Bosch Dishwasher Cleaner

Instruction: how to clean the dishwasher at home the best means and ways of cleaning

The dishwasher makes life much easier by removing glass deposits, grease films and stains, bad smells and dirt from plates, pots and pans.

Despite its direct purpose, the machine does not clean itself together with the dishes, but instead slowly accumulates collected debris.

Without timely maintenance, the dishwasher will cease to do its job, there will be dirt on the dishes, the drain will work too slowly. There will also be a number of problems, which may seem that the dishwasher has worked its way, but this is not the case.

To prevent such consequences, it is recommended to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the automatic dishwasher.

How to clean a dishwasher at home

Every household appliance needs care, and dishwashers are no exception. This article is about how to clean the dishwasher at home. There are grease and limescale residues on the walls of the cooking cabinet and elsewhere in the manufacturing process. Over time, deposits grow, creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Constant washing of dirty dishes causes grease and limescale deposits to accumulate in the oven

Nowadays, such manufacturers as Bosch, Siemens, Electrolux and others give their machines a self-cleaning function. But it only partially solves the problem. If you feel that there is a smell of mustiness coming from the cavity of the machine, you must urgently clean it.

How to clean the dishwasher yourself at home

Regular maintenance of the dishwasher prevents component breakage and prolongs the life of the dishwasher. The detergents the machine comes in contact with do not remove limescale, food debris and bacteria in hard-to-reach places. That’s why it’s recommended to give your kitchen equipment a “bath day” at least once a month. The dishwasher can be cleaned at home with professional or improvised means.

Cleaning product selection criteria

To purchase good, effective cleaners, you need to pay attention to such characteristics:

How to clean Bosch Dishwasher to keep it Hygienically Fresh

  • Cost. High or very low price is not the main criterion, because it is possible to find an inexpensive and very effective substance, with which the performance of the equipment is successfully maintained.
  • Manufacturer. You need to pay attention to the brand, because well-known brands value their reputation and work to improve the quality of their products. It is important to pay attention to customer reviews, although among them there may be negative characteristics. They are usually associated with the purchase of counterfeit.
  • Form of release. Cleaning agents are available in different forms. Not necessarily expensive tablets will be better than powders. It is important to choose by composition and ease of use, not by form of release.
  • 3-in-1 combination cleaners. They save money, but they are not always effective. For targeted filter cleaning, you do not need to take products with rinse aid.
  • Reasonable attitude to the composition of the cleaner, give preference to cleaning products with a minimum amount of toxic substances, pay attention to the biodegradability.
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If the main criteria are safety and environmental friendliness, then pay attention to gels, which do not contain toxic substances, and after use decompose into harmless constituents.

Easy and convenient to use antibacterial products, special cleaning cloths for wiping rubber seals are offered in the kit.

There are products available that are used in the worst cases. They cope with persistent limescale deposits, can help clean the unit and bring old machine filters back to work.

bosch, dishwasher, cleaner

For appliances to serve users for a long time, periodically clean them. Because we use hard water, limescale deposits form on the counters and drainpipes, which leads to constant malfunctioning of the dishwasher.

For qualitative getting rid of technics from traces of a scale and for maintenance of cleanliness it is necessary to get suitable cleaners, to use them according to application instructions. If you ignore periodic cleaning of the machine, you will expect breakdowns and repair work with specialists.

Detergents and cleaners for the food industry

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At a sale price, the product is available in limited quantities only when ordered from the specified store

At a sale price, the product is available in limited quantities only when ordered from the specified store

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Dishwasher cleaners

Dishwasher cleaner is selected according to the brand of the device and the manufacturer’s recommendations. There are universal products and formulations that have limitations when used. Stubborn sludge builds up on the machine’s inner walls and major components during use. As the machine works, it thickens, and over time this can lead to breakage. For this reason, periodic cleaning is required. Otherwise, pathogenic bacteria will breed in the tank.

Removing grease mold, rust and scale

Improper use of an electrical appliance can result in mold on the interior and exterior of the machine.

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TIP ! To prevent this kind of trouble after each cycle of the technique always wipe its chamber with a dry rag, and keep the door ajar.

Vinegar and soda

Remove grease, mold, limescale or rust from the walls, drain and other parts of the device will help the following method:

  • Fill the spout with 200 ml of vinegar;
  • Sprinkle an even layer of baking soda on the bottom of the machine;
  • Turn on the appliance, setting the long washing mode;
  • After heating water in the machine, press the pause button and leave the machine for half an hour (if the device is heavily soiled. it is acceptable to leave it overnight);
  • When the specified time has passed, restart the device.

IMPORTANT! During the procedure, the machine must be empty, without any dishes.

Useful information on how and what to clean the inside of the iron from limescale and rust can be found here.


Do not use more than once every six months:

  • Remove the dishes from the machine;
  • Pour a cup of bleach into the receiving tray;
  • Turn the appliance on, setting the mode to maximum heat;
  • At the end of the cycle, run another wash without adding any detergent.

IMPORTANT! Do not use bleach on the stainless steel interior of the machine.

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Special products

Some of the most effective special detergents designed to clean your dishwasher are:

  • Finish Machine Cleaner is a liquid product in a flat plastic bottle. The product consists of two color layers: blue is for grease removal, and white is for descaling. Its use is simple: unscrew the cap (do not remove the protective sticker), put the bottle upside down in the lower compartment of the machine, turn on the device, setting the washing mode at a temperature of at least 65 ⁰C.
  • Filtero is a cleanser for cleaning limescale and grease deposits on the internal parts of the appliance: pour the liquid into the dispenser, turn on the appliance for 45-90 minutes at high temperature.
  • Finish Rinse is a detergent from the Japanese manufacturer. Has a concentrated composition, effectively removes limescale from the heater and other elements of the dishwasher, extends the life of the device, neutralizes odors and manages small clogs.

IMPORTANT ! After applying any special detergents, restart the machine without adding detergents. This procedure will ensure complete removal of all remaining chemical particles.

Rating of the best dishwasher cleaners: to make your dishwasher shine like new

Proper and timely care is important for all types of household appliances. This is especially true for dishwashers. cleaning product and food residue are constantly accumulating on the device’s components. It is also not uncommon to find grease and limescale in the tank and on the sealing gaskets.

In order to keep your dishwasher clean, you need effective detergents. It’s also important to know how to use them correctly in order to maximize their cleaning effect.

Rating of the best products for dishwashers

Snowter cleaner

It’s based on a powerful formula that works against grease and lime deposits inside the dishwasher. Users note the long service life and improved functional quality of the dishwasher with regular use of the Snowter. Cleans dirt from filters and removes unpleasant odors. For ease of use, the bottle has a special attachment to the basket.

Dr. Beckmann cleaner

The product is designed to eliminate unpleasant odors and food residues. Leaves behind a fresh citrus fragrance. Provides for two steps: cleaning of hard-to-reach places with a special cloth, then the application of the powder.

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It effectively removes dirt and food leftovers that can get stuck on the joints and other parts of the dishwasher. Dr. Beckmann cleanser prevents the development of pathogenic microorganisms in such parts as the pump, filter, drain and sprayer.


The all-purpose cleaner perfectly cleans the main element in the dishwasher. the filter, which is always full of grease and dirt. There is no need to spray it inside the basket or take apart machine parts in order to use it.

You only need to remove the protective film from the lid without unscrewing it. The bottle is suspended on the upper basket, the washing machine is started in the standard mode at a temperature of 65℃.

The cleaner has an antibacterial effect, it kills pathogenic microflora in the dishwasher. The resulting dishwashing process is hygienic and healthy.


One of the best detergents to prevent unpleasant odors and prolong the life of your machine. Removes the dirt and food debris that accumulates in dishwashers after every use.

Based on a two-phase formula, for the intensive removal of grease and limescale in hard-to-reach parts. With this cleaner you don’t have to worry about the hygiene of your dishwasher. Regular use will extend the life of the appliance.

Electrolux E6DMH104

Excellent dishwasher grease remover. Removes unpleasant odours, stubborn grease and limescale deposits from inside the tubes and the cavity, allowing the water to circulate freely.

As a result the quality of dishwashing increases, it extends the life of the machine. Clean at a temperature of 50℃. Depending on the intensity of use of the machine, the cleaner should be used quarterly or every six months.


Ecological gel, which perfectly cleans and disinfects the dishwasher. Completely removes grease and accumulated dirt from the filter. A special combination of active agents acts effectively and gently. Non ionic surfactants were used for its production; they are completely biodegradable, which means that they do not harm the environment.

Product does not contain any toxic substances. Completely safe to use. Does not require additional flushing. Significantly prolongs the life of the washing machine.

Somat Intensive Cleaner

one of the best dishwasher detergents intensely cleans grease and limescale residues and guarantees hygienic cleanliness inside the dishwasher. Easy to apply without unscrewing the cap.

The wax layer in the upside down bottle placed on the bottom plate tray melts at 65-75℃ and releases the cleaning liquid hole. The manufacturer recommends to use the product once in 3 months to prolong the life of the machine and to effectively clean the filter.

Finish cleaner

Top dishwasher cleanser leads the way with a highly effective cleanser that easily removes dirt, avoiding breakdowns and prolonging the life of your equipment.

Quickly and intensively removes scale and fat layer. Degraded impurities are removed together with the water.

Thanks to its specially formulated formula, the product does not harm the equipment and has no negative impact on the main parts of the machine. After using a cleaner, water circulation is restored and the washer performs its task more efficiently.