Chainsaw Where The Oil On The Chain

Stalls at maximum speed and works only on suction

  • Clogged air or fuel filter. Seals need to be cleaned and checked.
  • The breather is clogged and because of this, fuel does not flow and the gasoline pumping on the chainsaw does not work. Take the needle and carefully clean the breather.
  • Fuel pump malfunction. Remove the pump and check for gasoline oozing out of it. If oozing. replace the gasket or the pump itself.

Chainsaw overheating

Why does the chainsaw get hot? The engine or the tire can warm up. in any case, a small amount of lubricant is to blame.

Chainsaw Where The Oil On The Chain

  • Engine overheating. Incorrect proportion of fuel mixture or pure gasoline in general. Drain the fuel and mix with the correct proportions of oil and gasoline as indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Overheating of the tire. Cleaning or adjustment of the oil pump is required, because No oil is supplied to the tire.
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The chainsaw does not cut under load and stalls

  • Clogged air filter. It is necessary to take out the filter, clean it well or even rinse it, dry it and put it back.
  • Incorrect proportion of oil / gasoline mixture. Drain fuel and remix oil and gasoline in the correct proportion.

Shoots the carburetor:

  • Ignition too late. the air-fuel mixture does not have time to burn through in the cylinder, so a sound similar to a small explosion is obtained.
  • Lean air-fuel mixture. Too little gasoline enters the mixture. adjusting the chainsaw, or rather the jets, is required to increase the fuel supply. Why the chainsaw thrusts itself. for the same reason.

Engine stalls

The engine starts, but the chainsaw stalls at idle or under load. In this case, most often you should perform the same actions as described above.

How to adjust your chainsaw depends on exactly when the problems start:

The chain does not cut

The decrease in the performance of the chainsaw is due to the bluntness of the chain teeth. This is the most common problem because Sharpening should be done regularly. How to do this using a machine, file or angle grinder, read the corresponding article.

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The chain falls

Why does the chain fly off the tire? There may be several reasons and they are all different:

  • Drive or driven sprocket is worn. Due to the fact that the sprocket is worn out, the adhesion to the chain decreases, which is why the chain flies off the chainsaw. Sprocket replacement required.
  • The chain stretched out. Why does the chain stretch on a chainsaw. due to insufficient lubrication. The metal heats up and stretches, even by a fraction of a millimeter, but if you take into account the number of links, even 3-4 mm is enough for the chain to fly off the tire. The chain needs to be changed.
  • The chain tensioner, which regulates its tension, is loose. How to adjust the chainsaw, or rather the chain tension? You need to adjust the tensioner. this can be done in just a few minutes.

Chain lubrication problems

For proper operation, the chain must be constantly lubricated in order to reduce friction between the tire and the links, as well as to prevent premature wear of the links.

  • If the chain is not lubricated on the chainsaw, then there is a problem with the oil pump. oil is not supplied due to a clogged channel. Lack of lubrication is the reason why the chain stretches or why the chain breaks. Clean the channels, the smallest particles of chips constantly get there and clog them. May also cut off the oil hose. If you need to adjust the oil pump of the chainsaw or repair it, it is better to contact the service.
  • Splashes oil from the chain. Incorrectly selected lubricant. it is too liquid, therefore it does not so much lubricate the links as splashes on the wood. Replaces grease with a thicker one.
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The engine “shoots

If during operation there are extraneous sounds similar to shots, then there is a problem with the muffler or carburetor. How do I keep my chainsaw quiet? It depends on which node the fault is in.