Can I Cut Metal Roof Angle Grinder

Sheets of metal are actively used for arranging the roof both in private construction and in industry, the material on the roofs of modern townhouses and country cottages looks especially impressive. Among the advantages of profiled steel sheets can be noted: practicality, long service life, presentable appearance. Given the presence of a figured relief, the cutting of the material should be carried out in compliance with certain rules. There are several ways you can cut metal, so as not to damage it. This issue is especially relevant when blocking a roof of complex shape, as well as in the design of places of abutment to pipes and the design of internal corners.

Features of cutting metal

Metal in the construction market is presented as a profiled sheet of galvanized steel. It is distinguished by the presence of a polymer coating on the surface, which prevents the appearance of rust and mechanical damage. Among the working properties of the polymers used for the manufacture of this roofing material (pural, polyester, plastisol), a rather low level of temperature melting is distinguished, which does not limit the choice of tools for cutting profiled sheets. If you use abrasive devices, then the following negative phenomena are observed:

  1. The appearance of “bald spots” of unprotected metal on the surface of the metal tile as a result of the grinding disk at high speeds.
  2. The melting of the zinc layer due to the use of abrasive tools at high speeds.
  3. The formation of corrosion spots after a couple of years after damage to the polymer and zinc layer with an abrasive tool. These foci significantly destroy the structure of the roofing material.

Subject to the basic recommendations regarding cutting and installation, a roof made of metal tile sheets not only has a beautiful appearance, but also is reliable, durable. Profiled galvanized sheets can last almost 50 years, only after 10-20 years they need to be repaired, tinted or replaced if necessary. They do not cause installation difficulties, they are relatively light in weight, which allows them to be used on buildings with a weak foundation and insufficient bearing capacity of the rafter system. The roof of sheets of metal is not susceptible to deformation during temperature changes, excessive humidity. In addition, such a roof is capable of self-cleaning from snowdrifts.

Is it possible to cut a metal tile angle grinder

Manufacturers do not recommend cutting metal tiles using an angle grinder (angle grinder). Such actions can provoke the appearance on the sheets:

  • Torn edges, which after some time begin to oxidize and rust;
  • Corrosive changes after strong heating of the material.

Cutting a metal tile when laying on the roof is not worth the angle grinder. This is too dangerous an activity. In addition, as a result of work, metal filings fly off, which remain on the surface of the profiled sheet and, over time, begin to rust and spoil the appearance of the roof. If in case of cutting the angle grinder is damaged by the waterproofing layer, then all moisture will penetrate into the roof, to the crate, which will lead to corrosion and damage.

How to cut a metal tile

When choosing a tool for cutting sheet metal tiles, one should approach with special responsibility, otherwise noticeable chips will form, which will become the main reason for the loss of stability of the roofing system to negative environmental factors. Cutting metal tiles in size should be carried out taking into account the preservation of the protective layer of the sheets. Among the suitable tools for cutting profiled galvanized sheets are:

  • Manual hacksaw with a file for metal;
  • Scissors for cutting metal sheets;
  • Circular saw;
  • Jigsaw equipped with a special nozzle;
  • Scissors cut through the metal tile.

Each method has its own characteristics.

Electric shears for cutting metal

When laying sheet metal tiles, electric shears are an indispensable tool. They allow you to cut sheets as accurately as possible, with a perfectly even cut. Electric scissors for metal tiles have the following positive qualities:

  • Do not leave torn edges on the sheets;
  • The protective coating is fully preserved;
  • The engine makes it possible to carry out a large amount of work, which is necessary in professional construction;
  • Does not cause difficulties during operation;
  • There is chip evacuation.

There are 3 varieties of electric scissors for metal tiles:

  1. Cutting. The tool is capable of cutting not only sheet metal tiles, but also metal elements interconnected by welding. The punch cuts off a certain fragment of the sheet in one move.
    Can I Cut Metal Roof Angle Grinder
  2. Knife The cutting part is a movable upper blade and a fixed lower. The indisputable advantage of such scissors is the absence of waste during use. But there is one drawback. You can not make sharp turns.
  3. Slotted. This is a universal type of electric scissors that cuts sheets from any materials. In the process of work, a neat and very accurate move is noted without any distortions. As a result, the roofing material does not deform, metal filings do not fly apart and are easy to remove from the sheet.

Manual shears for cutting metal

Mechanical shears for working with sheet metal tiles have proven themselves as a mobile and manual universal tool. In the market it is presented in three varieties:

  • With a left cut;
  • With the right cut;
  • With a direct cut.

Given that the process of cutting sheets of metal with manual scissors is quite laborious, it is more expedient to use them only for curvilinear cutting. To achieve a perfectly even cut, it is recommended to leave a small gap of 1-2 mm between the ends of the tool when compressing the cutting blades, they should not completely converge. It turns out that the movements seem to be incomplete. Such a simple technique eliminates the appearance of barbs.

Circular saw for cutting metal

This power tool is versatile and highly efficient, it is suitable for working with wood, metal, plastic. Cutting metal tiles with a circular saw has several advantages:

  • Ease and speed in use;
  • In a short period of time a large amount of work is performed;
  • The saw does not leave a burr;
  • Does not spoil the coating.

When using a power tool, you can not only make curved cuts, work at heights, as there is a likelihood of injury. The circular saw blade for cutting a metal tile should be made of carbide material and the teeth bent back. Only with this approach will it be possible to make even edges and prevent damage to the decorative layer.

Metal tile cutting with a jigsaw

This type of tool is characterized by quick cutting and the ability to perform straight and curved sections, which is convenient and effective when arranging a roof from a metal tile. Due to the presence of a backlight and a special blowing device, the polymer layer on the sheet tile is not damaged. But for an even cut, the profiled sheet should be well fixed so that it does not deviate from side to side.

To cut a metal tile, you only need to purchase a file with a wave-like stain and small-sized teeth. Work with a jigsaw should be at a slow pace, otherwise the sheets will bend, the protective coating will be damaged.

Cricket for cutting metal

A special drill nozzle is very popular for cutting sheet metal tiles. It allows you to quickly cut the wave roofing material. Especially this device from a matrix and a punch shows its effectiveness when cutting round holes. After switching on, the punch is brought into working condition and makes a strip on top of the sheet. It will require experience, it is recommended to pre-train on the remains of the material.

The width of the cut is 3 mm, which must be taken into account when cutting sheets. Also, using this nozzle, stainless steel (0.8 mm thick), galvanized steel, iron, copper, brass (up to 1.5 mm thick), aluminum (up to 2 mm thick) can be cut. In general, the device by the principle of operation is very similar to the work of electric shears.

How to cut metal on the roof

The technology of cutting sheets of roofing material provides for the following actions:

  1. Lay the metal tile on 2 wooden blocks so that the strip along which the cutting will be carried out is between them.
  2. Draw the fishing line with a sharp tool (awl, hacksaw blade, construction knife).
  3. Cut the blade with an angle grinder with a hard drive, stepping back from the line 1-1.5 cm.
  4. Scissors make a final cut.

In addition to the angle grinder, according to this scheme, sheets can be cut with other suitable tools.

Tips Tricks

For a cut in the longitudinal direction, it is more efficient to use a hacksaw for metal or scissors. But for cutting wave material at a right angle, it is better to use a circular saw. It is not recommended to use any abrasive tool for cutting sheet metal tiles in order to avoid further negative consequences. At the end of the work, it is advisable to paint the cutting place with facade paint or lay such sheets under the top. The disk for the angle grinder for cutting metal is abrasive and provokes the appearance of defects, so this option for cutting sheets should be abandoned.


You can cut metal with various devices, but you should choose tools that differ in their ability to work accurately and without damage to the polymer layer. Not only the choice of quality material affects the strength of the roof, but also the choice of suitable electrical appliances.