Chainsaw Ignition

Chainsaw Snowmobile Friendship

The base of a homemade snowmobile is a support metal frame. The engine must be installed in the front of the frame, securely fastened with powerful bolts.

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To control a homemade product, it will need to be equipped with a standard steering control, to which you need to bring the throttle and brake pedal. A snowmobile from a chainsaw Friendship should also be equipped with reliable shock absorbers.

For the movement of homemade products, you can choose a tracked mechanism or a chassis combined of tracks and skis. To transfer torque from the engine to the chassis, the snowmobile will need to be equipped with a centrifugal clutch with a chain and a poly V-belt.

To increase traction on the drive shaft of the caterpillar mechanism, you need to install a gear with a diameter larger than the size of the saw drive Friendship.

Chainsaw device Friendship

The basic equipment of each Druzhba model includes a powerful domestic gasoline engine of the MP-1 brand. This engine stands out for its high endurance, good traction parameters, a solid torque reserve and a high working life. The engine of this brand does not require expensive maintenance and does not require frequent replacement of parts.

To cool the motor, the domestic manufacturing plant has provided an effective forced air circulation system in the tool device. A reliable recoil starter is responsible for starting the engine. During operation, the internal combustion engine parts are lubricated with oil, which the operator adds to the gasoline when mixing the fuel mixture. To clean the air that is supplied to the carburetor, there is a durable foam filter.

Flange connections are provided in the saw device to connect the saw headset with the motor. They are secured with a clamp that is attached to the saw handle. This unusual design solution allows the owner of the tool to turn the bar and chain at any angle necessary for work. In addition, this arrangement makes it possible to quickly disconnect the saw motor for further making various homemade products.

Each Druzhba model is equipped with a standard 2-barrel carburetor. To generate a candle in the saw device, an electronic ignition system and a candle are responsible. The model is equipped with a basic muffler, retracted away from the operator to suppress engine noise.

The gearbox is responsible for the formation and stable transmission of torque from the motor to the chain set. For its manufacture, the manufacturer uses high-quality hardened steel coated with a protective chrome-plated alloy. This significantly increases the working life of the mechanism and increases its resistance to heat and rust.

Chainsaw moped Friendship

The basis for assembling a homemade bicycle with an engine is the engine from the Druzhba chainsaw. To transfer torque from the internal combustion engine to the drive wheel, an ordinary bicycle chain is used, mounted on a gear pair.

For safe movement in mountainous terrain, a bicycle powered by a Druzhba chainsaw will need to be equipped with reliable shock absorbers and a brake system. For the assembly of such a vehicle, it is best to use a gearbox with a gear ratio of 18: 1. This element will make it possible to move on a moped at the average speed of a regular bike.

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The moped from the Friendship chainsaw stands out for its simple design. If necessary, its owner can perform a quick repair of the vehicle using only a wrench and a screwdriver.

Model Specifications

The Friendship models were very popular among the population due to their excellent technical parameters. They are practically the same for the Druzhba 2 and Druzhba 4 models. The only difference is only in engine power. the Druzhba-2 chainsaw is equipped with a 2100 Watt motor, while the Druzhba-4 chainsaw is equipped with an internal combustion engine with a 2600 Watt power.

Other characteristics of the models include:

  • the capacity of the tank for refueling with a fuel mixture. 550 ml;
  • chain lubrication tank capacity. 260 ml;
  • the length of the tire used. 45 cm;
  • regular saw chain pitch. 0.325 “;
  • working weight. 12 kg.

With an engine volume of 94 cm3, the maximum crankshaft speed of the chainsaw is 5200 rpm.

How to set the ignition on a chainsaw Friendship?

Problems that arise in the contact ignition system of a saw are often associated with mechanical damage to the tool. As a result of blows, the distance between the flywheel and the magneto saw is violated.

The distance between the parts must be adjusted in the following order:

  • First you need to remove the protective case of the tool, and clean the interior of the accumulated dust;
  • After that, you need to set the standard chainsaw piston to its original position;
  • Next, you need to check the size of the gap. According to the instructions, it should be at least 0.3 mm. If this value is less, then it will need to be increased. To do this, unscrew the fastening screw, and move the magneto to the desired distance from the coil;
  • After that, you need to tighten the fastening screw and check the gap again.

To avoid problems with contact ignition of the Druzhba chainsaw in the future, it will need to be converted to contactless.

Stihl Ignition Coil Bench Test and Replacement

Motor-cultivator from the Druzhba chainsaw

A chainsaw cultivator should be equipped with a sturdy support frame to which all other homemade parts will be attached. For the manufacture of the frame, you need to use pre-painted metal corners and pipes.

The cultivator’s undercarriage should consist of a pair of small wheels that can be taken from an old baby carriage. To transfer the torque from the motor to the wheels, a gearbox, chain and gears are used.

The motor must be securely fastened to the front of the frame. In the back of it you will need to install a load. It will press on the wheels, making the cultivator more stable when working in loose soil.

Chainsaw mower Friendship

To make a mower with your own hands, you will need to prepare a homemade body and a protective cover, small wheels, and a knife. The latter can be taken from an old gasoline scythe or from an unnecessary lawn mower.

The cutting knife will need to be attached to the bottom of the housing. It is best to use a gearbox to transfer the power from the motor to the cutting element. The motor itself from the Friendship chainsaw needs to be fixed in the center of the mower. this will make the homemade product balanced and stable.

For ease of operation of the structure, it will need to be equipped with a long U-shaped handle. The upper central part of the latter must be covered with a rubberized material that will prevent the operator’s hands from slipping.

The finished mower stands out for its economy and ease of use. On average, a homemade product will consume no more than 0.5 liters of fuel per hour of work.

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Chainsaw Friendship

Chainsaws of the Druzhba brand are distinguished by their reliability, endurance and unpretentiousness to the quality of fuel. These domestically produced tools are often used for complex tasks in construction and felling. During operation, they show a high working speed and the ability to cut any type of wood.

High voltage wire

Next, check the spark plug wires. They can often run in such a way that many bends are observed. In those places, the wire can be damaged, while it looks perfect. Next, inspect the spark plug cap of the ignition wire. There should be no brown coating on it.

If there is one, it means that the spark is not firing in the right place, but in all parts around the ceramic insulator. The cap can also be damaged. cracks, chips. The check must be carried out carefully, because due to the damaged insulating layer, you can get an electric shock.

Chainsaw ignition module (coil) problems

Husqvarna chainsaw ignition coil

The switch and the ignition module that regulates its operation can often fail. The coil may also be faulty. If all elements of the ignition system are in good working order, but there is no spark, suspect the module and the coil.

And the problem of a malfunction of these elements is that it is impossible to repair the module or fix part of the coil. they need to be replaced. Of course, if possible, it is better to put the module from some old saw and understand if this is the case.

After all, you can elementarily make a mistake at some stage and suspect what actually works.

You should not trust all kinds of testers. they often show false information about the health of the ignition system. Only diagnostics with a different module or coil will be reliable.

If the electronic module is bad, there is such a symptom: as soon as the chainsaw heats up, a very weak spark is emitted. Also, after refueling, the unit may not start. This is observed due to the fact that the coil or module is very hot, their resistance increases, so the spark weakens.

If there are breakdowns in the ignition system, and there is no experience in repairing them, you should not try to repair everything yourself. Elementary things, such as checking the integrity of a candle or wires, can be carried out at home, but more complex diagnostics, and even more so, the replacement of units should be carried out by professionals. And then you can be sure of the quality of the work performed.

Spark plug

Most often, breakdown occurs due to the spark plug. It is worth checking if the insulator is damaged and the electrode is not worn out. They check the entire candle for integrity and the absence of defects. this is the integrity of the wires from the coil, and the presence of insulating material, etc.

Chainsaw ignition system. its design and adjustment

This part of gasoline saws includes a number of interconnected parts through which sparking occurs at the time the engine is started. Their main purpose is to ignite a combustible mixture so that the engine can go into operating mode.

Despite the thoroughness of this part of modern chainsaws, from time to time it needs not only repair, but also correct adjustment. And what you need to know for this, and will be discussed in this article.

You need to look into the ignition coil as quickly as possible if:

  • the unit does not start after several consecutive attempts;
  • functioning is intermittent, which is noticeable not only at idle, but also under load;
  • the tool does not deliver its full power.
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If at least one of these points takes place in the operation of the device, it means that a re-installation of the ignition on the chainsaw is required.

This means that you just need to reconfigure it, which can be done with your own hands, without resorting to the help of repair shops and service centers.

How to set the ignition on a chainsaw yourself?

This is one of the central questions of concern to all owners of chainsaws without exception, regardless of their power class and the brand that produced it.

Indeed, even if the instrument had factory settings, set strictly according to the rules in accordance with the instructions for use, then in the process of operation it is still impossible to avoid their failures.

The fault is vibration, intense loads acting on all saw systems and on ignition, including.

The procedure for checking and adjusting the correct operation of the engine

The most vulnerable element of a carburetor engine is the spark plug. It also allows you to judge the probable causes of malfunction of individual units of a gasoline engine. The following procedure is recommended.

    Dismantle the spark plug and inspect it. A dry candle with a slight brown tint of the electrodes can be considered serviceable.

Spark plug carbon deposits

  • If traces of fuel are found on the plug, check the operation of the carburetor, which gives an excess amount of gasoline into the cylinder, filling it. The presence of a dark coating indicates a possible change in the geometry of the cylinder or piston.
  • If the appearance of the candle does not reveal any deviations from the norm, check the operability of the electrical circuit. First, the high-voltage cable that supplies voltage to the spark plug is brought up to the cylinder with a small gap and the starter cord is set in motion. In this case, a breakdown spark should appear. Its absence may indicate a cable malfunction. In this case, it is checked by a tester and replaced with a serviceable one if a break or damage to the insulation is found.
  • If the high-voltage cable is in good working order, check the ignition coil and the wire leading to the shutdown button. If a visual inspection does not reveal any obvious damage, it is necessary to ring the ignition coil by comparing the tester readings with the characteristics specified in the chainsaw operating instructions. If a malfunction is found, the entire unit will have to be replaced with a similar one.
  • Chainsaw ignition coil

    When installing a new electrical module on the engine, the magneto gap must be adjusted. The optimal distance between the flywheel and the ignition coil is 0.2-0.4 mm for most chainsaws.

    Clearance between magneto and flywheel

    With such a small gap, it will not be possible to use an available measuring tool for direct measurement. In practice, a Husqvarna saw uses a template in the form of a spacer cut from thin, flexible sheet material of the required thickness. It is clamped in the space between the flywheel and the coil when it is installed, and then pulled out.

    In order not to have to resort to adjusting the ignition, operate the tool carefully, avoiding knocks. In particular, this applies to chainsaws with electronic chips in the ignition system, since they are very sensitive to mechanical damage.

    Ignition system device

    This part of the power tool has the following typical structure:

    • magneto;
    • electric cable;
    • spark plug;
    • shutdown key.