Briggs Stratton motor block adjustment. Design and operation features

Briggs and Stratton engine operating manual

The Neva Unoa Tractor MB 2B-6.5RS is equipped with a reliable and economical engine Briggsstratton RS950 (RS 6.5) with a high resource. Engine power is 6.5 liters.With. at 3600 revolutions per minute.

The Unoa Tractor Neva MB2 is a classic model, one of the most popular with buyers in the manufacturer of CJSC Krasny October G. St. Petersburg. The official website of the plant.

Operating instructions for the Neva Unoic Tractor MB 2B-6.5RS Briggsstratton RS950 (RS 6.5) download.

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Features of the motoblocks Neva MB 2:

The unique in its design is a reliable gear-type oil-filled gearbox in the aluminum case, which allows you to transmit the highest torque at minimum speed, which ensures the quality of various agricultural operations and the improvement of the territory.

Powerful, economical, reliable, professional and semi.professional gasoline sleeve engines with a high motor.

A wide range of steering wheel adjustments with vibration handles allows you to take into account the individual characteristics of the operator and the nature of the work performed.

The small radius of rotation of the walk.behind tractor is provided using the system of separation of the axes of the wheels.

In addition to the 2 wheels, 4-6 mills and 2 extensors of the semi-shafts included in the standard equipment, the installation of additional hinged and trailer equipment that allows you to perform a wide range of agricultural and economic work:

It is possible to install active drive guns: brush, snowball player, mower, pump.

Gear. a chain gearbox and belt clutch indicates that the one.based tractor refers to an amateur series. In this model, an American household use engine is installed.

About Briggs Stratton

Briggs Stratton is the largest global manufacturer of internal combustion engines with gasoline operating on gasoline for external energy equipment. A company with headquarters in Miluoi, USA, develops, produces, sells and serves these products, cooperating with the manufacturers of final products around the world. For centuries, we produce engines that serve as source of energy for equipment used to perform the necessary work.

She recently introduced the market a new series of RS engines. These are motors with a horizontal crankshaft of a budget class designed to install on garden cultivators.

Structurally, the RS series engines are identical to the I/C series motors, differing from them only to use simpler components with a smaller resource. Otherwise, the same thing: the upper OHV circuit, a guilled cylinder, a crankshaft on ball bearings, a lubricant spray, a mechanical speed control, electronic ignition, a double air filter (corrugation plus foams). They are produced in China, under the close control of Briggsstratton specialists.

In the market, the novelty was met by potential customers (primarily by the manufacturers of cultivators and motoblocks) quite cool. It was precisely Chinese origin and critical reviews-for some reason, customers decided that this fact automatically equates the RS with many other Chinese engines, and therefore the price tag should be the same. In fact, the RS series engines cost about 30 % more expensive with equal cubot. Therefore, any discussion of the prospects for installing RS on production cultivators was reduced to two issues: what are the advantages compared to cheaper “Chinese” with this difference in price and what can be the real resource of new engines? (Information from the site https: // See about testing this engine on the master forum

Technical characteristics of the Briggsstratton RS950 engine (RS 6.5)

Gas distribution mechanism One-cylinded, 4-stroke upper (OHV) Air cooling engine
Model number 13u2
Full power in l.With. [kW] (3600 about./min.) 6.5
Working volume (cube. cm.) 208
Cylinder Cast iron sleeve
Cylinder diameter (mm) 70.0
Cylinder move (mm) 54.0
Fuel tank capacity (l) 3.1
Oil tank capacity (l) 0.6
Dry weight (kg) 15.1
Length (mm) 291
Width (mm) 372
Height (mm) 330
The gap of the spark plug. mm 0.8
Gap of the inlet valve, mm 0.13-0.18
Gap of the exhaust valve, mm 0.13-0.18

Power levels are indicated in the form of maximum torque according to the SAE J1940 according to Briggs Stratton.

The engine power is indicated with the full.power level (in l.With.) According to the SAE J1940 Briggs Stratton.

Features of the Briggsstratton RS950 engine (RS 6.5)

one.New RS engine of full power 6.5 l.With., provides the best characteristics for equipment used in everyday life.

The engine is not intended for use in the countries of the European Union and the USA.

Lo-Tone /Strong muffler>.Provides quiet and even timbre.

Float carburetor. Improves fuel supply, so that the engine starts better and works with excellent performance.

Paper air filter (oval) provides increased protection against polluting particles transferred by air entering the engine.

Spray lubrication system. Provides proper supply of lubrication through the crankcase under normal operating conditions.

Cast iron sleeve. Provides reduced oil consumption, increases reliability and wear resistance.

Mechanical rotation frequency regulator. Controls the speed of the engine, as a result of which more useful power is produced with enhanced operation.

Briggs and Stratton Brand Brand Review. Technical characteristics and operating rules

The American company Briggs and Stratton is known worldwide as a manufacturer of engines for various equipment: gas cocia, walk.behind tractors, mini.tractors, trimmers. Briggs and Stratton production engines can be conditionally divided into two large categories: with air and water cooling. All engines are designed for outdoor equipment.

The headquarters of the company is located in the state of Miluoi (USA). There, the company’s engineers and mechanics are developing, collecting and selling the final product, distributing goods that have come down from the conveyor of the plant around the world.

For more than centuries, Briggs and Stratton produces motors of various capacities that meet world quality standards and have high power and durability.

Distinctive characteristics of Briggs and Stratton engines:

  • high environmental indicators (Eco-Plus technology;
  • additional technologies (ECO Plus PERMEATION. Protection from seeping harmful substances through a gas tank, fuel, oil sections and gaskets, ECO Plus Ventilation. reducing the number of exhausts through the ventilation system);
  • The concept of E Series according to which in the engine the most important indicator is the low level of toxicity of the exhaust engine released by the motor;
  • power;
  • durability;
  • high reliability and lack of need to make frequent repairs;
  • Simple launch.

Classification of engines

For the convenience of consumers, the widest lineup of manufactured products is divided into several episodes that belong to a particular category of engines for their purpose. The most common group can rightfully be called consumer devices, which include the Quattro, Classic, Sprint series.

Among other categories, references deserve:

The technical characteristics of such engines are also different, depending on their purpose. As a rule, the higher the class of the power unit, the more it is adapted for intensive work for a long time. The standard duration of the consumer models of this brand is approximately 500 hours, however, professional devices are able to work until 2000-3000 hours.

A wide range of solutions for a variety of problems

In the Briggs Stratton catalog, engines of various types and purpose are presented:

  • compact engines for manual lawn mowers;
  • powerful ICE for riders;
  • power plants for snowbrushes;
  • Vanguard commercial engines for high.performance garden equipment;
  • General-purpose engines that can be used to mechanize a wide variety of equipment-motor cultivators, laborers, pumps, mini-mine, gas generators, etc.D.

The common features of all engines from Briggs Stratton are outstanding technical characteristics, light launch in any conditions, ease of maintenance and outstanding unpretentiousness. In self.propelled lawnmands, these engines provide powerful traction and stable torque. therefore, even on a complex relief, your device will not stain. And the variety of models with various power and working volume allows you to choose a profitable option for mowers of any scale.

And a large power supply that each engine of this brand receives makes it possible to quickly and efficiently cut off grass of any length and any state. Will cope even with dense wet thickets, leaving them no chance. With almost any task, your mower will cope in one pass, leaving a perfectly even lawn.


Type of 123432 123437 123452
35 36 fifty 49
Weight in packaging (kg) 19 19 twenty 21.5
Crankshaft 693594 693403 693403 694439
PTO Threaded 5/8-18 Diameter 3/4 ″, under the veneer, thread 5/16-24 Diameter 3/4 ″, under the veneer, thread 5/16-24 Reducer 6: 1, rotation counterclockwise, gear ramp with a diameter of 3/4 ″, under the veneer
The size 2-27/64 (c) 2-27/64 (c) 2-27/64 (c) 2 (a)
Starter position 10:30 10:30 10:30 10:30
Oil filter and drain D D D D
Regulator M M M M
Control Mf R/AG/Mf R/AG/Mf R/AG/Mf
Throttle X X X X
Fuel tank (l) 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8
Oil level sensor X X X X
Controller speed 4000 3600 3600 3600

The engine is equipped with a 12-volt starter and a 1.5 mm alternating current generator.

BRIGGS Stratton engine 650 series Characteristic

Briggs Stratton company store: Buy Briggs Stratton Briggs Stratton 650 124T024724B1YY7001 with delivery of 2390 r. Warranty, photo, video, description. Order 8 495 215-25-43, 8 800 333-65-87

Ease of use. Simplicity in maintenance.

650EXI Series engines combine high performance and ease of control. Ease of use and maintenance, as well as ease of starting EXI Series engines allow them to use them to perform even the most difficult work.

EXI Series engines do not need regular oil change, you just periodically add it.


Production: US engine: 6.0 l.With.Location of the crankshaft: vertical

VAL diameter: 22.2 mm (find out by other shafts from managers)

Shaft length: about 5 cm (short. lawn mowers) or 62 mm (long. motorbace)

Important: these engines are for lawn mowers and for motor cultivators (differ in the length of the shaft).

There is an analogue for cultivators. Honda GVC 160.

The Briggs Stratton 650 engine is a 4-clock engine of air cooling with the upper valve arrangement (OHV). Designed for work on lawnmands, hayfields and motorbace. Verkhneklapannaya gas distribution mechanism provides a longer engine service and increases fuel savings. The electronic ignition system guarantees an easy launch. The muffler provides a quiet and even sound. Oiled foam air filter prevents polluting particles. The mechanical rotation frequency control controls the engine speed, as a result of which more useful power is produced with enhanced operation.

briggs, stratton, motor, block, adjustment, design

The engine is able to work effectively on small garden and agricultural appliances of the domestic level. This unit can be equipped with a lawn mower or a cultivator of medium and small sizes and classes of performance. The model combines convenience in use, maintenance and small size.

The lineup

A large number of different engines are produced under the brand of Briggs Straton, most of them are installed on the cultivator. The lineup is represented by several models that are classified according to the following signs:

  • Power. Only 3 liters are enough to carry out most of the work.With. powerful equipment is used to process large land plots.
  • The number of cylinders. With an increase in this indicator, the power of the device increases, but the design is complicated.
  • Volume. Due to the increase in engine volume, the amount of fuel burned increases.

Other nodes are delivered with the engine that is required for the operation of the walk.behind tractors. The gearbox is intended for converting rotation, the tank is for temporary storage of fuel, which will be supplied to the engine after mixing with air.

450 Series

A similar series is designed for domestic use, installed on motoblocks and cultivators, lawnmands and other similar equipment. Features of design 148CC are that they are not whimsical to the quality of the fuel used. Therefore, refueling can be carried out when using the A-92 brand. The key points of the device are as follows:

  • The block has only 1 cylinder.
  • Upper location of the valves and a vertical shaft for power selection.
  • Air filter is made of foam.
  • The proprietary ignition system. It provides an easy start of the engine in various conditions.
  • The system responsible for automatically turning off the engine with insufficient oil level. It excludes the likelihood of increased wear of the structure due to untimely maintenance and the appearance of leak.

If necessary, you can purchase all the branded components for installation on the frame. Repair is often carried out with your own hands, For this there is everything necessary on sale.

500 Series

A single.cylinder engine with a horizontal and vertical power shaft has an aluminum sleeve, the power indicator can vary in the limit of then 3.5 to 5.5 liters.With. A similar model is installed on a large number of different cultivators and lawn mowers.

The advantage of the option under consideration is the presence of a automatic decompressor and a mechanical regulator of the number of revolutions at the output.

At the same time, the manufacturer paid much attention to the development of an effective muffler, due to which the noise level is reduced during operation.

The manufacturer took care of a decrease in the number of ejected harmful substances into the atmosphere. Special technology made it possible to reduce the indicator by 72% compared to standard engines.

Air filter is responsible for mixing air with fuel, a manual starter. The spark plugs are original, with a careful attitude they will be able to serve for a long period. Model 158CC is great for solving various household problems.

650 Series

Version 190 CC is installed on cultivators of various brands. The features of this model are as follows:

  • The engine is 4-taxant.
  • The device on AI-92 gasoline works, so there will be no problem with refueling.
  • Starter manual type. For the motor of the motor, you need to pull the handle and set in motion the flywheel.

The vertical location of the shaft provides a more effective power fence. The inside of the structure is represented by an aluminum sleeve, the power of the device is 5 liters.With. When creating the series under consideration, an automatic decompressor and a mechanical regulator was installed. The developed technology allows you to reduce the number of emissions into the atmosphere by 60%.

How to adjust the valve to the T-40

The gas distribution mechanism (timing) provides the execution of the four.stroke cycle in the motor cylinders. The operation of the motor and, therefore, the rest of the tractor mechanisms depends on its serviceability. He “lies” for the air intake and the release of exhaust gases. If the motor “sneezes”, it starts poorly, works unstable, it may be due to hard.time problems. In order to avoid breakdowns, regular inspection of the mechanism and adjustment of the T-40 valves after every 480 hours of engine operation is recommended. This work can be performed by a professional mechanic, but is also available to the owner of a tractor who has minimal skills in working with a motor.

The principle of operation of the gas distribution device

The timing of the timing launches the crankshaft of the engine. Through the gear system, he transfers torque to the camshaft, whose fist creates pressure on the cylinder valve, which as a result of this pressure opens. When the camshaft turns, and the fist comes out from under the pusher, the valve under the influence of the spring becomes in place and closes the hole in the cylinder cover. The air intake occurs when the intake valve is opened, the release. respectively, through the graduation. With the right mode of operation of the mechanism in the cylinders, the air-fuel mixture in the right proportions is mixed, the engine is successfully launched and works without interruptions.

Possible malfunctions may indicate the unusual color of exhaust gases, reduction of engine power, interruption in its operation, difficult to start the engine.

Valves setting

In the process, the valves increase in length by tenths of millimeters. This extension is insignificant in appearance requires compensation, for which a clearance is necessary between the end of the valve rod and the rocker. District valve adjustment of T 40 is provided by a special adjusting screw. When it is screwed up, the shoulder of the valve lever rises and the gap decreases, when unscrewed. on the contrary. It must be borne in mind that the gap at the inlet should be less than on the release, t. to. The latter heats up harder.

The size of the gap is checked by a special probe. It should be 0.3 mm. Check is carried out only on a cold engine. In addition to adjusting the gaps, the maintenance of the timing includes a check of the density of the fit of the valves to the saddles and the presence of lubrication, as well as the wear of the seals, bushes, etc.

How to adjust the valve to the T-40

  • For ease of work, take the cardan shaft aside. To do this, remove the holding device and pull the shaft with the steering wheel on yourself.
  • Install the piston of the first cylinder to the position of the end of the compression tact. This is done by combining the tags of VMT (upper dead point) and the pointer on the pulley pulley. Close both valves.
  • Loosen the counter.hack of the adjusting screw and, unscrewing or twisting the screw, install the necessary gap. Be sure to use the probe.
  • Tighten the lockshop and measure the size of the clearance again, turning the barbell bar.
  • Take the crankshaft on a hillock clockwise to adjust the valves of the following cylinders.
  • Valves adjustment procedure T 40-1-3-4-2.

All work is performed only on a cold engine. On the heated motor, the valve size changes, and unevenly. the exhaust lengthens more than the intake. This will inevitably cause discrepancies in measurements.

Before you start work, it is recommended to watch the video adjustment and prepare the tools in advance: wrench keys for turning the crankshaft and a 0.3 mm probe.

Tractor decompressor

Decompressor is a compact, but important mechanism that provides a reliable launch of the motor in cold weather after night parking, as well as its quick stop. Problems in his work can also be associated with improper valve adjustment.

The mechanism includes a set of levers connected to the rail and rollers, the ends of which are included in the grooves of the pushers of inlet valves. Thus, the movement of one mechanism entails the movement of another and this is important to consider when diagnosing.

When problems in the work of the decompressor, the degree of of the bushings and the integrity of the rocker. Only after that it makes sense to look for a problem in the mechanism itself.

Any work with the engine require accuracy and, preferably, experience. However, today there are a lot of videos and detailed instructions on the network, how to adjust the valve on the tractor T 40, and even a beginner can cope with this work. over, the T-40 tractors were developed with the calculation for repairs in the field and do not require a complex tool, or special skills, only accuracy and strictly following the instructions.

Briggs Stratton Classik engine

Hello dear forum users! I got the La Zappa motor.cultivator Eurosystems, with engine Briggs Stratton Classik 3.5l.With. And I faced such a problem, the engine starts and after 10-15 seconds of sustainable operation begins to work with interruptions and eventually stalls.I twist the candle all in the blackberry black.In short, after reading a bunch of information came to the conclusion that the piston group was worn out and the engine takes oil.I went to local experts to the repairmen were told for the replacement of rings of 250grivan work, and the rings of 600grivan. I can have a question who has come across this problem and there is information on the repair of such engines, in general I will be glad of any help.

I just have such a mk third season. The declared resource of the engine is 500 motorized hours. Try fresh 92-0th gasoline, the oil is new there or how, put a new candle with a candle. Remove the muffler clean. This is so, small then. Take the filter, I am once a season with my soap. Yes, check the oil level, is it not overflow. If nothing helps, then climb into the piston. A little expensive will come out. Success.

Barrier manufacturers must indicate the general or accurate characteristics of the liquid, thanks to which you can find it in any automobile store.

The most popular manufacturers around the world are considered:

  • Shell Helix Ultra. This company has been producing motor oil from natural gas for 40 years.
  • PurePlus. Production technology improved the composition of the base fluid.
  • Liqui Moly. Makes a lubricant on a plant basis in accordance with high environmental requirements.

You need to make a purchase only in trusted stores, since if you purchase a fake, then the engine in the lawn mower will immediately fail.

Review of popular models

Lawn mower “Stiga” Collector 46 b

A gasoline non-self-propelled lawn mower, which is driven by a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine of imported production-Briggsstratton 450. Due to the maneuverable and light design, it shows excellent results both in open and in areas with obstacles. Operates on AI-92 gasoline and SAE 10W-30 motor oil.

  • decompression equipment of the motor, reducing the starter’s starter resistance to 70 %;
  • a steel case saturated with an anti.corrosion composition;
  • spacious plastic grass collector;
  • A 5-speed cut height regulator activated on the central lever;
  • A knife with 2 blades made of carbide material.

Styga Combi 44 E

Electric travo carpet, which is perfect for owners of cottages or small household areas. Thanks to easy weight and good balancing the design, even a woman can manage her. At an average cost has all the functions that have expensive lawn mowers.

  • Synchronous 1.8 kW manufacturing motor “Stiga”;
  • impact.resistant plastic case;
  • Functional of mulching of grass;
  • Installing the height of the mowing through the control unit. the operator can choose one of the 6 provisions from 25 to 75 mm;
  • Ergonomic control lever with fast.and.packed fixators.

Lawn mowed “Steg” Collector 48 SB

It is a self.propelled gasoline mower of the household level of power. Unlike its electrical counterparts, it can be operated even in wet weather. Widely power and maneuverability of the wheeled base allow you to process large territories in the shortest possible time.

  • productive motor with an effective aero coaching system;
  • stainless body;
  • 5-position lever, reduce the height of the haircut;
  • rear wheel drive, providing work on an uneven relief;
  • the ability to mulch the grass and accumulate it in a plastic receiver.

“Stiga” turbo 53 SE4Q B

Self.propelled benzo.cap capable of developing up to 5 liters.With. Power. Demonstrates excellent performance in large areas. over 2 ha over 2 ha. Due to the cutting system and maneuverable design increased in the size of one passage, processes a half.meter strip. Suitable for professional needs. haircuts of lawns on the field for golf or football and domestic use.

  • electric starter;
  • capacious life support systems of the unit;
  • the possibility of mulching grass and accumulation in 70 l of the tank;
  • 6-high-high haircut regulator of central type;
  • folding handle on which the process control panel is combined.

Maintenance maintenance of a small engine valve

The valves regulate the flow of fuel vapors into the combustion chamber and the flow of exhaust gases leaving the engine. Faulty or dirty valves can stick and form point corrosion, cracks or grooves, which lead to the loss of engine power and an increase in fuel consumption.

If you have problems with the engine or you want to perform maintenance of the valve, make sure that you have a engine for checking engine valves. Find the information on the valve service of your Briggs Stratton engine. from their removal to cleaning for inspection.

CAREFULLY! Before the launch, operation or maintenance of the engine or equipment, study the management (-a) for the operation of the engine and equipment to avoid injuries or damage to property. Contact an authorized dealer or contact Briggs Stratton if you are not sure of any procedure or have additional questions. Study all engine safety warnings.

If you are looking for a specific solution or want to repair the valve, see. Section for obtaining instructions.

Before you can perform maintenance or repair of valves, you need to remove the engine components that interfere with the engine valve.

How to remove engine valves to examine them

In order to correctly check the valves of your engine to determine the need for maintenance or repair, you need to remove them from the engine. Determine the type of engine valve lock and follow the following instructions

NOTE. Always put on protective glasses when removing and installing valves.

Maintenance maintenance of a small engine valve

The valves regulate the flow of fuel vapors into the combustion chamber and the flow of exhaust gases leaving the engine. Faulty or dirty valves can stick and form point corrosion, cracks or grooves, which lead to the loss of engine power and an increase in fuel consumption.

If you have problems with the engine or you want to perform maintenance of the valve, make sure that you have a engine for checking engine valves. Find the information on the valve service of your Briggs Stratton engine. from their removal to cleaning for inspection.

CAREFULLY! Before the launch, operation or maintenance of the engine or equipment, study the management (-a) for the operation of the engine and equipment to avoid injuries or damage to property. Contact an authorized dealer or contact Briggs Stratton if you are not sure of any procedure or have additional questions

Study all engine safety warnings.

If you are looking for a specific solution or want to repair the valve, see. Section for obtaining instructions.

Before you can perform maintenance or repair of valves, you need to remove the engine components that interfere with the engine valve.

useful tips to ensure efficient operation of the Briggs and Stratton engine

Oil: Support the necessary oil level in the engine crankcase. Do not overwhelm.

Fuel: Use clean, fresh gasoline. Do not mix gasoline with butter.

Карбюратор Briggs & Stratton воготовлення сідла для ігли

Engine starting. Establish all governing bodies according to the description given in the management of the operator/owner. If the engine is equipped with a primer (leaks button), make sure that you correctly perform the initial fuel supply (see. Operator/owner management) or if the engine is equipped with an air damper, make sure. that the damper is completely closed. The carburetor air damper should be completely opened in the “Run” or “Fast” position.

When performing maintenance or repair. be careful: remove the spark plug or disconnect the wire.

Conducting maintenance requiring overturning the lawn mower: when overturning the equipment, empty the fuel tank, remove the cartridge with a paper air filter if there is one

Please note that when overturning the equipment, the spark plug and muffler should be located on top. (Note: For engines of the QUANTUM class, the air filter should be located on top)

Technical maintenance recommendations: replace the oil in the engine (see. Operator/owner management). Clean or replace the air filter/cartridge if you notice a reduction in power. Check the spark plug every season. Replace if necessary. Carry out the carburetor, if necessary. Schedule and methods of routing work are given in the leadership of the operator/owner.

Detailed information and recommendations for maintenance are given in the management of the operator/owner.

general information

Overall gasoline engine Briggs Stratton I/C 6.5 provides easy start, more quiet work and long service life. Thanks to OHV technology in combination with Lo-Tone muffler, these engines save fuel, with optimal power and a large torque.

Briggs Straton IC volume 208 cubic meters. cm are installed on:

To install the engine on some models of motoblocks, a transition plate may be required.

  • The cylinder with a cast iron sleeve Dura-Bore: prevents wear and improper use, providing improved oil control.
  • Frill carburetor for consistent light launch.
  • Not requiring maintenance, the electronic ignition of Magnetron for quick and reliable launch.
  • Air cleaner with high bandwidth Dual-Clean: pleated paper filter, a foamed pre-cleaning filter and grooves for emission of garbage provide excellent protection.
  • The design of the upper valve (OHV) for work without overheating and a longer valve service life.

Intek I/C 6.5

There is a kind of this model. Intek I/C 6.5. with some improvements.

Features of Briggs Stratton Intek I/C 6.5:

  • The compact top.deleted valve: it works cleaner and heats up less. it provides greater power, increases the service life of the engine and improves fuel savings.
  • Highly effective cylinder head: 20% more power than ordinary engines, increased fuel efficiency and significantly reduced emissions.
  • ONE-START carburetor: Fast fuel supply for launching from the first attempt and smooth operation.
  • Super.powerful bearing: a self.combusted ball bearing is made of steel with a bronze coating for resisting loads and reducing wear.
  • Large fuel tank: allows you to refuel the engine less often.
  • Mechanical regulator: controls the throttle to provide greater power for complex tasks.
  • Drill fuel valve: easy to turn off the supply of gasoline for safe transportation.
  • Lo-Tone muffler: provides a more calm and quiet job.


Oiled foam filter

Provides protection against garbage particles available in the air entering the engine

Additionally: reduction of the occupied area due to MOW n’Stow /p>

MOW N’SSTOW technology allows you to store your lawn mower vertically, saving up to 70% of the space.

Lo-Tone /P muffler /p>

Provides low noise and good sound quality

OHV technology

Optimized working characteristics that ensure the extension of the engine service life and improved fuel efficiency.

Electronic ignition system Magnetron /P>

Provides uninterrupted, convenient launch.

Mechanical regulator

Regulates the engine speed to provide maximum power with intensive use.

Low permeability fuel lines

Lubrication with spraying

Provides sufficient lubrication in the crankcase under normal operating conditions.

Float carburetor

Optimal fuel supply to increase reliability and excellent performance.

To obtain additional information

and analogues

The complex design of the internal combustion engine determines a significant increase in its value. The products of the brand in question are sold at a price of 15 to 30 thousand. When choosing analogues, you can also pay attention to the motors that are produced under the following brands:

When choosing, attention is paid to the volume of the combustion chamber, power, and the cooling system used. The most common options with air cooling, They are much easier to use and are cheaper.

The proper installation of the engine on a single tractor will ensure its long.term operation. To perform work requires tools and locksmith skills. Do not forget that you have to drain oil and fuel during the winter period.

The most popular gasoline engines

Honda engines classification is represented by series as GC, GX, GP, IGX.

The main features of the Honda production engines include air cooling and manual launch, the weight of extremely productive units is 25 kilograms, the balanced fuel consumption is 2, 5 liters.

briggs, stratton, motor, block, adjustment, design

The most popular among other Honda production engines are GX engines. This series of engines is subjected to regular refinement, and therefore their efficiency grows in terms of fuel consumption, and their environmental friendliness increases.

GX series engines are high.quality components of widespread purposes and are designed for long.term and continuous work in extremely difficult conditions. As for power, in most cases it does not exceed 15 horsepower.

Carburetor adjustment for Briggs and Stratton engine

In the spring of 2010, Honda launched the GX-240, GX-270, GX-340, GX-390 line. These devices comply with strict standards relative to the exhaust gases EPA 3 Phase.

Adjusted models GX130, GX-160, GX-200 deserve attention.

The following improvements were introduced: alternating ignition ahead, a higher compression level, improved carburetor performance, as well as a light piston. They contributed to an increase in power and rotating moment, increased fuel efficiency, a decrease in vibration and noise. Unlike characteristics, the size and external outlines have not changed much. This led to the fact that the engines of this series are easily replaced, this process does not cause any special difficulties. It is worth noting the CG springs, embedded in this series and characterized by special reliability.