Bosch electric lawnies do not start. The gasoline lawn mower is poorly started


Lawn mowers are a convenient equipment that allows you to maintain in the country, in the garden, the park of herbal cover in a well.groomed state. Thanks to their use, lawns acquire an attractive appearance with minimal labor and time. Gasoline and electrical devices that have pushed to the background are popular with the popularity of mowers.

With proper operation, the equipment is capable of working for more than one year without breakdowns. But over time, the details wear out or an unforeseen accident may happen, as a result of which the unit will fail. If the equipment is not under warranty, then it is not necessary to contact the service center for help to specialists. Repair and maintenance of lawn mowers can be carried out at home. This is due to the fact that many malfunctions do not relate to serious breakdowns, they can be easily eliminated on their own.

The main malfunctions of electric and gasoline lawn mowers

Despite the variety of models and manufacturers of lawn mowers, gasoline and electric equipment has similar structural units. The difference lies in the types of installed engines and related systems for ensuring performance. Equipment malfunctions are conditionally divided into 2 groups:

Damage of the mechanical part of models with gasoline and electric motors is almost the same, but the refusal when operating the drive part of the lawn mower can be caused by problems with different details.

How to independently return an electric lawnical mower to life

No one will argue that a modern electric lawn mower is a useful help for any owner of a private house, cottage or a personal plot. The lawn mower makes the process of cutting grass on the area not only fast and comfortable, but even pleasant

However, like every complex mechanism, the lawn mower can periodically fail. Let’s look at the most characteristic malfunctions of household lawn mowers, as well as methods that allow them to eliminate them.

The lawn mower stopped cutting the grass normally

  • Cut or damaged cutting elements. If the knives are swept away, then they should be sharpened with emery or replaced with new. In extreme cases, you can sharpen the knives with an ordinary file, trying to observe the angle of the cutting edge of 30 degrees. Sometimes the lawn mowing includes abrasive tapes used to automatically sharpen knives. These tapes are glued to the static knives of the lawn mower, while the gap between them and the moving knives is made by minimum. After gluing, you should turn on the lawn mower several times for about 15 seconds, until the knives again become sharp.
  • The knives are incorrectly adjusted. For the cylindrical lawn mowers, the gap between the knives, not exceeding the thickness of the paper leaflet, is ideal. The gap should be adjusted, following the instructions of the instruction manual.

The lawn mower simply does not turn on

  • Knife jamming. Sometimes cylindrical law mmores refuse to work due to the fact that their rotating part is tightly blocked by cut grass. In this case, the device should be de.energized and scroll the cylinder in the opposite direction by a suitable wooden stick until it is freed from blockage and can move freely.
  • Break of the belt drive. In cylindrical braids, a belt drive is often broken off during operation. The protective cover of the drive should be removed and verify in your assumption. After that, the drive belt should be replaced by serviceable, pulling it in accordance with the requirements of technical documentation.
  • Power cord malfunctions. Elektroshnur should be “ringing” with a regular tester (multimeter) and, if necessary, replace. Pay special attention to the reliability of connecting the cord to the terminal block.
  • The failure of the switch. The switch causing a suspicion can be “rolled” with an ohmmeter or replaced with a guaranteed serviceable.
  • Lack of voltage in the network. Checked by the inclusion in the socket of a working electrical appliance.
  • The trigger of thermal protection. To protect the engine of the lawn mower from overheating in some models, the thermal protection system is used. It turns off the power when overheating and critical growth of the engine current as a result of its jamming.

How to make repair of the lawn mower with your own hands?

Those who have land are very familiar with what struggle is weed.

Especially when it often rains and the grass grows not by the day, but by the hour. Earlier, and sometimes even now, this issue was resolved with the help of a good old braid for grass.

But technologies are not standing still and now in this case, assistants such as electric and gasoline lawn mowers help.

The gasoline mower has several significant advantages over electric, such as mobility and lack of danger of electric shock. But there are many drawbacks, for example: high price, a lot of noise, expensive fuel and significant weight.

Electric mowers are cheaper, easier, work on inexpensive energy, and are not difficult to maintain and repair. These advantages become the main reason for their great popularity among buyers of this type of technique.

But despite the pretty good quality, improper operation and a lot of load, they can disable the device. In such cases, you should not immediately carry the device to the repair shop, but try to find and eliminate the cause of the breakdown yourself. over, as mentioned above, electric lawnmands do not have as many nodes and details as gasoline.

The main thing is to have some tools and faith in yourself. In this article, I will just show you how I did my own repair.

bosch, electric, start, gasoline

AL-KO, the lawn mower of the company, has serious problems in work, namely: the engine stop without load and its strong overheating, was taken as an example. The motor stops, buzzes and start it again, only re.pressing the “Start” button helps. The button has to restart almost every 30 seconds, and with further work and more often.

Of course, you can work, but it is very annoying and gives the feeling that somewhere the problem is. Therefore, I wanted to figure out where?

After the mower was working within an hour, the engine temperature was measured. It was impossible to touch him with a finger. He directly radiated heat. If you continue to pay attention and continue to work on such a mower, an electric motor will inevitably fail.

It is necessary to determine the cause of the motor overheating. To do this, remove the top cover of the case, under which the engine is located and its power chains.

The lid is held on six screws with a hat under a cross screwdriver.

Unscrew these screws and remove the lid. upward.

Having removed it, you can see the impeller, the capacitor, two connectors and the engine itself.

At first glance, no special problems are invisible. The engine winding darkened slightly from the temperature, but so far it is not critical.

To more carefully inspect the capacitor, it is necessary to unscrew the mount and pull it out.

The capacitor of some external damage did not show.

How to stop your lawnmower from surging, or not starting, or starts then dies mower surges

To check it, you need to disconnect the capacitor and feed the engine for a short time. If he did not start and began to buzz, then the capacitor is intact, because the engine was launched with him. Disconnect the power and connect the container connector back to the engine circuit.

Next, try to twist the impeller. It is mounted on the axis of the rotor and rotates rather tight.

And the reason for such severe rotation is a mechanical brake, which for safety stops the engine rotation when the power is turned off.

bosch, electric, start, gasoline

It looks like a sleeve that moves freely from top to bottom, along the rotor axis.

Когда напряжение на двигатель не подано, эта втулка прижимается верхней частью о крышку, на которой приклеено две резиновые полосы. Thus, the knife is inhibited on the rotor shaft.

When feeding, the brake sleeve under the influence of the magnetic field is drawn to the center of the rotor and provides free move.

With a careful examination, this sleeve with the brake noticed that at the time of turning on the engine, the brake is retracted and gives the shaft free rotation, but after 2-3 seconds it is released again and begins to slow down the motor. This should not be. Hence the stop of the knife during operation and overheating of the engine.

To find out what is the reason for this work, you need to remove and disassemble the engine.

To do this, disconnect the connectors and put the device on the side to get to the clamping screws. Access to them closes a knife with mounting elements.

bosch, electric, start, gasoline

To remove it, first you need to unscrew the knife bolt (cm. Figure below).

Direction of rotation, like a regular bolt, and not with left thread. That is, unscrew it counterclockwise, and tighten the clock.

The head of the bolt is plastic, so using the key, it must be well planted so as not to “lick” the edge.

After extracting the bolt, the knife and its plastic disk are removed.

Under it is a height sleeve. With its help, you can slightly lower the knife.

Adjustment is carried out by the washers put under the sleeve (see. drawings below).

We remove everything, only the engine shaft and the hexagonal screws of its fasteners remain.

The key for these bolts has a distance between faces of 6 mm. Unscrew them counterclockwise. Removing the last screw, with one hand, hold the engine.

Next, put the mower on the wheels, and clasping the engine with our hands. we raise it.

To disassemble the motor, you need to free tightening studs. We unscrew them all.

Remove the impeller with two screwdrivers.

We proceed to the removal of the back cover. A wooden block and a hammer will help this.

But first you need to mark the position of the covers with something sharp to the engine body.

Put the engine on the side and hit with a hammer, through a wooden gasket, on the rear shaft.

The motor at that moment should hold another person.

We hit until the axis comes out of the bearing to the end.

The most common breakdowns

Any technique sooner or later fails. It is important to know how to repair mowers, because not in all cases you need to contact the service center.

The braid does not cut the grass

In most cases, the cause is dumb or severely damaged knives. To achieve the best results, just change the knife every year. Choose a knife suitable for your model. When the knife is swept away, you can sharpen using electrofig or file. When sharpening, be sure to use goggles and gloves. Angle of sharpening on both sides. about 30 degrees.

Simple sharpening devices can be purchased in stores. Before installing them, it is necessary to turn off the mower from the network and adjust the cylinder positions in such a way as to highlight the maximum cutting gap.

In cylindrical braids, the gap between the knife and the cylinder should be less than the thickness of the sheet of paper. Some of the most modern models have regulators with notches. In other cases, you will have to use keys and screwdrivers to carry out the necessary adjustments. Follow the uniformity of the gap along the entire length of the cylinder. To check the adjustment, insert a sheet of paper between the cylinder and a knife, slowly rotating with your hand. Gradually adjust on both sides until the paper begins to cut purely at each point of a motionless knife.

It is difficult to move the mower

  • When the mower hardly moves along the lawn, you may try to remove too high grass and you will have to adjust the level of mowing. When seizing rollers or wheels, they need to be inspected to make sure that there are no scraps of grass and garbage. Most likely, they need to be removed and cleaned.
  • If an interference for air is formed, then the lifting force will decrease on the mowing air pillow, and it will become difficult to move it. Air lack leads to overheating of the engine. Disconnect the power and remove the remaining grass from the air intake grilles.

The technique does not turn on at all

Long and wet grass can easily block the knives. Pull the fork from the mains and with the help of a wooden object rotate the cylinder to the other side of the knife until the movement becomes free. For gasoline mowers, this technique cannot be used.

A belt that provides the operation of cylindrical lawn mowers, wears out, stretches and can break through. Remove the belt cover and check, there was a gap or belt just jumped off. Unscrew the mounting screws and move the small leading pulley to a large cylinder pulley. Put on a new belt on a small pulley and slowly rotate the big one, gradually putting a belt on it. Push the pulley to the side to stretch the belt, then tighten the screws.

Before installing the lid, be sure to check the belt tension. the degree of bending should not exceed 4 mm (the indicator may fluctuate slightly depending on the model, detailed information is contained in the user guide).

Gap in the cord

With every use, you unfold, move and turn the cord. This can lead to a break in the internal conductors. For many models, the cord is connected to the screw terminals, which makes it possible to quickly check it and replace it. If double isolation, a two.core cord is connected.

Other models use clamping contacts that facilitate the replacement. Disconnect the power, separate the plastic cover. When you unscrew the clamping bar, pay attention to the connection of the cord to the switch to comply with the polarity of the connection (wire color).

In order to disconnect the cord, insert the hexagonal key into each of the holes in which the conductors are placed. to free the clamp and the conductor. Check where the gap has formed.

If necessary, connect a new cord: twist together all individual wiring of each core, then insert the twisted ends into the corresponding terminals. Pull slightly to check the connection. Then install the clamping bar, the cord bushing and the circuit breaker cover.

When to contact the service center?

With prolonged operation or inaccurate handling of the tool, more complex malfunctions occur, the elimination of which requires a professional approach. It is very difficult to cope with such breakdowns independently, since the master requires not only the presence of certain knowledge and experience, but also the use of specialized tools and equipment.

  • Capital cleaning of nozzles and channels. If these elements are very contaminated, they must be carefully cleaned. In this case, it is recommended to use special cleansing agents, after processing which we act on the channels with a powerful air flow.
  • Replacing gaskets. These elements are made of elastic material, which over time is thinner, abrasion. If the gaskets are worn out, they should be replaced, they are not subject to restoration.
  • Installation of new pistons. They also wear out if the tool is subjected to intensive operation. Follow their condition, change on time.
  • Repair of the carburetor. Difficulties in starting the lawn mower may occur due to depressurization of the carburetor. The system drops in the system, the tool does not start.

If you are not confident in their abilities, before you have encountered such operations, it’s better not to risk, trying to fix the device on your own. Unprofessional actions can cause more complex breakdowns, after which an expensive repair or buying a new tool will be required.

Fault prevention

It is much easier to prevent the occurrence of breakdowns than then try to eliminate them. In order for the tool to work for a long time, properly, without breakdowns, it is necessary to comply with the operating rules that are indicated in the instructions. They are simple, but still some users neglect them. Take care of the lawn mower, do not overload it.

  • Use high.quality gas and oil. The performance and functionality of the device largely depends on the characteristics of the working fluids. Buy only approved by the manufacturer of tools products. Do not save on their quality.
  • Do not work in wet weather. This is especially true for lawn mowers with an electric engine. The hit of rain or dew drops into the device can lead to complex breakdowns.
  • Skip fuel with a primer. This element is designed to pump fuel. After receiving the fuel-lubricant mixture into the system, the tool is easily started.
  • Do not overload the engine. Take breaks if the lawn mower is heated. Let the motor cool and rest. Gasoline units often refuse to start in hot condition.
  • Support the cleanliness of the tool. After each working cycle, after cooling the motor, it is recommended to clean the channels, container, filters. For cleaning, use special liquids to provide details with corrosion protection.
  • Work correctly. You need to mow the lawn, constantly moving back and forth along the site. Movements should be smooth. Do not press on the tool, do not press it to the surface of the earth. With a chaotic mowing style, moving details wear out faster.
  • Place for storage. The lawn mower is recommended to be stored in a dry, heated room with normal air humidity.

If you are faced with the question of how to start a gasoline lawn mower, first find out the cause of the breakdown. After perform the measures necessary to eliminate it. If you can’t restore the tools of the tool on your own, take it to the service center. Follow the precautions and operating rules when working with a mower, provide it with competent maintenance, and then the device will last a long time without breakdowns and failures.

Repair of Bosch Rotak 1000 lawn mower with your own hands

Details: Repair of the Bosch Rotak 1000 lawn mower with your own hands from a real master for

Repair of the lawn mower is carried out taking into account the principle of operation and the reasons for the breakdown breakdown. often the device fails 3-4 years after active operation.

Repair of lawn mowers is necessary in the following cases:

In the first case, you will need to replace the case, handles, knives and wheels for lawn mowers. When blocking the knives, an mechanical stop of the unit occurs. Such a breakdown is associated with an attempt to mow hard or high grass. The repair of the mowing is to free the cylinder from stuck grass and scrolling it in the other direction.

When operating, a lawn mower with a blown or damaged knife is mowed unevenly. In this case, the device can vibrate or stop abruptly.

For the device to work properly, it is recommended to sharpen the knives with a file (angle of 30 °). Otherwise, an abrasive tape is used. The gap should be between 2 blades, touching the strip. The device turns on periodically (15 seconds). If the knives are sharp, then the strip is removed, the gap is regulated.

In the wrong position of the knives, the cylindrical lawn mower makes sharp and uncontrollable movements. Normally, the gap between the cutting elements should be thinner than a sheet of paper. Otherwise, the gap is adjusted. It is recommended that you study the instructions of the device, remove the fork from the outlet. With a cracked connection, a whistle appears. The device vibrates and rattles. The repair of the lawn mower is meant adjustment of bolted joints.

If the belt is broken or stretched out, then it is necessary to replace it. This will need to weaken the screws. Then the pulley is shifted, the belt is dismantled. The new part is put on a small, and then on a large pulley. The gear returns to its original position. The next stage is to check the stretch of the new belt. The deflection should not exceed 4 mm.

The reasons for the unexpected shutdown of an electric lawn mower are associated with a cliff of the cord or the absence of current. In the first case, it is recommended to check the cable for a cliff. To replace the power cord, you need to pull out the fork out of the outlet, open and dismantle the circuit lid.

Before unscrewing the squeezing of the cable? It is necessary to remember the diagram of its connection to the switch. To disconnect the cord, a hexagon is used (diameter 1 mm). The clip is released, the conductors are dismantled. To check the cable for a cliff, multimeter is used. If necessary, a new cord is installed. In this case, the reverse sequence is observed.

In the second case, it is recommended to connect another device to the mains. Electric devices may not work when the fuse is damaged in the fork. To carry out repair work, you will need to disassemble the fork. For this, a screwdriver and a tester are used.

Motor malfunctions occur when overheating of the lawn mower:

In the first case, it is recommended to wait a few minutes so that the motor cools. In the second case, you need to remove the stuck object. The effectiveness of the cooling system depends on the state of the air filter. Dirty device poorly passes air, which helps to turn off the device. Experts advise cleaning and changing the filter once every 3 months (with constant operation of the lawn mower). With a breakdown of the electric motor, the corresponding smell and noise appear. In this case, you need to replace the drive.

The design of a gasoline lawn mower, unlike an electric counterpart, is more complicated. In some cases, the unit cannot be repaired. If the engine does not start or stop immediately, then it is recommended to check the ignition. This will need to be dismantled. Dry candle indicates problems in the feed system, and wet. on the carburetor. In such cases, repair work is carried out by professionals.

If there is a black fog on the candle, then it is replaced. In this case, the reason for the breakdown of the lawn mower is not taken into account (setting the carburetor, poor.quality fuel). Often in gasoline models, the fuel hose clogs. If gasoline does not flow, then the saloon is cleaned with a needle, and the fuel filter is replaced by a new analogue.

If the lawn mower does not mow grass, then the knives are checked. If necessary, they are replaced with new cutting elements or Nat. In the second case, it is recommended to use protective glasses and thick gloves. You can drag the braid knives using special devices included in the device.

If the knives are blocked by long grass, then it is recommended to turn off the lawn mower. A cylinder (in the other direction) to its free rotation scrolls with a wooden stick. If the lawn mower does not work as a result of a circuit breaker malfunction, then it is recommended to check it and replace it with a working analogue.

In the absence of voltage in the outlet, the shield is checked. Some devices are equipped with thermal protection. When such a system is triggered, ventilation grilles for pollution are checked. A soft brush is used to clean them.

Repair of mechanical braids is carried out when the cutting elements are blown up or damaged. In this case, experts recommend to independently dismantle removable knives. Evadal is used to sharpen them. If necessary, the battery is replaced in battery.

��Washing Bosch Logixx does not start the program, error F34

Before repairing the lawn mower, the type of motor is determined:

  • Electric. engine feeds from current. The unit is disconnected as a result of overheating or overload. Some models do not provide protection against overheating. With mechanical damage to the engine, the help of professionals will be required.
  • Gasoline. the device fails as a result of overheating, overload, breakdown of the oil and fuel supply chain. Basket lawn mowers, unlike electric models, are repaired longer.

The lawn mower does not start or stalls?

Many owners of gasoline lawn mowers sooner or later face technical problems of this technique. Most often, problems arise after three to four seasons of active operation of the lawn mower or after the equipment spends the winter in an unexplored garage. These problems are manifested as follows:

  • The lawn mower will not start
  • The lawn mower starts up, but soon stalls
  • The engine of the lawn mower is working with interruptions
  • The engine of the lawn mower does not work at full power

It doesn’t matter what engine is on your mower: dear Japanese Kawasaki or a simple Chinese Lifan, during the years of operation these problems are more likely to appear in all lawn mowers. However, do not be upset and rush to take your mower to the service center. In the vast majority of cases, the lawn mower can be easily repaired with your own hands. In this material, we will tell you step by step how to do it!

We identify the cause of the malfunction

To repair the lawn mower yourself, it is best to be guided by the principle of “from simple to complex”. First, check if there is enough gasoline in the tank. If the mower stopped starting after wintering, it is worth draining the old fuel and replace it with a new. Sometimes low.quality gasoline comes across, which can give a precipitate or even delay in the winter, and some gas mowers are very sensitive to fuel quality.

If there is confidence as gasoline, but the lawn mower does not show signs of life, the next thing you need to do is check the spark. To do this, remove the wire with a cap from the candle and twist it with a special candle key, which should go with the lawn mower. Then throw the cap on the candle, attach its threaded part to the metal part of the engine and ask someone to pull the starter. At this moment, a bright blue spark should appear, which is clearly noticeable even during the day. Keep in mind that you need to lean the candle against the clean metal surface of the engine, which is not covered with paint and which can be current.

Tools for diagnosing the electric motor

To identify problems in lawn mowers with a different type of drive and elimination of them, such devices and tools will be needed:

  • indicator screwdriver;
  • multimeter or tester with voltage indication;
  • screwdrivers;
  • keys of an abyss or hexagonal (depending on the fasteners used in the assembly of the equipment);
  • pliers;
  • Kusachki;
  • knife;
  • a hammer.

Of the materials, an insulating tape and the details identified during the verification may be needed.

The causes of breakdowns of lawn mowers are associated with the following factors:

  • overheating or overload of the motor;
  • bad contacts or ruptures in an electrical circuit (in electrical models);
  • violation of the supply of fuel or oil (in gasoline units).

Therefore, you need to periodically, focusing on the recommendations set forth in the operational instruction, make stops during operation and constantly clean the equipment from herbal residues.

For internal combustion engines, the appropriate oil and the gasoline brand indicated in the passport should be used.

When opening an air damper

It happens that the unit stalls when opening an air damper, working normally at idle. This is due to the air leaks of the system caused by the presence of fuel hose cracks or problems with the oil seals. The carburetor dosing system can also work malfunctioning, while the lawn mower will stop after the opening of the damper.

All possible reasons that the lawn mower stalls, and the methods of eliminating them are contained in the next video

There are many reasons for stopping Motokos, but the most commonly occur in work related to its carburetor. They can arise in any case. The most problematic option is when there is a serious breakdown, and you will need to purchase new parts or change the lawn mower.

So that the trimmer for the grass works normally for a long time, you should strictly comply with the requirements of the operating instructions. It is necessary to refuel the unit suitable for it in the composition with a fuel mixture, the device should work with a moderate load.

The most common malfunctions of the lawn mower

As for problems with failure or jamming of the engine, they are practically not found in the lawn mowers of the cart type, which we consider in the article. These malfunctions are more likely inherent in the gas.type gasoline braids and make up almost half the reasons for their users’ contacts in service centers.

We find the reasons why the lawn mower refuses to start

If the lawn mower stubbornly does not want to start, and for some reason you do not want or cannot contact the service workshop, then try to follow the simple algorithm for searching for a malfunction. As always, use an effective search method, moving from simple reasons to more complex.

Check the pressure level in the engine (compression). To do this, you will have to get a special device in advance. a compressometer for measuring the parameters of the lawn mower. Normal engine compression indicators should lie in the range from five to eight atmospheres (all the envy of the individual characteristics of your engine). The compression parameters of your unit should be indicated in the accompanying technical documentation. If the level of compression is much less than the indicated. then your piston system has failed, requires a deeper study, repair or replacement of your elements.

The engine of the lawn mower jammed. Although this type of malfunction is much less common in a cart type, but it cannot be completely excluded. Basically, the engine jamming is due to gross violations of the operation of the lawn mowers. But if this still happened, then the repair of the lawn mower in the service center will cost you not cheap. Therefore, always carefully read and observe the rules of operation, storage and maintenance of the device recommended by the manufacturer.

Falf of the starter of the lawn mower. Checking the functioning of the starter is quite simple: you just need to try to pull out the launch cord from the lawn mower. If it does not stretch, try unscrewing the top cover of the lawn mower with the trigger and try to pull the cord again. If this time the cord does not lend itself, we diagnose the breakdown of the starter.

If the cord after separating the cover from the engine began to stretch out, put the mitch on the side and try to turn the working knife with our hands several times. If the knife does not rotate, then the engine still jammed and you have to send it to the service center, conduct deep diagnosis and, depending on the result, repair or change.

Carburetor failed. This is the most common cause (more than half) of the breakdowns of the gas mowers of the cart type. The carburetor will have to be removed from the lawn mower, disassemble and carefully consider. Also pay attention to the serviceability of gaskets and the air damper, responsible for mixing air with fuel.