Can I Cut the Cutlet with a Knife

Poultry meat is a dietary product, suitable for any celebrations and is very popular at banquets. Standards of behavior in society clearly prescribe how to eat chicken on etiquette. There are many recipes for cooking poultry. But there are only five cooking methods. Based on these processing methods, as well as options for serving dishes, the rules of behavior at the table are derived.

Can I Cut the Cutlet with a Knife

Whole Chicken or Tobacco Chicken

The dish is served on a common plate. Butchering the hostess of the house or the waiter. Legs, thighs, and wings are cut off at the joints. Then along the ridge divide the chicken in half, and each part is cut into several more portions. The guest shifts a piece of his choice into his plate.

Since it is right to eat chicken according to the rules of etiquette without skin, it is removed first of all. You can eat it at home, but this is unacceptable in society. They take the fork with their left hand, bending to their side, stick them with cloves into the meat to hold them, take a knife into the right hand, and separate the flesh.

Further, it all depends on the feed and the selected piece:

  1. Tobacco chicken. Served whole (or half of the carcass) individually. The meat begins to be cut from the wings and thighs, gradually moving to the main part of the bird.
  2. A leg or wing is sometimes served with a papilla. This means that you can eat the bird with your hands on etiquette, when the flesh becomes uncomfortable to remove with a knife. Take the paper cap with the thumb and forefinger of the right hand.
  3. A separate section of the article is devoted to fillet pieces. The rules set out in it apply to the bird in a large piece after its cutting.

The whole bird sauce is poured on top with a teaspoon. Before and after meals, bowls of warm water and lemon can be served so that the guest rinses his hands from fat. In this case, you can eat meat with bone by hand, even if there is no papillot. The fingertips are dipped in water for a few seconds and wiped with napkins.

Chicken fillet with various sauces

Can I Cut the Cutlet with a Knife

To the bird serves not only the sauce of industrial and own production, but also side dishes. They are placed in a separate bowl, often individual.

How to eat chicken on etiquette in a restaurant and at home:

  • They hold a gravy boat with their left hand, and a spoon with their right hand;
  • Impose a side dish on the edge of the plate on the side of the main dish;
  • Cut a piece of meat with a knife, dip in sauce and eat.

Regardless of the part of the chicken, cut off and eat one piece at a time. You can’t immediately divide the entire portion. This spoils the taste of the dish, as the meat cools quickly and moisture evaporates from it, giving the dish a juiciness.

The sauce and side dish are always laid before meals. But you can add them as needed. If there is one kind of sauce, then they must be watered with a bird, if several. Put on the edge of the plate, alternately in the process of eating.

Chicken Kiev

The filling for Kiev cutlets is butter. The art is not to splatter drops of melted fat yourself or others.

In the book “Etiquette at the table” K.G. Duntsova and G.P. Stankovych says: “. In the place where the papillot comes into contact with the cutlet, hold it with a knife by the bone, and carefully prick the cutlet next to the knife with the prongs of the fork so that the oil gradually escapes. Then, from the left end of the patties, holding it with a fork, you need to carefully cut into pieces. “

Chopped meatballs and minced meat products

There are 2 nuances of how to eat chicken according to the rules of etiquette, filed as follows:

  • Use only a fork; cutting with a knife is prohibited;
  • Garnishes and sauce, served separately, are imposed similarly to fillet dishes.

Even if the meat is sliced ​​and not passed through a grinder, the dish is still made from minced meat. So they eat them like cutlets.

Pate and chicken roll

Cold appetizer is served during feasts on common dishes. The guest puts the paste in an individual plate, and eats in one of the ways:

  • Dessert spoon;
  • Spreading bread with a snack knife.

Sandwiches are eaten with a knife and a fork. To spread on their own, they hold bread or toast with their left hand over their plate, and a layer of snack is applied with their right.

The roll is cut so that the filling does not fall out of it. Butcher what they eat chicken on the etiquette, cooked in large pieces.

Chicken soup

Broths can be served with whole pieces of poultry. The meat here serves as a main course. First they eat the broth:

  • From a plate or bowl. With a spoon;
  • From a broth bowl with one handle turned to the right, or two handles. Drink like a drink.

Then chop the chicken with a knife and fork and eat it. Papillots and bowls of water are not served with soups. Use devices.


The answer to the question of whether it is possible to eat chicken by hand on etiquette is summarized in the table below.