Can I Cut The Roller Blind

We select tools

In order to cut roller blinds in width yourself, you will need the following tools:

  • soap or a special pencil for fabric;
  • household scissors or a sharp utility knife;
  • needles, threads;
  • tape measure.

If the curtains are too wide, beyond the size of the window, you need to narrow them. Initially, you need to unfold the canvas, after removing the plugs. Please note that the rolls are equipped with special weights, which must also be removed and cut to fit the new window.

How to cut roller blinds to the width yourself

Roller blinds are most often trimmed in order to change the design of the room, decorate, and adjust them in accordance with the size of the window openings. This is necessary when changing your place of residence. If initially your window had the same dimensions, and then you moved into another apartment and at the same time do not want to buy new window structures, you need to know how to cut roller blinds in width yourself.

Anyone can do this in the presence of an ordinary tool, which is at hand for every housewife. In order to get started, you first need to measure the size of the window. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Hang the fabric on the cornice above the window.
  • Spread out the curtain material, let it hang a little, take the final shape.
  • Make accurate measurements and write down the information received.

The length can be reduced in size in a matter of minutes. To do this, simply make a double or triple hem and hide up to 20-30 cm of rolled fabric in this way.

Step by step guide

Using soap and a tape measure, mark the curtain fabric accordingly. Before you cut the roller blinds shaft and bring it to the required length, you need to measure the width of the window, stepping back 2-3 cm from the length of the bracket.

Then you need to install the plugs and cut off the excess part of the rail, which in the end should be equal to the length of the shaft.

The curtains are also marked with soap and a measuring tape. With a sharp clerical knife or ordinary household scissors, the curtain is cut to the width of the bottom of the rail.

Then the material is attached to the shaft. To do this, it must be tightly wound, having previously glued a protective tape with a self-adhesive base. The canvas must be wound carefully and adhere to a strictly horizontal position in relation to the shaft. Avoid the slightest distortions, as in this case all the work will be done in vain.

Fold 5 cm of the blade so that a fold is formed where the shaft with the glued tape will be installed. Do not indent too much, as in this case the shaft will slip and will not be able to firmly lock in the desired position.

Then you need to roll it along the top of the curtain and roll it 3/4 of the length. Install the bottom rail into the hole on the blind. Insert the bracket into the very end of the control mechanism, then insert the other end in the same way. Upon completion of the work, all the parts that secure the system must be assembled, and the roller blind, shortened in width, must be hung in the place designated for it.

As you can see, it will not be difficult to cut the roller blinds to the width yourself. Here the main thing is care and diligence, as well as an hour of free time and the availability of the necessary working tools at hand.

How to cut a roller blind with your own hands?

Roller blinds. one of the most common design options for a window opening. They serve both decorative and practical functions. This compact and stylish sun protection system fits perfectly into almost any room, reliably protects from the sun’s rays, easy to use, easy to operate.

Blinds are a construction of fabric, a rotating shaft and a special mechanism that winds the fabric on a roller. Unlike the blinds, the canvas is solid, and there are no gaps, due to which, when the curtains are lowered, complete darkness in the room is ensured. Compared to the usual curtains, roller blinds are more compact, weigh less, can be rolled up, are easier to clean, since due to special impregnations they do not collect dust and become less dirty.

Doesn’t fit the size. How to cut a roller blind with your own hands?

If you cannot find blinds of suitable dimensions in any way and do not want to contact the master for individual tailoring, as it is very expensive, then you can solve this problem on your own by cutting the roller blinds to the required size.

Types and sizes of roller blinds

Manufacturers offer a huge assortment of roller blinds, among which you can choose products of any size and for any window. But still, sometimes there are situations when the roller blinds offered by the seller do not have the right size for your windows. This usually happens if windows of non-standard sizes were laid in the building project, or the dimensional grid of the roller blinds you liked is limited and does not contain a model suitable for you.

In this case, there are two ways out of the situation:

  • Order custom tailoring of roller blinds. The most convenient solution to the problem. With minimal effort on your part and without any hassle, you will receive roller blinds that will fully meet your expectations and the dimensions of the window opening. But this method has a significant drawback. high cost of the finished product.
  • Buy a sun protection system as close as possible to the desired size, but slightly larger than it, and cut the roller blind yourself. Having decided to do this, you will need to make some effort and spend a little personal time, but the curtains will cost you inexpensively.
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The following types of roller blinds are on sale:

Their feature. an open shaft that is not protected by anything. Such blinds are inexpensive, take up little space, and can be mounted above a window opening or on each window sash. Their maximum web width is 1.8 m, height. 2 m.

This type of roller blind is equipped with a plastic box that hides the rotating shaft and protects it and the wound fabric from dirt and accidental damage. Another difference between them. small size. The width of the web starts from 0.7 m, the length does not exceed 2.2 m.

Available in lengths up to 4.5 m and widths up to 3.5 m, these roller blinds are perfect for large window openings such as panoramic windows or wide windows in office buildings.

Roof roller blinds are designed to be installed on sloped windows. For a snug fit to them, they are specially equipped with side guides that hold the canvas along the window sashes. Their height. no more than 2 m, width. not less than 0.7 m.

How to shorten the length

Most often, adjustment of roller blinds along the length is not required, since it is enough just not to unwind the canvas to its full length. But if you are a perfectionist and it is extremely important for you that the blinds are of the right size, then follow these instructions:

  • Hang the curtains, lower the canvas, wait for it to fully unfold and lie down neatly, then take measurements.
  • Mark where you want to crop the canvas.
  • Remove roller blinds, spread them out on a horizontal surface.
  • Remove the weight from the bottom edge.
  • Add an allowance of 40-50 mm to the measured length to create a new “” for the weight.
  • Cut the fabric.
  • Place a canvas underneath the curtain and sew a “” for the weighting agent, insert it.
  • Hang the curtain on the window.

If the length of the “excess” fabric is not too long, then trimming can be dispensed with. It is enough to make a double fold of the fabric, with which you can hide up to 30 cm of fabric. This option of shortening the roller blind is much easier and faster.

roller, blind

How to cut the roller blind to the width

Cutting roller blinds in width is more difficult and requires more care. Preliminary preparation and measurement is done in the same way as described above. After all the measurements are made and the fabric is marked, you can start adjusting the canvas to the desired size. The scheme of work is as follows:

  • Lay out the curtains on a flat surface, disassemble into components (take out the shaft and weighting agent) and unfold the fabric.
  • Cut the shaft to the required width. Please note that its width should be 8-10 mm wider than the width of the canvas. It is better to cut with a hacksaw. After trimming the edges, be sure to sandpaper or file so that there are no nicks that the fabric can catch on.
  • Cut off the weighting agent (it should be 10-15 mm narrower than the roller blinds).
  • Assemble the curtain back into a single structure and hang it on the window.

It should be remembered that trimming the roller blinds immediately voids the warranty on them. Therefore, it is worth starting this operation if there are no other options anymore or the guarantee is not too important for you.

Dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

If the fabric curtain looks clean and needs to be treated prophylactically, you don’t even need to use water. Dry processing is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • the roller blinds are unfolded to their full length and straightened so that there are no folds;
  • a nozzle is put on the vacuum cleaner, designed for cleaning smooth surfaces and furniture;
  • the device is turned on at the lowest power and for several minutes

If the roller blind has only managed to collect a little dust on itself, vacuum cleaning will bring a good result. It is recommended to carry out it once every 2-3 months, in which case the blinds will have to be washed much less often.

How to wash roller blinds at home

It is recommended to wash roller blinds from fabric on a regular basis, they accumulate dust flying from an open window and household dirt. But it is necessary to handle fabric roller blinds very carefully, since inaccurate exposure can ruin them.

How to wash roller blinds at home

There are 3 cleaning methods for fabric roller blinds. dry processing, wet washing and hand washing in a basin. Which method to choose depends on how dirty the curtains are.

Wet cleaning

If the roller blind is noticeably dirty and has lost its color brightness, it is not necessary to wash it immediately, but it is possible to wet it. For this you need:

  • pour warm water not hotter than 40 ° C into a small basin;
  • unfold the fabric roller blind to its full length;
  • moisten a microfiber cloth or soft sponge in water;
  • without pressure and effort, rub the product several times along the entire length.

Since stains from dirt will appear on the fabric during processing, it is very important to rinse the fabric several times until it is completely clean.

The damp curtain is left unfolded until it dries, and then rolled back to its normal state.

How to clean roller blinds without removing

Removing blinds from a window can be difficult, so it is best to clean them without dismantling. If you wash the roller blinds regularly and avoid heavy contamination, then you will not have to wash them in a basin for the first couple of years after purchase.

How to clean roller blinds

Most window blinds have a special impregnation that prevents dirt from penetrating deep into the fabric fibers. All dirt remains in the upper layer of the curtains, and it is this that must be carefully cleaned during cleaning so as not to damage the impregnation itself.

roller, blind

It is not customary to wash blinds using strong alkaline and acidic agents. Fluids with a neutral composition are best suited:

  • dishwashing detergents. AOC, Fairey and others;
  • liquid soap;
  • laundry soap solution.

How to wash a roller blind at home in a washing machine

Although roller blinds are not only synthetic, but also with high m of natural fibers, it is strictly forbidden to wash them in an automatic machine. Even the most gentle washing mode will damage the impregnation of the roller shutters, crush them and lead to deformation.

Processing is carried out exclusively by hand, otherwise the products after washing will only have to be thrown away.

How to wash roller blinds by hand

If the blinds on the window are very dirty or greasy spots appear on them, you can wash the blinds by hand. It is recommended to use this method of cleaning only in extreme cases, the delicate fabric may suffer if you wash it too often.

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Before washing, you must first remove the curtain from the window. They do it like this:

    if the curtain rod with the roller is fixed on self-tapping screws, you need to turn them out of the window, remove the plugs from the sides of the fastening, remove the gears on both sides, and then remove the rolled-up canvas from the tube;

From the roller shutter, rolled into a roll, it is necessary to remove the lower bar, which acts as a weighting agent.

After successful dismantling, you can start washing roller blinds on plastic windows. The algorithm looks like this:

  • plug the drain in the bath and collect a sufficient amount of warm water 40 ° C;
  • the selected detergent is dissolved in water without chlorine and other aggressive substances, there should not be a lot of soap, the solution is used with a weak concentration;
  • the selected detergent or powder is thoroughly mixed by hand, no sediment should remain in the water, even small undissolved particles will damage the blinds;
  • unfolded roller shutters are lowered into soapy water and straightened to the maximum length, trying to avoid creases and folds, and then cleaned with a sponge or brush.

It is recommended to wash roller blinds day-night only with a soft sponge or a cloth made of natural material. You shouldn’t even take a soft bristled brush. “double” curtains are made of too sensitive fabric. The roller shutters can be washed for several minutes only with a sponge, with the most careful movements, without aggressive pressing and friction.

When the curtains have been completely processed, they must be thoroughly rinsed. To do this, you can draw clean water into the bath several times. But it is more convenient to wash off the soap solution from the shower head, this will allow you to clean the blinds faster and better.

It is recommended to wash the blinds at home as quickly as possible. Long contact with water damages the impregnation of products, due to which they lose their performance properties.

How to shorten vertical blinds?

Reducing the length of the vertical stripes is much easier. To do this, use a long ruler or tape measure to measure the height of the opening.

Next, remove the strips from the cornice and follow these steps:

  • Using a knife, carefully pry off the plastic cover with a knife. After that, remove the hooks from the eaves and disconnect them from the canvases.
  • Remove the plastic weighting material from each strip, which is located on the bottom of all curtain elements.
  • Measure the height you need and make an allowance of a few centimeters to fix the weight.
  • Before shortening the vertical blinds in height, re-measure the opening, since it will be impossible to lengthen the short curtain. Cut each strip at the marked locations. Process the cut with fire, otherwise the fabric will begin to unravel.
  • Fold over the edge of each strip and iron it gently with an iron. Attach a weight bar to each canvas and assemble the curtain in the reverse order.

At the final stage, you can reduce the length of the control chain. Find a plastic clasp on it, unfasten it and release both ends of the cord. Cut it to the length you want, put it back in the clasp and click it.


Vertical structures contain the following set of parts and elements:

  • chains for lamellae and control cord, lower lamella connection;
  • weights or weighting materials, with the help of which the web of the vertical bar is stretched;
  • sliders, to which individual canvases of the structure are fixed;
  • decorative and bearing cornice.

You will need the following set of tools to shorten the height of vertical curtains:

  • painting knife or scissors;
  • tape measure or ruler, simple pencil;
  • iron for cauterization of the lower cut off part of the product;
  • a lighter or matches to form a tight end of the cut cord;
  • a screwdriver with a Phillips bit;
  • fine-toothed saw or hacksaw for working with metal.

Vertical blinds can be shortened in both directions: in width or in height. In the first case, you will need to trim the cornice to the required size, and in the second. each individual canvas, therefore the process is more time consuming than when working in horizontal counterparts.

Instructions for shortening vertical curtains:

  • The dimensions of the window opening are removed, including the level of fastening of the cornice, taking into account the method of its installation. If the curtains must be up to the floor, then 2 cm must be excluded from the measurements, which must be left from the floor to the curtains.
  • In the case of removing the length of the canvases, shortening the eaves is not required. Since the lower part of the slats has a more complex design, including s for weights, overlays for connecting with plastic chains, therefore they cut the desired height from the upper part.
  • Leaving a small margin for the cuffs, each lamella is cut to the desired length. Remove the plastic tab from the cut area. To preserve the integrity of the canvas, process the edges with a lighter or a hot iron through a newspaper so that the material does not stick to the sole of the device.
  • To thread the bent fabric under the lapel, you need to make a hole in the central part of the canvas, into which you drive the eyelet. For gluing the edges of the strip, strong fixation adhesives of the “Moment” type are used.

The described steps are for one lamella. It is necessary to shorten each element of the blind structure by the same length.

To reduce vertical curtains in width, the greatest difficulty will arise with the cornice. For this you need:

  • The aluminum cord and rod are removed from the inside of the cornice. The stem washer must be intact, so the notch is made on this element 2-3 cm further. In order not to accidentally cut the cord, you should not completely cut it.
  • The rod is removed from the cornice, after processing with a file, the separated edge is pushed through the washer.
  • At the desired point, the curtain itself is cut according to preliminary measurements with the rod already installed back.
  • So that the trimmed parts of the structure do not damage other elements, they must be cleaned with a file. Extra hooks are removed from the cornice. Since these parts are pierced with a control cord, you need to cut it with pliers.
  • The washer on the end of the curtain is placed figuratively on the structure, followed by shortening the lace. It is necessary to unscrew the cap fixing it with a screwdriver, cut the rope to the required length with scissors, assemble the eaves structure in the reverse order.
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What to do if you need to remove the roller blind?

Having considered in detail the installation of fabric roller blinds, it is impossible to pass over in silence the issue of their dismantling. For example, to do the laundry or to hang another kind of curtains. This process will not give you much trouble either.

  • Roll up the roller blind all the way. The fabric should be completely wound around the shaft, or enter the cassette.
  • Use a screwdriver to press on the plug shaft. It will go deeper and the fixation will come off.
  • All that remains is to gently pull out the shaft with the cloth.
  • If you need to remove the brackets, simply unscrew the screws. However, if you want to swap one roller blind for another, then leave the brackets in place. A pipe with a new curtain will fit perfectly into them.

As you can see, the installation of roller blinds is not difficult. Ordinary household tools, a pencil with a ruler and half an hour of your time. that’s all that is required for roller blinds to serve faithfully.

How to shorten horizontal and vertical blinds: useful tips

Windows of residential and office premises are often decorated with blinds. For this reason, a wide range of similar products can be found in the construction markets of any city. You can easily select a product of the desired colors and parameters, which will perfectly fit into your home interior.

But what if the parameters of the window opening were not measured correctly and you purchased an interior element that does not fit at all in size? In such a situation, you can independently adjust the product to the desired size.

Fitting a new zebra blind. how to

In our article, we will tell you how to shorten the blinds with your own hands. Using the methods described, you can change the size of new lamellas that were purchased recently. Also, with their help, you can set the desired parameters for the old canvas, which you decided to move to another window opening.

DIY shortening

When shortening the blinds, you need to follow the rules:

  • Perform all actions very carefully, since most of the elements are very fragile, they can be damaged.
  • Make sure that the horizontal slats do not bend, since it is very difficult to straighten them, and the wooden planks will need to be completely replaced.
  • Burn all ends of the cut fabric or cord with a flame or a hot iron, in the second case, use a newspaper so that the melted synthetic materials do not stick to hot metal.
  • It is necessary to assemble / disassemble the structure in a certain order so as not to damage or confuse the elements.
  • Use the right tool for the specific material.

If you adhere to all the rules set out above, then you can efficiently shorten both vertical and horizontal curtains.

Shortening any type of blind in height or width requires skill. But it is easy to complete all the actions if you follow the instructions given. It is important not to use force, since the components of the structure of such curtains are very fragile and can break.

Installation of roller blinds

Perhaps there is no more universal way of decorating window openings than roller blinds. They decorate the windows of apartments and houses, austere openings of modern business centers and solid office buildings. The way of installing them adds sympathy to this type of curtains. They are installed quickly and do not require any special skills. However, no matter how simple the installation of roller blinds is, it must be performed accurately and taking into account the peculiarities of the fastening systems.


Despite significant visual differences, horizontal blinds are similar to vertical components:

roller, blind
  • lifting mechanism;
  • rotary handle;
  • lamellas or cloth;
  • a cord to move the curtains vertically;
  • common cornice;
  • mounting brackets.

The lamella material is wood, plastic or aluminum. The horizontal blinds can be shortened in height with scissors and a lighter or matches. This is required to cut the cord and strands of the ladder, cauterizing their ends in order to maintain integrity. Welded ends are easier to thread through holes in lamellas.

Instructions for shortening horizontal curtains:

  • Measure the length of the blinds, mark the wall. You can use masking tape or other materials that adhere to the surface, harmless for finishing.
  • There are a pair of plastic plugs on the bottom of the final curtain strip. They need to be removed, pulled out a little from the structure so that the control thread can be cut. Here, after this operation, you need to cauterize the ends of the artificial cords so that they do not unravel.
  • To remove the interfering strips, you must first get the control cord 1 lamella higher from the mark on the wall. Then cut from 1 to the last “extra” planks after the resulting gap. Remains about 2 flights of ladder.
  • The lower bar with the adjacent lamella is removed, threaded into the left empty space in the main structure.
  • The control cord is passed through all the holes of these slats and strips in reverse order. Plastic clips are again put on the ends of the cord, which are attached to the grooves on the bar. But before that, you need to tuck the protruding ends of the rope ladder.

For this you need:

How to put up a roller blind

  • Remove the plug from one side of the cornice.
  • Remove all elements of the blinds or move them away from the cutting point.
  • Measure the desired width of the product. With a hacksaw for metal or wood (which the cornice consists of), make an even vertical cut.
  • Horizontal curtains are also shortened according to the width of the slats, and in each of them new holes are made at the required distance from the edge for the control cord.

In the case of vertical ones, a few extra lamellas are removed. Shortening the width of rolled products requires cutting the entire panel and weighting strips, finishing the outer edge.

  • All parts of the curtains are installed in their original place.
  • Slides on a plastic plug.
  • If we are talking about an expensive product, then it is better not to risk it and take the blinds to professionals.

    We offer you to watch a video on how to shorten horizontal blinds yourself:

    Is it possible to cut the roller blind to the width?

    Installation of roller blinds

    Correct operation is the key to the durability and preservation of the novelty of roller blinds. Here are some helpful tips: