Can I Cut Warm Floor

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Repair Tips

What to do if there is an extra heating cable, can it be shortened or a warm floor laid under the bath

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Can I Cut Warm Floor

An error in determining the length of the heating cable (including the electric mat. And the mat is also a heating cable, only on the grid) is quite common. The linear length and area, for example, mat, are often confused, the features of a room with a complex configuration are not taken into account, an arithmetic error is simply made, etc. As a result, after a part of the heating cable has been laid, it turns out that a lot of excess remains. What to do in this case?

Swap cable

Decrease styling pitch

For heating mats and cables, it is possible to simply reduce the installation step within the limits agreed by the manufacturer, i.E. Reducing the distance between the turns of the cable. For example, the grid of heating mats is cut and the distance between the loops is reduced. All changes made must be documented. We recommend taking photos, and also do not forget to draw a styling diagram.

Lay underfloor heating under furniture or bath

Is it possible to lay underfloor heating under furniture, a bathroom, a washing machine, etc.?

Of course, there is usually no sense in heating the area under the bathtub or furniture, at the same time, if there is a little cable left, then in some cases this is permissible. Many of the manufacturers point to this possibility, stipulating, for example, the presence of legs in furniture. 10-15 cm for heat dissipation. If you make a warm floor, for example, under a washing machine or large furniture with small legs or without them at all, then the cable in this place will overheat, which will reduce its service life and ultimately lead to the cable burning out.

The bath has the required legs. But what if you planned an apron, for example from a gyro board with tiles? In this case, it is difficult to say with certainty whether proper heat removal will take place and whether there will be overheating. At the same time, cable repair, if it fails, is very difficult, because will have to disassemble the entire structure and remove the bath. In the presence of such an apron, as a rule, only a technological hole is provided, which is closed by a panel with magnets, for example, for plumbing.

Lay the rest of the cable in an adjacent room or on the wall

One of the solutions that are resorted to in such cases is to lay part of the cable on the floor in an adjacent room (for example, in a corridor or hallway) or even on a wall.

Shorten the cable

As a rule, it is possible to shorten the heating cable. But no more than 10% of its length. Special tools and materials will be required, and the work itself must be carried out by a specialist.Foreign heating cables are designed for foreign voltage of 230-240 V. Our voltage is 220 V. With competent termination of the remaining end, the characteristics of the cable will not change significantly. But this incorporation must be done by a competent craftsman. The cost of work is 2-3 thousand rubles (2014 price level). You can find out the cost of the master’s arrival and installation of the coupling in the Repair of underfloor heating section. When sealing, special crimp sleeves, heat-shrink sleeves and a building hair dryer are used. Do not try to do it yourself with the help of universal tools and instruments, as In this case, there is a high probability that you will have to repair this place again, and for this you will already need to remove the tiles and open the floor.

In any case, before taking any irreversible actions, we recommend that you evaluate possible options and consult with specialists. You can just give us a call.