Carver chainsaw oil. Analogs in the market

How to replace oil for a chain of a chainsaw. expert advice

Leading manufacturers of chainsaws recommend using their own manufacturing materials in their technique. However, often these oils are several times more expensive than simpler from manufacturers.

Pay attention if you doubt the choice of lubrication, then in this case, the best solution would be to purchase lubricants from the manufacturer of equipment. But what to do if for some reason the purchase of expensive original oil is impossible? Here, the owners of the chainsaws resort to different options

Consider in general terms each of the possible lubricants for saw chains

But what to do if for some reason the purchase of expensive original oil is impossible? Here, the owners of the chainsaws resort to different options. Consider in general terms each of the possible lubricants for saw chains.

Original oils

Often. this is the best choice in terms of operational qualities, but not prices. In addition to optimal lubricants, today manufacturers seek to make these lubricants biodegradable (based on rapeseed bases), which almost does not harm the environment and human health.

STIHL chain oil for the chain of the chainsaw is just referring to biodegradable products. The only significant minus is the price.


Special oils for the chain of the chainsaws from manufacturers. Also a good choice. Are much cheaper than branded lubricants, but are often almost not inferior in working qualities.

Cheap industrial oil

The most common option here is the domestic product marked I-20 or I-20A. One of the cheapest options. This industrial oil can be poured into a chain to lubricate the chain and not be afraid of negative consequences.

Lubrication has good properties regarding the conditions of the saw headset and can reliably protect the chain and other elements of the headset from wear.

In terms of working qualities, it loses a little to the original. But the price can be several times lower relative to specialized products. Therefore, this option is used by many owners of chainsaws of any brands and models.

In conditions of heat, it is recommended to control the lubrication level after the production of half the gas tank during the feast.

Due to the very low viscosity, industrial oil is quickly consumed. There are cases when industrial lubricants were produced faster than the fuel tank fell out.

New motor or transmission lubricants

Not entirely justified choice in economic terms. Suitable in cases where the saw is rarely used, and there is no point in buying a canister of a special lubricant separately.

These oils contain a huge number of additives unnecessary and useless to work, which will only pollute the processed lumber and the environment.

Which oil is better to use for a chain video

Here you also need to take into account viscous indicators. The intensity of oil supply to the chain of the chainsaw can decrease greatly with a temperature increase in viscosity.

Thick lubricants in winter conditions can lose their fluidity and ineffectively protect the chain and working surfaces of the tire from wear.

In the case of motor oils during operation in winter, it is recommended to use small options. In general, lubricants for ICE can be used in saws.

Wheelled oils

Use to lubricate the chain of the chainships that have worked out oils is the most unsuccessful idea of ​​all possible.

Firstly, the specifics of the work of the chainsaw implies the creation of oil fog in the production zone, which spreads to the surrounding nature and is partially inhaled by man.

And the development is recognized by carcinogen and is generally extremely toxic. Therefore, in many countries, entire industries have been created for processing the engine and transmission oils that have served their term, and unauthorized drain on the environment is punishable by serious fines.

Secondly, the lubricant quality of working out is extremely low. They are enough with an interference for the average load modes. If you saw a thick log or hard wood of wood. a chain and the rest of the saw set will suffer up to irreversible destruction.

Answering the question of how to replace chain oil for a chainsaw, if you buy the original too much, you can answer this: almost any oil with a suitable viscosity. But not by working out. It is better to pour in a chain lubricant, specially created products for this.

How and when to pour lubrication in a tank? Here the answer is simple: pour it every time when refueling gasoline to a mark on the neck.

How to determine the ratio of gasoline and oil

The fuel mixture used in 2 strokes is prepared from a certain amount of oil and gasoline. The latter must have an octane number not lower than 90 and be unearthly. AI-92 brand is best suited for these purposes.

To prepare the mixture, it is necessary to use only motor oil from well.known manufacturers. The lubricant should be intended for high.speed engines having an air cooling system. This component, designed for low.speed engines (moped, motorcycle, snowmobile), is prohibited to use.

When preparing the mixture, it is necessary to strictly observe the proportion of gasoline and oil. As a rule, this is 1:50, that is, you need to take 100 ml of oil and dilute it in 5 liters of gasoline. This rule changes a little if the engine or piston system is new, and running is required. In this case, the Benzin oil ratio can be 1:40. For running-in, you will need 2-3 full refueling of the unit with a fuel mixture with this ratio. If you dilute the fuel mixture in a proportion of 1:30, then the carpet is inevitably formed on the piston and inside the cylinder, which, as already mentioned, leads to a breakdown of the entire crooked-shaped mechanism.

Below is a table that helps to quickly determine the ratio of gasoline-oil, if you need to prepare a large amount of fuel mixture.

Volga Oil M-8V

Universal motor oil, which is suitable not only for cars with gasoline and diesel engine, but also for chainsaws. The product, known as “Autol” contains a mineral basis and multifunctional additives. Inexpensive option for work at minus temperatures.

  • excellent adhesion indicators;
  • high level of heat resistance;
  • increases the duration of the unit service;
  • freezing temperature-25-35 degrees below zero.


Budget substitute for expensive chain oil. Due to the presence in the composition of functional additives, it has a number of unique properties. In particular, the use of “caliber” allows you to increase the service life of the chain and the entire unit as a whole. On the side of the canister there is a special scale showing the existing amount of lubrication.

  • Mineral base;
  • protects against corrosion;
  • low evaporation indicators;
  • reduces the vibration of the chain;
  • Economically consumed.

Why lubricate the chain and which chains are the best?

Consider the chain mechanism on the example of a bicycle. Consistent lubrication is laid no more than once a year, or even not updated at all. At the same time nothing breaks, and there is no difficulty in moving.

The difference is that the chain of chainsaws, unlike bicycle, does not sag in the air, but constantly relies on the tire.

With an intense cut, the load can be so strong that friction literally heats the tool. Part of the energy is spent not on processing the tree, but not overcoming this very friction. The circuit is stretched from heating, the strength is lost, the smooth surface of the tire wear out.

In addition, the leading star overheat during operation (if friction is dry). This is another working lubricant zone.

Serious manufacturers minimize possible problems during operation using more durable alloys, but this does not guarantee the safety of the material with dry friction.

The best chains are made of different metals: bushings are designed for axial rotation, and links withstand stretching. In order for the chain to do not sag after prolonged use, preliminary tension is performed.

For example, the manufacturer “Husqvarna” before the sale pulls the chains of the chainsaw on targeted equipment, immediately reaching the maximum increase in the length. After this procedure, the links do not change the geometry at the load. Less likely that the chain will jump off during operation. Of course, the normal state of the circuits under the load is ensured by compulsory lubrication.

carver, chainsaw, market

She should always be between the links and the bus. Each manufacturer recommends (and produces) lubricants for both the engine and for the tire.

This does not mean that the oil for the Stihl chainsaw cannot be used in the same “Husqvarna”. Their purpose is the same, you just need to verify the characteristics.

About what oil oil oils can still be used, read here.

The main thing is not to confuse lubricants for chains and engine. These are completely different compositions.

For most chainsaws, two.stroke internal combustion engines are used.

This is due to their low weight and ease of maintenance. Unlike four.stroke, these motors do not have a separate crankcase for oil. Even four.stroke engines in this tool have a lubricant system, which is fundamentally different from the internal combustion engine in cars.

The use of crankcase lubrication system is unacceptable for the chainsaw, since during operation the tool constantly changes its position, the lubricant simply will not get into the oil pipelines.

And in two.stroke systems the oil is added to gasoline, so the oil pump as such is absent. This is a topic of a separate article, in our material we will consider a lubricant system.

The device for lubrication of the chain of the chain of the chain

The components of the lubricant system of the chainsaw:

  • oil tank (located in the crankcase, oil needs to be poured into it so that it comes to the chain);
  • oil filter (installed inside the tank);
  • oil pipeline or oil.conducting hose (made of rubber resistant to wear);
  • oil pump;
  • gear of worm gear;
  • The tire of the chainsaw (it contains holes through which oil comes).

How to start a stihl 180 chainsaw correctly?

If you do not know how to start the Stihl 180 chainsaw “for cold”, it is worth strictly follow the recommendations and requirements of the manufacturer, following the algorithm:

  • Turn on the ignition (how to set the ignition on the Stihl 180 chainsaw, the device is indicated in the passport).
  • Set the control lever at the lowest point (thus, the carburetor damper will block the air from the filter, and the throttle will be completely open, and the fuel mixture will be able to enrich yourself).
  • Pull the starter handle, this must be done several times before the first outbreak passes. This reproaches that the mixture entered the cylinder directly, and your unit is ready to start.
  • Now you can move the lever to one section up, while the throttle will remain in the previous position, and the air will open.
  • You just have to pull the starter. At the same time, the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw will operate at increased speeds.

The ratio of gasoline and oil for the chainsaw during normal operation

Any chainsaw is required to work fuel-oil mixture-gasoline and two-stroke lubricant.

The proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw of STIHL.

  • fresh, without muddy sediment, uneliled;
  • Benzospict (ethanol) should not exceed 10 %, and methyl ether methyl etcher (MTBE). no more than 15 %;
  • The octane number should not be lower than 92;
  • Alternative fuel or additives is not allowed.

Ideally, you need to use only branded oil. Manufacturers of chainsaws, of course, do not produce their chemistry, but they monitor the quality of certain brands, and this fact is indicated on the packaging. The label also indicates what proportion to mix petrol with oil for chainsaw. Often this:

For mixing, a gas-resistant container is taken, into which a liter of 92nd gasoline and 30, 25 or 20 ml of oil is poured, respectively. For convenience, the liquid can be measured using a twenty.type medical disposable syringe (in this situation, it will be quite compiled for reusable use). The video shows how to dilute oil with gasoline for a chainsaw.

When mixing, you need to understand how to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw:

  • Can only be mixed in clean dry containers.
  • In no case should you mix directly in the tank of the chainsaw.
  • It is necessary to first fill the gasoline into the container, and then the oil, otherwise it can “stick” to the bottom and mix in insufficient.
  • Do not change the ratio of components. Excess lubrication leads to unnecessary embezzlement, and the deficiency. to overheating and the appearance of defects.
  • The use of gasoline with octane number above 92 is economically impractical, especially since 98 often have additives that negatively affect the chainsaw engine.
  • In no case should you apply the development.
  • It is recommended to mix gasoline with butter exactly so that nothing remains after work, since over time the octane number of gasoline falls.

In order for the chainsaw to start “from the half.turn”, it does not stall and does not break too often, it is necessary to strictly observe the ratio of the mixture poured into the gas tank. How to breed gasoline for the Stihl, Husqvarna, Partner and other foreign manufacturers in the instructions themselves to these devices. At the same time, gasoline is usually taken 92, and the gradual oil is two.stroke.

User manual

Any chainsaw is a tool that requires careful handling, the Carver saw is no exception.

Basic Rules for the operation of the tool:

  • Like all devices on a gasoline engine, Carver saws need to run, usually running takes from 5 to 7 hours, during this period the owner works with a saw in the engine load mode of about 70%;
  • Use original spare parts and components for the chainsaws, it is also allowed to use chains from Husqvarna;
  • To refuel the saw, use clean gasoline of good quality, the AI-92 brand in a mixture with motor semi-synthetic oil or mineral oil;
  • The fuel should be fresh and properly mixed, with an incorrect proportion of the saw, it may refuse to saw or stall immediately after the start, a sign that the fuel has a greater amount of oil than necessary is black exhaust smoke;
  • Perform the maintenance of the chainsaw in a timely manner, after running in the fuel mixture, it is recommended to replace with fresh;
  • follow all the recommendations from the operating manual, each model of the chainsaw works on a single principle, so it will be difficult to make a mistake;
  • Follow the safety rules when working with a chainsaw: do not try to cut any materials except wood, do not drop the tool on and do not put the working saw on the floor or ground, do not close the doors and windows in the room where you saw, protect your face and respiratory system from breathing exhaust gases and flying chips.

The main malfunctions of Carver chainsaws:

  • The saw does not start. The reason may be that the fuel mixture has incorrect mixing parameters, or it is not enough to start. If the fuel level is fine, check the ignition condition, candles. Replace the replacement immediately to identify the malfunction.
  • During operation, the saw makes loud claps, white smoke comes from the exhaust opening. The reason for this is the presence of water in gasoline. This can be caused by various reasons. Poor fuel is better to drain and prepare a new mixture. Do not buy cheap motor oils, since the probability of running into a fake is very large.
  • Saw began to saw worse. The main reason for this is the chain that has become dull. The problem is solved in two ways: sharpening or replacement.

First Start and Playing Carver chainsaws

Like any technique, the motorcycle must be drove. Before the first launch of the engine, you need to make sure that the emergency stop is disabled. Having launched the saw according to the instructions, install average speeds and check the functioning of the lubricant system. In order to make sure her performance, hold the saw above the paper. If spots appear, then the system works properly.

The is carried out with a chain, because this is how you can make sure that the saw. In time, the whole procedure takes several hours. Cannot be drove only at idle, as there will be premature breakdown. To achieve good results, you need to run into sparing loads.

Carver RSG chainsaw. improved quality.

Specifically, we want to tell more about this line, as it includes really interesting chainsaws. In addition to a typical light start and ergonomics, they have a number of very useful additions. Firstly, you can use it in extremely rigid mode, due to a chrome engine with an increased resource. Secondly, the plastic of the case and the entire structure here is much better. Thirdly, a “tenacious” saw headset Rezer is installed. For such a price, these are almost perfect chain saws. It happens that the manufacturer does not report a key or another trifle in the mandatory complete set, but this is not fundamentally. you must agree! In general, some positive user reviews and ours, including.

A huge selection of models in the series makes it possible to choose a chainsaw for the desired needs and manner of use.

The chrome engine through patented technology AFTERCHRARGE and CLEAN2 has 2-3EX A multiple increased work resource.

carver, chainsaw, market

Fuel consumption is reduced by 20%, and the power is increased by 5%.

High.quality plastic of the case and gum of the mechanism as a whole.

Professional saw set of related brand Rezer.

Light start (Quick Start) and the side stretch of the chain.

A typical problem with the leakage of the lubricant on the chain.

No significant shortcomings were revealed, not counting small “sores” typical for Chinese saws.

Carver RSG 246, RSG 252, RSG 258 and RSG 262. powerful models for active sawing.

If you regularly use a chainsaw on the farm, you have to saw thick logs and not only in the summer, but at the same time want to save, then you should take a closer look at these models. Except the advantages that we described above, they have high power. Variability of choice is very wide 4 models with a different engine volume and long tire. Choose yourself, inclined to high power and greater weight and cost, or vice versa.

characteristics RSG 246 RSG 252 RSG 258 RSG 262
Power, l.With. (kW) 2.4 (1.75) 2.8 (2.1) 2.9 (2.1) 3.2 (2.3)
engine volume, cm³ 46 52 45 62
Weight, kg 6.9 6.9 6.9 7.5
gas tank volume, ml 550 550 550 550
Oil tank volume, ml 260 260 260 260
The optimal size of the saw headset
Tire length 38 cm (15 ″) 45 cm (18 ″) 45 cm (18 ″) 50 cm (20 ″)
Step and thickness of the chain 0.325 ″.1.5 mm 0.325 ″.1.5 mm 0.325 ″.1.5 mm 0.325 ″.1.5 mm
The number of links 64 st 72 st 72 st 76 stations

Carver RSG 238 and RSG 241. the best option for home.

These are medium.power chainsaws, the so.called “golden mean”. If you do not need a very powerful model, it is better to purchase one of these. They are simultaneously comfortable and productive. The RSG 238 and RSG 241 saws will cope with the harvesting of firewood and help in the garden, while they have a compact size and low weight. For simple home use, the most, but the moments of active sawing, too, will also be pulled to some extent. See technical data and differences in the table below.

characteristics RSG 238 RSG 241
Power, l.With. (kW) one.7 (1.2) one.8 (1.3)
engine volume, cm³ 38 41
Weight, kg 5.8 5.8
the volume of the fuel tank, ml 310 310
Oil tank volume, ml 210 210
The size of the saw set
Tire length 40 cm (16 ″) 40 cm (16 ″)
Step and thickness of the chain 3/8 ″.1.3 mm 3/8 ″.1.3 mm
The number of links 57 st 57 st

Checking the system for oil output and performance

Oil filter pollution is manifested by a significant decrease in the performance of the pump. Check this parameter is easy. To do this, it is necessary to hold a headset at the work of the saw on a clean sheet of paper.

By the density and size of the oil strip, one can confidently judge the state of the system and the complexity of the upcoming repair.

When asked why the renovated lubrication system works, but does not go to the chain in the right amount. there is no unequivocal answer. The cause of failure may be error, failure of standard adjustments, mismatch of the density and viscosity of the selected composition by the declared characteristics.

Mastery starvation of the headset is possible when installing on a household saw with an unregulated pump of a longer productive tire, which is equipped with a professional class chain technique.

Switching range of Carver chainsaws

The Carver chainsaw range is represented by a wide variety of models that differ in power and type. All motopiles are designed to cut trees or the formation of the crown. Easily cope with cutting branches of any thickness. With the help of such a motopile, it is convenient and quickly and quickly to work firewood and saw the trunks across and along. Using a light starting system, it is easy to start a motorcycle even on a cold engine.

Absolutely all models have an easy access to the air filter. This is done so that the owner can independently conduct maintenance. The saw provides for the presence of a gear stop that provides the accuracy of the cut. Automatic lubrication of the chain allows you not to worry about it. The only thing to do is to maintain a sufficient level of oil in the tank.

Household saws

Carver Promo PSG-45-15 belongs to the domestic type and is equipped with a 2-stroke engine with a power of 2.4 liters.With. A comfortable handle allows you to keep a saw without tension for a long time, despite the fact that the weight is 5.8 kg.

Carver RSG 225 also belongs to the household class, but its power is less than that of the previous model. only 1 liter.With. This does not reduce functionality, but it is much easier to hold and saw in your hands, because the weight is 4.3 kg.

Carver RSG 241 is designed for domestic use, and the engine installed on it has 1.8 horsepower. The number of links in the chain is 57, and the weight of the tool is 5.8 kg.

Carver RSG-41-16K A small household saw, which can easily cope with a small volume of work. The distinctive advantage is the AFTERCHRARGE and CLEAN2 system, which provides maximum purification of exhaust gases. The weight of the tool is 5.8 kg.

Carver RSG-52-20K has a power of 2.8 liters.With. and despite the fact that it belongs to the household class, with its help you can perform laborious work. A primer is installed on the saw, which pumps up the fuel, which greatly facilitates the secondary launch of the engine. Metal crankcase increases the life of the bearings.

Carver Promo PSG-52-18-a household saw with a light launch system has a power of 2.6 liters.With. It is very easy to perform the cut with it, since it is equipped with an anti.vibration system and a circuit brake for instant stop. The weight of such a tool is 5.2 kg.

Carver RSG 238 is a small motorcycle with a quick start and engine power of 1.7 liters.With. Used in household needs for sawing trees and sawing branches. The piston group is chrome. In addition, it starts perfectly and works in the winter.

Carver Hobby HSG 145-15 is a workhorse with a power of 2.5 liters.With. The presence of 2 stroke engine and tires 38 cm long, makes the tool indispensable in everyday life for sawing branches, shrubs and trees.

Carver Hobby HSG 158-18 is the most powerful among household saws, as it is equipped with an engine with 3 horsepower. With the help of a light start system, it starts perfectly even at low air temperatures. Reliable in operation due to the use of strong materials. Model weight 6.2 kg.

Semi.professional saws

The lineup of the Carver chainsaws of semi.professional saws consists of tools with a power of 2.4 liters.With. up to 3.2 l.With. Reliable mounting of the nodes, automatic lubrication of the chain, light start and brake of the chain. this is not the whole list of features of this lineup. The operator will be easy to work even with a 7 kilogram saw, since the handles are arolonomically and have an anti.vibration system.

A series of Carver chainsaws is represented by models:

Top models of Carver chainsaws

The popularity of models is determined by several parameters: low fuel consumption, excellent functional characteristics and ease of use, namely a small weight. Among the most top models of the household class, the following can be distinguished: Carver Promo PSG-45-15, Carver Promo PSG-52-18 and Carver RSG 225. And among household class models, the Carver RSG 246 is the leader in the popularity rating.

Carver Promo PSG 52 18 chainsaw. Working parameters

This amateur.class benzo tool is well adapted for working in difficult weather conditions. The model is pre.equipped with an improved Quick Start system, which allows you to quickly and smoothly launch a power unit without risk of increased friction and heating its main active mechanisms.

For the drive, this portable Carver garden saw is equipped with a high.quality clutch consisting of an enhanced whole drum and a leading star. The simplified design of the mechanism and free access to it allow the operator to install new spare parts in its device directly in the field.

The model stands out with a small weight, which, together with ergonomic conveniently located handles, makes it possible to use it in conditions of a highly limited space.

Why is gasoline mixed with oil for gas station refueling

Dilute gasoline with butter needs to avoid failure of the internal combustion engine. The reason for this is the design features of the lubrication system of two.stroke engines. There is no camera in the design of such engines for filling the engine oil, and if you fill in the fuel without lubricating the material, then the crankshaft, piston, bearings and connecting rods will not receive grease. This will significantly reduce the service life of all these parts, so it is prohibited to fill in pure fuel.

Gasoline and oil for chainsaws are required to be poured in the appropriate proportions, which makes it possible to effectively lubricate the rubbing parts. The lack of lubrication or its excess will lead to negative consequences in the form of a carbon formation. In order for the tool to work properly, from the first day of operation of the tool, it is necessary to season it not only with high.quality materials, but also to observe the correct proportions.

In order for the engine to work properly, the main thing is to fill in it pure fuel without pollution.

Basic rules of application

Two.stroke oil for chainsaws is most often created at the mineral base. Less often it is synthetics or semi.synthetics. Oil for 2 stroke engines of chainsaws by technology is mixed with fuel even before refueling in the tank.

Filling lubrication directly into the tank is also practiced, but this is not the most reliable way. Especially if the tank was completely empty. In this case, the fork is likely that gasoline will partially enter the system without lubrication. And the engine will work for a dry for some time.

The gasoline/oil ratio for chainsaws is strictly determined by the manufacturer of the saw. In some cases, oil manufacturers indicate their proportions. This is characteristic of expensive synthetic lubricants. And the ratio of gasoline/oil in this case increases in the direction of the fuel.

If, when using lubrication, it is found that a wet oil plaque remains on the candle, and dirty development is dripping from the exhaust pipe. these are obvious signs of incomplete combustion or the use of low.quality lubricant. You need to once again review the choice of motor oil for the chainsaw and the proportion of its use.

Stihl chainsaw oil

STIHL chainsaw motor oil today is universally recognized as the best option for this technique. And this is logical. No one better than the saw manufacturer knows what properties the lubricants should have to create the most favorable operating conditions.

STIHL for gasoline saws produced several types of oil. Two options are common.

Synthetic Stihl HP Ultra

Greenish lubricant. It has very good bioference properties. Contains a minimum amount of sulfur and other inclusions that can potentially form soot.

It mixes perfectly with gasoline and is capable of not precipitation for a long time for a long time. This property is especially useful if the saw is not used daily, since there is no need to drain fuel.

Mineral Stihl HP

It has a red tint. Does not have the properties of biological decomposition. In this oil, it is extremely not recommended to operate a chainsaw in a closed room.

The lubricant mixes well with gasoline. However, with prolonged simple, it is recommended to completely drain the fuel from the tank, since in a diluted state the properties of the oil gradually fall.

Even with prolonged operation of the saw on the mineral lubrication of the STIHL, the carpet on the piston skirt, cylinder and candle is minimal. This lubricant is relatively cheap and is most popular in malfunction and repair of the chain lubrication system

Consider the common malfunctions and repair of the chain of modern chains of modern chainships.

If the chain is not lubricated

The tank is filled, and the oil does not enter the chain of the chainsaw. There may be several sources of the problem.

    Oil pump drive. A fairly common malfunction. On the chainsaws, Stihl often cuts off a plastic drive gear. Or the slots wear out. The gear does not rotate at all or rotates, but does not enter into a hook with the pump drive.

Uneven lubrication

Lubrication enters the chain in excess or insufficient quantities. Когда масло не поступает на цепь или льется слишком обильно, это вызывает дискомфорт при работе и может навредить пиле.

Such a problem is a little less common, but also quite widespread. There may be several reasons.

  • Incorrect adjustment. The screw for setting oil supply on some saws without understanding the adjustment process is better not to touch.
  • Using unsuitable lubricants in the viscosity of. The pump pumps too dense lubricants less willingly, and they are worse in the tire chain. With liquid oils, the opposite.
  • Reducing tightness in the lubrication system of the chain. Sometimes the tube of oil supply to the pump leaves or damage. This causes oil starvation. A similar problem is manifested in the lubrication of lubrication at the bottom of the chainsaw.
carver, chainsaw, market


Despite the abundant supply of oil, to the chain, overheating or shade is still observed. There is only one reason here. using the material absolutely inappropriate for lubrication. Often this can be seen when pouring into a system of working.

Brief review of lubricants for chains of chainsaws

Today, a lot of lubricants for chains of chainsaws are sold on the market. Consider several popular products.

  • Stihl Forest Plus. One of the best products in the market. Specialized, high.quality and quite expensive oil. Has an ideal set of working properties. Causes minimal harm to the environment due to biodegradability. Can be used in any chainsaw.
  • Motul Timber 120. An expensive lubricant at the mineral base. Has no complaints from users. Positioned as one of the top products in the market.
  • Liqui Moly Bio-Sage-Kettenoill. Expensive biodegradable oil lubrication. The high price determines the property of rapid decomposition to safe compounds in the natural environment. In lubricants is at a high but not top level.
  • Oleo-Mac Eco-Lube. Not the most expensive, but well.proven oil. Combined with all chainsaws. Also has the properties of rapid biodegradation.

To the main question: what kind of oil is used for the chain of the chainsaw, there is no unequivocal answer. It all depends on the operating conditions of the saw, the frequency of its use and financial capabilities.

The use of inalition can lead to a system failure or even a sawdust breakdown. Therefore, from a possible list of materials used for these purposes, you should immediately exclude development.

Professionals often use not diluted transmission grease TAD-17, it is most precisely suitable in characteristics. But what kind of grease to choose, only you decide.