Broken Grass Collector For Bosch Rotak Lawn Mowers


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July 20, 2012

We bring to your attention the results. Lawn mower dough, conducted by our German colleagues from Stiftung Warentest in 2009. The test involved models of popular brands in Europe: Gardena, AL-KO, Bosch, Wolf-Garten, Brill evolution, Bolens, Quelle, GGP, Zeus, Rewe.

Four of the seventeen test models are also presented on the Russian market (at the time of preparation of the text for publication / June 2012 /).

Stiftung Varentest publishes test results in its own print media and on the website. Publications do not contain advertisements.

The Institute is located in Berlin.

Below is a translation of the lawnmower test published in Stiftung Warentest 5/2009.

Lawn mowers: which lawn is best mowed: electric, battery or manual? We sent all kinds of models to field trials, where not all showed themselves well.

The grass that we mowed during the test has already decayed. So that the results of the lawn mower test were published exactly by the beginning of the garden season, in the fall we started looking for a suitable grass field and entered the football district union, and he provided us with his training lawn. On it 17 electric, battery and manual lawnmowers were supposed to cut grass on an area of ​​3000 square meters. Meters.

After the grass has grown enough and dried up, we moved out onto the field with our mowers, skeins of wires, tape measures and protocol books. The stadium watchman and the players from the edge of the test pitch accompanied our many-day action with critical comments. Our three experts led each lawnmower in strips of 25 meters in length 4 times. The rotary sickle-shaped knife of the electric mower reduced the height of the blade of grass from 8 to 4 cm, and the spindle of the hand-held mower. From 5 to 3 cm. After mass harvesting, our experts searched the grass for two days on test runs, carefully examined the appearance of the lawn and found differences.

Electric / cordless lawn mowers (rotary):

  1. Sabo 36-EL SA752
  2. Gardena 38 E easyMove
  3. Wolf-Garten 2.34 E
  4. Brill evolution 33 EM (art. No. 61040)
  5. Al-KO Classic 3.8 E 112.546
  6. Quelle / Uniropa (No. 80 28 011)
  7. Wolf-Garten Akkumaher Hybrid Power 37
  8. Ggp C 390
  9. Bolens BL 1338 EP
  10. Zeus / Mr. Gardener 1438 P
  11. Bosch Rotak 37 Li
  12. Bosch Rotak 37
  13. Rewe / O.K. 32-90 E

Manual / cordless lawn mowers (cylindrical):

  1. Gardena spindle mower 380
  2. Gardena rechargeable spindle mower 380 AC
  3. Al-KO Comfort 38 112.540
  4. Wolf-Garten spindle mower TC 38 S

Rewe with the worst quality haircuts

The worst quality of haircuts was demonstrated by the Rewe electric mower for 55 euros, the cheapest and the lowest rated “unsatisfactory” in the test. For tall grass, it turned out to be very weak. With wet grass, the grass did not fall into the grass receiver, remaining on the surface of the lawn or gluing to the body from below. In the lightest test. Dry grass. The lawnmower was either thrown too far to the side or the cut grass blades through air cuts flew into the hull. From time to time I had to pause in the test, because one of the wheels was constantly loosening.

Sabo and Gardena are the best

We have achieved much greater success with the Sabo 36 EL. The multilateral apparatus showed in all practical tests the best lawn mowing and in the end received the best quality rating. “good” (1.8). Thanks to the large grass catcher, the work quickly argued. This is the only model in the test with a metal case and therefore quite heavy (20 kg), but, despite this, lightly maneuverable and agile, since the wheels are on ball bearings. Sabo lawnmower with a price of 400 euros is the second most expensive in the test.

The Gardena 38 E easyMove electric lawnmower may well compete with the expensive Sabo lawnmower for only 249 euros. This model received a final rating of “good” (1.9). Her unusual steering system and spinning wheels still require some practice and partly physical strength as well. It is quite heavy and, in addition, very inconvenient during transportation.

Hand lawn mower as an alternative

For small lawns located behind a row house or under fruit trees, spindle mowers can be a real alternative. A well-rated Gardena 380 requires little muscular effort. But it needs to be used once a week to keep the lawn short cut. Manual mowers need to work on a dry, short lawn. But despite this, the Gardena mower handles well with wet tall grass. Both Gardena machines showed better mowing results compared to other hand mowers.

The second model, Gardena 380 AC, rated “good”, runs on a lead battery, and only in emergency cases it is used manually. The capacity of its battery is higher than that of other battery mowers in the test. On one charge, it can mow 200 square meters. Meters of grass, but it has the longest battery charging time. In addition, a lead battery can only be charged in the device itself. If there is no outlet in the gazebo, you have to drag the mower along with the battery home. Removing the battery for winter storage, which we recommend, is difficult.

Battery mowers not up to par

Our test, even with a mower that has a lithium-ion battery, did not confirm the claim that cordless mowers are the peak of lawn mowers. Cordless machines cut grass mediocre, and at a price significantly higher than average for lawn mowers. Wolf-Garten Hybrid Power received a satisfactory rating for € 800 for mowing short grass. And when cutting tall grass, the motor reached its limit. The lithium battery can be removed from the unit with less effort. But the charging time outside the mower reaches 7.5 hours. In the mower, it is fully charged from one and a half to 2.5 hours. The advantage of such hybrid mowers: it is ready to work on electricity without a battery, and simply on a battery. We recommend this mower for a large garden with oblique corners.

Cordless mowers have a security key, without which they cannot start. In the Wolf-Garten-Hybrid model (photo on the right), it is located at the bottom left.

With the Bosch Rotak 37 Li mower, mowing of all kinds occurs vigorously and quickly. In one breath she dealt with the 150th sq. Meters of lawn. The short time of charging the battery for about one hour is pleasing, since buying a second battery will cost about half the cost of the Rotak mower itself. Removing a lithium-ion battery is quite a nervous process.

Broken Grass Collector For Bosch Rotak Lawn Mowers

Both Bosch Rotak mowers failed during tests on a vibrating stand, where we simulated dragging a mower along small stone steps or pushing it against a road or garden curb. Both mowers broke the rear axle holder (photo on the right). Meanwhile, according to the manufacturer Bosch, the axle suspension can be replaced.

During the test two years ago (test 5/2007), there were many breakdowns during the reliability test. The plastic cases of the tested models this time better withstood the test when steel balls, imitating stones lying in the grass, were flying on a rotating sickle-shaped knife with the help of compressed air.

After our tests, the training lawn neighbors found their favorites: these are hand mowers. They are significantly quieter than electronic mowers: the Zeus mower turned out to be the loudest model.

The winners of the test are electric lawn mowers Sabo 36-EL SA752 for 400 euros and Gardena 38 EeasyMove for 249 euros.

Cheaper, for 95 euros, but with a “good” quality, the model has established itself ALKO Classic 3.8.

Cordless mowers with a sickle knife fell into the middle peasants, but Gardena 380 and Gardena 380 AC (with battery), screw mowers received “good” ratings. Those who want to avoid unnecessary noise when mowing can choose these models.

How we tested

In the test: 13 electronic mowers with a sickle-shaped knife (one of them with a battery), 4 spindle manual mowers (one with a battery), the specified swath width up to 38 cm. Purchase: from August to September 2008 Prices: according to a survey of manufacturers for February and March 2009

Decline: if the mowing model received a rating of “unsatisfactory”, the final grade could not be higher. If the tests on the vibration bench received a rating of “mediocre” or lower, then the rating for “reliability” could not be higher, and the final rating could be higher by only half a point. If the model received a “mediocre” rating for “environment and health”, the final rating could not be higher than half a point.

Mowing: 45%

According to DIN 1873, three experts mowed tall grass without a grass catcher, and dry and wet lawns with a grass catcher. Mowers with battery: additional power per unit area per battery charge. Assessment of mowing performance. Grass storage, rollover stability. Spindle mowers without a grass catcher were evaluated only when mowing grass with a height of 5 to 3 cm.

Cylindrical Lawn Mowers. Lawn mowers with this type of cutting surface provide the highest quality mowing grass. Thanks to the knives fixed on the horizontal shaft, the cutting is carried out as if the grass was cut with scissors. This provides a neat cut, due to which the grass is quickly restored after mowing, almost without losing its decorative properties. The quality of the cutting of a cylindrical lawn mower depends on the number of knives on the shaft. Their number, depending on the model, ranges from five to ten. Cylindrical lawn mowers have mechanical (cuts by moving it by a person), electric and gasoline modifications.

Rotary lawn mowers. This is the most popular type of lawn mower. Most rotary lawnmowers are equipped with a two- or four-stroke internal combustion engine, usually a single cylinder and powered by gasoline or other liquid fuels. The power range of rotary lawn mowers is 2–7 hp. (1.5–5 kW). The engine start can be manual or electric. The manual start lawn mower is started with the help of a starting cable, and models with electric start are started with a simple click of a button, without requiring any physical effort from the operator.

Convenience: 25%

One expert checked the operating instructions. Two women and three men evaluated commissioning, grass collection, mowing, mowing, grooming, maintenance. Battery: maintenance, charging time, weight, replacement.

Reliability: 10%

According to DIN 1873: 100 hours of operation on a vibrating stand with the motor stopped, with the battery inserted. Battery reliability: capacity during installation, after five cycles at a temperature load (from 5 ° C to 40 ° C) and after a simulated two-year load.

Security: 5%

Electrical safety according to DIN EN 60335, parts 2-77. Mechanical safety according to DIN EN 836/97. Hand mowers: expert assessment (visual assessment).

Environment and health: 10%

Energy consumption per unit area. Heavy metals in plastic according to DIN EN ISO 17294-2. Handle: PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon), analogue of ZEK 01.2-08. Phthalates according to EPA 8061 A by GS-MSD. Noise at work according to RL 2000/14 / EC, and also subjectively by five persons.

Battery test: 5%

Self-discharge for 24 hours outside the mower and inside the mower by determining the capacity.