Bosch Gdb 2500 We Diamond Drilling Rig

  • Bosch Gdb 2500 We Diamond Drilling Rig
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  • Bosch GDB 2500 WE. A diamond drill is designed to perform high-precision work in drilling large holes in high-strength materials. The GDB 2500WE drill is capable of both dry and wet drilling. The power cord has a built-in safety circuit breaker to prevent damage to the instrument during power surges. This model is able to be attached to the stand of a special drilling machine without the presence of any auxiliary tools. The gear housing of the drill is made of high-strength aluminum, which makes it possible to significantly increase the tool life.

    Bosch Gdb 2500 We Diamond Drilling Rig


    The power of the Bosch GDB 2500WE drill is 2500 W, which is more than enough to drill holes even in the most dense materials. The presence of a thermal protection system allows you to protect the tool from possible overload. For convenience, the start of drilling there is a soft start function. When working under load, the Bosch GDB 2500WE integrated electronics is able to maintain a constant speed value, which allows for stable drilling. The tool has two speeds of operation, which so positively affects work efficiency. There is a special faucet responsible for the supply of water during wet drilling. The drill spindle has two different threads, which facilitates the process of selecting drilling accessories. Changing carbon brushes is easy thanks to its practical location. The handle of a diamond drill is made of aluminum, and the tool switch is located on its end part, which prevents the possibility of accidental shutdown.


    Electronic speed control, aluminum housing, reliable operation, high power, overload protection, soft start, two spindle threads.

    • -Reliable 2-speed gearbox provides high power transmission and optimum peripheral speed
    • – Two threads on the spindle simplify the selection of drill bits
    • – Thermal protection system prevents engine overload
    • – Aluminum handle located in the center of gravity of the tool for easy handling
    • – Circuit breaker integrated in the cable
    • – 2500 W motor with optimum overload capability and inrush current limiting system for precise, vibration-free drilling in reinforced concrete
    • – It is fixed on the drill stand without a tool or attached to the walls with dowels
    • – Consistency electronics to maintain constant speed
    • – Easy change of carbon brushes
    • – Large switch for easy operation even with work gloves