Champion Chainsaw Chain Lubrication Oil

Almost all modern chainsaws and lawn mowers are equipped with two-stroke engines. Their lubrication is due to oil, which is added to gasoline, they do not have an oil sump and pump.

Champion Chainsaw Chain Lubrication Oil

In order to extend the life of the engine, it is necessary to use special lubricants, which will be discussed in this article.

What oil to use for a chainsaw engine

To lubricate the internal parts of the chainsaw engine, special oils must be used that differ from the lubrication for four-stroke engines in several ways.

  1. The first is the quality of the cleaning. Chainsaw engine oil should be cleaned of various impurities as much as possible. This is due to the fact that the channels in the carburetor of the chainsaw are too small and if the fuel mixture has any impurities, they will become clogged and, accordingly, the engine will stop working.
  2. The second is low smoke when burning. As you know, saw oil must be mixed with gasoline, which subsequently burns in the engine cylinder, and, accordingly, the lubricant burns with it. If a large amount of smoke is emitted from the burning mixture, this will negatively affect the exhaust system and, alternatively, the operator’s health.
  3. Third, chainsaw grease should burn with minimal carbon formation. Poor-quality oils, when burned, form a large amount of soot, which cokes the piston and exhaust system.

The consequences of using low-quality oil can be very sad, up to the point that you need to replace the piston group of the chainsaw. Coking of the exhaust system entails a decrease in engine power, because the throughput of the muffler and the exhaust window of the cylinder is reduced, up to their complete clogging. Sludge under the piston rings will not allow them to compress, which will lead to scoring on the walls of the cylinder and jamming of the engine.

Important: It is strictly forbidden to use diesel oil for a chainsaw, because it does not fit all of the above parameters.

Using special lubricants for two-stroke engines is not only useful for the engine, but also convenient, because manufacturers add dyes to them, thanks to which it is possible to determine whether gasoline is diluted or not, which is impossible with conventional motor oils. Four-stroke engine oil mixed with gasoline has no color.

The proportion of the mixture for a two-stroke engine is indicated on the package. Manufacturers recommend adhering to the dosage, since the use of the wrong mixture of oil and gasoline also affects the life of the engine, and it is harmful to increase or decrease the proportion.

Tip: the guarantee of the operation of the chainsaw engine is the use of high-quality oil in the correct proportion.

The main brands of motor oils for chainsaws

Stihl and Husqvarna are leaders in the production of quality lubricants for chainsaws and lawn mowers. Their range includes both conventional mineral lubricants for two-stroke engines and synthetic oils for harsh working conditions. Let’s consider the assortment in more detail.

Stihl HP

Stihl HP Mineral Grease was specifically developed by STIHL engineers for use in their tools. That is why Stihl chainsaw and lawn mowers are advised to use this type of oil.

Its color is red; the shelf life in closed containers is not more than four years. It is packaged in several types of containers, so that you can choose the most convenient packaging for yourself. Not so long ago there was a convenient container of 20 grams, which are diluted for one liter of gasoline. For those who rarely use a chainsaw, this is the best option. Can be diluted and consumed immediately.

Champion Chainsaw Chain Lubrication Oil

Important: It is not recommended to store the finished fuel mixture for more than one month, because it is gradually oxidized, and the lubricating properties are lost.

Stihl HP is fully compliant with high European standards.

Hp Ultra

Another Stihl oil. It has a synthetic base, due to which it has improved combustion characteristics, cleanliness and engine protection.

Recommended by the manufacturer for prolonged use in harsh conditions. Ideal for working at low temperatures. Hp Ultra does not harm the environment, since oil spilled on the ground decomposes by 80% in just 21 days.

Packed in two types of containers, 100 ml and liter bottles. The proportion of the finished fuel mixture is 1:50, which means a 100 millimeter bottle is enough to prepare 5 liters of the mixture. Green colour. Shelf life 4 years.

The cost of this oil is significantly higher than the cost of STIHL HP, so it is not profitable to use it constantly.

It is worth noting that Stihl oils pass through the company’s laboratory before they go on sale, in which they are checked for compliance with all requirements.

When developing oils, much attention is paid to fuel combustion, starting characteristics during cold start, biodegradability, viscosity changes at different temperatures (information from the official website of the company).

Husqvarna HP 2-stroke

Husqvarna HP, like STIHL HP, is also formulated specifically for 2-stroke engines.

According to the manufacturer, this type of oil has additives that compensate for the low quality of fuel, which is important for our country. The declared octane number of gasoline at gas stations is rarely true.

Husqvarna HP. Semi-synthetic, green. Packed in liter or ten liter containers. The proportion of the mixture is 1: 50, i.E. 20 grams per liter. During the break-in period of the saw engine or when working in cold weather, it is allowed to increase the proportion to 1:40, which will give the engine greater protection and increase its service life.

Today, the market has a large number of lubricants for two-stroke engines from different manufacturers. For this reason, it is quite difficult to answer the question of which chainsaw oil is better. Our opinion is to trust reliable companies, which are Stihl, Husqvarna, Oregon, Champion. It is their oils that will maximize the protection of the engine of your tool and extend its life.

Unscrupulous manufacturers often disguise their products as well-known brands (Husqvarna, Stihl, etc.). Such oils are of poor quality and can harm the engine. In order not to be deceived, it is necessary to purchase lubricants from official representatives who have the necessary certificates for the products. How to distinguish a fake from the original can be found in the:

How grease quality affects engine life

Now let’s talk about how exactly the quality of the oil affects the operation of the engine and its resource, because many do not understand this.

The principle of operation of a two-stroke engine implies that the lubrication of its internal parts occurs due to the oil in gasoline. They lubricate the bearings of the crankshaft and connecting rod. Also, the oil envelops the walls of the cylinder and reduces the friction of the piston rings.

The chainsaw engine is highly revolving, some models can develop up to 15,000 rpm, which gives an enormous load on bearings and other engine parts. An insufficient amount of lubricant or its poor quality leads to the fact that the bearings and piston work almost dry, as a result of which the temperature rises. An elevated bearing temperature can cause them to seize.

Heating the piston to the limit causes it to melt, aluminum particles from the piston are transferred to the surface of the cylinder and cooling slightly, become solid. The rings, passing the site with aluminum growths, get damaged or jam.

Another danger of poor-quality lubrication is carbon deposits. Sludge can form under the piston rings, making it difficult or completely stopping their proper operation, and in the exhaust channel. Cases where soot completely sealed the exhaust window and the muffler are not uncommon. Below is a about the consequences of using low-quality oil.


Eliminating the consequences of using poor-quality grease is quite expensive, so you should calculate in advance whether to save and pour oil of dubious quality, which, as a rule, is not much cheaper. Buy oils from official representatives, so you can protect yourself from fraudsters who offer low-quality lubricants under well-known brands.