Can a trimmer mow hay?. How to mow grass

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Obviously, every farm owner who keeps cattle or other pets, faced with the need to prepare a large volume of hay for the winter, which can hardly be called a pleasant job. Previously this process involved hard work from morning till night, using old and proven tools. sharp scythe. In addition the situation was aggravated by the timing of the harvesting of forage crops, because the collection of grass for hay for each type must be made at a certain time and finished in 8-12 days. Otherwise there is a risk of missing the right time, and with it the opportunity to gather hay when the nutrients in the grass are at their maximum.

But technological development in agriculture in recent years is not standing still, so now there are tools available on the market to make haymaking easier, more convenient and efficient for private households. These are brushcutters, or as they are also called, gasoline trimmers.

lawnmower vs. The conventional grasshopper

shrink vs. (“Versus” in Latin means “against” ed.) Should provide for an objective comparison of tools, but not in this case. Despite almost identical application in the economy, it would be quite wrong and unfair to compare them, because the lawnmower has several undeniable advantages.

  • Compared to a hand held mower or other hand held grass cutting tool, the compactness and mobility of the product are the first priority. The trimmer can work even in tight places, such as near a fence or next to a bench.
  • Secondly, it is versatility. The tool is powered by a gasoline engine, making the brushcutter virtually independent, undemanding of the mains, the smoothness of the landscape and the type of vegetation.
  • Thirdly, the functionality of most chainsaw trimmers can easily be expanded by using special attachments. If necessary, trimmer with an appropriate attachment can even form decorative bushes.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Other pluses of the brushcutter include:

  • less resistance to mowing, which reduces fatigue, increasing efficiency (if you want you can work all day long, taking small breaks of 20-30 minutes between mowing sessions)
  • Large productivity, which is achieved by the ability to cover a large area at once;
  • no need to sharpen / straighten while mowing (reflection of a grass trimmer takes just as much time as maintenance of a grass trimmer)
  • You don’t have to wait for the dew/rain;
  • Insensitive to harsh conditions (bumps, brushwood, and dense shrubs are not even noticed).

In turn, to mow by hand, you have to have the skills. Without special equipment, you’ll only get in a lot of trouble. You need to be able to reflect the mower, sharpen it properly, then it goes like clockwork, but in any case, mowing by hand is very difficult. So once again we note that any comparison would be inappropriate here. Let’s concentrate on the practical advantages of the brushcutter. Nowadays, brushcutters are most often used for haymaking in agriculture.

The technique is almost identical to the manual grass trimmer, but simpler: Make the movement from right to left while holding the disc slightly to the left so that the grass is pulled to the side to form a correct cut. At the end of the mowing, increase the engine speed slightly and keep it to the far left. When driving in reverse you need to reduce the engine speed slightly.

When mowing grass with a trimmer there is very little resistance. Dense grass, hummocks, brushwood or dense brushwood are hardly noticeable. But you should pay attention that on the processed area there were no other solid objects, such as large stones, stumps or metal, which can damage the blades of gasoline grass trimmer.

after mowing the grass is rolled in swaths and left to dry in the sunshine in the open. Afterwards the grass is cut into small piles, which are called haystacks. In haystacks the grass dries up to the state of hay thanks to the action of the wind. A dry, hot, sunny day is best for harvesting. In case of suitable weather. the grass is dried on special racks, under the roof or in the hayloft.

For the hay to retain as many vitamins and minerals as possible in its composition it is desirable to dry it only through natural ventilation.

Afterwards you can use the cuttings not only for feeding the animals but also for planting potatoes. Hay is an effective natural fertilizer for the soil. Thanks to such a tool as a lawn mower, it became possible to make many times more hay than a manual mower, while spending much less time and saving your own energy.

Which brushcutter head is best for your brushcutter??

As mentioned above, unlike a regular hand-held tool, brushcutters can be used to cut any type of grass. The main thing is to have the right engine power. at least 1.4 kW. Perhaps the first question that may arise in preparation for the work is “what kind of knife is better to use”? Blades for brushcutters are distinguished depending on the design, and more precisely on the number of teeth. For clarity, it is better to look at the image, which will help to understand among all the variety of cutting tools.

trimmer, grass

Surprised that the most popular cutting attachment for grass trimmers is not on the list. fishing line? The reason is that a brushcutter line is too grassy and not really good for cutting hay. But it makes excellent compost, for example for planting potatoes.

To Ukraine, brushcutters, as well as the majority of other technological equipment for agriculture, came from Europe, where one of the leaders in this area for many years is Italy. Therefore, Italian brands are very popular among Ukrainians. In particular, you can select those produced under the brand name “Foresta”, where first of all consumers highly appreciated the quality of the brand goods, their reliability and ability to serve faithfully for years. Also good choices for brushcuts can be considered the models from manufacturers: “Belmash”, “Brigadir”, “Dnipro-M”, “Kentavr” and “Vitals”. STIHL, Oleo-Mac and Husqvarna are world leaders in this branch. Let’s consider the advantages of modern gasoline trimmers on the example of Foresta FC-43 1,6 kW gasoline trimmer.

Mowing the grass

Purpose of trimmer head (grass trimmer reel, mowing head, grass trimmer bobbin)

  • To remove all unwanted vegetation under walls, along fences, curbs, around trees, poles, bushes, between stumps and other obstacles.
  • To mow the grass on the lawn in places inaccessible to the lawnmower.
  • To selectively cut through loose grass and weeds before mowing a plot for hay.
  • To cut weeds in the bed between the plants.
  • To shred potato foliage in the vegetable garden before digging up.
  • To completely remove grass and weeds, for example from paths.
  • To sweep (creates an air vortex from the high revolutions of the grass trimmer’s line).


The trimmer head (mowing head or grass trimmer reel) has a high output when it mows the grass, because.ะบ. It’s lighter behind the metal blade and has a larger grip diameter of 45 cm, compared to 25 cm for a hay knife.

How to attach a trimmer disc or fishing line to your trimmer

The cutter bar is attached to the actuator. The attachment point is called the gearbox. It’s easy to install the disc or reel. The principle of attaching cutting discs to the trimmer is as follows:

  • Initially, the shaped washer is fixed by using a hexagon wrench
  • Fit the disc on the shaft
  • Then install the top washer, after which screw it by means of the fastening nut
  • The nut should be turned by means of the special socket wrench normally supplied with each tool
  • The nut should be turned anticlockwise
  • Use an Allen key to wedge the shaft in place while turning

In the opposite sequence, the removal and replacement of the disc on the trimmer is carried out. For more details on how to install a spool of fishing line on the lawnmower, see this material.

Tips for choosing a device

To choose the right trimmer for grass, it is necessary to take into account the features of the work, the technical characteristics of the tool, as well as determine who will use it. Grass trimmers are classified into two large categories: gasoline, electric. Their power, performance, and functionality depend on the type of power supply. It is also important to choose the most appropriate type of cutting element: a line for the trimmer or a disk.

Gasoline models are equipped with a powerful engine, which provides the tool with high performance. They can be mowed in any weather, they are hardy and comfortable. When you mow with a petrol trimmer you need to keep an eye on the fuel and oil levels to prevent the engine from overheating.

Gasoline models are heavy (minimum weight is 5 kg), not suitable for women, the elderly. They are environmentally friendly, noisy and need good maintenance. Such a unit is suitable for frequent mowing of grass, work on distant, spacious areas. Powerful machines are good for cutting hay, mowing pasture.

How to mow tall grass with a trimmer

Ideally, tall grass can be mowed with a powerful trimmer with a thick line. But, agree, the land where the weeds grow is not always smooth, often landowners on the plots meet bushes and all kinds of debris, stones. In order not to spoil your expensive equipment you’d better mow in two stages. First of all we cut the tops of the stalks, look through the territory, analyzing the “complicated areas”, and after that we make the whole procedure of mowing with a gasoline mower.

FIRST FIELD of 2020 Hay Mowing with JOHN DEERE 8245R Tractors

trimmer, grass

If you are going to cut the grass for hay, and you know the condition of the ground more or less, then you may forecast your work easier. Any grass mowing equipment can cope with tall bushes. The main thing. do not hurry and competently approach the process, as we demonstrate in a practical video.

  • do not overload the mechanism;
  • If the grass gets tangled up, immediately turn off the device;
  • Do not mow wet grass even with a gasoline trimmer.
trimmer, grass

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Protective equipment when working with a brushcutter (trimmer)

Tip: This article does not supersede the instructions in the Instruction and Safety Manual. Always read the manual before using the product and obey all safety precautions.

To work safely with a brushcutter (trimmer) you will need:

Gardener Uses Hedge Trimmer To Cut Grass

  • Helmet;
  • Earmuffs;
  • Eye protection (goggles or face shield or, better yet, wear both);
  • Long, sturdy pants (your shins are in close proximity to the knife or fishing line, so must be protected);
  • Boots with non-slip soles (preferably with a steel toe);
  • Soft gloves (for protection and vibration absorption);

Types and uses of grass trimmer blades

Disc blades are usually included. If the cutting attachments are missing, you can buy them. To find the best size for your product, measure the diameter of the fitting hole and the outer cross-section. STIHL and Husqvarna wear parts are interchangeable. Disk knives are classified according to such parameters:

Discs are installed on gasoline grass trimmers with high power indicators. They can be used to mow dry brushwood, weeds, bushes and young shoots. Mowing young grass with disc mowers is not recommended, as the grass mass tends to stick to the surface of the blade guard.

The tool, equipped with peorized cutting discs, picks up speed faster, cuts vegetation efficiently. The disadvantages of disc elements include a high moment of inertia, which leads to an increase in the starting power of the drive. In some cases it results in overload and overheating of the motor, which adversely affects the operation of the grass trimmer, reducing its working life.

Mowing wet grass with an electric lawnmower. why not?

Using an electric lawn mower or trimmer for mowing wet grass or working in wet weather is categorically not recommended. Moisture inside the unit can cause a short circuit. There is a high risk of electric shock. Even if such dangerous consequences can be avoided, mowing wet grass is still an additional strain on the power unit.

  • Mowing wet grass is an abnormal operating mode that accelerates wear and tear of the machine’s component parts.
  • Wet grass imposes a high resistance to cutting elements and they become blunt much faster.
  • The motor works under overload conditions, which, of course, affects its functionality and results in a shortening of the operating life.

Wet grass sticks to the spindle and blades and stresses the motor. No technique can help in this case. Whatever schemes you use, the electric motor will suffer. And the risk of a short circuit and electric shock is very high.

The grass is up to your waist? grass trimmer. if you don’t have to

Despite the fact that the advantage of wheel mower over trimmer mowing quality and spent on its precious time and his own energy mower indisputable, ideally the farm should be a mower and trimmer for the grass. So, after talking about mowers, we just have no right not to put in a good word about trimmers.

In fact, a mower and a grass trimmer complement each other. When choosing a grass trimmer, it’s better not to consider it as an alternative to a mower, but to proceed from the fact that it is primarily useful where a mower can fail with its duties. But what else should be considered when buying a grass trimmer, so as not to regret the money spent on it later? Why and how grass trimmers fail, what to do to make this tool last as long as possible? As last time our sidekick will be Denis, a lawn mower and trimmer repairman.

But there are other requests. For example, one needs a grass trimmer to remove potato foliage in the fall in addition to the grass in the summer. The other has a critter. he wants to make hay. The third is a huge area, but the land is rutted, mow the area three times a year, and not the grass, and weeds, which lawnmower just will not take. If you choose an electric mower, think about whether an extension cord will be enough. Everyone has different needs and different conditions for the grass trimmer. This, in addition to the mowing area, will determine the choice of model. All in all, there are a lot of things to think about, but if you have a good salesman, but not a salesman who has to “buy” a particular trimmer for the grass, and tell the salesman about all the nuances, he’s likely to choose exactly the model that you need.

As for the brand, it’s like with mowers. Brand Grass Trimmer. a thing, nothing to say, but the brand is worth the extra money. I have two identical grass trimmers in the shop. Only the brands are different, the color of the engine liner is slightly different. One is more expensive, the other cheaper. Why. You have to ask the company that makes them. Question: What’s the point of buying the more expensive one?? The truth is, if we’re talking about truly brand trimmers, they tend to be more durable, when the load when mowing a lot or the owner begins to violate the rules of operation. Besides, the power of brand-name models is guaranteed to comply with the declared capacity. There are all sorts of things in Chinese models. The power is declared hi-hi-lo, but it obviously doesn’t pull it. I’ve seen it.

But still I recommend to pay more attention not to the brand name, but to other things. If your trimmer is not aimed at cutting down potato foliage, the power of 0.8-1 kilowatt will be enough. With such power already for sure there will be the top position of the motor on the boom. I advise against anything less powerful and with bottom-mounted motor. Capricious, unreliable and, due to the lack of power, short-lived. When the motor is on the bottom, you know, moisture, dust, dirt. Everything is on it. Motor on top. It won’t do anything unless you’re mowing in a downpour?

With the upper motor, there is a difference in the type of shaft that inside the boom connects the motor to the cutting head. There are rigid and flexible shafts, like screwdrivers or screwdriver heads for unscrewing hard-to-reach bolts. Check with your dealer or the paperwork to see what kind of shaft. Rigid is preferable. Usually it’s a straight boom. Flexible shaft is used in small trimmers with a curved boom. Looks nice, but you don’t buy a grass trimmer just to admire it. These models are designed for mowing low grass. Rough grass, heavy load. Sometimes that causes the flexible shaft to twist. A stiff shaft is more reliable.

I wouldn’t go for versatility either. There are grass trimmers that, in addition to mowing, can cut limbs on trees, cultivate the ground, sweep up trash. In my opinion, all this is unnecessary and superfluous. The tool bits are very expensive, but in the end you won’t get a normal saw or a normal cultivator. There is a need for such tools, it is better to buy a separate trimmer for the grass, a separate saw, a separate cultivator.

It’s definitely better to mow with a fishing line. It’s more expensive than a knife, but you’ll be insured against the trouble that happens when the knife finds a rock, stick, or something else in the grass.

It’s the same as with a wheel mower. There is a blow, which can break the blade, crack the head, twist the slotted part of the shaft. It happens, the knife breaks into pieces. In this respect, grass trimmer with a knife is much more dangerous than a mower. He can hurt his legs, and a stone can be thrown somewhere in the glass. The knife, depending on its design, is used only for mowing for hay, mowing the haulm, cutting bushes and small trees that have sprouted on the plot. In other cases, it’s undesirable. the trimmer line wears out, but you can go everywhere with it, mow everything, and it’s much safer.

The main problems of trimmers. from improper use. Even low-power grass trimmer with a bottom engine will last a long time, if it is loaded exactly as much as it is designed, to mow them in dry weather. But as soon as the owners get away from the rules, the machinery starts to suffer.

often I encounter the fact that they pour pure gasoline, when it should be mixed with oil, or mix it, but by eye. Either they use less oil or more. Or they use some crap which is similar to petrol only because it burns.