Brush for cleaning textiles for the drill

Brush set for electric screwdriver. Cleaning in the house and not only in the house

This time a review of handy brushes for cleaning various surfaces with an electric screwdriver. Quick review. I’ve seen such a set of brushes for a long time, but I didn’t dare to buy them, so when I got tired of waxing the tiles in the bathroom, cleaning the wheel rims, and decided that it would be useful for the household. Reduces cleaning time by many times. Set includes three brushes, two round brushes of different diameters and one brush type.

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The seller declares on the product page. that not only bathroom tiles, but also car upholstery and carpets can be cleaned with this kit. Test the upholstery I will not, since cars with leather interior and carpets in the house is not available, but something to think of. Things to know. Material: nylon Quantity: 3 pcs. included (can be purchased separately) Drill bit connector size: 1/4 inch size: 5,12,5 cm, 10,22,5 cm, 8,99,1 cm. The working surface of brushes (bristles), it seemed to me average hardness, bristle height 28mm. There isn’t much to tell about it, but I want to share, so it’s better to show you how to clean something dirty with these brushes. The first thing that caught my eye was a tank of stainless steel, it was necessary to clean it and use it in a mobile bath as a container for storing cold water. I think it’s not bad, I used a cleaner without soaking, just a regular soda. I was pleased with the result, it could have been done with my hands. But how much time would it take, and with these nozzles, five minutes maximum. The tank in its new habitat, clean and ready for a new job. Next got to the tiles in the bathroom. The tiles have a water stain, a brush with an electric screwdriver and some cleaner again did wonders in terms of speed. Once again, I am very pleased with the result. In the vendor’s picture, I found a picture of shoe shine, so I decided to try it.

Conclusion: Handy brushes, very short cleaning time. I can safely recommend for purchase.

As there are?

There are different types of brushes used for cleaning car interiors, shoes, carpets, clothes and other purposes.

Universal brush. Usually highly densely packed with bristles. Use for gentle cleaning of leather, textiles, plastic. Can be different sizes. Usually made of natural hair. Also for cleaning dirt in hard-to-reach places, such as blockages and dirt near the emblem.

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Models in the shape of a toothbrush. Usually have nylon bristles. Suitable for removing dirt in joints, seams, and hard-to-reach places. The stiff but flexible bristles remove dirt easily, without scratching the surface.

Products in the form of paint brushes. Can be used when cleaning the interior of the car, to clean seams, crevices, crevices. Fits on the dashboard.

Brushes with rubber bristles. Use for removing pet hair from carpeting, clothing, or seats inside cars. This option can also be used for brushing pets.

Models designed for carpets and rugs. These products have resilient nylon bristles that make them easy to clean. Can be used to wash pedals and interior door panels in the car.

Products designed to clean seats and leathers in the car interior. These models are made of horsehair.

Nozzle on the drill. This kind of nozzle cleans upholstery, carpets perfectly when rotated. Also used for mats, leather parts. A round nozzle on an electric screwdriver is also a great option, allowing you to clean the dirt in a more delicate mode.

Brushes used to clean tires and wheels. The presence of sand, small stones, and dirt in the grooves of the tire, making them very difficult to clean. There are a variety of options for cleaning wheels and tires. A brush with stiffer bristles will clean the tread grooves much more effectively.

Models with a soft pile are used for washing inner and outer surfaces of automobile discs. They will remove dirt from tires, wheels and rims with special chemicals.

The most obvious area to focus on when cleaning your car is the console with the switches, steering wheel, air vents and other corners. In this case it is advisable to use a brush, thanks to which you can quickly and effectively get rid of dust.

Experts advise to buy a whole set of tools for dishing. It can include one-size-fits-all brushes and brushes of different sizes. You can have just a few brushes or an arsenal of models of different shapes and configurations.

A good option may be the purchase of a set of 3 rotary brushes for interior cleaning on an electric screwdriver, having different degrees of hardness.

In the absence of special tools you can use and non-professional tools. It can be a simple white toothbrush or a makeup brush with a natural hair.

A variety of wire material for making brushes opens up a wide range of possibilities for handling metal and other materials. Please contact Abrasivekomplekt and we will help you find the optimal brush for metal, stainless steel, aluminum, wood and surface cleaning.

Hand brushes for cleaning and sweeping

Brushes and brushes for special manual applications

Large range of special brushes with handle and threads are very popular in manufacturing plants, service companies and workshops, as well as for domestic use. This product group includes: sweeper brushes, micro-abrasive brushes, hinged brushes, handle brushes, conical double helix sleeve brushes, fitting brushes for interior cleaning, fitting brushes for exterior cleaning. Brushes for cleaning tube furnace shells with separate handle, brushes for cleaning tube furnace shells with separate handle and handle. Fireplace brushes with hand loop and internal thread, boiler brushes with external thread, boiler brushes and brushes with handle for cleaning flat furnaces. Brushes and scrapers for cleaning battery labels, oiling brushes, liquid flux brushes for soldering, rust remover.

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Brushes for formwork cleaning and construction work

Machine and hand brushes are successfully used everywhere in metal production or processing in industrial steel mills, in the construction of oil and gas pipelines, construction sites for cleaning formwork. For the production of Lessmann brushes we use cold drawn fine steel wire, stainless steel wire, brass-coated wire, nylon filament with abrasive silicon carbide grit. Popularity of Lessmann dusting brushes is due to the wide range of applications for removing rust, cleaning weld seams, texturing wood, cleaning injection molding nozzles, cleaning concrete formwork, cleaning the workplace. Abrasive kit. The official dealer of Lessmann, Klingspor, Osborn.

Get advice on applications, order and buy rotating and manual brushes Lessmann, Klingspor you can in office Abrasivkomplekt, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg. Delivery is carried out to the warehouse of the transport company with the shipment within Russia.

Lessmann brushes. Competitors, features and our advantages

Lessmann brushes for mechanical or manual surface treatment are today the technical brushes in the world. Main competitors of wire brushes Lessmann are Osborn wire brushes. To achieve its success, Lessmann wants to conquer customers by offering wire brushes with new quality and safety features. The wire brushes are manufactured in Germany using unique, state-of-the-art machinery that is unparalleled in the world. We use higher quality cold drawn steel wire in our sanding brushes than our closest competitors. An important advantage of any Lessmann brush is the self-sharpening wire, thanks to which the brush works until it is completely worn out, unlike competitors’ metal brushes, which after a short period of use start to wear down and leave dark spots, and the grinding efficiency is reduced to a minimum. Technical wire brushes from Lessmann have several technical features which increase the resistance and durability of the scraping brush for weld cleaning, deburring, surface cleaning. Lessmann wire brushes for machining are available as wheel brushes, cup brushes, cylindrical brushes, roller brushes, cone brushes, tool brushes with pin, end brushes, ruffle brushes. For manual surface treatment Lessmann company produces manual brushes with metal and plastic bristles. A large part of the program is dedicated to dusting brushes, brushes for sweeping floors in production halls. The Lessmann sweeper is easy on the hand and makes cleaning easy and uncomplicated. The sweeper brush with wood or plastic handle is made not only of steel wire, but also brushes for angle grinder or scraping brushes for machine tools. Hand-held sweeper brushes available in steel, brass, polypropylene, horsehair and coconut bristles. The Osborn brush catalog also includes decent models for special applications.

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Lessmann puts a lot of emphasis on the safe use of brushes for cleaning of welding seams. The Lessmann wheel brush for welders blurs the weld seam flawlessly, as documented by numerous test reports from pipeline inspections of deburred welds. The welding seam is not weakened by the welding wire brush and has a good chance of being tested in the laboratory.

In order to find and buy effective technical brushes to solve your problems, you can send an inquiry or call the office of Abrasivkomplekt company.

Textile brush with drill mount LERATON DBH

Textile cleaning brush with LERATON drill attachment Brush for mechanical cleaning of difficult dirt from carpets, pile floors and fabric upholstery. It has a 1/4 mount that fits all types of screwdrivers. Diameter of the brush 125mm. Bristles made of tough PVC material for complicated and old dirt. Please note! It is at the discretion of the manufacturer to change the package, appearance, packaging and country of manufacture without further notice.

Currently out of stock, but available soon. Please enter your email and we will notify you when it arrives.

The brush on the electric dry cleaning screwdriver comes in three colors: white, yellow and red. Did not paint them that way to make it more fun to do the job. Each color corresponds to the hardness of the bristles:

  • white. the softest. They gently and gently clean the surface.
  • Yellow. medium-hard. Should only be used for extremely stubborn dirt
  • The red one is very stiff. Work with it should be extremely careful, because the stiff bristles can, along with dust and dirt, abrade the nap on the coatings.

If you’ve never tried it before, try the softest bristle brush first.

Brushes for the drill

The electric drill is probably your best “helper” in carrying out repair and construction work. The tool not only makes it possible to make a hole in concrete or stone, knead mortar, but also to carry out grinding, polishing and other operations for machining products from metal and wood. To do this, you only need to buy a cord brush nozzle for your drill, which has a shank (pin for fixation in the chuck of the power tool) and a trim, made of different materials. Such a device is also called a brush. These products are used both by professionals and home crafters. The article discusses the functions, the main types of brushes, as well as indicate their manufacturers. For other types of band saw blades, see this page.