Can I Angle Grinder Saw Chipboard

Can I Angle Grinder Saw Chipboard

Greetings, my dear readers of the blog of Andrew Noack. Many people ask on the forums the question is, is it possible to cut saws with an angle grinder? Therefore, I decided to fully understand this issue with you.

Angle grinder is a universal tool. The angle grinder is suitable for a whole range of work, replacing a number of metal tools, often doing work even better and more accurately. This can boast of all the processes produced by a metal disc. But what about wood and chipboard? Is it safe? Today I want to figure out how to do this correctly at your own peril and risk.

Grinding: nozzles and process

Grinding plates are discs that are made by layering several different covers. To improve the abrasion characteristics of the treated surface, the initial layer is made of rubber, sometimes replaced with hard plastic. The layer of the second level of the nozzle allows you to ensure the fit of the plane of the working part to the grinding surface, it is made of foam rubber. The main, working layer is a sheet of sandpaper.

The use of grinding plates allows you to work efficiently with already painted surfaces. It is possible to polish the rough surface in a rough way.

Flap type discs are suitable for the same purposes, only grinding in rough is faster. This type of disk is an emery cloth attached to the working surface of the disk.

To remove paint, it is best to take special devices with peeling functions. The steel cup, with fastening steel fibers made of hard wire, perfectly abrades, additionally grinding the wood.

Tools for peeling

When you will use the nozzles already described, remember that a circle angle grinder can leave bumps that are not visible after processing, but can appear after applying paint. To avoid this effect, use a vibrating machine to level the effect of unevenness due to the circle.

The grinding operation is the simplest and safest operation of those that can be performed with an angle grinder. In any case, follow the safety rules.

Cutting wood, is it worth it to start?

Young masters are always interested in whether it is possible to cut boards with an angle grinder? I will answer immediately. No! Although such an operation is permissible by many, it is very necessary to carry out it, because any violation of caution, neglect of the safety rules, can lead to a rupture of the disk, with the subsequent release of particles in an unpredictable direction.

Why can’t a beginner do this? Naturally, following the law of meanness, this direction can become directly your face, or other parts of the body. The speed developed by the torsion of the disk angle grinder, can give the flying fragment a great acceleration.

Let’s immediately look at the most common and fraught mistakes of beginners:

  • Using an angle grinder without a casing, removal allows you to better control the direction of the cut, but completely removes all insurance from breaking the disk, or flying chips;
  • Using a non-standard disk for an angle grinder, most often beginners try to use a heavy circular one, which is also dangerous and can lead to irreversible consequences;
  • Grasping the tool in the wrong place can cause the angle grinder to slip out of your hands.

Shocking photos on the Internet and no less creepy eyewitness accounts on the forums confirm the danger of using an angle grinder for sawing wood. These people whose non-compliance with TB led to amputations, severe trauma and even death.

The following information contains comprehensive tips to prevent an accident like those of inexperienced guys.

I also recommend reading my books on woodworking to know all the intricacies of the work. Details about the book in the “Books” section of the top menu of the site.

It is for the angle grinder that there is a special wood drive designed for sawing wood at high speed. On sale, such a circle is not so common.

Do not remove the protective cover! He is the only obstacle between your skin and a circle spinning at great speed.

Large angle grinders will not perform high quality sawing. Due to the sawing of hard wood, they can be pulled out of the hands, since at speed an angle grinder, clutching a tooth of a circle behind tightly pressed wood fibers is unlikely.

Gloves at work are a must. It’s best to get a tool to firmly fix the saw. This will turn the angle grinder into a full-fledged machine, protecting you completely from tearing, in case of high-quality installation of the structure.

Do not use cutting wheels with large teeth, with them the likelihood of clinging to an angle grinder, especially for firewood, becomes even lower. The possibility of pulling out grows at times.

With an adjustable number of revolutions on the device, set the minimum value. Unfortunately, most grinders are simply not equipped with this feature.

You should put the tool at a right angle, you can cut the workpiece relative to the cut plane. Any skew can be dangerous. Tilting the device is also highly recommended.

If there is a button lock, do not use it. In a critical situation, you will not be able to turn off the device, trying to minimize damage.

Despite all the tips and rules, the process of sawing wood with an angle grinder can be so random that following all the cautions given will not be able to guarantee the safety of the master. This is because the angle grinder is not the target tool for such tasks.

Therefore, if you have any alternative opportunity to refuse to use this tool in favor of a stationary machine. Immediately decide on using it, even if it takes a lot of time and effort to transport it. In any case, health, as well as your own life is more expensive.

The advice of many specialists is a categorical rejection of this tool for this purpose. If there is a large amount of work ahead, then the choice should fall on a jigsaw, which will never be superfluous in the economy.

Milling with an angle grinder

Another operation that many experienced masters successfully use with this tool is milling. Unlike a milling cutter, it is impossible to perform really high-quality processing. However, making a groove, as well as cutting a small part, will turn out quite tolerably.

Again, this operation is dangerous. I have already written recommendations for general action with the help of this tool, so just follow them. An angle grinder needs a thick and high-quality milling cutter. Immediately discard the possibility of using homemade nozzles, give your choice to the old brand, insured against chips and breaks.

Even when using all the tips, a novice alone should not start milling without the supervision of a more experienced master. As mentioned above, accidents constantly occur with the masters of their craft, given the instability of the tool.

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