Brand Steel Saws For Metal

To date, there are a huge number of hacksaws for metal. All of them differ in their appearance, characteristics, etc. Also, these tools are divided into professional and home. The most significant difference between the two types will be a metal sheet.


Currently, the standard length for the web is 300 mm. There are also hacksaws in which this figure is 150 mm. Shorter options are used only in cases where a large hacksaw is not suitable precisely because of its size or the craftsman needs to perform very delicate work.

If we talk about the teeth of the blade for metal, then they are very small. This choice is due to the fact that it is small teeth that best cope with the task of cutting metal products. Masters of working with this tool pay attention to the fact that the canvas. This is an essential element, but you should pay due attention to the handle of the tool. In some types, it was made very unsuccessfully, and it will be inconvenient to work with such a device, even if the metal sheet meets all the qualities.

Brand Steel Saws For Metal

Tool Differences

As mentioned earlier, saws are conventionally divided into professional and home. The main advantage of a professional tool is that its design is more rigid, and also makes it possible to carry out work at an angle of 90 and 55 degrees. Home appliances are more often more flimsy, and during work they are constantly “storming”. In this case, even a high-quality metal blade does not guarantee a quality cut. However, here it is already necessary to build on the frequency of use of this tool. Household saws are much cheaper, and they should be purchased only if the hacksaw is rarely used. If you have to use this tool quite often, then you should not save.

It is worth saying about a separate type of saw. Hacksaw handle. The main difference between this tool and a conventional hacksaw is that it is designed to work with a broken hacksaw blade for metal.

Product design

The design of this tool is almost the same for all models. The saw is a C-shaped arc, between the lower edges of which the blade is fixed or stretched. The working and main part of this tool is the same hacksaw blade for metal, which has many small teeth.

Lever. One of the three main parts of the device plays a significant role in terms of ease of use of the tool during long-term operation. The most successful in terms of performance and comfort of use are considered two-component compound handles with rubber inserts.

The frame of this tool. This is an element that is designed to mount the blade for metal hacksaw. In the manufacture of the frame, different materials can be used, but it depends on what type of work the saw will be used. For example, if it is necessary to saw high-strength metals, it is best if the frame is made of composite materials of high strength as well.

Brand Steel Saws For Metal

It is important to note that the frame design largely determines the working conditions. If it is necessary to carry out sawing in hard-to-reach places, it is best to use a frame with adjustable blade angle or just purchase a shorter version of the device.


The hacksaw blade for metal is a thin tape made of a solid type of steel. Despite the fact that this is the only metal part in the design of the saw, it is also the most vulnerable to breakage, since the thickness of the product is very small. For this reason, when working with this tool, it is very important to monitor your actions. Careless and careless handling will lead to a quick breakdown of a fragile structural element.


In itself, a steel sheet for metal, the photo of which is presented below, cannot cut other metal parts.

The implementation of this process becomes possible due to the application of small teeth with a wedge-shaped shape on the edge of the blade. It is very important to pay attention to the hardening of these teeth when choosing a tool. The correct selection will lead to the fact that the service life will increase significantly, as well as the efficiency of cutting the necessary parts. Currently, it is customary to use blades with small teeth for cutting hard metal products, and large teeth are designed to work with soft parts. The canvases themselves can be made of different types of steel, however, it is best to opt for bimetallic ones. If these could not be found, then you can pay attention to the red-hot paintings. These saw elements are made of nickel-plated stainless steel with teeth. It should be noted that the blade should be fixed so that the teeth go in the opposite direction from the handle.

Canvas selection

The quality of the blade is determined by its teeth. The first selection criterion. This is the shape of the cutting elements, which can vary depending on the inclination of the edge part.

The second criterion for choosing the canvas. This is a tooth pitch. Using this parameter, you can determine for cutting which hardness of the material it is suitable for, as well as select the maximum possible thickness of the product that can be sawn. This indicator is measured by the number of teeth per inch of web. It is also important to note that the thickness of the metal sheet plays an important role here. For example, on professional three hundred millimeter hacksaws, the thickness will be 0.63. 1.25 mm. The thickness of the blade for saws with a length of 150 mm. From 1.25 to 2.5 mm.

It is also worth saying that the number of teeth per inch of blade depends on the thickness and material of the workpiece that will be sawn. For example, when cutting an aluminum workpiece with a thickness of more than 5 mm, it is necessary that the number of teeth per inch is 18. If the thickness is from 2 to 5 mm, then the number of teeth can vary from 18 to 24. With a workpiece thickness less than 2 mm, the number of teeth should be in the range of 24 to 32.

Gost metal sheets

Gost 6645-86. It is a state standard that establishes requirements for the type, size, quality of metal sheets, etc.

This document establishes the rules for the technical production of this product. In particular, steel grades are prescribed in this GOST, from which it is necessary to make types of cloth. For example, type 1 should be made of steel tape that meets all the requirements of GOST 23522-79. Type 2 hacksaw blade should be made of high speed steel, which is determined according to GOST 19265-73. The document also states that the canvas should be heat treated. Acceptable cloth is considered when there are no cracks, captivity, scale or corrosion on the surface.