Changing Oil In Al Ko Lawn Mower

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Changing the mower’s oil on time is an important measure to ensure that the mower is working properly. Lubrication provides air cooling of the device, allows the engine to run at maximum speed.

Regardless of how heavily the machine is used, the mower’s oil must be changed at least once a season or every 50 hours. Old oil tends to oxidize and lose its properties.

Oil change in a lawn mower-Kiev

Changing the oil in the lawn mower

  • If there is something, pump out the oil with a manual pump. If not:
  • Drain the old liquid first.
  • Turn the tool towards the drain hole and let the used oil drain into the container provided.
  • After that, fill in a new one through the neck.
  • Remember that you need to fill the tank up to a special mark in the crankcase, and not to the brim. 0.6 l. 1 can.

What kind of oil to fill in a gasoline lawn mower?

Before changing the oil in your lawnmower, refer to the instruction manual. It indicates the recommended grease consistency. It is ineffective to use more viscous: a special pump is needed to process it, which is not available in some models. Liquids of quality class “SF”, “SG”, “SH”, “SJ” and higher are suitable for almost all devices.

The type of oil to put in the mower also depends on the weather conditions. Please note that in hot weather (over 30 degrees), you need to change the oil more often. In the summertime, it is best to use SAE-30. The optimum temperature for this type of oil is from 5 to 30 degrees. In the off-season and with a sharp change in weather, we recommend choosing 10W-30. It should be noted that this liquid is suitable for almost all brands of equipment.

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Removing old oil

Recovering old grease is one of the most important steps in the process. There are three ways to make sure you remove a lot of old oil.

  • Use a siphon. Insert one end of the tube into the dipstick hole to measure the oil level until it reaches the bottom of the oil reservoir. Place the other end of the siphon in a structurally strong container that you will specifically use for this and future grease change. Finally, place blocks of wood or other sturdy material under the wheels of the mower on the opposite side of the pouring hole. In a tilted lawnmower, it is easier to remove almost all the oil.
  • Remove the oil plug. Depending on the type of petrol mower, you can remove the oil plug to drain the old grease. Refer to your owner’s manual for the location of your drain plug and make sure you have the correct size socket wrench for the job. Install a wrench on the plug and remove it. When the oil is completely drained, you can replace the plug.
  • Use a special tool such as a syringe to pump out and fill the oil tank. This is very convenient when the opening of the tank is too narrow, and at the same time it is inconvenient or impossible to pour new oil from the bottle. The syringe can easily pass through the hole to pump out old waste oil.
  • Slope method. If you do not have access to the oil tank, you can drain it by tilting the mower to one side. When tilting the mower, place the filler cap on the container you are using to collect used oil. Once properly positioned, remove the filler cap and allow the oil to drain completely. Using this method, you must know exactly what fuel level is in the mower. It is also important to note where the air filter is located so as not to contaminate it with drain oil.
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Tools and materials

You may need a set of tools:

  • oil collecting container;
  • clean, dry rags, napkins or towels;
  • socket wrench with a corresponding socket;
  • empty plastic containers (household with lids);
  • machine oil;
  • set of wrenches;
  • trumpet;
  • pumping syringe;
  • siphon.

Preparation and setup

The location of the mower is important when preparing this machine for an oil change. Due to the potential for leaks, it is best not to do this on grass or near flower beds, as oil droplets can adversely affect plant life. Select a hard, flat surface such as a driveway or sidewalk, and be sure to use plastic wrap to keep oil droplets and stains on this protective film.

It is much easier to replace heated oil. Of course, you can change the oil in a cold engine, but the lubricant will be more viscous only at high temperatures.

It is a good practice to run the mower for one or two minutes before changing the lubricant to warm up the engine a little. After that, you will have much less trouble retrieving the old grease. It is also helpful to take precautions when operating the mower after turning it on, as there will be an increased risk of burns on the engine, for example. Work gloves are recommended to reduce the risk of injury.

Finally, you can disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug itself and move it away to avoid accidentally starting the engine. And you also need to make sure that the pump (pump) is turned off. The last step in your preparation should also include cleaning the area around the oil fill hole to prevent foreign particles or dirt from entering the oil reservoir.

How to change the oil in a lawn mower?

  • Preparation and setup
  • Tools and materials
  • Removing old oil
  • Filling the tank

Lawn maintenance starts with a well-maintained lawn mower, which means that there are certain tasks that must be performed constantly to keep the machine in top working condition. One of the most important aspects of owning a lawn mower is knowing how to change the oil.

Filling the tank

Now that the old oil has been removed, it’s time to refill the reservoir with fresh grease. Refer to your lawn mower user manual again to find out which type of oil is right for your machine and how much oil you need to fill.

Be aware that overfilling and insufficient filling of the oil reservoir can harm the mower‘s performance.

Fill the oil tank. Let the oil sit for at least two minutes and then check the level with the dipstick to make sure it is filled correctly.

After the oil reservoir is filled to the proper level, you will need to reattach the spark plug wire. Do not start the mower immediately, let the machine stand for a few minutes before starting work.

Next, watch the video on how to change the oil in a 4-stroke lawnmower.

Oil change kit AL-KO 106118


Last price: 730 ₽

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Oil change kit AL-KO 106118

When the engine stops running, it is usually too late to do anything.

Therefore, it is so important to change the oil on time. Our service kit will help you with this.

The kit includes a pump, mini canister and funnel. For easy oil change in engines.

Recommended for the maintenance of all types of gasoline garden equipment.

The pump will help you completely remove the old oil, and you can drain it into the supplied canister.

Using a funnel, it will be convenient for you to fill in new oil.

The AL-KO 106118 Oil Change Kit is backed by the official AL-KO 1 year warranty.

Subject: Feedback on AL-KO 106118 Oil Change Kit

Advantages: Quality materials, solid performance. Beautiful packaging, which provides detailed instructions for changing the oil in a lawn mower in pictures. Suitable for many types and brands of garden equipment.

Disadvantages: When used for its intended purpose, it will not be possible to completely select the old oil, you have to unscrew the glorious plug in the old fashioned way or turn the unit over, while another 100 grams is drained! In terms of equipment, a syringe is useful, the rest of the components can be found in any household. The syringe is ideal for refueling the gas tank. Before that, I constantly poured through the funnel.

Subject: Review of AL-KO 106118 Oil Change Kit

Advantages: Good quality, a very convenient and necessary thing on the farm, oil can be changed in various units that do not have a special drain cover for draining
and replacement of used oil. Ease of use.

Commentary: The set is cool, I wondered for a long time how to change the oil in the tiller. Later I came across this set in, purchased it and is very satisfied. Now it is an irreplaceable assistant in the household.

Subject: Review of AL-KO 106118 Oil Change Kit

Pluses: The set itself is. one huge advantage, practicality, convenience, time saving, and most importantly, no problems when using in the cold, which means rubber on the cuff and plastic, very high quality.

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Disadvantages: They simply do not exist, everything is elementary and simple

Commentary: I bought this set and breathed a sigh of relief, this is just a godsend, before you had to turn the lawn mower upside down to drain the oil, while, for a while, you need to hold it for the remnants to drain. Now, no unnecessary actions, he warmed up the engine, pumped it out with a syringe, took a funnel, poured new oil and set off. And if you consider that I serve not only my mower, but also the mowers of my friends, as well as generators, etc., then this is a thing for me. simply irreplaceable. Time is saved significantly, and the process of maintenance itself has become much simpler and easier. Such a set will appeal to any home craftsman who is engaged in servicing equipment with his own hands.

Subject: Review of AL-KO 106118 Oil Change Kit

Advantages: An uncomplicated set that greatly simplifies the service procedure for changing the oil in almost all household gasoline equipment. The pump from the kit allows you not only to remove used oil, but also fill it with new oil, monitoring the required fill level. The set is made with high quality, from good plastic and rubber (piston).

Disadvantages: Not identified

Commentary: I “came across” this set by accident and I really regret that I did not purchase something similar before. Now there is no need to turn the lawnmower over (this is a design!) When changing the oil. Accidental oil and gasoline spills in the past!

Subject: Review of AL-KO 106118 Oil Change Kit

Advantages: An excellent set for changing oil in garden and power equipment from a well-known German brand, made of high-quality materials, the kit contains everything that may come in handy; great price

Disadvantages: Not detected.

Comment: I have been looking for a similar kit for a long time, as it turned out, apart from Al-ko, there are no analogues in our market. For a ridiculous price, you get a useful set that allows you to change the oil in any garden or power equipment without turning it upside down.

Here you can see photos of AL-KO 106118 Oil Change Kit, made by our customers after purchase.

Review: Gasoline lawn mower AL-KO Highline 525 SP. Wonderful apparatus

With great impatience, I began to get out and prepare for the assembly of this tool.
It was with these parts that the mower had to be assembled.

The assembly itself is relatively lightweight. The instructions are pretty clear everything is written. From the beginning, you need to assemble the grass catcher from 3 parts and twist the screws, then insert the springs into the back cover, with this I suffered for about 30 minutes. Then insert the handles and screw to the body. In general, the assembly took about 40 minutes.

Then we take the oil and fill it with 600 ml. (The first time the oil is filled in for 5 hours of operation is a run-in. Then it should be replaced) Then we fill in gasoline not lower than E85, I use E92.

And we start. Started up with half a turn, the first time. Let’s warm up and you can start working.

They also gave me a pleasant surprise, they put a spare knife and a set for filling / changing oil as a gift.

The lawn on the site is not yet even, so the large rear wheels are very pleasing, which cope well with unevenness.

The mowing height is adjustable with one lever and ranges from 3 to 8 centimeters.
Also, a side discharge of grass is provided in the mower, a special nozzle is inserted there that comes in a set.

The mower is controlled by two levers. Red must be pressed to start, if released, the mower stalls. Gray turns on the drive so that the mower goes by itself.

A nice little thing is the grass catcher full indicator

How to Fix a Lawn Mower Carburetor

This is a 4 in one mower: mowing, collecting, side discharge and mulching.

Very comfortable handle for carrying the mower

Here are the results of mowing grass.

And most importantly, I was looking for and I advise everyone to take a mower with a motor from BS Series 650 E! Since this is a good, durable and time-tested American motor.

changing, lawn, mower

My advice when choosing. Be sure to pay maximum attention when choosing a motor. Also decide which area you have to mow. The larger the area, the wider the mowing width on the lawnmower should be. Make sure that you need a gasoline one. If you have a small area and easy to mow, that is, there are few trees and bushes, then it is better to use an electric or battery mower.
I highly recommend that if self-propelled, then only rear-wheel drive. Because the center of gravity will shift to the rear when the grass catcher is full and the front wheels will skid. Deco, that is, it is better to take a steel or aluminum body of the mower, since the plastic one can easily be pierced with a pebble or something else. It’s better to choose a wheel, too.
If the area is not level, the mower will constantly get stuck. Large cols keep jamming to a minimum. You also need to remember that gasoline mowers are quite heavy, in my case 39 kilograms and pushing it yourself is quite difficult, therefore it is better to take a self-propelled one, this will significantly save your time and energy. In general, with the right unit chosen and with proper operation, the lawn mower will serve you happily ever after.

  • AL-KO Highline petrol lawn mowers
  • On-off
  • Maintenance and malfunctions
  • All pages
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Lawn technology manuals

Preface to the manual

Read this instruction manual before using the instrument. This will ensure its safe and smooth operation. Familiarize yourself with the controls and how to use the device before use. ?? Observe the safety instructions and warnings in this documentation and on the instrument itself. ?? Save this operating manual and pass it on to future users.

Meaning of signs
Strict adherence to these warnings can prevent personal injury and / or property damage.
Special instructions for better understanding and use.
Camera icon indicates illustration.
  • Preface to the manual;
  • Product description;
  • Safety and protective devices;
  • Safety instructions;
  • Installation;
  • Refueling;
  • Commissioning;
  • Electric start (option);
  • Maintenance and care;
  • Storage;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Repairs;
  • Guarantee;
  • EU Declaration of Conformity;
  • Recycling.

Cutting without a grass receiver

Mowing lawns without a grass catcher is only permitted when the deflector flap swivel spring is operating.

The baffle plate is pressed against the mower body by the spring force. Thus, the cut grass is thrown back and down.

Mulching with the mulching kit (optional).

During mulching, the cut grass is not collected, but remains on the lawn. Mulch protects the soil and supplies it with nutrients. Best results are obtained with a regular cut of approx. 2 cm.Only young grass with soft leaf tissue decomposes quickly.

LAWNMOWER OIL Change the Simple Way ( no wrenches ! )

  • Grass height before mulching: max. 8 cm;
  • Grass height after mulching: min. 4 cm.

Adapt step speed for mulching, do not move too fast.

AL-KO Highline petrol lawn mower. User guide

Product description

This documentation describes the different models of petrol lawn mowers. Some models are equipped with grass receivers and / or additionally adapted for mulching. Identify your model based on product images and descriptions of various options.

Intended use.
This device is intended for mowing the lawn in the private sector. It can only be used on dry lawns. Any other use is not intended to be used.

Possible inappropriate uses:

  • This lawn mower cannot be used in public gardens, parks, sports fields, or in agriculture and forestry;
  • Guards cannot be dismantled or bypassed;
  • The device cannot be used in the rain or on a wet lawn;
  • ?? The device must not be used in an industrial environment.

Safety and protective devices.

Attention! Risk of injury! Do not disable safety and protective devices!

Safety handle.
The device is equipped with a safety handle. In case of danger, release the safety handle.

  • ?? The cutting knife stops;
  • Engine stops.

Baffle damper.
Deflector flap provides protection against ejected parts.

1.Starter rope; 2. Start, stop; 3. Wheel drive; 4. Safety handle; 5. Ergonomic height adjustment; 6. Indicator of filling; 7. Reflective damper; 8. Receiver for grass; 9. Adjusting the cutting height; 11. Adjustable reducer; 12. Operation manual; 13. Ejection unit; 14. Valve gate; 15. Kit for mulching; 16. Ignition electric start.

Symbols on the device

Attention! Take extra care when operating the tool. Keep hands and feet away from the cutting
Read the instructions before commissioning.! Keep away from the danger zone.
Keep third parties out of the danger area! Remove the spark plug plug from the socket before working on the mowing unit.
Additional signs on devices with electric starting

Attention! Danger of electric shock.
Keep the connecting cable away from the cutting blades.
Always unplug the device before carrying out maintenance work or if the cable is damaged.

Cutting with the grass receiver

Attention! Risk of injury!
Remove or install the grass receiver only after turning off the engine and stopping the cutting blade.

Raise the baffle and hang the grass receiver on the holders.

Full indicator.
Air flow during clipping moves the full indicator up (5a).

If the grass receptacle is full, the full indicator rests on the receptacle (5b). The grass receiver needs to be emptied.

Emptying the grass hopper:

  • Raise the baffle.
  • Disengage the grass receiver and remove towards the rear (6).
  • Empty the grass receptacle.
  • Raise the baffle and re-hang the grass receiver onto the holders (6).