Chain Saw Electric Or Gasoline Which Is Better

Which saw is better. Electric or gasoline?

If you have to work with wood, then, undoubtedly, the question will arise, how and with what to cut it. How to choose a saw among the many suggestions. Which saw is more reliable? All these questions, I want to get an answer.

So, in order, let’s discuss the benefits of a saw. The saw runs quietly, which is not unimportant. It does not emit various gases into the atmosphere, therefore it is environmentally friendly. It does not need to be refueled and prepared with a mixture of oil and gasoline. In general, I plugged the saw into an outlet and drank for myself.

Cost, and this is sometimes the main criterion when choosing a saw, in favor of the saw.

Yes, exactly so, but there are also negative sides. If you have a large area or need to cut in the forest, and there is no power supply during the initial construction, then such a saw is not needed. In addition, it is worth noting that sometimes it is easier to refuel the chainsaw tank than to unwind and then reel in a long extension. Let’s just say it’s not safe to saw with an electric cord, you must always remember about it so that it does not fall under the cutting part. When working at height and in difficult conditions, this task is even more difficult to perform.

In addition, the saws are very good at working in one place, and when moving from one to another, changing the line is very tedious. In wet, rainy weather, it is generally forbidden to work with saws in open areas. Not expensive saws cannot work for a long time and it is necessary to take breaks so that they cool down, otherwise they fail. And if the chainsaw runs out of fuel during operation, and it stops to cool down, then you need an alarm clock to the saw or you need to look at the clock more often.

Now let’s turn our attention to the chainsaw. A mobile and powerful chainsaw, rather more common. Brands such as Husqvarna and STIHL are well proven in construction, logging, landscaping, parks and squares. This saw works great in dry and rainy weather. It has great power and freely saws through thick and hard tree trunks, both in the garden and in the forest.

Chainsaws are more productive and powerful than saws. The disadvantages include their high cost, here the proverb “Stingy. Pays twice ”, running noise is sometimes difficult to start and is suitable for sawing indoors. Although if we take the models of leading manufacturers, then the price is not very different.

He replied that when he only had a saw, it was necessary to ask a neighbor for a chainsaw for various jobs. Now he mainly uses only the chainsaw, since, despite the high indicated saw power, it is “weak”. It needs a thick extension cord to power it, otherwise it will not develop its full power. And most importantly, the saw does not have enough voltage power in the network (sometimes 190-200 volts).

Summing up the above, I would like to say that chainsaws are more versatile, autonomous and independent. Their choice is wider and they are getting more. The saw becomes a more specific tool, and it no longer has to compete with a gasoline saw. Although indoors and in construction, such saws are quite popular when harvesting firewood.
It’s up to you, because only you know what you are going to cut.

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Popular models of chainsaws. The main difference between a chainsaw and a saw

In addition to the difference in energy sources, gasoline and saws have big differences in power characteristics.

The maximum power of chain saws is up to 2.5 kW. It is almost impossible to install a more powerful engine on such saws for the following reasons:

  1. The saw becomes heavy and unwieldy.
  2. An electric motor with a power of about 5 kW requires a separate powerful cable and connection outlets. When starting, the electric motor, unlike electric stoves and heating elements, takes 3 times the rated power. That is, a 5 kW. 15 kW motor. All wiring and circuit breakers should be designed for this power.

Two-stroke internal combustion engines of powerful models of chainsaws can develop power up to 6 kW.

There is a big difference in speed indicators:

  1. An electric motor of 3000 rpm is already considered a high-speed.
  2. The number of maximum (for all gas) rpm of the internal combustion engine on different models. From 12,000 to 15,000.

Such a difference in rpm does not mean that the chain on the saw rotates 4-5 times slower than at the maximum of the chainsaw. Low revs are partially cut off by a higher gear ratio than chainsaws.

Therefore, a consumer who has replaced a 1.8 kW chainsaw with a saw of the same power will be disappointed with the weak performance precisely because of the small number of revolutions.

There are fundamental differences in the drive design. Chainsaws have clutches. Therefore, the chain does not rotate when the chainsaw is idling. There are no clutches on the saws. The movement of the chain begins immediately after the soft start button is turned on.

The systems for fastening the bar and chain tension are different. They are keyless on saws. On most models of chainsaws, the tire is tightened in a more proven way, with nuts and a wrench. The tightening force is visually controlled and more reliable.

The oil pumps for supplying lubricant to the saw head work on the same principle in both versions. Sometimes there are pumps on the saws that are exactly the same as on chainsaws.

There is a difference in the arrangement of mechanisms and the location of the center of gravity. All chainsaw models are thoughtfully balanced for a comfortable grip. As a result, when lifting by the handle, all chainsaws are effortlessly in the working position, the tire or rear part does not hang down.

Holding the saw in your hands requires some effort, just because the location of the cable at the back can be different. It either lies on the ground or dangles and pulls the back of the saw down.

How to make a choice

The decisive factor when buying a gasoline or electric saw will be the planned scope of work.

If the tool is bought for periodic work in the garden, for example, to cut down old trees, put up a gazebo or fix a bathhouse, a gasoline or electric saw will work equally well.

For long-term work in the open air, professional, productive chainsaws are suitable, capable of working non-stop for several hours.

If you have to work indoors, the electric option will be more advantageous. Under the roof, the device will be able to work regardless of the weather, the low noise level and the absence of exhaust gases will play in favor of this option.

The principle of operation of electric and chainsaws is almost the same. The main difference between them is in the energy source. However, in practice, the difference in the performance of the instruments will be felt.

Saw device

Key components of the tool:

  1. Electric motor hidden in a plastic case.
  2. Oil tank and tank for supplying petroleum products.
  3. Front and rear handles with start buttons.
  4. Emergency brake lever.
  5. Saw assembly including chain, bar and fasteners.
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Saws, unlike gasoline counterparts, usually lack a clutch disc. Instead, a soft start button is used, which allows you to gradually gain momentum.

Gasoline or electric saw: which is more reliable?

Reliability, as one of the indicators of quality and durability, is determined not only by the technical capabilities of the device, but also by the goals set by the user. The main criteria to be guided by when choosing a gasoline or saw are:

  • Volume of work;
  • Endurance;
  • Productivity;
  • The cost of the device and its consumables;
  • Comfort.

Let’s consider them in more detail.

When to give preference to a saw

The place of its application, where the chainsaw cannot replace it, is closed rooms. For example, a carpentry workshop.

For workpieces with a larger section, use chain saws.

The saw is better suited for work at off-hours or even during working hours when the roar of the chainsaw is highly undesirable.

Also, an electric chain saw can help when you need to do small (or even one-time) work in the most economical way. The most inexpensive chain saw on the market today costs only 1800 rubles. (The most expensive is about 20 thousand).


An electric motor is always easy, simple and understandable, but a gasoline one is undoubtedly more reliable. The very design of the internal combustion engine is such that its endurance and reliability is higher in all existing parameters. It has high revs, for the manufacture of a gasoline engine, durable and wear-resistant materials are used, which allow you to work with a saw in rain, heat and cold.

Gasoline engines have more advanced cooling and overheating protection systems, there is an air filter, all kinds of fuel and oil level control sensors are built-in, so its service life is greatly increased compared to an electric motor of the same power. With proper operation, an internal combustion engine works well for a dozen years, withstanding longer and more complex loads that are beyond the power of an electric motor. That is: to build a bathhouse and sawing thick logs, buy a chainsaw, and for household repair work near the house and inside it or to prepare firewood for a fireplace. An electric one.

It should be borne in mind that all the above evidence is relevant only when comparing saws from well-known brands that have proven themselves in the market for high-quality technology. Therefore, a good German electric saw is a priori more reliable than a cheap Chinese chainsaw.

What is better than a chainsaw or a saw?

The thesis that a saw is a necessary tool for every owner of a private house or summer resident no longer requires proof. A comfortable and high-quality saw is one of those tools that you should always keep close at hand. It is needed to cut branches in the garden, shape the crown of trees or bushes with a saw, it is indispensable for repair and construction work: installing a frame on the roof, erecting gazebos, verandas, not to mention the preparation of firewood for a stove, fireplace or even for a barbecue. Since hand saws and hacksaws have long been a thing of the past, today the question remains relevant: Which chain saw to choose, petrol or electric-?

Main selection criteria:

The main difference between a gasoline and an electric drive is obvious: the gasoline engine works autonomously, and the electric motor is tied to the mains, and the radius of its operation is limited by the length of the power cable. Based on this, even an inexperienced user understands that it is possible to go deeper into the forest in order to cut down a tree only with a chainsaw. An electric saw will also be a useless toy on a construction site with no electricity or when cleaning trees in a remote garden area. But all these are extremes, and in the case when there are no problems with electricity, and the proposed work is being carried out near the house, then why not choose a light and low-noise electric saw, which, moreover, does not smoke and does not stink?

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The question of choosing a saw drive always remains relevant, therefore, in order to make the right choice, it is worth determining the range of your needs and capabilities. Try to sort out in your head the main tasks and loads that you plan to perform with the saw. What intensity of use of the tool is expected? Will it be periodic work or daily workload? Will you be able to carry out maintenance on time? Do you have enough money to constantly refuel your chainsaw with expensive gasoline? And finally. What is the price of a saw that is acceptable for you personally? After answering these questions, the choice of the tool is yours, and we propose to compare the five main parameters of gasoline and electric saws.


The performance of a saw is determined by the amount of work done in a certain period of time. The performance of a saw is mainly influenced by two factors: the power of its motor and the quality of the cutting attachment. If you are choosing a saw for your garden needs and do not plan to use it every day, then opt for low-power household chainsaws or non-professional grade saws. Power up to 2 kW. For a small construction site and other summer cottage works, semi-professional units are suitable. From 2 to 3 kW.

In this case, an important nuance should be taken into account: with the same engine power declared, gasoline engines are much more efficient than electric ones. The gasoline engine has a much higher efficiency, that is, the engine power is almost completely transferred to the cutting part, but the electrical efficiency is much lower. Thus, an electric saw with a power of 2.5 kW will give the same result and effect when working as a gasoline saw with a power of up to 2 kW. In addition, electric saws are mainly equipped with motors up to 2 kW (less often up to 2.5 kW), that is, they are always positioned by the manufacturer as amateur. The lower performance of the saws is compensated by their low weight and ease of use.

But gasoline saws can have a built-in engine of very high power. Even up to 6 kW, but this is already a professional type, used mainly for felling. Powerful chainsaws are mostly heavy and oversized, they are difficult to handle, so they are completely unnecessary for a summer resident and an amateur gardener.

If we compare the cutting parts of saws with different types of drives, then chainsaws often have a longer bar. It is convenient to cut thick trees or logs with a single tire. It can make a deeper cut, but an electric saw with a short bar runs faster and puts less stress on your hands. If there is a choice between two saws (gasoline and electric) with the same performance, then for small boards and cutting branches it is better to take a saw with a shorter tire. This will increase your cutting speed and make your job easier.


With today’s record gasoline price hike, electric and cordless saws will undoubtedly be cheaper to operate because they do not require constant filling of gasoline, oil changes and periodic maintenance or replacement of engine parts. Long-term operation The savings are explained by the fact that gasoline engines have an increased service life, that is, they can work for several years without forcing you to buy a new saw.

Chain Saw Electric Or Gasoline Which Is Better