Chainsaw Oleo-Mac 937 carburetor adjustment

Service for your Oleo-Mac 936, 940, 947 chainsaw

Often some of these problems appear after a long downtime chainsaw. A complete assembly service and pre-startup is required to get the machine back up and running.

If used correctly, a good STIHL 100 eighty chainsaw (or any other chainsaw) should give you long and excellent service. But anything can happen

  • The retaining screws are loose
  • Worn out engine (in this case, the adjustment of this chainsaw, as well as Goodluska or Sturma will only help for a while, in this case it is better to immediately carry in the repair)
  • The carburetor is clogged (in this case, it will also have to be cleaned).

Step-by-step adjustment

Here’s an example of how to adjust the carburetor on the Oleo-Mac 937 chain saw. The principle of other saws actually does not differ, therefore the given method is applicable to the following models: 941c, 936. With other, less popular models (for example, Oleo-Mac 32 or Oleo-Mac 35) similarity has not inspected, but most likely no major differences.

Before adjusting the carburetor on an Oleo-Mac chainsaw, there are a number of criteria to be met:

  • Clean air and fuel filters;
  • Check the condition of nozzles, make sure they are good and clean;
  • Evaluate the integrity of the membranes: no damage, no cracks;
  • Check that there is sufficient fuel in the chamber.

For standard carburetor adjustment to do its disassembly is not required. On the outside there are screws to perform all necessary options:

Despite the fact that the manufacturer advises to adjust the S screw only, in practice it turns out to be insufficient. Before adjusting all three screws should be tightened to a stop and then unscrew 1.5-2 turns.

  • Start the engine, warm it up for 3-5 minutes at medium rpm.
  • Connect the tachometer.
  • Adjustment of operation at low rpm with a screw L. It is necessary to reach 1-1.5 thousand. RPM. Motor without cranking the chain, and when the gas pedal is pressed, no slack in rpm. In case of a collapse the accelerator screw should be turned out until the effect is eliminated.
  • The highest engine rpm is set with the H screw. While pressing the gas pedal to the maximum, watch for the increase in rpm, it is important that they do not exceed a very permissible value. It is recommended to set it to 5-10% below the maximum rpm to prevent the engine from excessive wear.
  • the carburettor is fine tuned with the S screw. When the chain is running in idle speed, turn the screw counterclockwise until the chain stops. If the engine stalls, turn the screw clockwise until a smooth operation is obtained.
  • After the adjustment procedure the chain saw is tested under real working conditions. Repeat the adjustment if necessary.

Main advantages of the model

The Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw has a system that ensures trouble-free operation even in winter. Controls are integrated into the lever. Ignition on/off, half throttle and choke operation are made easy. All of these features make the machine very easy to use.

“The Oleo-Mac 937 has an automatic aluminum oil pump that guarantees zero oil consumption when idling. The starting force is reduced and consistent performance and durability is ensured by a twin-ring piston. Benefits include a forged connecting rod, nickel-plated cylinder and crankshaft.

Safe working is guaranteed by the inertia chain brake. Nylon air filter is reusable. Immediate engagement of the components is made possible by the three-element clutch. This virtually eliminates slippage and ensures that parts wear evenly.

“The Oleo-Mac 937 is also very comfortable to work with thanks to the anti-vibration system. Toothed double stop ensures that the tool is securely on the log. The merit of the stop is also in the fixation and good balancing. To operate the device one should use gasoline of AI-92 brand and oil, which is designed for two-stroke engines. The manufacturer provided easy access to the spark plug and filter, and there is no need to use additional tools.


When buying the Oleo-Mac 936 chainsaw, the customer gets a standard kit, which comes with any saw.

It should be noted that with all of the above, the customer gets a warranty on the chainsaw for 3 years.

Carburetor Adjustments

For clarity, the adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor can be seen in the example below. After viewing it, no questions should appear on the tuning, even for beginners.

Ural adjustment

It is little different in that it should not be carried out at sharp highest revolutions, but make sure that the chain picks them up quickly, but smoothly, without moving on the bar.

In any case, you should take the adjustment particularly seriously, because if it’s done incorrectly, the saw won’t stay with you for long. Take care of your own tools and if you’re not convinced of your own abilities, contact a professional.

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No matter which one of them, even a good friendship, needs attention and care. Then the chainsaw will be your faithful assistant for a long, long time.

Buying chain saw HUS365 you have to be ready that after a month of its use you will not want to deal with a single saw, not counting this brand. This is due to its reliability, affordability and, most importantly, ease of operation.

How to Adjust the Angle of Sharpening for a Belt Saw

Adjusting the carburetor of the Oleo-Mac 941c chainsaw

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How to beat the odds with Oleo-Mac chainsaws

Why the Oleo-Mac chain saw quits, loses rpm or doesn’t start at all? These are the things Oleo-Mac chain saw owners need to know in order to get the right service and avoid repairs on their Oleo-Mac chain saw.

  • The vital principle design elements in Oleo-Mac chainsaws:
  • Start-up problems with the Oleo-Mac chainsaw:
  • The challenges of working with an Oleo-Mac chainsaw:

Carburetor Adjustments

For an illustration of how to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw, see the following. After watching it, no adjustment questions should arise, even for beginners.

Oleo-Mac 941(C,CX)(16″) chainsaw. Domestic models with professional capabilities

Oleo-Mac brand quality, handy and durable tools have been world-famous since the 1970s. The Oleo-Mac 941C-16 domestic chainsaw combines the affordable cost of a budget tool with the parameters typical of professional models. This machine is built on the fundamentals of a classic layout and the know-how of modern technology.

A chainsaw can be used with equal success:

  • For wood fueling;
  • for the care of garden and ornamental trees;
  • Building log cabins;
  • making of decorative elements of landscape design.

adjusting the Ural

It is little different in that it should not be carried out at high speed, but make sure that the chain picks them up quickly, but smoothly, without moving on the bar.

In any case it is necessary to take adjustment seriously, because if it is done incorrectly, the saw will not stay with you for a long time. Take care of your own tools and if you are not convinced of your own abilities, ask a professional.

No matter which one of them, even a strong friendship, asks for attention and care. Then the chainsaw will be your faithful assistant for a long and lasting years.

When you buy the HUS365 chainsaw, you must be prepared for the fact that after a month of use you won’t want to deal with a single saw other than this brand. This is explained by its reliability, accessibility, and most importantly, ease of operation.

Champion chainsaw carburetor

Champion adjustment is not associated with the difficulties encountered when setting up cheap Chinese tools that are designed after the example of branded expensive models. Champion saw carburetor is simple, it contains several screws with different markings.

  • An idle speed screw that can be used to adjust the idle speed of the main unit. If this screw is set to low RPM when idling, the saw will not start, if the RPM is set to high RPM, the chain will start to wear out.
  • Low RPM adjustment screw. This adjustment allows you to set a perfect air-fuel mixture to run the tool at low RPM levels. If the adjustment on this screw is out of order, then the device will not start when idling, also there may be severe problems with the motor (may fail).
  • High speed adjustment screw. Operator controls air-fuel consistency at high rpm when adjusting the screw. Failures do not lead to saw headset wear and main unit parts damage.

Oleo-Mac 925 chainsaw. garden tool kit

This popular household chainsaw features the lowest fuel consumption, moderate size and superior ergonomics. With its relatively high power, this powerhouse is well suited for cutting small, dry logs and felling fruit trees up to 25 cm wide.

This model has a motor with 2 piston rings, brushed nickel cylinder and manual starter with improved recoil spring. For refueling and lubrication of the chain in the design of gasoline saw Oleo-Mac has two separate plastic tanks with wide necks for the ability to clean the tanks with their own hands.

The main features of this domestic model include:

  • industrial motor power. 1,2 l. с.;
  • fuel/chain lubricant tank capacity. 230/160 ml;
  • Recommended length of the mounted bar by the brand. 25
  • weight. 3,2 kg.

The mechanisms of this chain saw are housed in a strong, impact-resistant housing that can withstand considerable vibration and extreme heat.

Oleo-Mac 947 chainsaw. model characteristics

The pluses of this semi-professional portable saw include little vibration, a low center of mass, and superior performance in all weather conditions.

The piston in the engine of this model is made of forged steel and equipped with 2 rings to increase the stability of the element.

The sawing bodies of this semi-professional Oleo-Mac model consist of a forged chain mounted on an iron guide bar. Lubrication of the headset is automatic and controlled by an adjustable oil pump.

Features of the brand-name saw include:

  • Industrial motor power. 3.1 liters. с.;
  • 500/270 ml fuel tank/chain lubricant capacity;
  • Recommended by the brand length of the mounted tire. 45 kg;
  • weight. 5.6 kg.

The Oleo-Mac has a shatterproof housing that can withstand heat, heavy vibration and dropping from height.

User reviews

I like this saw very much. I bought it for my summer cottage job and I am fully satisfied. Performs its job very well. I haven’t worked too much, I haven’t cut firewood, but I think the 937 doesn’t have a problem with that.

Oleo-Mac 937 is not a bad saw. I used a Husqvarna before, but it gave up on me last year. Took the “ola”, so far satisfied. Best of all, it is one of the quietest saws I have ever worked with. In addition to the tolerable acoustic comfort, I liked the low vibration level. About reliability I can not say anything, the saw has just recently been bought.

Can cut down small trees and dead wood in a normal way. When I have to do chores around the house, the saw does it all. No serious drawbacks noted. But there is one strong advantage. the saw is not as demanding to the fuel as the same “STIHL”. No need to fill up with fresh gasoline before each work session.


When buying a chain saw Oleo-Mac 936, the client receives in addition a standard kit, yakiy comes with any saw.

It should be noted that with all of the above, the customer receives a warranty on the chainsaw for 3 years.

Carburetor adjustment

For clarity, the chainsaw carburetor settings can be seen in the example below. After looking at it, no questions should not appear on the adjustment, even for beginners.

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The described saw has two modifications. The first is the Oleo-Mac 937 16. the basic version of the chainsaw. The second. Oleo-Mac 937 PowerSharp. This version is technically identical to the standard 937, but with an additional quick sharpening system. The special edition can be recognized by the original PowerSharp logo on the bar.

Saws Accessories

The buyer of the Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw receives the following package:

  • The chainsaw itself, disassembled (bar and chain disconnected from the main unit);
  • spark plug wrench;
  • The chainsaw repair and operation manual (the manual is also available electronically on the Oleo-Mac website in the model profile).

The PowerSharp version additionally comes with a nozzle for quick.

Features of carburetor adjustment

The carburetor is tuned while still on the production line, but this does not mean that the operator does not need to do the tuning after purchasing the power unit. It’s important not to wait for the first problems to appear in the unit (or some others, which will be under a lot of pressure), but to adjust the revolutions regularly, so that nothing interferes with the effective operation of the tool.

If you have a little knowledge of chainsaw repair and tuning, check out our guide on how the carburetor works.

Note that it is not necessary to spend time on a trip to a service center, you can adjust the screws yourself. Just refer to the manual for your Champion gasoline chainsaw model. In this manual you will find such data:

  • How to disassemble the tool to get access to the adjusting screws (on some models there is access without the need for additional tools, which is convenient);
  • how to distinguish between the screws and figure out which one is responsible for rotating in a certain mode of operation of the device;
  • how to perform an initial inspection of the saw, identify the problem, and know which screw needs correction
  • How to adjust the carburetor, given a particular failure in the unit.

Alas, the manual for a particular model of Champion saw is not available to all operators, then the universal manual comes to the rescue, which indicates the main rules for setting the carburetor.

Important! Do not forget that improper adjustment of modern saws, can lead to rapid engine wear, serious breakdowns on the part of important and functional units of the tool. If you are not sure that you know how to work and tune the carburetor Champion 142 and new models of this brand, contact the master.

Prerequisites for carburetor tuning

In theory, it’s simple, just regularly check the quality of the air-fuel mixture with the screws on the carburetor. Nevertheless, even with frequent maintenance of this unit, problems may arise:

  • The saw headset works even when the operator does not give “gas”;
  • the device stops as soon as you manage to start it up;
  • the unit begins to “roar” at idle speed;
  • The saw won’t start at all;
  • the carving tool wears down quickly (or just unevenly);
  • The different operating modes of the machine do not achieve the optimum RPM.

Keep in mind that some carburetor problems may only concern you indirectly, but adjusting the assembly will be necessary.

If you’re going to do a carburetor tune-up, also check out the Champion 137 chainsaw review and its benefits.

Basic tuning principles

Before you attempt to set the carburetor, understand the basic principles of carburetor adjustment.

  • The screws are easy to distinguish by their markings. Adjust this or that screw when you are sure that you have previously correctly identified the cause of the problematic operation of the unit.
  • Different screws need to be turned for different operating conditions.
  • Do not operate the machine until you are sure that the carburetor screws are set correctly.
  • Check the optimum rpm reading in the owner’s manual for your Champion saw.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw

Oleo-Mac 937 chain saw instruction manual

Clearing out disturbed areas, taking care of tree crowns, felling logs. all of which are feasible when working with wood. But with primitive devices, such work will quickly bog down. After that, every person who is able to value their time and the quality of the work they do, strives to get a motorized tool. Productive, reliable, easy to operate. See the following overview rating of chainsaws in different price categories, analyze each model, focusing on:

And that narrows it down to just the right model for your criteria.

All chainsaws are equally different

Keep in mind that there are chainsaws on the market today made in different countries. None of the existing power-measurement systems are adopted. Therefore, taking into account the power characteristic, measured according to different principles (we mean horsepower and kilowatts) will be appropriate for a correct comparison of equipment.

The thing that unites a tool from different manufacturers is this:

  • the necessity to remove oil and fuel mixture for the period (more than 3 weeks) of storage
  • mandatory cleaning of operating elements before (6-8 hours) downtime
  • Lubricate the drive sprocket and idler sprocket (most models)
  • the tire would turn after 4 or 5 refills
  • Following the manufacturer’s recommendations closely in preparing the fuel mixture
  • Periodic (as 2 to 6 chains wear out) replacement of bar and drive sprocket.

After getting acquainted with the general design and technical features of the chainsaw, it is justifiably useful to study the specific characteristics of the tool

Q: I bought an Oleo-Mac 941 chainsaw. This is my first saw. I read the manual. It is very brief.

Initially the chain brake was on and it was not immediately possible to remove the cover, only after unlocking the brake until it clicked. Tried to start according to the manual.

It didn’t go out. I found the instructions for starting the Stihl: “Before starting, you must unlock the throttle lever and press the throttle, then the switch to the down position. Next the starter.

After a few jerks, the engine “sneezes”, then move the mode switch to the middle position and reuse the starter before starting.

After starting, briefly push throttle lever to idle.

Does it have a combination throttle lever? (I made the fuel from 1 liter. 92 gasoline and 20 ml of brand oil., primer pumped fuel into the carburetor before starting until the transparent button fills).

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What am I doing wrong? Or is the saw defective??

Answer: blocked the chain with the brake (does not affect the start, it’s TB), pumped primer fuel, flap lever down and yanked the starter once or twice (until “sneezing”), then move the lever to the middle position, yank the starter, after starting briefly press the gas trigger and thereby reduce the speed. Everything.

That’s how it works on my Oleo-Mac 941 cx, I don’t think yours is different.

I also recalled: there is a choke shutter under the lid to change the direction of air flow to the engine (winter/summer), it must be put on seasonally.

Q: I’ve decided to buy the Oleo-Mac 941c chain saw, but I can’t decide if it has the 3/8 chain pitch or the 0.325 pitch.

Which option is preferable and why??

Answer: Probably better 3/8-1.3. The saw is pretty weak with 3/8 it will be easier than with 0.325.

Q: I bought an Oleo-Mac 941 cx chainsaw a year ago, it’s a good saw, works great. Passed the running-in period and had a small malfunction.

When the engine is warmed up and sawing limbs, trunks, then when you switch the lever to stop the engine does not shut off and continues to run for a few seconds from 10 to 20 seconds.

On initial start, when engine is not too hot it stops right away. The service center said that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

I don’t know if that’s right please advise. It may be that the mixture is lean after the running-in period and the L and H screws need to be adjusted?

Answer: Wrong! Most likely, the spark plug does not match or the fuel is bad.

It is called “glow ignition” when the fuel mixture is ignited not by the spark but spontaneously by the glow plug red-hot electrodes.

It won’t kill the engine right away, but over time. sure.

When you turn off the engine you are not cutting off the fuel, you are cutting off the spark to the spark plug. So it has nothing to do with the carburetor. It could be the fuel.

Use 92 gasoline from a trusted gas station. Either the spark plug is “very hot” t.е. Has a low gauge.

Unfortunately, neither of these are covered by the warranty. Try changing the fuel and the spark plug, I think the problem will go away.

We give it about 20 seconds. 30 idle. It’s good for the engine anyway.

chainsaw, oleo-mac, carburetor, adjustment

Question: The Oleo-Mac 941c chain saw, almost new, assembled by itself out of the box, is in use.

It was fine at first, but then it was used by the builders, how. I don’t know.

The cord stopped retracting all the way. I had about 5 centimeters of gas left hanging. I solved this problem by taking apart the housing and winding an extra lap on the spring. now retracts and sits in the socket a little straighter), but another problem arose. Runs for about a minute, even less, and then shuts off.

As if there was no gas, even though the tank was full. Loosened the chain tension. it did not help, what else can be done?

Answer: If the Saw Stops When Idling. just turn the idle speed screw clockwise.

If it is on load then adjust the carburetor. I also need to check and clean the air filter.

It might be the problem. If nothing changes, you have to adjust the carb, the idle screw won’t change anything. You need a service for that.

Self-adjusting the carburetor lawnmower with their own hands is not possible without prior work, knowledge of the theory, awareness of the device fuel system. Annotation on how to do a carburetor repair.

Adjusting the lawnmower carburetor can be done with your own hands

lawn mowers, like all petrol tools for the garden, are not a difficult technique to maintain. Can be repaired and adjusted without the aid of others. For example, the adjustment of the lawnmower carburetor with their own hands. a matter of 5 minutes.

Lawnmower carburetor. it’s a node in the power system. Like all carburetors, it mixes air and fuel (gasoline) for further delivery to the engine cylinders.

In this process, the main thing. the correct proportion of fuel and air, why adjust the carburetor.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • No cogging stop in the basic set;
  • Some owners complain about the quality of the saw chain;
  • Requires high quality fuels and lubricants.

The manufacturer has tried to achieve an acceptable quality-price ratio in all models. The entire lineup has the following advantages:

  • quality parts and materials;
  • ease of operation;
  • Fuel consumption is lower than that of other brands;
  • ease of assembly;
  • quick start in winter.

Some models use technology that other brands do not. This is why Oleo-Mac saws are so popular in the world. But no matter how high the demand is, it is not always possible to satisfy it. It has a major drawback. Despite the popularity of the product in the territory, the company is not able to supply all the stores with spare parts and consumables. In addition, the saws of this brand are sensitive to the quality of gasoline and oil.

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