Chinese Chainsaw Starts And Stalls

Today, it is probably difficult to find a host who does not have such a universal, practical, and multifunctional tool as a chainsaw. This device is deeply rooted in everyday life, and this is not surprising because a chainsaw has become for us simply an indispensable assistant in the field of cutting wood of various nature, harvesting firewood for the winter, sawing trees, and it is also used in the construction industry, etc. Naturally about its positive sides can talk endlessly and she is doing just fine with her task. But, like any technique, no matter how unique and highly practical it is, over time it fails and stops starting, and this is normal. The most important thing at this moment is to correctly determine the cause of the malfunction and quickly eliminate it.

Naturally, you can contact all kinds of services that for a fee will put your equipment in order. But at the same time you have to pay a significant cost. What for? After all, you yourself can try to determine the degree and cause of the breakdown and fix it.

Since there are such minor breakdowns that can be fixed within five minutes. It is about them and how to eliminate them that we will discuss in this article.

Factory device

The first and practically the main element of the chainsaw is the engine, namely the two-stroke carburetor (see carburetor adjustment). Its direct power is diverse, it all depends on the model of the device and its direct purpose. For example, the power of the Ural chainsaw is 3.68 kW.

The second equally important part of the tool is headset (saw) which consists of a chain (cutting), tires, sprockets, wheels (chain). To this it is worth adding that completely different manufacturers provide their own specific range of this headset.

It is also important that it must always be selected directly specific engine characteristic data. Since the larger the headset this type of headset has, the deeper the notch of the chainsaw will be, you can even say that the more powerful and productive it will be. But do not forget that for the full operation of the device, the engine also should not be inferior to it in power.

Its lubrication is carried out by means of a special oil directly from the second tank, which is located on the hand unit. It is worth noting that the mass of this kind of tank has such features that oil and fuel, which is designed for the engine to end at the same time.

In general terms, they figured out the device, but most likely its foundation, and now it’s time to begin to understand why the chainsaw stopped working, what could be the reason for this and how to fix them.

Reasons and solutions

Undoubtedly, after reading this heading, you continue to read this paragraph and this is not surprising.

Since most owners of chainsaws, one can even say with some degree of certainty that almost every owner is faced with the fact that the device either does not start at all, or there are “signs of life”, but it immediately stalls.

In fact, there are many reasons for this kind of malfunction in the tool, and now we will try to deal with the main ones. So let’s get started:

The chainsaw starts and stalls immediately

The cause of this kind of malfunction may be the pouring of a direct candle at the very moment when you are trying to start a chainsaw. Since a significant amount of gasoline is collected precisely between the electrodes of the candle, therefore, a spark cannot be created. You can fix this kind of failure yourself, and you do not have to contact specialized services.

To do this, simply turn out the candle itself and dry it. You can also try to produce heat, this will not be superfluous, but remember that this kind of manipulation must be carried out exclusively through a gas burner.

Otherwise, a specific deposit may occur on the surface of the direct electrodes. In the meantime, while your candle dries, you need to drain the excess fuel directly by using the hole and let it dry for about half an hour.

Starts up cold

The answer to this question is unequivocal. There is no compression. This happens. The rings, most likely through long operation, simply worn out, therefore, when you try to start the device directly in the cold state, then not enough compression to run directly.

But taking into account the fact that the majority of “literate” people begin to systematically pull the handle, while the rings rub on the sleeve, therefore, oil and gasoline fall on them, the compression ratio rises and the engine starts. And when the chainsaw is already warmed up, then of course it will start.

But this kind of manipulation is harmful enough for the device, since just a few times you will achieve the desired effect through such actions, but the time will come when the chainsaw can finally break. Therefore, the best thing you can do is change the rings that are already worn out. This is not a complicated process, so you can completely cope with it yourself without using the services of a service.

Why does not start on hot

Before you begin to solve this problem, it should be noted that the productive and proper operation of the engine depends primarily on speed through the application of the starter mechanism. In most models, this “minimum” level is 800 rpm. It is important that the main reason for the “not factory” chainsaw is normal engine flooding.

In order to eliminate this problem, it is necessary first of all to put the damper (air) in the middle position. After that, blow a couple of times to get a chainsaw. After the process has started, warm it up within ten seconds, and then transfer it to the idle mode. After carrying out these manipulations, you can fully open the damper (air).

After this, it is worth noting that before starting the immediate implementation of actions regarding the “prescribed recommendations”, try to start the device directly in the idle position. To do this, just pull the “rope”. Since in that case, if not a hot engine, the plant will be produced without any problems.

But if you do not succeed, it means that it is already quite cooled. In this case, fix the half-gas according to the instructions in the instructions that came with your chainsaw.

But if this does not help, in this case, you should directly rotate the cold-running screw, directly clockwise.

Remember that the higher the RPM level in your device, the easier it will be for you to start the device. And remember that the chain must be stationary relative to the cold running.

Chinese chainsaw does not work

First of all, what I would like to note is that Chinese devices are quite reliable and powerful, at least, as practice shows. And the reasons for its breakdowns are not much different from all other models from other manufacturers. But there is one feature that does not tolerate negligence regarding chainsaws of Chinese manufacturers, namely fuel that is poured directly into it.

Chinese Chainsaw Starts And Stalls

It is the low quality of the fuel and oil that are used to prepare the mixture that is the main and probably the only reason that you can’t get a Chinese-made chainsaw.

Since many “wise men” believe that the main thing to fill in and what to fill does not matter, it will do. And then they wonder why the device does not work.

Therefore, special efforts to eliminate this problem are not needed, simply use oil and gasoline from the manufacturer who created your chainsaw and everything will be fine. See the for more details:

A new chainsaw won’t start

In fact, in principle, there should be no problems with the new chainsaw, since all spare parts are only from under the machine and are not subject to wear. The only reason that the device does not work can be either a factory defect or you are doing something wrong with respect to the instructions of the instruction. In order to eliminate this kind of problem, carefully check whether you have “screwed and attached” everything correctly. This can be with any equipment, with the Russian Lesnik chainsaw, not inferior to it as a patriot chainsaw, as well as the powerful Partner 350 saw,

In addition, an important factor in the malfunction of the tool may be that you have prepared the mixture in erroneous proportions, consisting of oil and gasoline. Either you filled in such basic “additives” of poor quality, which certainly affects the operation of the chainsaw, or the manufacturer who produced your tool.

Once again, carefully read the instructions, and then check up to a millimeter every action with a chainsaw. Read the instructions on how to properly run a chainsaw.

The spark is, the candle is wet

First of all, it is necessary to remove the muffler and carefully inspect the piston, since this is where the problem may be hidden. In addition, most owners wonder: why does the chainsaw start and stall, while there are supposedly no problems with candles?

But this is an erroneous opinion and one does not need to be so sure in this case, so there are situations when the candle perfectly sparks in air, but does not work directly in the cylinder.

The reason for this may be an immediate violation of a kind of compaction in the area of ​​the channel (impulsive). Or so there is a peculiar development of crankshaft oil seals, but this feature is found in very rare cases.

But if you notice a similar malfunction of your chainsaw, then do not put off the repair in a long drawer and it is best if it will be done by professionals. Otherwise, you simply can simply “break” the piston.

The price of Stihl chainsaws starts from 8000-10000 rubles. Over, they are world leaders in the production of chainsaws.

The Stihl ms 660 chainsaw is the most economical of the entire Stihl range of chainsaws. Its price ranges from 3,100 to 5,500 rubles.

To summarize.

Damage to technology is undoubtedly a very unpleasant and distressing event for its owner. But do not despair ahead of time, because if your chainsaw is being repaired, then this is just a matter of time. In this article, you were able to familiarize yourself with the most common problems regarding chainsaw malfunctions, as well as options for resolving them at home.

Most importantly, if you want your tool to always be in working condition, and there are no problems with its operation, just for easy follow the technique. Often look directly into its “inner” area. Maybe some part will wear out soon, maybe you need to clean something, etc. Read how to sharpen the chain with your own hands.

In fact, this kind of manipulation is not complicated and can be done periodically. But this is a “plus” for you in the first place, since a breakdown will not catch you at the most inopportune moment, when you need to do a huge amount of work and you do not have to spend time solving problems related to breakdown.

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