Chainsaw Partner Starts And Stalls

If the Partner chainsaw does not start, there is no need to rush to take it for repair. Each instrument is accompanied by an instruction that states how to fix the malfunction with your own hands.

Chainsaw Partner Starts And Stalls

Why does not start and what to do

There may be several reasons why a chainsaw does not start or does not start. To install them, you need to diagnose the device. Possible causes of a problem launch:

  • There is no spark on the spark plug;
  • Poor condition of the air and fuel filter;
  • Poor fuel supply and exhaust channel operability;
  • The breather, which is located on top of the tank, does not function well.

Often carbon deposits appear on the electrode electrodes and the tool does not start. Therefore, first check the spark plug. If the reason is not hidden in it, then examine the remaining elements.

  1. To test the spark, you need to remove the candle. To do this, remove the tip located on the high-voltage wire, remove the candle and put the tip back on. A candle is applied to the cylinder and the starter is launched. The engine ignition unit is operational if a spark is generated when the electrodes are turned on. When there is no spark, you need to adjust the distance between the electrodes with a probe or clean the entire part. In order for the chainsaw to start, the distance between the electrodes should be from 0.2 to 0.5 mm.
  2. To check the fuel supply, you need to fill the tank with fuel mixture. The system tube is disconnected from the carburetor and pumped. Fuel comes in jerky when the system is working properly. With a low feed, the channel through which the fuel or filter is fed is cleaned. When petrol smudges appear under the tank cover, it means that the tank is full and may affect engine performance.
  3. The fuel filter is checked by disconnecting it from the carburetor. The gas supply channel is disconnected and fuel is pumped. If there is no pressure in the nozzle, fuel is drained from the tank and the filter cartridge is pulled out. It is cleaned or replaced with a new one.
  4. A breather (valve) located on the cap of the fuel tank is designed to equalize the air pressure, which allows gasoline to flow freely into the carburetor. Sometimes it becomes polluted, air does not enter and a vacuum is created that prevents the chainsaw from starting. The hose through which the fuel is supplied is disconnected from the carburetor, then checked. Fuel must be spilled from the disconnected hose. If this does not happen, then it is cleaned with a simple needle or a stream of air under high pressure.

If it starts and stalls

When the chainsaw starts and dies, it is connected to the carburetor or other parts. The causes of the malfunction:

  1. Fuel is poorly supplied to the engine. This is due to a clogged breather.
  2. It is not enough fuel in the tank. By tilting the tool sideways, the remaining fuel flows in one place. Because of this, the saw stops working.
  3. The fuel is of poor quality.
  4. The candle insulator overheats when poor contact is made between the wire cap and the candles. Contact between them becomes worse with sunburn or mechanical shear.
  5. Defective spark plugs.
  6. Fuel does not enter the carburetor through the fuel filter or pump. As soon as the tool starts to increase speed, it immediately stalls.
  7. If the air filter is dirty, the engine cannot withstand high loads and stops.
  8. There is insufficient or no lubrication in the chain.

Stalls when you press the gas

If the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas, you need to inspect the gasoline and air filters, as well as the fuel pump.

  1. During operation, the air filter is heavily clogged, and when you press the gas, the tool stops working. The filter is dismantled, cleaned or washed with warm water, dried thoroughly and only then installed back. Then disconnect the fuel hose screwed to the carburetor. Gas should flow through it. Clean the hose or replace it with a new one if the fluid does not leak. The filter is working and can not be checked if gasoline is flowing well.
  2. The chainsaw stalls. The gas pump may have worn out. If gas flows through the walls of the pump, then the device has stalled due to it. This item is changed to another.

In order for the chainsaw to start, you need to accurately determine the cause of its malfunction, and then try to fix it yourself. If the problem is not found or it cannot be fixed on your own, then it is better to seek help from specialists.