Chinese battery saw chain disassembly. Electric saw “Parma” M of the old standard

Repair of Chinese chainsaws: main malfunctions

The low level of technical equipment of many service services and the high cost of their services force many owners of faulty equipment for chainsaws to independently repair their devices. How to disassemble a chainsaw, replace faulty parts and correctly assemble a chainsaw with minimal time and money?

chinese, battery, chain, disassembly, electric

Independent disassembly of a chainsaw suggests the presence of spare parts, corresponding tools and locksmith skills. It is possible that for the dismantling of individual parts you will need special pullers, the manufacture of which will take more time than the repair itself.

In some modern models of domestic and semi.professional chainsaws, special keys that are not included in the delivery set are used to adjust the carburetor and disassemble the sprocket of the drive circuit.

Questions about self.healing

The problem in many cases is complicated by the lack of complete information about the repair technique. According to foreign manufacturers, after exhausting the saw resource, the maintainability of many models at the budget level is a reasonable doubt.

It is more difficult to restore a professional level chainsaw.

  • The problem is complicated by the high cost of spare parts.
  • It is possible that special equipment will be required to restore the effectiveness of individual components and mechanisms, in particular, to adjust fuel equipment.

Replacing expensive branded spare parts affordable, but short.lived Chinese analogues does not economically justify itself. Practice shows that these components produce a resource at best 50-60%.

Battering chain saw Assembly

Now let’s collect this unit, and see if this thing is suitable or cheap Chinese hat. First of all, we remove the protective casing from the rotational mechanism. Next, put the guides in the grooves. We take out the chain and put it on the guide. Please note that I saw in the position as I hold it, I rotates counterclockwise, the result of the blades should also be directed. Put the chain on the guide, now it needs to be tightened, for this there is a screw on the case that we tighten the screwdriver from the kit. And almost immediately we understand that the screwdriver is small and it is not convenient to do it in such limited conditions. Therefore, we take a normal screwdriver, which is also uncomfortable to twist, but much better.

As a result, the chain is stretched and we put on a protective casing on top, which reliably fixes the guide in the tool. And we tighten the bolt with a uniform key from the kit, there are no inconvenience, the key is perfect.

Take out the battery, check the charge and insert it into the saw. In order to turn on the chain saw, we need to clamp the fuse and press the trigger. This is of course a very good solution that I am sure of secure us from serious injuries due to stupid accidents. The battery chain gains speed up to 4500 revolutions in about 3-5 seconds, it is actually good that the speed is gradually gaining. And does not immediately give out the maximum load, which is not very good for the engine.

Configuration WOSAI WS-DSJ20 and spare parts

Packages of the battery chain saw WOSAI WS-DSJ20 only 6 pieces. The difference in spare circuits, the presence of storage bags and the number and battery capacity. Batteries are 2000 mAh 3 and 4. They can be bought separately, I will leave a link, but the cost of one is from 2 thousand. It is strange given that the entire saw costs 3000, so it is much more profitable to buy a set with 1 or 2 powerful batteries for 4000 mAh. It is very important that these batteries are suitable for most of the entire power tool from the Wosai brand. So if you have 2-3 power tools, then batteries can be used. A bag, a chain and a guide can also be bought separately, I will leave a link, and the price tags are already quite small for myself.

There are 2 indicators green and red on the battery charging, green burns when the battery is charged or absent, and red when charging is ongoing. There is also an indicator on the battery in the form of 4 divisions showing the battery level. That of course there is a big plus.

In the assembled state, the chain saw back in the box is placed only if you pull out the entire pulp out of the box. And in principle, it lies there quite good, especially if you finalize the existing flesh.

What chain saw to choose with aliexpress: rating of the best battery chain saws

Published: Artem Masalsky updated: 17.ten.2021

Despite the fact that electricity is now everywhere and everywhere, in personal plots, it is it that becomes a problem. Rather. access to it. Even if the house has an electrical wiring, how it will help, if, for example, it is necessary to cut down a tree at the far wall of the fence, about fifty, or even a hundred from the nearest outlet. Gasoline saws are heavy, unsafe from the point of view of ecology and working with them is more difficult. The most environmentally friendly, of course, manual, but for this you almost always need a partner and drinking takes a lot of time. There is a way out. battery chain saw.

Types of chain saw

Battering chain saws are divided into several types, as it becomes clear from the table:

Type of chain pilaprincip of work

The battery saw, strictly speaking, is arranged in the same way as working on fuel, only instead of “heart” it does not have a gasoline engine, but a battery, there is no starter and fuel tank. Accordingly, when working, it does not give an exhaust and weighs much less than a gasoline analogue. Modern saws are placed by lithium-ion batteries, providing prolonged work without recharging.

Chinese battery saw chain disassembly

Disassemble the full.time battery and see what is there, it seems to be redone on the symptoms on lithium but put a low.ampere BMS. How to evaluate the inner world. Throw photos here.

Anatoly Shalin

Anatoly Shalin

Anatoly Shalin

Anatoly Shalin answered Zinovy

Anatoly Shalin answered Alexander

Anatoly Shalin

Anatoly, Mosfet wiped? As an option: a very Chinese board, with a dead transistor, you need to find out the approximate values ​​of it (especially the structure) and, or fall into parallel, or replace it.

Anatoly Shalin answered Vladimir

Vladimir, to be honest in these matters not special, but on this crap is written on top of Z1Y09A, and just below SLD80N03T (if I am not mistaken).

Anatoly Shalin answered Vladimir

Anatoly Shalin

I posted for Temko.I have 2 identical saws. One goes into defense either from any load, or at idle after 3 seconds, the second is not. It’s not about Akums! Put different, the result is one. one saw, the second rises in defense.Important! The one that is chopped off warms up on the one hand and there is no smooth start. (verified) Also in the end of the handle of the saw there is a fee flooded with epoxy. It contains 2 groups of 3 LEDs and button (as on gaybovers). When working diabetes, which are responsible for indication of the charge from 3 divisions sit down to 1st and begin to blink. T.e. The battery is planted. I suspect that there is a short circuit in windings.

In general, the difference is as follows. The working saw has a smooth start, higher revolutions (subjectively by sound and in the opinion) and the stator windings are not warm. It’s not about the battery! On the one that goes in defense, the opposite. I will throw off the photos of the grunts. Contact me if ideas appear. We will help each other and people.

I managed to win! 1) in the cap, in the stature pushed the eyeliner from the winding. It seems to be breaking weakened the screws attaching the stator to the cap. With a strong tightening, the stator is deformed.2) the rotor just in the same place rubbed about the stator. Passed the cap, twisted. nothing hurts, tightened, collected.

Chain saws are used when working with a timber, log, thick board, used in the construction of frame houses, log cabins. The tool is effective when cutting old trees, woodwork. Good reviews on battery chain saws are left by summer residents and suburban real estate owners. From analogues with gasoline engines, it differs in the absence of harmful emissions, a reduced noise level.

Elitech PCA 36

The model with a longitudinally located electric motor is produced by the company. Has small sizes compared to analogues. The double handle simplifies intensive work, charging the battery is enough for 280 cuts of a bar 50×50 mm. The installed brilliant electric motor is characterized by low noise, efficiency, increased resource.

To protect against overloads, a microcontroller is installed, which monitors the load level, regulates the operation of the electric motor. The system of instant stopping of the circuit protects against injuries with a reverse impact. Random launch is not possible due to double locking of the launch trigger. Visual control of the presence of oil helps to timely perform scheduled maintenance.

  • Chain, tire of the Oregon trademark;
  • Inertial brake;
  • Anti.slip material of the handles;
  • The presence of gear stops;
  • Works with any Elitech batteries;
  • Cutting speed 15 m/s.

The model is characterized by simple maintenance. To adjust the tension of the circuit or its replacement, the tool is not required, the external regulator is used. Lubrication is performed in automatic mode. This allows you to independently perform maintenance, reduce operating costs.

Electric Chainsaw Conversion AC 110V to DC 36V

GreenWorks G40CS30

Designed for cutting branches, dry branches, sawing small logs. Differs with light weight, which allows you to work with one hand. Chain Battery Mini Pila is equipped with a rubberized handle, a protective screen. To unlock, it is enough to press only one button and you can start doing the task.

A powerful brush engine is characterized by low energy consumption, with a 4 Ah battery you can operate up to 60 minutes. The oil tank is made of transparent impact.resistant plastic, which allows you to visually control the level of lubricant fluid. It is equipped with a 30 cm bus, Oregon. Effective overload protection increases the resource. It is supplied without battery, it works on a universal 40V battery created for the G-MAX series. Advantages:

  • Even cut;
  • Acute chain made of siliceous steel;
  • Chain adjustment without a special key;
  • Smooth start;
  • Low noise.

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Makita DUC302Z

Created on a single proprietary platform LXT. Power supply. two universal batteries for 18 in. According to users, on one charge you can make up to 80 cuts of a bar 200×200 mm. Small size, light weight allow you to work with one hand. The adjustment of the chain tension is performed using an external regulator conveniently located on the case.

The protective shield protects from branches, chips, and when pressed, it slows down the chain, stopping it in 0.5 seconds. The lubricant is automatically, convenient visual control is provided behind the oil level. The case is reliably protected from dust, high humidity. The microcontroller evaluates the battery level of the battery, preventing deep discharge, overload and fever.

Manual battery disk saw is designed for sawing boards, timber. It differs in high performance. The choice in favor of the circular saw is relevant for the roofer, a specialist in working with slab lumber. The best manufacturers offer power tools with effective security systems, injuries protection.


With small sizes, it is equipped with a powerful engine that rotates a disc with a diameter of 190 mm. Speed ​​of 5800 rpm provides high performance. Brightless electric motor with overheating protection. The motor does not require permanent maintenance. At right angles easily cuts a board with a thickness of 60 mm. Comfortable guide rulers make the cut accurate, regardless of the size of the workpiece.

Constant blowing of the cutting line provides the possibility of visual control. An industrial vacuum cleaner is provided through the adapter, which is included. The cut depth is set with high accuracy. Smooth sole provides light sliding along rough blanks. Advantages:

  • Protective casing;
  • Instant stopping of the disk;
  • The presence of backlight;
  • Rubberized handle with overlays from anti.slip material;
  • 3 years warranty.

Ryobi R18CS-0

It is equipped with a reliable brush engine operating from the AKB 18V. Speed ​​of 4700 rpm guarantees high performance. Battery capacity is enough for 270 cuts of a beam 50×100 mm. Light weight makes convenient work in difficult conditions. Adjustment of the angle of cut, cut depth is performed without using the key. A rotating pipe is provided for connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Works with a thin disk with a diameter of 165 mm. A distinctive feature is a neat, even cut at any angle. This is an ideal battery saw, faner, wood-boring plate and cuts of countertops. The depth drank at a right angle of 52 mm.

  • Smooth stroke of the start key;
  • Low level of vibration, noise;
  • In performance is not inferior to network models;
  • Easily copes with the oak board;
  • Transparent protective casing;
  • Carved degree scale.

Review: Mini-Pila Chain Battery Chain Saw MCS-108. A toy for limited tasks, a woman will cope

I will say right away, the opinion about the use of such a new product as a battery chain saw, then I will call it a bushrer, I have not unequivocal.

To begin with, we will figure out what is the main difference between the unit working on gasoline and similar electric gadget.

For me personally, the scales bowl are always leaning towards gasoline. Since this is still more convenient, for the following main reasons:

The first is undeniably high power. Therefore, the ability to saw faster. The gasoline version will be pulled out in any case and does not stall. The electric one will simply stop, due to the operation of protection against overload

Second, this is the absence of wires that need to be carried all the time. And if there is no way to connect the device to the 220 volts network, for example, in nature.

I will not further consider such moments as raw weather and other differences in work.

It is for the second reason that I decided to buy myself a battery bush.

Yes, very simple. On a campaign or on a trips to nature, every kilogram on the account, to carry with you a chainsaw is an unforgivable luxury.

Of course, I have a folding FISKARS saw.Which, in principle, is quite convenient in the campaign. But there are minuses. Great logs to saw it all the same for a long time.And how you want to quickly breed a fire and cook food.It is precisely for such a situation that I purchased a battery of Chinese assembly of the MCS-108 model.I bought it via the Internet, looking at the advertisement on one of the channels.

But here it turned out that this gadget in the campaign is ineffective if you do not have the opportunity to charge batteries at hand.

But in the first place in the benefits of use, it was possible to quickly and efficiently cut off old branches, in my case these fruit trees in the country.Here he proved himself to be the best possible.

Thanks to his small weight, a little more than one kilogram with a battery, he copes with the task perfectly.

The main thing is that the hand crawls. And everything is ready.This is noticeably different from a fairly dimensional chainsaw, which a woman is unlikely to cope.Also such a bush, surpasses a manual saw when there is no way to saw.

Well, now directly to the bush itself.

For comparison, I examined several options for this type of artisan shilers presented on the market.

First of all, this is of course the Stihl GTA 26, at a price as not bad chainsaws, in the region of 15,000, in the maximum configuration.

The second that I watched is the semi.professional Bosch. Easy Cut 12, for 12,000 rubles, of course, with the configuration of these two models, everything is fine. This is a convenient case for carrying, two batteries included.The price of various sellers may be higher.

chinese, battery, chain, disassembly, electric

But here, in order to determine whether I need it at all?

No one was bothering here. No case. Just a cardboard box, without stickers. The saw, screwdriver, key for 10/14, useless instructions in the Anglo-Chinese language include, charging.By the way, only according to the instructions it became clear that this is the MCS-108 model

Well, since the price is not critical for me at all, I decided to make it out and see what is inside.

A screw appeared in the attachment of a leading asterisk

In earlier versions, the asterisk was attached with a stop, which eventually led to the appearance of axial backlash and, as a result, the exit of a six.And here it is possible to tighten.

We disassemble further. I shot the disassembly on the video, I didn’t take a photo.

The case is disassembled into 4 parts, which is very convenient. Fastening screws, as many as 10 pieces. Nothing falls out. The assembly went back without problems.

Bruste engine, yesterday.The browned mechanism would be an order of magnitude better, both by mass and in dimensions. I hope the Chinese will take this moment away in the following versions.

Gear couple steel, very good, no plastic.

Everything else is quite reliably completed. No worse than STIHL. We can even say that better.

Some “masters”, the need to press this button, irritates before starting the saw. But this is primarily security. You can saw off your finger that hit the working area with such a saw.There is nothing more interesting inside and there.

Battery.The battery weighs 288 grams.

Declared by the manufacturer, as much as 24 volts.comparing with STIHL, where 10.8 volts or a 12-volt batter Bosch, as if even a lot.I did not believe and dismantled the battery.Four screws fastening, ordinary cross screwdriver, first number (PH1).

Previously, they put bolts with the Torx head so that they do not climb, who is not supposed to.

Device and principle of operation of the chain electric saw

The device of the chain electric saw differs from the device of the chainsaw only with the type of drive, namely the presence of an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine. The unit is made of an electric motor placed in a plastic case, a lubricant tank, an oil pump, as well as from a tire and a chain that has cutting elements (teeth). How the electric chain saw is arranged, you can consider in the figure below.

Electric saws can be either with the transverse location of the engine (shown in the figure above) and with longitudinal (see. photo below).

In an electric saw with a transverse location of the engine, the rotational movement from it to the leading star is transmitted directly. In an apparatus with a longitudinally located electric motor, this process is carried out through a gearbox.

Asterisk installed in the same plane with the unit bus, rotating, pulls the chain. The latter installed on the tire of the unit glides over it at high speed. Due to the presence of cutting elements on the chain, the wood is sawing. Since the canvas from the electric saw has a large width than the tire, the tool does not jam in the material, and the sawing process occurs quickly.

To reduce the wear of the saw chain and tires on the electric saws, a lubricant system is installed, which supplies oil to the saw headset.

Mini Cordless One-Hand Electric Chain Saw Woodworking Wood Cutter | Review and Teardown!

The lubricant system includes an oil tank with a volume of about 500 ml and an oil pump. The latter during operation of the electric saw continuously supplies lubrication on the tire. Further, the lubricant spreads with the help of the chain over the entire surface of the tire and falls on both the lead and the guide stars.

Dismantling of electric saws to eliminate breakdowns

This is perhaps the most crucial moment in the repair of a chain electric saw. Ideally, if the operating instructions have a section in which the entire construction of the saw with a detailed description of all its elements is clearly described. In extreme cases, you can delve into the network and find materials for service centers, with schemes and stages of disassembly, repair, assembly and adjustment of the tool. But if there are no instructions, most chain saws are versed in the following order:

When disassembling, much depends on the location of the saw engine. the proposed circuit is more suitable for repairing the electric saw with the longitudinal location of the engine. For chain saws with a transverse location of the engine, the disassembly scheme is about the same except that the handle is removed before the engine is separated from the gearbox.

When disassembling plastic elements, it is recommended, before separating parts, it is worth gently tapping with a hammer on the connection line so that the separation is easier.

Device and principle of operation of the chain electric saw

First of all, it is worth noting that the electric chain saw is much easier and more convenient in repair and maintenance than its gasoline relative. There are several reasons:

chinese, battery, chain, disassembly, electric
  • Chain saw has a simple design.
  • Adjustment of the rotation of the engine rotor in an electric saw is carried out by electronics, so in case of breakdown it is enough simply replace the regulator, and not disassemble and adjust the entire saw.
  • To diagnose breakdowns of the electric part, you can use a regular tester.
  • Most of the details of chain electric saws are interchangeable.

Also, the layout of the chain electric saw is easier:

  • electric motor;
  • electronic control and security units;
  • gearbox;
  • the mechanism of lubrication of the saw chain and guide tire;
  • locking mechanism;
  • working body. guide tire and saw chain.

The electrical circuit includes several interconnected devices. Electric cord provides a saw to connect to the mains. Then there are microswitches. they provide voltage supply to the engine windings and the rotor brush. The design provides for two circuit breakers. on the remote handle and on the case. This is necessary so that the inclusion happens only when both switches are pressed when the tool is taken with two hands. The engine starts from the working capacitor and is controlled. Thermallane acts as a security mechanism. with an increase in the temperature of the windings, it turns off the engine from the network, thus saving the tool from overheating.

The rotation from the rotor through the gear of the gearbox is transmitted to the working star, which includes the saw chain. So that during operation, the chain gear does not overheat, and there is no additional friction of the chain on the guide tire, in the design of the saw there is a lubrication mechanism. During operation, machine oil with a small pump is supplied to the tire, where the process of lubrication of the links of the chain occurs.

The main malfunctions of electric saw

Conditionally, the malfunctions of electric chain saws can be divided into three main categories. malfunctions caused by long.term operation and increased wear of parts, malfunctions caused by defects of parts, and those that became the result of improper adjustment, repair or improper maintenance of the tool.

The breakdowns caused by long.term operation should include:

  • Mechanical damage to the supply cable, electric fork.
  • Overheating and failure of thermallane.
  • Damage to the electric motor.
  • Clothing of the chain and breakdown of the gearbox.
  • A rush of chain, deformation of the guide tire.
  • Natural wear of the tool details.

When using defective parts, the breakdown of the chain saw can affect many parts, but this is usually due to the breakdown of the electric motor, switches, a chain break or premature wear of the parts.

The third group of malfunctions of the electric saw usually becomes the result of improper selection of components or untimely maintenance of the tool. here the engine may fail and the chain itself and the tire itself is deformed.

Diagnosis of malfunctions is usually carried out before and after using a chain saw. Before the inclusion, a control inspection is done to identify existing minor malfunctions and, if possible, prevent more serious malfunctions. During a control inspection, without turning on the saw on the network, it is recommended to stretch the chain several times to check if the gearbox and the engine jammed. If the brushes on the electric saw sparkle when turning on, this is a sure sign that you will have to replace the brushes and most likely make cleaning the collector.

If the oil does not enter the tire, then the tire and the chain remain dry, which means the rapid wear of the entire gearbox, working star, tire and chain itself.

Many saw models have an oil tank, partially leaving the body, this design often causes a mechanical breakdown of the container when impact. Such a defect will be visible immediately, for example, leakage from the power plant Rebir, Makita or Bosch means the need to complete the replacement of the part with a new.

After trial inclusion, it is necessary to check if there is a lubricant on the chain. If there is no lubricant, then in the best case you just have to disassemble the saw and clean the channel of oil flow, if the reason is the breakdown of the supply mechanism, you will have to change the entire node. Therefore, the work will have to be postponed, you cannot work with a saw without constant lubrication of the chain.

Well, if, after including the electric saw, you will have to arm yourself with a tester and check all the connections and elements starting from the supply cord.

Chain battery saw with a 4 bus “on the batteries Makita 18V

I looked at the files of this type for a very long time, it was not clear how good they were and useful in the everyday life of the Gener of the gardener, and there was a great price (26 with free delivery!). We must take, I think Impression, to be honest, very pleasant, although the tool is not the most universal, and not the right one is not every day. The case when, seeing the tool, you can imagine how it should work. and holding in your hands you understand that it works 100% since it was assumed.

I see the use mainly as the trimming of not particularly large sticks and branches, when to manually saw laziness, and climb on a stepladder with a chainsaw is dumb.

Delivery. in a simple cardboard box, in the kit itself drank with a tire, a chain and a shield, a screwdriver, and a 10 key to collect all this. There is no battery

A leading star is hidden under the lid, and the tension adjustment mechanism

The adjusting screw is natural from the outside, there is also a mounting panel nearby, for which a mortgage nut is provided.

Without a saw battery, it has a maximum length of exactly 30cm (in a collected state, with a bus and a chain), Akum adds another 5cm. The maximum flight of the tire is about 9-9.5cm

Weight without a battery 777 grams

Tip on the star. approximately 4500 rpm

The chain here, unfortunately, is its own

And taking into account the fact that the “automatic” lubrication is not provided. I decided that it was possible to use for example such

Let’s look into the guts of the unit. To do this, remove the stopper and the drive star, and then unscrew 8 T10 screws

Poorly but clean. One wire is slightly crushed by a protrusion on the case-when assembling I started a little differently

Collector motor. I do not know how to determine the marking power, but something tells that the promised 800 W is not here, although I did not check

There is a thermal subject

Reducer with metal gears and bearings


The dimensions of the gears if anyone is interested

Summary: I am delighted. I would like to put under the pillow, but I restrain myself. I put it on the table next to me, from time to time I do it in the way, I am touched;) Of the minuses I can note perhaps the absence of blocking the inclusion of inclusion. It is not here, but there is a speed of revolutions with a “trigger” and an instant stop when releasing it. In my opinion, an excellent alternative, for example, a saber’s saw for pruning all unnecessary in the garden of ogoros. Undoubtedly, like any cutting tool, and especially a chain cutting tool, this saw is dangerous, and it is probably possible to saw off not only branches from trees, but also “unnecessary” parts of the body from living creatures.

The saw is quite compact and moderately powerful, while holding it with a second hand does not arise much desire. He copes with branches up to 5cm, has not tried something more, and we all understand that she is not for this. But two boards of about 22mm with a thickness of about 22 mm quite lively, but. requires a good akum. In particular, the battery from my gaykovrta went into defense.

So if you have a garden/garden where something requires trimming, and a secondary spacing can no longer cope with this, a “adult” chainsaw is too big, and manually sawing laziness is an excellent choice. Perhaps it will be useful in “small construction”, well, there, there is a tablet somewhere in the process of manufacturing the crate under the roof or siding.

I personally think that this saw of my best acquisitions, but as for 25, is simply obliged to be on the household, especially if you live in a private house or at least sometimes saw any small wooden. As well as Gaikovyrt, and most likely also a corner grinder, circular, and a peorator. Battery, of course. And buy a screwdriver at a traffic light. Two. 😉

Well, undoubtedly I asked the manager a coupon. BGDH7D, it reduces the price to 23.99 and acts until the end of February, rush to be in time;)

Well, so as not to strain much with the proofs of the purchase. I will indicate.eighteen

The goods are provided to write a review with a store. The review is published in accordance with P.18 Rules of the site.