Bosch serie 4 how to remove the lock

How to remove the lock from a Bosch Serie 4 Washing Machine?

Hold down the button until you hear a squeak and the lock is released. On the Bosch maxx 5 you have to press the start/pause button and hold it for about 6-8 seconds. If the “key” disappears from the display, the lock is disarmed.

Turn the machine on. Hold the trigger with one hand and turn the program lever two steps to the left with the other. After a couple of seconds, release the start button. The display will show the duration of the selected program, or all indicators will blink at the same time if there is no display on the model.

What the key on the Bosch washing machine means?

The flashing key on the display of your machine means that you have the childproof lock on. To turn it off, press and hold the Start/Pause button for 5 seconds.

  • Press and hold the “Key” button for 3-6 seconds.
  • Most often, if the temperature reaches 50°C, the stove automatically locks and the “Lock” sign also appears on its indicator.

Hardware disabling the childproof lock

If the machine has already finished washing, but has not yet removed the lock, then you will have to disable the key on the display yourself. To do this is not difficult: just press the “Start” button for 5-6 seconds. Holding down the power key should restart the system and cause all settings to reset. The UBL is then turned off and the light stops illuminating.

Press Start button

This is an emergency reset of the system, which resets all previously set settings. Such a restart is necessary if the washing machine doesn’t respond to button presses.

If rebooting does not work and the key lights up again when you start the system, then there is a malfunction. It is necessary to check the door mechanism and test the UBL with the control board.

Checking and replacing the parts of the hatch

Do not immediately get into electronics: first it is recommended to check the serviceability of the door mechanism. Often key indicator problems are caused by a broken door: a dislodged tab on the lock or warped hinges. Most likely, the hatch was closed carelessly, used as a hanger or a child’s “swing”. In any case you will need to check the entire construction.

It is recommended to act in the following order:

  • Disconnect the washing machine from the network, water and sewer;
  • find the clamp on the door cuff, pry it up with a flat screwdriver, loosen it and tuck the rubber inside the drum;
  • disconnect wiring from the UBL;
  • open the service hatch door and unscrew the bolt holding the filter housing;
  • unscrew the screws holding the top cover from the rear panel of the housing and remove the “top”;
  • Remove the powder collector by gripping the central button and pulling it toward you;
  • find and loosen the two screws fixing the dashboard in the free space;
  • Unscrew the self-tapping screws located around the perimeter of the dashboard;
  • Hook the dashboard and push from left to right, removing from the plastic latches;
  • release the fasteners around the perimeter of the front panel, unhook the “end” and put it aside;
  • unscrew the plastic cover covering the door hinges;
  • disconnect the hinges from the case;
  • install the new hinges in place of the old ones;
  • assemble the machine in reverse order.

The hatch locking device at home to repair is very difficult. It is easier and faster to buy a new UBL and install in place of the old one. It is enough to dismantle the faulty blocker by removing the existing fasteners and place the working analogue according to the sample.

The task of replacing the UBL is more difficult if the door does not open, remaining locked. In this case, you will first have to remove the top cover, tilt the washing machine forward, then put your hand inside along the body, feel for the lock and slide the latch. Next we act according to the previously described instructions.

The need for the function of locking the hatch

The device, which performs the washing machine hatch locking, has a very important purpose. So, with it, the washing machine protection program is implemented.

For example, thanks to this function, children will not be able to open the door of the washing machine while it is running. The principle of operation of the lock is that the door automatically locks when you start the device, and then opens it. It often happens that this mechanism breaks, which leads to the complete locking of the door of the machine even after it is running.

How to remove the childproof lock?

Button to lock the control panel from children is present in every model of German automatic machines. Turning this function on during the washing process will protect the machine from possible malfunctions and breakdowns in case a child reaches the control panel and starts to press the buttons randomly. The child lock is also designed to ensure child safety. A typical washing machine with the child lock on looks like this.

  • Switch appliance on.
  • Load the laundry, close the door and add detergent.
  • Select a washing program.
  • Press the child lock button.
  • The “key” symbol appears on the display.
  • Start the appliance in washing mode.
  • Wait for it to stop.
  • Unlock the childproof lock by pressing the childproof lock button.
  • Switch the appliance off.

How to remove the child lock?

The child lock button on the control panel is available in all German automatic machines. Enabling this function during the washing process will keep the machine from possible malfunctions and breakdowns in case a child gets to the control panel and starts to press the buttons haphazardly. The child lock is also designed to ensure the child’s safety. Standard operation of the machine with the child lock on is as follows.

  • Switch the appliance on.
  • Load the laundry, close the door, add detergent.
  • Select the wash program.
  • Press the child lock button.
  • The “Key” icon appears on the display.
  • Start the wash program.
  • Wait until it has stopped.
  • Unlock the childproof lock by pressing the childproof button.
  • Switch the appliance off.

Bosch washing machine modes

The basic set of programs includes the traditional cotton (temperature range from 20 ° C to 90 ° C) and synthetics (temperature range of 30-60 ° C). There are also several special programs for certain types of clothing and home textiles: “Jeans”, “Shirts”, “Down Jackets”, “Down Blanket”, “Sportswear”, “Children’s Clothing”. In addition, the developers have provided programs for washing wool, silk and delicate fabrics, as well as several fast modes lasting from 15 to 60 minutes.

If the machine malfunctions or breaks down and an error code appears on the display, the first thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the possible error codes and methods of their elimination in the instruction manual of the household appliance. If you can not eliminate the reason of the malfunction yourself, you should call a specialist. It is possible to reset the error code, which appeared after the breakage, only after qualitative repair. If the repair was not made or the cause of the error has not been eliminated, it will not be possible to reset the error code. And if the system does remove the error from the display, it will appear again very quickly, and the existing problems can worsen.

It often happens with Bosch washing machines that a fault or malfunction is corrected, but the error and blockage persist. In this case, the error can be reset yourself by performing simple manipulations.

Remember that different models of Bosch machines have different combinations for resetting the error. To reset an error on a Bosch Classixx model, proceed as follows.

  • Turn the device on.
  • The programme selection lever must be in the OFF position.
  • Hold the ON/OFF switch with one hand and with the other hand turn the programme selection lever 2 degrees to the left.
  • Wait for approximately 2 seconds and release the trigger.
  • The time of the selected mode should appear on the display. On models without a digital display, if the error is cleared, all displays should flash simultaneously.

If the machine cannot be unlocked at first and the error remains on the display, the procedure can be repeated a number of times until the error is cleared. For Bosch models in the Maxx 5 range, the error is reset with a completely different combination.

  • The rotary programme selector lever must be in the off position from the start.
  • Move the lever to o.
  • Press and hold the “Revolutions” button.
  • Hold down the button and move the lever to o.
  • Count down for 3 seconds and lower the “revs” button.
  • Immediately move the lever to the down position.
  • After 2 seconds, move the lever to the “OFF” position. Turn counterclockwise.

The error should disappear after these steps. If the lock can be released, the appliance will operate in either mode. Remember that all manipulations must be done quickly. If it does not succeed the first time, you can try a few more times. Resetting the lock of another popular series of washing machines Bosch Logixx 8 is carried out in this sequence.

  • Turn the appliance on.
  • Move the control lever to the “Spin” position.
  • Wait a few seconds until the sound is heard and the error appears.
  • Press the button with the arrow pointing to the left and hold it down for 4 seconds.
  • Quickly set the lever to o.
  • Release the arrow button and move the control lever to the off position.

After the next turn on, you can select any program for washing.

How to unlock the door of a Bosch washing machine?

You need to unplug the cord of the machine from the socket. Then, on the front panel, open the drain filter, and check that the emergency hatch opening cable is present in this machine. If there is one, then gently pull it, and the door will unlock.

  • Turn the programmer to position “0”.
  • Slide the selector one click to the left.
  • Press “Start”, hold the button for 2-3 seconds.
  • Return the selector switch to its previous position.

The door is closed, but the program has long since ended

If Bosch brakes with the opening of the door, you should definitely not panic. It is better to first check whether the malfunction is serious. Remember that in addition to the mechanical lock, the washing machine has an electronic lock that operates automatically. Until the board is satisfied that the drum is empty, the safety interlock will not release. After the cycle is complete, the washing machine needs to “think” for 1 to 3 minutes.

Another understandable and non-dangerous reason for the dead cylinder is a technical failure. The control board of washing machine reacts sensitively to power jumps, therefore sharp current drops or a minute power outage cause the system to “hang”. In this case it is necessary to de-energize the machine and wait for 20-30 minutes. During this time the error will reset and the door will open.

In Bosch washing machines, the electronic blocking of the hatch is removed within one to three minutes after the cycle is complete.

However, waiting and resetting the washer is pointless when the washer tank is full of water. If the drum is not emptied at the end of the program, then the breakdown is more serious and will require extended diagnosis and appropriate repair. In this case, the opening of the hatch is forced and with proper preparation.

The panel is locked

The “Child lock” option also prevents the machine from opening. This function protects the dashboard from accidental pressing of the buttons and opening of the door. Is activated by holding down the two buttons, whose names depend on the model of the washing machine. What exactly should be pressed, you can look in the factory instructions.

To disable the lock, you must press the two found buttons for 20-30 seconds. The LEDs on the panel will blink, which will tell you that the mode is deactivated.

If the “Child Lock” mode is enabled, the washing machine display will show a schematic representation of the key.

Remember that the door can only be opened with an empty washing machine. If the drum is full, then another procedure must be followed. We suggest you learn all the safe and effective measures.

What does the key on the Bosch washing machine mean??

The flashing key on the display of your machine means that you have the child lock on. To disable it, press and hold down the button Start / Pause for 5 seconds.

  • Press and hold the “key” button for 3-6 seconds.
  • In most cases, if the temperature reaches 50°C, the stove automatically locks and the “Lock” sign appears on its indicator.

How to reset the error in a Bosch washing machine?

Use the “start/pause” button to reset the program to zero. Do not press it once, but for a long time. hold it for 5-6 seconds. This is how to reset the error in a Bosch washing machine.

  • Turn the machine on.
  • Turn the programs selection knob to the “spin” position.
  • Wait for about two seconds., until you hear a characteristic beep and the error flashes on the display.
  • Locate near the display button, on which is drawn an arrow to the left, hold it and count 4 sec.

Removing the child lock

Bosch washing machine locks, as we have already noted, come in two kinds, first we will see what to do if it is locked against children. Young mothers often use this function, so that their little child, who has already begun to show interest in technology, could do nothing wrong. If you use the child lock in the normal mode strictly according to the instructions, there are no problems. The normal order of using the function is as follows.

  • turn on the washing machine;
  • set the program;
  • set the lock;
  • start the program;
  • Wait for the end of the wash;
  • Release the lock;
  • turning off the washing machine.

As soon as the hostess hurried up and turned off the washing machine with the lock on, this creates a problem. After switching on again the machine will not allow to set the program. The standard removal of the child lock with a combination of keys will not help. In this case, you can open the washing machine, the hatch will not be blocked.

A child can turn off the machine without releasing the lock, because unfortunately the machine is not protected against turning off.

What is the secret of how to remove the childproof lock, if the washing machine Bosch was turned off in the locked mode? It is very simple, you just need to remember in which program you did the washing last time. Turn the program knob to select the mode in which the childproof lock has been set. Then everything is easy. Switch off the locking mode in the standard way.

  • In Bosch logixx 8, open the hatch door and press the button to the left marked “Options”. Once you have pressed the button, hold it down until the machine beeps and the lock is released.
  • On the Bosch maxx 5, you must press the start/pause button and hold it for about 6-8 seconds. If the icon “Key” disappears from the display, it means that the lock is removed.
  • Bosch WAS 20443 has a similar child lock that can be overridden in the same way. Press the start/pause button and hold it for about 8 seconds. When you hear a beep, the locking mode is disengaged.

Unlocking after an error code

The machine can freeze up, not only because of an incorrectly released childproof lock, but also because of an unresettable error. Suppose your Bosch machine has issued an error code. The fault has been found and repaired, but the error still hangs around. Turning the machine off and on does not help. What to do? You need to reset the error by pressing a key combination. What you need to press, we described in the article How to reset the error on the washing machine Bosch, read it, and you will understand everything.

Unlocking only by following the instructions. No need to invent your own ways of resetting, which can lead to breakdowns. Our masters had to re-flash the control chip after the owner ineptly zeroed the firmware, trying to reset the error code himself. Reprogramming cost the woe-owner a few tens of dollars. Do not repeat his mistakes.

So, we have figured out how to remove the lock on the washing machine brand Bosch. Proceed carefully and do not deviate from the instructions, you are sure to succeed. Good luck!

The control module is defective

If the UBL, hinges and door lock are OK, then the problem is in the control board. Probably, water got on microcircuits or sharp voltage jump in the electrical system led to the “freezing” of the system. In this case, the module can not transmit information about the end of the cycle to the device lock, the hatch remains closed, and the washer does not respond to the commands of the user.

An ordinary person to diagnose the control card is actually unreal. Checking all contacts and microcircuits requires some knowledge, experience and special equipment. Without them, there is a high risk of making a mistake and worsening the situation right up to “death.

The tank is full of water

If after the completion of the cycle 2-3 minutes have passed, and water from the tank is not drained, then proceed differently. At first, we switch on “Wring” or “Rinse” and watch the behavior of the machine. At the end of the program, the drum must be empty, otherwise you need to check the drain. The drain hose is probably clogged and should be cleaned before repeating the procedure.

When the automatic drain does not turn on, you must act forcibly. This is done through the cable of the emergency door opening, which is present in every machine from Bosch. often the emergency cord is located at the bottom of the body, next to the trash filter. Detect the device is simple: it is painted bright red or orange. Just pull it and remove the UBL.

In some cases the cable cannot be found. This is not bad, because you can open the hatch in another way. It is necessary to disconnect the machine from the mains and water supply, and then remove the top cover from the washer. Next, tilt the household appliance back so that the drum “moved away” from the door. There will be a gap through which it is easier to get to the locking mechanism. Then find the tab of the lock and slide it. It is better not to act alone, but to call for help an extra pair of hands.

The factory manual often also prescribes individual schemes for removing the mechanical and electronic interlocks. Each model has its own contingency measures, which will facilitate the opening of the machine.