  • Engine Location: Top;
  • Displacement: 27 cc;
  • Fuel tank: 0.33 L;
  • Handle: with adjustable height;
  • Deck material: plastic;
  • Case Material: Plastic;
  • Bar: straight;
  • Handle shape: T-shaped (bicycle);
  • Wheels: no;
  • Options: fishing line, knife, shoulder strap;
  • Weight: 5 kg.
  • Power;
  • Performance;
  • Build quality;
  • Easy start of a cold engine;
  • There is a knife and fishing line;
  • There is a belt;
  • Minimal vibration;
  • Good protective cover;
  • Fuel economy;
  • Optimal weight;
  • Convenience of work;
  • Safety glasses included.
  • Overpriced;
  • Small tank volume;
  • Incomprehensible user manual;
  • There is a problem starting a warm engine;
  • Requires maintenance (lubrication and replacement of candles);
  • Uncomfortable belt;
  • Handle position is inconvenient for a high operator;
  • One handle is rubberized, and the second is not;
  • It is necessary to clean well after each mowing;
  • The need to use only branded oil;
  • Not perfect brand service.

1st place: Husqvarna 128R (14 990 rubles)

A well-known brand of trimmer that has earned the most respect among gardeners.

Very noisy, but at the same time very powerful tool, with a maximum mowing width of 45 cm. The model took 1st place in the rating, due to the price / quality ratio. This trimmer is well suited for a large area, due to its design, low weight, a knapsack belt and the possibility of changing the cutting part. Like all gasoline models, it requires regular lubrication and cleaning.

  • Type: gasoline portable trimmer;
  • Cutting width: 45 cm;
  • Noise Level: 114 dB;
  • Knife rotation speed: up to 8000 rpm;
  • Grass catcher: no;
  • Mulching: no;
  • Engine: gasoline, two stroke;
  • Engine power: 1.1 hp;
  • Engine Location: Top;
  • Displacement: 28 cc;
  • Engine brake: yes;
  • Engine RPM: 8000;
  • Fuel tank: 0.4 L;
  • Handle: with adjustable height;
  • Deck material: plastic;
  • Case Material: Plastic;
  • Bar: straight;
  • Handle shape: T-shaped (bicycle);
  • Wheels: no;
  • Options: fishing line, knife, shoulder strap;
  • Weight: 5 kg.
  • Price-quality ratio;
  • Power;
  • High performance;
  • Good knife balancing;
  • Low vibration
  • Simple replacement of a spool with fishing line with a knife;
  • Good protection;
  • Revving engine;
  • Quickly starts;
  • Convenience of work;
  • A light weight;
  • The presence of the cutter;
  • Comfortable belts (satchel);
  • Reliability;
  • Ergonomics.
  • Tall grass is wound on a spool, so it is better to use a knife for tall grass;
  • Complex settings and maintenance;
  • High fuel consumption;
  • The need for regular cleaning of the carburetor and fuel filter;
  • Incomprehensible instruction manual;
  • Only branded oil is recommended for lubrication;
  • Aluminum bar;
  • Starter plastic parts.