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Cordless electric screwdriver drill is one of the most popular power tools because it is super versatile. The device is able to perform both the functions of an ordinary drill because of the high torque, and be used for tightening nuts and screws (like a classic electric screwdriver). For this purpose, an electric screwdriver is equipped with a clutch for switching the torque. This allows you to increase the scope of work, from simply screwing screws into plasterboard, to drilling holes in a concrete wall.

chinese, electric, screwdriver, cordless, better

The presence of a battery has a positive impact on the convenience of using the tool. It can be used in places where there is no outlet or where the work involves frequent movement of the master (wires are constantly tangled underfoot or the length of the power cord is insufficient). However, you should also be aware of the disadvantages of rechargeable batteries. First, they require recharging, although most models come with two batteries. Secondly, cordless drills. screwdrivers are slightly more expensive than cordless drills. Thirdly, batteries themselves are a consumable, and sooner or later they fail and need to be replaced (depending on the intensity of use).

If, however, an ordinary electric screwdriver is compared with a drill. a screwdriver, the latter wins in versatility due to the drill function. But it loses in ergonomics and usability, due to the greater weight.

You should also be aware of the key parameters of a screwdriver, which you should pay attention to when choosing:

  • Battery capacity. For household needs and infrequent use, the tool with a battery capacity in the range of 1.2-1.5 A / h, capable of providing a charge for two to three hours will be suitable. If you buy a screwdriver for a full-fledged workshop and frequent use, you should give preference to the more “capacious” models.
  • Voltage of Power. This parameter determines the amount of torque on the spindle. Simply put, the higher the voltage supply, the easier it is for the machine to drill holes and screw in screws of a larger diameter. For household needs, a cordless screwdriver with 12-14 V battery is ideal.
  • Maximum speed. The RPM characterizes the tool’s ability to drive screws (or drill holes) of a certain diameter. Since works of medium size (6-12 mm) are most common at home, two speeds and 1200-1500 rpm will be quite sufficient.
  • Torque. Key characteristic that shows the “power” of the tool. The higher this parameter, the higher the drill’s ability to drill large holes and hard materials.
  • Chuck design. Since no one wants to bother with accessories, the best choice for purchase would be a screwdriver with a single-feed chuck. It is extremely easy to use and has a higher degree of reliability (due to the smaller number of components).
  • Optional solutions. If ergonomics is important to you, then you might consider items like the second handle, the rotary function, the drill and bit setting bits, and the extended fittings kit. It can turn a modest tool into a multifunctional device for professional-level jobs.

We bring to your attention the top of the best cordless drills. screwdrivers in the categories: light, inexpensive and professional models.

Pros: Weightless operation, bit holding head, LED illumination, long service life.

Heimerdinger LB176. popular model at Ali

tool is sold with and without battery. Battery compatibility: 1830,1840,1850,1860 etc. Equipment options: just a screwdriver; with 1 or 2 batteries; with accessories (small and large sets), with carrying case. When selecting a version, it is important to clarify the number of positions. Maximum torque value. torque 80-120 nm. Two speeds. Material: concrete, wood, metal, plastic, etc.

Voltage, V 18
Idle speed, rpm 1350
Battery capacity, mAh 4000/6000
Range of action, min. 75-285
Weight, kg 1,4

Cheap Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver Review

Pros: durability, robust housing, no backlash, good equipment.

WOSAI WS-MD13. good performance

The tool is professional, but well-suited for household tasks. Simple operation. Weight not heavy, always easy to take with you. Convenient in places without mains power supply. LED illumination for good visibility. The speed is adjustable in two positions. The steepness indicator. torque. 115 nm.

Voltage, V 18
Idle speed, rpm
Battery capacity, mAh 2000/3000/4000
Autonomy, min. 40-60/60-85/60-214
Weight, kg 1,95

Advantages: low price, rugged construction, charging indicator, many equipment options.

DeWALT DCD791. ergonomic design

Model with quick-action chuck. Maximum diameter of hole in steel. 13 mm, in wood. 40 mm. chuck settings. 1,5-13mm. Comes with one battery. Two-mode speed. Torque settings. 151.

Voltage, V 18
Idle speed, rpm 2000
Battery capacity, mAh 2000
Autonomy, min. 75-135
Weight, kg 1,5

Pros: nice design, charging indicator, backlight, good performance, equipped with a carrying case to store and transport the tool easily.

Bosch GSR18V-50. the original product

Model equipped with a quick-action chuck. Max. Working diameter of 35 mm in wood, 13 mm in steel. The body is made of durable plastic and metal. Compact size. There is an option reverse, backlight. Torque. 50 nm. Accessories: battery, charger, case, nozzle set.

Voltage, V 18
Idle speed, rpm 1800
Battery capacity, mAh 1200
Range of action, min. 75-135
Weight, kg 1

Pros: low noise, good performance, low friction, complete, light weight, fast delivery.

Top models

Our rating includes only the best models with optimal power, torque. They are characterized by high quality workmanship, long service life. Each model has received a large number of positive customer reviews.

chinese, electric, screwdriver, cordless, better

Which one would you choose for an electric ice drill screwdriver from Aliexpress or recommend?

The best budget models

This section includes devices,


Budget tool with a solid body made of high quality plastic. Battery powered, enough charge for 2-4 hours of use. It differs the light weight. No arm fatigue, even in continuous use. However, the device has a small torque, so it is suitable only for drilling thin ice.

  • torque 28 Nm;
  • nominal power 230W;
  • motor. brushless;
  • additional handle. no;
  • battery life. 2-4 hours;
  • case included. yes;
  • weight. 0.95 kg;
  • .
  • low price;
  • low weight;
  • comfortable in the hand;
  • informative indicator of charge;
  • stylish design;
  • fast penetrates thin ice.


Compact model with low weight. Stepless power control guarantees the convenience of the tool. On the body are holes, through which the excess heat is led away, thus preventing the overheating of the motor. The device features a light weight, high battery charging speed.

  • 28 Nm of torque;
  • reverser. yes;
  • additional handle. no;
  • included case. yes;
  • dimensions. 20x19x5 cm
  • weight. 1 kg;
  • .
  • ergonomics;
  • cartridge does not hit;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • quickly charges;
  • low weight
  • compact dimensions;
  • sturdy battery.

Matpewka 5821-25V

Powerful tool that can handle drilling ice of any thickness. It has a waterproof body, which ensures a long period of use of the device. Features stepless adjustable torque. Characterized by autonomy, ergonomics. The built-in light makes it possible to use the model even in the dark.

  • torque. 56 Nm;
  • rated input power. 180W
  • additional handle. no;
  • 240x200x60 mm in size;
  • weight. 1,171 kg;
  • .
  • autonomy;
  • high quality build;
  • high torque;
  • powerful;
  • ergonomic;
  • low price;
  • stylish design;
  • reliable protection;
  • built-in backlight.

Parafusadeira Furadeira, 16.8V from XIN Tooling Store

High-quality tool with good torque, making it suitable even for drilling through thick ice. gets the job done fast. Lightweight, so the user’s hands don’t get tired while using the tool. The model has 19 modes, allowing you to adjust the torque.

Parafusadeira Furadeira, 16.8V from XIN Tooling Store

  • torque. 32 Nm;
  • reverser yes
  • 1300 rpm;
  • additional handle. no;
  • case included. no;
  • dimensions. 27x25x7 cm;
  • weight. 1,2 kg
  • .
  • breaks through even thick ice quickly;
  • quality assembly;
  • reliability;
  • long service life;
  • high speed of operation;
  • compact size;
  • small weight
  • there is a backlight;
  • ergonomic.

Best mid-priced tool

Here are the best models,


Quality powerful model. Has a light weight and compact size, which allows you to use the tool even with one hand. Characterized by quality construction and long service life. However, low torque allows using the device only for drilling thin ice.

Review of the top 10 screwdrivers from aliexpress

Hello friends, in this article we have prepared a review of the top screwdrivers from Aliexpress on lithium battery. Even with the jumped up exchange rate in China you can still buy a quality electric screwdriver much cheaper than in Russia. All sellers have a high rating and level of trust by clicking on the link you can learn more about the technical characteristics of each product and more detailed reviews of other buyers.

HILDA is a compact electric drill powered by a lithium battery. It can be used as a cordless electric screwdriver. This power tool has 2 speed modes. To adjust the speed, you must use a special switch.

Hilda c aliexpress electric screwdriver So, in the first mode can perform up to 500 revolutions per minute, and in the second. up to 1350 such revolutions. The torque is 15 units. It is noteworthy that the screwdriver is one of the most popular products on Aliexpress.

GOXAWEE 21v/12v. pretty powerful cordless drill, available for purchase at Aliexpress. Despite its small size, it works pretty fast. It can easily drill through a brick wall using a 12 gauge drill bit. This device is nice to hold in your hand. Features include backlight. electric screwdriver GOXAWEE on aliexpress Thanks to it you can do the work even without light sources. And if it is, thanks to the backlight, the shade will not block the work area. The speed can be infinitely adjusted. The battery charger is included with the device.

DEKO GCD12DU3 12 V. Electric drill powered by a lithium battery.Its power level can be classified as professional grade. The device weighs relatively little. only 1,400 grams. The device is good for drilling wood, sheet metal electric screwdriver DEKO GCD12DU3 12 V aliexpress Good performance and low weight allows us psuhrpunovat for simple household tasks. It’s perfect for a huge range of repair jobs around the house.

WARSLEY Manufacturer 12 V. a device that can be used as an electric drill and screwdriver. It has a small size and low weight. All components of the drill are powered by a lithium battery that can be recharged at any time. Made in a classic design. It can adjust the torque up to 181. WARSLEY Manufacturer 12V introduced a special protection technology that does not allow you to overload the battery.

The 21V Matheshka is a household tool with many functions. It can be used as a drill as well as a screwdriver. The device has an automatic cartridge. Torque adjustment is 181, shockproof and impervious to moisture. electric screwdriver Matryoshka from aliexpress It is ideal for carrying out work at night without a light source, as it has a built-in high-power LED flashlight. The staple handle is quite soft and feels good in the hand.

The ProStormer is a handy device for household repair tasks. When used as a drill, it can drill holes in all kinds of materials quickly. For example, it can easily drill into materials like ceramics, metal and even concrete. Despite its small size, it has a high level of power. Among the disadvantages are that the device heats up quite quickly and therefore is not suitable for prolonged work, it is also quite noisy

Otoolsion 21 V. powerful electric screwdriver. Can also be used as a drill when changing attachments. This cordless tool runs on a 1500 mAh lithium battery. Capable of up to 1600 rpm. As for the torque, here it is 183. Otoolsion 21V is safely protected in case of falls. It is a waterproof device with a good seal. the battery of this Aliexpress screwdriver is reliably protected from overheating, as well as from complete discharge.

The Matheshka 25 V is a quality screwdriver with a handle that feels good. It is not easy to switch from one position to another, which is a minor disadvantage. To charge the battery takes no more than an hour. No loud noises during operation. Disassembly of the battery of this Aliexpress screwdriver is not difficult, so if necessary you can quickly swap the existing 6 batteries for new ones. The tool has a built-in quick-release clip that allows you to attach it to your belt or backpack, which is convenient when you do the work when you need to use both hands.

Top 18 best brushless screwdrivers from Aliexpress

We present you the 17 best Chinese brushless electric screwdrivers according to customer reviews.

Which brushless electric screwdriver would you choose or recommend on Aliexpress?


The top model from a proven manufacturer, while featuring an affordable price. This is a professional electric screwdriver drill, equipped with a comfortable rubberized handle that completely eliminates slipping while working. The device weighs 1.6 kg Above average, but still not too much. LED illumination, which switches on automatically, is an additional comfort feature.

As already mentioned, this is a two-in-one tool. Depending on the type of work, you can switch the chuck rotation speed (there are two of them in total). The unit works well on wood, plastic, concrete and even metal surfaces. Accessories: plastic case for storage and transportation, set of consumables, instructions and battery.

Bort BAB-14Ux2Li-FDK

Small electric screwdriver in the shape of a gun with an idle speed of 1200 rpm./minute. Its unique feature is as much as nineteen torque operation modes. Toggle function allows you to choose the right speed for different jobs. Max. drilling level is 2.3 centimeters. Torque: 30 Nm.

As for the battery, it has a standard capacity of 1500 mAh, which is enough for most jobs. And in standby mode, the battery does not run out of power.


Let’s be honest: not many Chinese tools can boast of being as good in quality as famous international brands like Bosh or Makita. However, this device is well worthy of such a characteristic.

This is a top of the line professional power tool with a rugged, high quality body. High power, 2800 rpm speed./The 2,000 mAh battery and the power output of the GCD20DU2 make it the most balanced power tool in the category. In standalone mode, this tool works up to four days without recharging, quality LED backlight is not only turned on automatically, but also works for half a minute after pressing the button. The richest equipment is worth mentioning: up to twenty different consumables are available in the kit. And at the same time an electric screwdriver does not cost exorbitant money, and is sold at a very reasonable price.


The universal combination of a screwdriver and a drill. The device weighs only 1.5 kg, but has a rugged chassis, so it can be used on construction sites. Battery capacity of 1500 mAh, takes about 60 minutes to charge. The idle speed is 1600 rpm, and the max. drilling level. 3,5 cm (on a tree). Torque. 38 Nm.


This model is one of the best-selling Chinese screwdrivers. It has a high torque of 56 Nm/v, good quality of all materials, comfortable and ergonomic design. The tool works with two speeds: one for tightening screws and self-tapping screws, and the second for drilling. This tool has a rotational speed of 1,350 rpm and weighs only 1.1 kg. Built-in battery capacity. 1.5 Ah.


Another drill. a screwdriver from the already mentioned Hilda. This time we offer you a budget model designed for household use.

This power tool also has good LED lighting and a comfortable handle. However, the technical specifications are, for obvious reasons, lower: torque 15 Nm, max. Voltage 12 V, a relatively weak battery, which, when fully charged, lasts only an hour and a half. However, the battery itself, judging by reviews, assembled much better than in the model HILDA ES. The body of an electric screwdriver is relatively fragile and can break if dropped. However, the low price is worth it (subject to amateur activities).

The kit includes an AC adapter and instructions. All consumables have to be bought by yourself.


This device from a well-known manufacturer has a stepless speed control system, a robust housing, a two-speed gearbox (up to 1600 rpm). Battery charge level indicator is displayed on the built-in display on the chassis. The tool is also equipped with a simple LED flashlight that makes it easy to work in the dark.


A very good cordless electric screwdriver for a low price. As for its performance, its characteristics are rather average, but the quality of assemly and ergonomic design is very high. Can be used for professional purposes as well as for home repair.

Lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 1500 mAh. There is a built-in three-degree indicator to monitor the charge level. Power output of this power tool is 21V, torque 28Nm. It’s not too impressive, but for this price segment it’s great.

Matpewka 5821-25V

The powerful 25V reversible screwdriver can be used not only for tightening screws, but also for drilling concrete walls, metal, wood, plastic and tightening screws. Torque of 35/56n/m. It’s powerful enough not only for home use but also for construction site work and vehicle repair. Comes with a battery charger and a high-capacity 1.5 Ah battery.

Thanks to the watertight housing, the electric screwdriver can be used indoors and outdoors. Shock-resistant casing protects against falls from great heights. The torque can be adjusted to suit the forthcoming operating conditions. Speed is controlled by a button, which must be pressed with little effort.

How to choose a good electric screwdriver from Aliexpress

Screwdrivers from Aliexpress differ from each other by torque, type and capacity of the battery, as well as the rated voltage and the number of positive customer reviews. It is these parameters you need to look at in order to choose the right model.

Torque and rotation speed

Torque is the parameter that determines the torque of the force with which the shaft will rotate. This depends on the set of materials to work with. The 20 Nm is designed for light-duty household tasks, for tightening small screws up to a maximum size of 5x90mm in wooden surfaces, tightening baseboards into dowels, etc.д. Models at 30-50 Nm can screw in long and thick screws 6×150 and more, suitable for finishing work in major repairs. The most powerful wrenches up to 110 Nm are not inferior to a cordless drill and are suitable for professional construction work.

Speed of rotation. a parameter that determines the number of revolutions of the shaft in a certain unit of time, usually in 1 minute. The more RPM, the faster it will drill in different densities of materials. When doing household jobs of screwing something, the average value is set at 500 rpm, and if you need to drill a hole. about 1000 rpm.

How to Choose a Cordless Electric Screwdriver by Type of Battery?

There are Ni-Cad, Ni-MH and Li-ion cordless screwdrivers. The nickel-cadmium models are cheaper than the lithium-ion ones, but they have a higher self-discharge and memory effect. The “memory effect” is that the battery “remembers” the previous discharge cycle and “thinks” that the capacity will be equal to the amount of energy given. It means that charging a battery that has not been fully discharged will cause this effect and the battery will take less energy than it should. From the advantages: can withstand up to 1000 charge-discharge cycles, in the cold they are discharged slower than lithium batteries.

Ni-MH battery has a higher capacity compared to Ni-Cad, which gives a longer battery life, as well as nickel cadmium batteries are much more susceptible to the “memory effect”, which lithium-ion batteries do not have at all. But they are expensive and therefore very rare.

Lithium-ion batteries are the most advanced. Has four times the capacity of cadmium models. Such a battery is stored in a charged condition and has minimal self-discharge and capacity degradation. Also designed for 1000 or more discharge cycles. It is lithium batteries that we recommend for purchase because.к. Life span of 5-7 years with proper use.

chinese, electric, screwdriver, cordless, better

What battery capacity means?

Battery capacity is a parameter that affects how long the battery will run without recharging. The average for a reliable household tool is 1.5-2 Ah. Also the battery capacity depends on the charging speed, which varies from 1 to 10 hours, depending on the purpose of an electric screwdriver and the degree of its suitability for professional work.

The tools for drilling large holes in hard materials have a capacity of about 3-6 Ah, and the charging time can be either 30 minutes or 12 hours.

You may also be interested:

What Battery Voltage Affects

Battery voltage is a parameter that indirectly describes the power of the tool. In this case it is better to choose according to the principle: “The more, the better“. Electric screwdriver models from Aliexpress are made in the range of 3 to 36 volts for specific tasks. Optimal voltage values of 16. 25 V.

Usually, low-power batteries are equipped with appropriate screwdrivers for simple household tasks, and if the battery has a high torque, then the battery voltage will be appropriate.

Differences between impact and nonimpact screwdrivers

An impact electric screwdriver is a large tool designed for drilling difficult areas. For example, it is used for piercing through concrete walls or stone slabs. Therefore, impact models are heavier and often have core drill bits, chisels, etc.д. A hammerless electric screwdriver is not suitable for overcoming concrete and brick walls.

Ideally, the package along with the electric screwdriver should be:

A flashlight and holster would also be helpful. All of these tools allow you to store, carry, and make your electric screwdriver durable.

What to look for when choosing an electric screwdriver

When choosing a cordless screwdriver, focus not only on the brand, price and design of the tool. Its specifications and capabilities should fully meet your needs. What to consider and why. tell us further.

Classes by battery voltage

  • 10,8 (12 V). a compact screwdriver with a small battery. You can hold it in your hand for hours a day without feeling tired.
  • 14,4 V. powerful model for the construction site, assembly shop or workshop.
  • 18 (20 V). universal tool, capable to replace household drill.
  • 24V. low-voltage, high-performance models.
chinese, electric, screwdriver, cordless, better

The 10.8/12V and 18/20V voltages are different due to differences in measurement methods by American and Japanese manufacturers.

Number of positions of the power output control clutch. the more positions, the more precise you can choose the appropriate mode for the given application. Most screwdrivers have 16 to 24 speeds.

Relationship between voltage and power of an electric screwdriver: yes or no?

There is a relationship between battery voltage and tool power, but it is affected by a number of factors:

  • Discharge current. inexpensive batteries “give” up to 15 A, high-quality batteries. up to 30 A.
  • Reliability of the planetary gearbox. the quality of metal, the assembly, the design of the gears affect the developed torque.
  • Quality of the electric motor. determines the current and overload capacity.
  • Parameters of electronic unit. control board limits peak current, prevents overheating of the motor, extending its life and limiting the power of the tool.

High-voltage battery is not the only or main indicator of a screwdriver’s power.


Characterizes the maximum force the tool can generate. Depends on the power of the battery and the screwdriver mechanics design.

  • Up to 20 Nm is an inexpensive unit for light household tasks.
  • 25. 50 Nm. assistant for the workshop and construction site, capable of assembling furniture, wooden products, drilling metal, screwing fasteners into sheet metal.
  • From 50 Nm. a powerful professional screwdriver, capable of replacing the mains drill.

New screwdriver INTERSKOL DA-10/12V drill with valve motor without brushes (brushless) compact

For example, a household appliance with 18 Nm is fast enough to drive 7 mm screws in wood, and a professional screwdriver with 165 Nm for 12 mm screws in sheet metal.5 cm screws with a diameter of 2.2 centimeters. It is good if there is a regulator on the body to adjust the torque.

Turning speed

This indicates the number of revolutions of the shaft with a fixed bit per time unit. When working with fasteners, you need a value of 500 rpm, when drilling. 1000 or more, depending on the density of the base. The performance can be changed by adjusting the speed; the more speeds available, the better.

Modern screwdrivers are equipped with a special gearbox that makes it possible to operate at a lower RPM with constant torque. It is also possible to regulate the number of revolutions of the electric motor.

Battery voltage: what does it affect??

It is a common opinion that with the increase of this indicator the power and torque grows. But there is an important nuance. Many electric screwdrivers have voltages from 3 to 36.

If you compare two electric screwdrivers of different voltages, for example, at 14.4 and 18, they both have the same torque, 70 Nm. The difference lies in the design of the battery, the number of components is different. The 18-volt model has more components, so it has a higher capacity.

In general, the voltage is not critical, you should not make it the basis of choice, in addition, it significantly affects the price.

Battery capacity: what does it mean?

Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) is the most advanced technology. The battery is lightweight, has no memory effect, charges quickly, but loses its charge quickly in sub-zero temperatures. The high cost is recouped by the durability and reliability. an electric screwdriver with this battery is the best choice.

Nickel-cadmium (NiCd). less common. Their biggest disadvantage is the memory effect. It causes the loss of capacity if the battery is recharged.

Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are much like the nickel-cadmium ones. The main difference is the absence of toxic cadmium compounds. They have a shorter life span, but a much lower memory effect. Almost no screwdrivers are made with such batteries nowadays

The characteristic indicates how long the tool can be used without recharging. Models for domestic use only hardly need an expensive lithium-ion battery, because you can easily recharge it if necessary. The capacity of such models is 1.5-2 Ah, professional analogues have 1.5-2 times more. You need to pay attention not only to the capacity, but also to the speed of charging, ranging from a couple of hours to half a day. Some professional versions support fast charging, in as little as an hour or even 30 minutes, but their cost is significantly higher than standard equipment.

Is there a real need for the case?

Yes, it is. Trying to save money on this accessory often results in an expensive electric screwdriver failing prematurely.

The case is the best protection against shock loads, dust ingress, allows you to keep both the main tool and a set of attachments, and the charger with a set of batteries on hand.

How many batteries do you need to get the job done?

The battery is one of the most technologically advanced, and therefore the most expensive component in the kit. Not surprisingly, many people are looking to save money by looking for a device with a single battery. It’s a mistake.

It often happens that the battery is already discharged and the work is not completed until the end, you have to stop and wait for several hours. Better to overpay, but keep at least one spare battery on hand.