What oil to pour in the engine of an air.cooled motor block. for four.stroke

One of the main factors affecting the resource of the internal combustion engine is the quality of the engine oil and the timing of its replacement. To understand which oil is better to pour in the engine engine, you need to well represent the specifics of its device and work.

Most modern motoblocks (motor block ratings can be studied in this article) are equipped with four.stroke gasoline engines that do not have an oil pump in their design.

The lower head of the connecting rod, which is a sliding bearing, is lubricated by scooping up the oil with a special protrusion on the bottom lid of the connecting rod, the indigenous crankshaft bearings, the gas distribution mechanism and the cylinder.piston group are lubricated with splashes that arise at the same time.

These engines also have an unstable temperature regime due to air cooling.

In more detail about a 4-step engine, see

Thus, motor oil for 4-bedtime motoblock engines must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Low kinematic viscosity in a large temperature range is necessary to avoid oil starvation when the engine is heated to operating temperature.
  • The use of viscous oils in engines that do not have a lubricant under pressure can lead to a bully on the surface of the connecting rod neck with subsequent pouring the metal at this place and jamming of the engine.
  • The stable composition of the package of antifriction and outfit additives will allow you to maintain its properties for a long time with regular heating cycles during the operation of the walk-behind tractor.
  • The high strength of the oil film is necessary to protect the cylinder.piston group from bullying when overheating of the engine during hard work in hot weather.
  • Washing properties provided by the corresponding package of additives should counteract the precipitation and varnish formations in the engine pallet and on the surfaces moistened with oil.
  • Low cokesability is relevant for air-cooled engines, since the oil entering the piston rings zone is heated in this place to a temperature of 270-300 degrees.
  • The formation of soot will lead to a loss of mobility of piston rings and a decrease in compression with the simultaneous overstrown of oil.

Based on these requirements, you can describe the technical requirements that should comply with the oil for 4 stroke engines of motoblocks, as:

  • High.temperature viscosity class of SAE no more than 30 in moderate climate, 40. in hot. Low.temperature viscosity index. no more than 10W. These requirements are satisfied with the common types of 10W30, 5W30, 0W30, 5W40, 10W40 (the last two at temperatures of 30 or more degrees).
  • Pure summer options. SAE 30, SAE 40. Carefully read the characteristics of oils: a number of specialized oils for garden technology with a viscosity of 5W30 are designed exclusively for winter use.
  • The base of the oil: synthetic or semi.synthetic, since in the indicated viscosity ranges, mineral oils are practically not found. In addition, they have much worst stability compared to synthetics and semi.synthetics.
  • A number of lubricants manufacturers have special oil lines for garden technology on a mineral basis, in which case the cheapness has the back in the form of the need for frequent replacement.
  • Quality class according to the API (an integrated parameter that determines the antifriction, outfit and detergents of motor oil, as well as many other parameters) not lower than SG.

You need to understand that all the requirements for motor oils for the CAIMAN, Texas, Prost, Viking, Sadko, Don, Profi, Carver and Husqvarna are the only difference, its consumption and the amount of the generated carrier in the air.cooled engine are responding.

For this reason, although this material considers specialized lubricants, in the absence of the possibility of their acquisition, you can always use car motor oils that meet the described requirements.

Classification of oils

Husqvarna Sae 30, Husqvarna Universal Sae 30

Mineral motor oil produced by the Swedish company both for the factory refueling of its products and for subsequent maintenance. The use of the oil of a specially selected package of antifriction additives is indicated in the composition of the oil.

Minitors are very popular and widely used in housing and communal services, on construction sites, in rural works and in production. Skout minitator is a very strong, economical and durable technique.

For effective clearing of the territory from snowdrifts, there are many models of tireless machines-blows. Here everything is about a hand electric snowman.

KAMAZ 65115 belongs to one of the oldest episodes of this plant, the issues of which began back in 1998. By clicking on the link, get acquainted with the specifics of work, advantages and disadvantages of KAMAZ 65115.

Not suitable for operating motorized equipment at low temperatures. The price of packaging with a volume of 0.6 l. from 390 to 410 r.

Patriot Supreme HD SAE 30

This oil, also produced by one of the well.known American manufacturers of garden equipment, is intended for summer operation in gasoline and diesel motoblocks, mowers, mini.tractors. For ease of use, the packaging has a long nose-leaf. The base of the oil is mineral.

Patriot Specific High-Tech 5W-30

Semi.synthetic motor oil for year.round operation of garden equipment with four.stroke engines: motor blocks, mini.tractors, snowplower equipment

The low.temperature of low.temperature 5wagrants is no less than the oil freezing temperature.38 ° C.

The price of packaging with a volume of 0.95 l. about 410 r. This oil is used for the Patriot Urals, Patriot.

Patriot Expert High. Tech Sae 10W40

Synthetic oil for the operation of garden equipment in hot climate and with increased loads, for example, with plowing large areas of the earth with a plow.

Home Garden 4 Stroke Oil HD SaE 30

Available price for mineral.based motor oil. The price of a liter jar is 240-250 r.

Elitech 4T Premium SAE 10W30

Semi.synthetic motor oil for year.round operation of motor vehicles. Includes molybdenum antifriction additives in the basis of disulfide, which, on the one hand, provides good protection of the engine from wear, on the other, it requires attentive attitude to the deadlines for oil replacement.

, Packaging 0.6 l. 340.

Elitech 4TD SAE30 Standard

Summer mineral oil, also including a packet of molybdenum.containing additives. Liter packaging of this oil costs about 300.

Elitech 4TDULTRASAE 5W30

4-stroke oil for motoblock engines, year-round used in the most difficult work. It has a synthetic basis.

Encor SAE 5W30

Available synthetic motor oil from a domestic manufacturer, which can be used in motoblocks and other equipment with gasoline motors in summer and winter. The price of liter packaging is 380 r.

Encor SAE30

Cheap summer oil from the group of mineral lubricants. per liter allows you to compensate for its average quality with more frequent replacements.

Encor SAE 10W40

Unlike most motor oils for garden equipment, this oil has certification Apisj/CF, which allows you to compare its composition and quality with conventional budget car oils. Double certification means applicability not only in gasoline (SJ), but also in diesel engines.

Vst power tiller | 13HP Diesel engine starting problem ��️ solved �� Engine fitting | engine repair

Relatively high high.temperature viscosity makes it undesirable to use this oil at moderate and low temperatures. The main advantage of this oil is low per liter.

Rezoil Premium Sae 5w30

Domestic semi.synthetic oil for gasoline and diesel garden equipment (corresponds to the APISJ/CF specification). Due to the low viscosity in a wide range of temperatures, it can work perfectly in engines with lubricant lubricant both in summer and in winter. A capacity of 0.95 liters costs in the range of 210.

RezoilranCherunilitesae 30

Exclusively summer oil for gasoline and diesel motoblocks and mini.tractors. The type of base is not indicated on the packaging, but for 0.95 liters to assume that this oil is mineral.

Rezoil Titanium Sae 10W-40

This semi.synthetic oil can also be used in gasoline and diesel engines, but the viscosity index directly indicates the unwillingness of its use in a temperate climate. Packaging of 0.95 l with volume costs 200.

Maxcut 4thdsae 30

Summer mineral oil from little.known to the manufacturer, promising increased antifriction additives and the ability to use oil in highly loaded gasoline and diesel engines.

Mannol Energy Sae 5w30

A well.known manufacturer of auto chemistry from Germany has a line of motor oils for garden equipment. This semi.synthetic oil can be used in any garden technique with four.stroke engines throughout the year. Liter packaging will cost an average of 420.

Mannolmolibdenbenzinsae 10w40 for four.stroke air cooled engines

Semi.synthetic oil, the composition of which is improved by the use of a package of antifriction additives based on molybdenum disulfide. In motoblocks, it should be used during hard work in hot weather. A liter of this oil costs 330.

What kind of oil to fill in a single tractor?

As a rule, in the instructions for motor engineering, the manufacturer indicates which brand of machine oil and in what volume it is better to use. If there are no such recommendations, the tool is selected according to the following characteristics:

Indicates the viscosity class of the substance and consists of a letter-cyphpric abbreviation, where the letter “W” indicates the possibility of use at low temperatures. The number standing in front of it denotes viscosity with negative values ​​of the thermometer, and the numbers after a dash. with plus. These indicators characterize how easily the liquid will pump through the system, and how quickly it will reach the surfaces of the rubbing parts without allowing their dry friction.

Shares the lubricant in operational properties into categories C and S. Category C includes funds intended for four.stroke diesel engines, which have air cooling, to category S. for gasoline motors. Therefore, when choosing a liquid, you should definitely pay attention to this marking, since for the diesel and carburetor engine it has different composition.

Classifies oil according to HT (viscosity at high temperatures)/HS (shift speed), which shows how lubricant is energy.saving. The higher this value, the better it protects the engine nodes from wear. It is recommended to pour a substance with a high MPAS in a tractor, a mini.tractor, as well as the heavy motoblocks of Neva, designed for large loads.

Below are the types of machine lubrication, which in their characteristics are the most optimal for the cultivator or motoblock. Of course, they can be used if there are no special recommendations from the equipment manufacturer, and in accordance with the markings S and C.

Oils for a walk.behind tractor and cultivator:

  • 5W30, 5W40. all.season, which can be poured into motorcycles at an ambient temperature not lower than.25 about C;
  • 10W30, 10W40. with anti.corrosion properties;
  • 15W40, 20W40. designed for pouring into the engine at a temperature of 45 O C and higher;
  • 0W30, 0W40. created for winter use;
  • Mil-L-designed for military vehicles and can be used on motoblocks with diesel engines (with code 2104) and carburetor (with cipher 46152).

A lubricant with double marking (SG/CD, SF/CC) can be poured into any motors: it is universal and equally suitable for both diesel and engines operating on gasoline (as, for example, TEXAS motor cultivator).

Among the variety of lubricants, the tool manufactured under the brands Mobil, Castrol, Zic, Shell Helix is ​​most popular. To improve the action and improve quality, additives are added to it. Oil Additiv, Bizol, Cera Tec and others. They can be used at ambient temperatures from.25 o C to 25 ° C.

Also, when choosing lubrication, it is necessary to take into account the seasonality and weather conditions under which it is planned to use garden equipment. Although the motoblocks of the bison, farmer, salute, Neva, favorite, centaur, champion and other models are designed for functioning in the summer. no one forbids to benefit from them in winter. So, with the winter operation of equipment as a snowman or carrier of firewood, it is recommended to fill a lubricant specially created for low temperatures into the motor.

How to replace oil?

In order for motorcycle equipment to operate uninterruptedly and serves for a long time, it is necessary to periodically replace lubrication in the gearbox and engine. The first time this is done after running in, and then after every 50-100 hours of operation of motor vehicles (with intense loads, it will be required more often), unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer.

Oil replacement in the gearbox

Any transmission oil, for example, TAD-17, TAP-15V or with a different marking according to GOST 23652-79, are used to lubricate the gearbox.

Before pouring it, check the presence of an old liquid. If necessary, it must be changed, after checking the volume of the tank. Checking in such models of a walk.behind tractor as Neva is carried out as follows:

  • The equipment is placed on a horizontal surface so that there is access to the gearbox, and it itself is in an inclined position (it will be more convenient to pour the product).
  • They insert a probe into the hole on the gearbox (this can be a metal rod 65-70 cm long, bent into an arc) and measure the level of the presence of a substance.

If the probe immersed in the gearbox is 30 cm in the liquid, then there is no need to add it additionally. With other results, the lubricant should be poured into the gearbox to the desired level. In a completely dry gearbox, you will need to pour at least 2 liters of lubricant fluid.

Oil in the engine

The procedure for replacing the lubricant in the motor is carried out as follows:

  • Motor engine is launched and warmed up.
  • The unoic tractor is installed on an elevated horizontal surface.
  • Open the drain hole of the tank to drain the contents into a separate container, and then tightly closed.
  • Pour a new remedy through a bulk hole, controlling its level with a probe.
  • The holes for draining and pouring are wiped with dry rags, carefully removing the remaining lubricants.

The engine oil is not cheap, but it should not be saved on it, as well as on fuel. It is necessary to fill in lubrication only of original and high quality, since the working capacity of the walk.behind tractor, as well as the durability of its mechanisms, will depend on it. Only a quality tool and with correctly selected parameters will be able to have the most useful effect and ensure minimal wear of the internal parts of the engine. The instructions are suitable for motoblocks such as Shtenli (Shtesli), Patriot, Tarpan, Cascade, Hooper, Agat, Oka, Ray, MTZ.

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Hello! On the manufacturer’s website (Neva) there is a table of oil appliance for a specific engine. You can find this information in it) https: // bit.LY/3XK4JD6

Useful article. By the way, for a walk-behind tractor with the Subaru EX21 Garten-Winterrate-Oil 5W-30 engine, well suits. I have been using this for several years, everything is OK with technology, in general 0 problems.

Great oil, I also use it! And for the gearbox, by the way, I take a semi-synthetic transmission oil Hypoid-Getriebeoil TDL 75W-90 of the same brand

Read you have your own workshop in Tula. Whether you carry out that maintenance and repair, you can drive up to change filters, butter? I have a single.based Shtenli tractor recently began to junk the engine, I won’t know what to do with it. Help!

Hello! On the manufacturer’s website (Neva) there is a table of oil appliance for a specific engine. You can find this information in it) https: // bit.LY/3XK4JD6

Useful article. By the way, for a walk-behind tractor with the Subaru EX21 Garten-Winterrate-Oil 5W-30 engine, well suits. I have been using this for several years, everything is OK with technology, in general 0 problems.

Great oil, I also use it! And for the gearbox, by the way, I take a semi-synthetic transmission oil Hypoid-Getriebeoil TDL 75W-90 of the same brand

Read you have your own workshop in Tula. Whether you carry out that maintenance and repair, you can drive up to change filters, butter? I have a single.based Shtenli tractor recently began to junk the engine, I won’t know what to do with it. Help!

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We will publish it after checking during the day.

What oil is poured

Many people are interested in what kind of oil to pour in the motorblock gearbox? To answer this question, you need to take into account several factors, the main of which is the recommendation of the manufacturer regarding the type of oil.

It is also necessary to navigate the price without buying very cheap liquids, because they are unlikely to be of good quality.

No matter how reliable the native caterpillars of the snowmobile are, sooner or later, when the machine is active in the active operation of the machine, it becomes necessary to replace them. Here everything is about caterpillars for a snowmobile from the company “Composite”.

An indispensable assistant in the fight against pests is a garden sprayer. By clicking on the link you can familiarize yourself with the sprayer of a gasoline ranger garden.

MAZ-5337 appeared in the second half of the eighties of the vulgar century. MAZ-5337 is a universal, powerful and very reliable truck.

The store should also pay attention to the degree of viscosity of the oil indicated on the packaging. In addition, there are special additives. substances that increase the beneficial properties of lubrication.

In general, oils can be of various types:

  • SAE. These types of oils cope very well with sharp temperature changes, so they can be used year.round.
  • The selection process is as follows: you need to look at the figure that is in front of the letter W. the smaller meaning will say that the oil is very well adapted to low temperatures (the smallest. 0W). If the letter W is missing on the marking, then this oil is suitable for the summer period.
  • API. In this case, the letters in the marking will talk about the type of engine. gasoline or diesel. Accordingly, a certain letter will say that the oil is suitable for gasoline units, and the other for diesel.
  • The numbers will talk about the type of engine, t.e. number 4-then the oil should be used for a 4-stroke motor, etc.D. The value of EC is the degree of savings of energy, t.e. The higher the value, the better the oil.
  • Asea. The largest figure in the marking will say that oil can function in very difficult conditions.
  • GOST 17479, 1-85. These indicators characterize the degree of viscosity of the oil. As a rule, after this parameter, literal and digital values ​​are written, and their absence indicates that the oil is universal.

Transmission oils for filling in gasoline and diesel motoblocks

As for the gearbox, it is necessary to use transmission oils for refueling it. For example, a good choice will be a semi.synthetic oil ZIC 10W40, designed for gasoline and diesel motoblocks. API indicator. SM/CF, ACEA. A3/B3, A3/B4, C3.

Sold, as a rule, in 4 liter containers,

Another worthy oil is Super T-3 85W-90 from Gazpromneft. His technical data will be as follows:

  • API indicator-GL-5;
  • The degree of viscosity is 85W90;
  • The temperature indicator of the loss of fluidity280C;
  • The temperature indicator of the flash is 2170c;
  • packaging length. 270 mm;
  • The width of the packaging is 130 mm;
  • Packaging height. 240 mm.

This transmission oil is also supplied in 4 liter containers,

This is far from the entire list of oils that can be poured into a motorblock gearbox. In principle, any person who has familiarized himself with the main parameters of the oil can independently determine the necessary for his walk.behind tract.

How much to fill?

Another important point is the amount of necessary oil. Before answering the question. how much oil should be poured into a motorcade gearbox, such as a crosser, Viking, Forza, Sadko, Don, Huter, Prof., Lander, Champion, Carver, first you need to check the oil level in the gearbox. To do this, you need to perform certain actions:

  • It is necessary to put one.axle tractor on a flat surface so that its wings are strictly parallel to this surface.
  • We take a wire or rod about 70 cm long, which will act as an oil probe.
  • Bend the improvised probe in the arc.
  • We insert the resulting probe into the pouring hole to the very end, t.e. to the stop. After that we pull it back.

If the wire is 30 cm in oil, then this is the optimal indicator, t.e. No need to add oil. If a little less, then it is necessary to make a valve within these values.

If the gearbox is generally dry, then at least two liters of transmission oil will be needed.

What types of lubrication should be used?

There are two types of lubricants for motoblocks:

In this regard, it is necessary to fill in precisely the kind that the manufacturer recommends, taking into account the number of clocks of a certain brand of the walk.behind tractor. Synthetic and semi.synthetic oils of perfectly suitable for use in motoblock engines have been most widely used in recent years. In specialized stores, the buyer in the assortment offers various types of foreign and domestic production.

What kind of oil to pour into a single tractor?

Before you go to a car shop or a store specializing in the sale of equipment for the proper operation of cars, read the instructions for the vehicle. Often, manufacturers describe the change process and indicate what the oil level in the engine should be. If such information is available, then it is very important to comply with the rules prescribed in it. If there is no data for any reason, then it is necessary to take into account the model of the walk-behind tractor. For example, only diesel oil should be poured into the diesel engine of the walk.behind tractor. The time of the year is also an obligatory criterion: some types of oil are not used at a temperature below zero degrees. Winter oil for a walk.behind tractor is a prerequisite for its normal and long.term operation at low temperatures.

The whole procedure based on which oil is poured into the motorblock gearbox and how to replace it, begins with the use of transmission substances. Before starting a replacement, you should initially track the level of used oil, then wipe the probe with a rag. In the usual state, the level of lubrication in the walk.behind tractor should be between divisions that mean a minimum and maximum. If the level of lubricants dropped below a certain level, then it must be increased.

The choice of the device

First of all, the technical leadership notes what kind of work the cultivator is designed for, and what are the technical parameters. It is clear that wide.wide units will quickly perform the main work and will successfully work with awnings. But these are powerful professional machines, with a large weight, requiring male physical strength.

Narrow cultivators are optimal to use in a greenhouse for cutting the beds and plowings of small areas.

Cultivators of gasoline Champion are mobile, easily start and work in any weather. Narrow cultivators will perfectly cope with the processing of trunk circles and strips.

There are universal models in the line that can be adapted to any type of earthwork using hinged tools.

Cultivator maintenance and repair

The CHAMPION cultivator, purchased at the dealership, has a passport for equipment, warranty coupon and maintenance instructions. There are describes the steps to re.consk the equipment before work, and the terms of maintenance of your unit. The company produces models:

  • having engines of internal combustion with a different location of the crankshaft, two and four.stroke;
  • Clutch can be crazy or through a coupling;
  • The gearbox is used worm, chain and cuneiform.

Instructions for the Champion cultivator are written for the set of a particular machine.

Even following the instructions, it is necessary to have minimal skills for repairing equipment, equipment, gaskets and spare parts at hand. But if there are doubts about the performance of the motor and gearbox, it is better to use the services of specialists.

When buying equipment in a dealer center, you need to worry about consumables in advance. So, the champion cultivator belt must be purchased immediately. The part works under load, stretches even if aligned. With distortion and heights, it can quickly break.

There should always be a belt in stock, it should be purchased and a lubricant for the gearbox should be in advance.

Is it possible to fill in car oil

Owners of garden technology, often ask themselves: “Is it possible to fill in car oil into the engine of the cultivator or walk.behind tractor?””. This topic is especially relevant for vehicle owners who are independently engaged in repair and maintenance. The use of one brand of oil can reduce the cost of acquiring lubricants.

In fact, it all depends on the brand of the device and the type of engine. Manufacturers of cultivators equipped with four.stroke gasoline engines usually allow the use of appropriate appropriate oil for classification API. Accurate information should be sought in the technical leadership of the model.

If the cultivator is equipped with a two.stroke engine, the use of ordinary automobile oil is strictly prohibited. The fact is that the lubricant, designed for four.stroke engines, is poorly mixed with gasoline, which leads to loss of lubricating qualities and accelerated wear of the cylindrical group. In addition, the combustion of car oil is accompanied by the formation of a large amount of ash, which is deposited on the piston and the walls of the cylinders, clogs exhaust channels, and also clogs the electrode of the spark plugs.

Do you need to add oil to gasoline

The correct answer to this question depends on the type of engine installed on the owner cultivator. For example, four.stroke engines are designed to use pure gasoline. they do not need preliminary preparation of the fuel mixture.

Oil with gasoline is poured only on two.stroke gasoline engines. In this case, it is necessary to clearly observe the proportion specified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the engine will work unstable, due to the low quality of the fuel mixture.

Diesel fuel cultivators also do not need such procedures. Dilution of diesel fuel with motor oil can lead to sad consequences, up to major repairs.

Modern: Description and cost

Cultivator Champion BC6612N

Middle class, power 5.5 l.With. Processing depth 33 cm, width from 30 to 85.

Weima WM1100A-6 разблокиратор полуосей. Ukraine_Brovary_Trebukhov_13.09.2017.

Cultivator Champion BC7714

Middle class, power 7 l.With. Processing width 80 cm. Plowing depth 30 cm.

Cultivator Champion BC7713

Middle class, power 7 l.With. Processing width 80 cm, plowing depth 30 cm.

Cultivator Champion BC8813

Middle class, power 7 l.With. Soil processing width from 35 to 85 cm. Cultivation depth 10 cm., plowing. 33.7. Included 6 mills.

Cultivator Champion BC6712

Middle class, power 5.57 liters.With. Soil processing width 30-85 cm. Processing depth 33 cm. Included 6 mills.

Cultivator Champion BC5511

Middle class, power 5.5 l.With. Engine volume 163 cubic meters. cm. Soil processing depth 35 cm., The width is 85.

Cultivator Champion BC9714

Middle class, power 7 l.With. Cultivation depth 30 cm. Soil processing width 80. Included 6 mills.

Cultivator Champion BC8713

Middle class. Power 6.5 liters.With. Plowing depth 33 cm. Soil processing width 65-88 cm. The amount of milling plants in the set 6 pcs.

The same.shaped tractor Champion BC1193

Middle class, power 9 l.With. Included 8 mills. Soil processing depth 30 cm, width 110.


Heavy class, power 9.5 l.With. Soil processing depth 30 cm, width. 110. Included 8 mills.

Unine tractor Champion BC9713

Middle class, power 7 l.With. Soil processing depth 30 cm, width. 80.

Cultivator Champion BC5712

Middle class, power 5.57 liters.With. Processing depth 33 cm, width from 30 to 85. Included 6 mills.

Champion G160VK brand engine

Power 5.5 liters.With. Designed for use as a drive on garden and parking and construction equipment.

Champion G200HK brand engine

Power 6.5 liters.With. Designed specifically for collaboration with motor cultivators and motoblocks. Price 6072 rubles.


The model belongs to the middle class units and is designed to work on a area of ​​up to 20 acres. The kit includes mills and pneumatic wheels. High efficiency is guaranteed thanks to the chain gearbox in the oil bath.


  • Power. 7 l. With.;
  • Weight. 75 kg;
  • The number of cylinders. 1;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters;
  • Gasoline consumption-1.7-1.8 l/hour.

The champion of the Champion Babber 9713 is a settings, so the operator can easily adapt the element to its height, as well as the depth of immersion of the cutting element (through a snob). It should be noted a huge variety of attachments, which is easily mounted and is highly of high quality.

Champion gasoline cultivators and motoblocks

Among the representatives of the Champion lineup, the most numerous group of technology are precisely gasoline motoblocks. They are popular, loved by many farmers, and also have a different set of characteristics and profitable cost. Let us consider in more detail the power of each model and type of engine engine or motor.cultivator:

  • GC252, power 1.9 liters.With., engine volume 57.1 cm. cube;
  • BC4311, 3.5 l.With., volume 83 cm.cube;
  • BC4401, 4 l.C, 1P61FA OHV. 1 cylinder, four.stroke;. 6.5 l.With.,1P61FA OHV; 6.5 l.With.; cultivator;
  • BC5602, 5, 5 liters.With., cultivator;. 6, 5 l.With., motor.cultivator;
  • BC5602BS, US Production Engine, BriggSstratton 550e Series 140 cm³, 5.5 liters.With;. G210-1HK-Power 7 L.With.;. 7 l.With;. 5.5 l.C, the Japanese engine of the Honda brand, the predecessor of the model is the US6611 unit, whose power is 5.5 liters.With., Its difference is that the Chinese engine G160F OHV is installed on it;. 7 l.C, motor.cultivator;
  • BC8716, 5 liters.C, motor.cultivator;
  • BC8813, Trick Unoine Tractor, 7 L.With;
  • BC1193, one.axic tractor, 9 l.With.

Gasoline motoblocks and cultivators are equipped with collapsible cutters. Additional attachments are purchased by the owner separately.

CHAMPION Unoic Tractor VC 9714 Unoa.based gasoline Champion BC 9713 Unoa.based Champion BC1193 Tractor

Diesel motor blocks “Champion

Diesel models of motoblocks are also popular, but there are only two of them in the manufacturer line:

  • DC1163E, 5.8 liters.C, engine volume 296 cm. cube;
  • DC1193E, 9.5, engine volume 418 cm. Cube is one of the most powerful motoblocks among all positions from Champion.

The CHAMPION DC1163E Tractor Tractor Tractor Champion DC1193E 9.5 liters.With.

Motobobes of this category are equipped with plow and milling. Fuel for refueling: diesel, defend fuel before pouring within 48 hours.

Reviews of the owners


“A good car. I bought a year ago, but at first I was tormented, because I did not have experience of agriculture. Purely technically, the plow made a lot of mistakes, but knowledgeable people suggested how best to cultivate, what soil should be after cultivation, and in general how to control such a device at all.

Out of ignorance, even at first I did not use the reverse. Now more than a year has passed, work has been going on as a clock. You can summarize a small result. So.

Advantages: light, convenient, I use mills and potato digger. They did not use their potato.resident on the site, we put it manually.