Carver Adjustment Chainsaw Carver 52

Carver Adjustment Chainsaw Carver 52

Universal Carver chainsaws combine excellent quality and affordability. They are used to carry out household and repair-construction works, to procure a supply of firewood for the winter, felling trees and caring for the garden and household territory. The main advantages common to all models from the presented series are reliability and power. Ergonomic designs with practical vibration-absorbing systems are comfortable to use and easy to maintain. The equipment is developed in strict accordance with international safety requirements and quality standards.

Model Promo PSG45 15

The Carver PSG 45 15 chainsaw will be an excellent assistant in sawing wood, cutting branches, cutting and other manipulations in the garden. The equipment is incredibly in demand in private households and in suburban areas. To get a model will not be difficult even for those who previously did not have experience with these units, since it is equipped with an easy-start system. The chainsaw motor Carver Promo 45 15 starts without fail at any temperature. It is worth noting that you can easily access the air filter.

Features of the equipment:

  • Users will not feel tired for a long time, because they use optimal balancing, an ergonomic design and an anti-vibration system.
  • Carver carburetor adjustment of the Carver chainsaw can be carried out independently, for this special screws are provided.
  • Chainsaw Carver Promo PSG 45 15 refers to household equipment, engine power of 2.5 hp and an engine displacement of 45 cm 3.

Model RSG72

The professional Carver 72 chainsaw is equipped with a powerful engine. With its help, you can easily cope with the cutting of trunks of any diameter, carry out clearing of the territory and much more.


  • Thanks to the QuickStart system, start-up efforts are reduced by seventy percent.
  • The ergonomic handle will provide not only comfort when using, but also safety.
  • To protect your hands from the effects of breaking the chain, the rear handle has a wide base.
  • It is worth noting that using Carver chainsaws, users can not take a break for a long time, without feeling fatigue.

If necessary, you can repair your Carver chainsaw with your own hands. The design of the unit is as simple as possible. Following the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer, using original spare parts, you will not only restore the correct operation of the equipment, but also can significantly extend the operational period.

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Model RSG 25 12K

The Carver RSG 25 12K chainsaw can be used both for household needs, and for various gardening and even camping trips. It is suitable for sawing small logs and branches, cutting branches and working with building materials.


  • A two-stroke motor with an air cooling system allows you to increase the operating time without interruption.
  • Ergonomic handle not only allows you to make a reliable and clear grip, but also as accurately as possible to perform work with a saw.
  • The fuel is pumped using a special pump, the functions of which also favorably affect the start of the engine.

Model Promo PSG 52 18

The Carver Promo PSG 52 18 chiansaw easily copes with sawing up any wood materials. The introduction of the basic functions inherent in this line of equipment contributes to the rapid and high-quality implementation of tasks of various levels of complexity. The weight of the device is only 5.2 kilograms, while the power of the unit is 2.6 hp. Engine displacement is 52 cm 3.


  • Quickstart Carver chainsaw will ensure smooth start-up in any weather and temperature.
  • The vibration damping system protects your arms and back from excessive stress.
  • For a secure grip, the handles are covered with rubberized material.
  • The automatic supply of lubricant to the Carver Promo chainsaw chain can be adjusted.
  • The air filter can be reached without any problems with minimal effort.
  • If sharp recoil occurs, the chain brake will operate.
  • The toothed stop of the Carver chainsaw will make the cut as accurate as possible.
  • The tire size is forty-five centimeters.

Model RSG38 16K

The Carver RSG 38 16K chiansaw is suitable both for gardening, and for construction or repair activities. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the saw with a two-stroke engine is convenient in operation. Engine power is 2 hp The tire, measuring forty centimeters in size, is universal and suitable for tasks of various levels of complexity.

Carver Adjustment Chainsaw Carver 52


  • The launch is convenient in any weather and various temperature conditions, thanks to the EasyStart option.
  • As in other models of the series, the vibration level is minimal.
  • The air filter is protected by a special casing, access to the system can be obtained using the swivel wheel.
  • The chrome-plated cylinder prevents aggressive wear of the equipment, the coating protects against mechanical damage.
  • Additional pumping fuel provides a primer.
  • Adjustment of the carburetor Carver chainsaw can be carried out by the user, as soon as possible.

Model RSG45 18K

The Carver RSG 45 18K chiansaw has compact dimensions. Engine power is 1800 watts. A tire measuring forty-five centimeters is suitable for the device. It uses a chain with high strength indicators. Rezer, the number of links is seventy-two pieces, and the pitch is 0.325 inches. It is worth noting that the equipment case is designed with their durable plastic.

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  • The Carver 45 18K chainsaw is equipped with a metal crankcase that can increase the wear resistance of bearings and improve heat dissipation.
  • Even in the cold, after a long period of inactivity, the engine starts without any glitches or problems.
  • A gear stop has been introduced.
  • The self-lubricating circuit controls the flow of materials according to the strength of the loads.
  • Included is a cover for the tire.
  • Economical fuel consumption.

Model RSG 238

The Carver 238 chainsaw is quite light and extremely productive. Its launch is very convenient, it is lightweight and does not cause difficulties, even under severe climatic conditions. The case is made of material resistant to extremely low temperatures. Filtering items are easily accessible.


  • Multipoint anti-vibration system.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • For the two-stroke engine, modern systems Clean2 and AfterCharge are used, thanks to which fuel consumption is reduced to twenty percent, while the power increases by five percent, and the torque by fifteen.
  • Porous chrome plating of the internal part of the engine cylinder increases the wear resistance of the entire piston group from three to five percent.
  • The brake system of the Carver RSG 238 chainsaw guarantees the safety of users even in unforeseen, extreme circumstances.

Model RSG 262

The semi-professional Carver 262 chainsaw is suitable for work both in summer cottages and on farms. With its help, you can cut branches and harvest firewood, cut wood and various building materials. To compensate for engine resistance at start-up, QuickStart is introduced.


  • Using a fuel pump.
  • For the case, high-strength plastic is used.
  • Easy access to all filtering components.
  • Vibration absorption.
  • The chain lubrication system can be adjusted if necessary.
  • An emergency stop of the circuit is provided in case of sudden kickbacks or the operator approaches the hazardous areas.

Model RSG 241

Powerful household chainsaw Carver RSG 241 is equipped with a forty-centimeter tire. Engine power is 1.8 hp Lightweight and compact saw is universal, it weighs only 5.8 kilograms. The unit is quite easy to maintain. Both carburetor adjustment and equipment repair, users can do with their own hands. The guarantee of uninterrupted and durable operation will be the use of high-quality fuel and oil, as well as the use of original components.


  • Air cooled motor.
  • Auto grease chain.
  • Anti-vibration system.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Correct operation of a two-stroke engine is possible when refueling a saw with a mixture of AI-92 gasoline and oil.
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The basic configuration of the Carver chainsaw includes a tire, tools for maintenance, accessories for work and operator safety.

Model RSG 245

The Carver 245 chainsaw is in demand among owners of summer cottages and small farms. With its help, you can effectively cope with simple tasks, while saving time and resources.


  • The Carver RSG 245 chainsaw is made with the possibility of careful control of all options.
  • To clean and check the air filter, you can get to it without the use of auxiliary tools.
  • An ergonomic handle is provided, with a coating that absorbs vibration up to seventy-five percent.
  • The innovative Quick Start system is able to maximally compensate for engine resistance at the time of starting.
  • For difficult climatic conditions, a special pump has been developed for pumping fuel.
  • An excellent heat sink provides a metal crankcase, which helps to improve the quality of the crankshaft bearing sockets.

The total resource of the Carver chainsaw is increased due to the introduction of innovative systems and the use of high-quality, wear-resistant materials.

Model RSG 225

The Carver RSG 225 chainsaw is suitable for gardeners, farmers and gardeners, motorists, fishermen, hunters and even tourists. The weight of the unit is only 4.3 kilograms, thanks to which it can not only be held without problems for a long time, but also perform all the manipulations as accurately as possible. The power of a two-stroke engine is 1 hp. The size of the tire with which the equipment is equipped is thirty centimeters, the number of chain links is forty-five.


  • For convenience and storage of equipment, a protective cover for the tire is provided.
  • In the configuration, you can see not only some parts for the Carver chainsaw, but also a file for sharpening the chain, a screwdriver, a candle key, a tank for preparing the fuel mixture, and much more.

You can buy a saw with an excellent resource and economical fuel consumption at a fairly low price. Ergonomic design is comfortable and manoeuvrable. The unit starts up even at low temperature conditions.

Model RSG 252

The semi-professional Carver 252 chainsaw is used for diverse work. It is useful both for felling trees or kronirovaniya, and for small construction events. The ComForten device is easy to operate and extremely safe.


  • Adjustable chain lubrication system.
  • Durable housing materials.
  • Vibration absorption.
  • Access to all systems is possible.
  • Air cooled motor.

Restoration and replacement of equipment parts is possible without the intervention of specialists. The developers have created an optimal system that simplifies absolutely all work processes.