How much horsepower is in a Ural chainsaw

Specifications The Ural-2T-Electron chainsaw has the following technical parameters: motor. two-stroke, single-cylinder, runs on gasoline; vibration speed on the control handles is 7.9×10-2 meters per second; the power of the device is 3.68 kilowatts; the weight of the device is 11.7 kilograms; the consumption of the fuel mixture is 632 grams per kilowatt-hour; dimensions. 46x88x46 centimeters; the working length of […]

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STIHL 250 chain oil supply

Diagnostics of the STIHL MS180 chainsaw chain lubrication (software) Spare parts STIHL 180 Do-it-yourself repair of the STIHL ms 180 chainsaw. The chain is not lubricated. You can remove problems without the help of others, as it is also called, under the guidance of professionals. Principle of operation The main unit of the system is the pump. The principle of […]

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