Bosch Pads How To Distinguish A Fake

On the one hand, it seems that the choice is simple, but nevertheless, having talked with a large number of specialists, relying on the company’s many years of experience Japancars, I can safely say that there are nuances.

In this review, we will try to figure out how to protect yourself from fake. Consider in detail several popular brands that have been tested on more than a dozen cars and have established themselves among buyers.

The first instance is Kashiyama pads. What is worth paying attention to? First of all, you need to examine the box in detail, there should not be any smears on it. There must be a protective sticker that prevents opening and replacing the part. In the original box there is a booklet with a description and instructions. Next, you should carefully examine the details themselves, on the original pads of this brand there is an engraving of the brand, the material is homogeneous, no swelling and shells are observed (for products made in Indonesia, small inclusions are allowed). The painting of the carrier plate has no flaws and traces of emerging corrosion.

Bosch Pads How To Distinguish A Fake

The next representative. Brake pads from the Bosch brand. This is the “golden mean” between expensive consumables and good budget-class products. It is worth noting that the manufacturer is very concerned about the quality of its products, the pads comply with the stringent requirements of various standards and certifications. On the box there is a marking on which the manufacturing country and a control tape with a hologram are necessarily indicated. In the box, in addition to the parts themselves, there should be fasteners, instructions, a warranty card and certificates of compliance with standards. Well, in the end, you should inspect the pads themselves. The inscriptions on them should be clear and even. On friction linings there are no swelling and heterogeneity.

Another very popular representative is Brembo. An Italian brand with an excellent reputation. The manufacturer packs his products in a red corporate box on which the faces of the company employees are applied. Also on the box should be a logo, a holographic security element, a unique QR code (do not be too lazy to scan it, because these 30 seconds can protect you from buying a fake), a safety sticker without defects. Inside the package contains instructions. Absolutely all pads have markings: ECE-R90 compliance, WVA code, Brembo code and logo.

Well, the last, for today, representative will be Textar. Reviews of Textar pads in most cases are positive, because they comply with international quality certificates ISO 9002, ISO TS 16949, ECE R-90. Already habitually inspect the packaging. Before going shopping, carefully study the packaging and the pads themselves in the photo located on the manufacturer’s website, as well as the equipment. After all, everything plays a role here: the size, slope and thickness of the symbols on the box, the presence of a hologram, the image on the box. Also, on the packaging of Textar pads there is a shamrock badge informing about the amount of copper in the friction mixture. For a more reliable authentication of consumables, it is recommended to read the QR code using the original Textar Brakebook application. After scanning, the program redirects to the catalog with the original part. If everything is in order with the packaging, examine the contents. The box should contain installation accessories and documentation. On the block, you need to check whether the lot number is applied. The shape of the pads, the presence and location of grooves, bevels. Everything should be, as in the picture of this block. The fractional pad on the original is homogeneous, does not contain blotches and blisters.