Chinese gasoline trimmer for grass what is the best. The best cheap gasoline lawn trimmers

Top 10: Ranking of gasoline trimmers (four-stroke) for grass 2021-2022

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Rating-2021-2022 best petrol trimmers (four-stroke) for grass on customer reviews: what grass trimmers are better to buy, how to choose, price comparison, buy at a reliable online store in your city.

Top 10 best gasoline trimmers under 5000

Eurolux TR-1300T gasoline grass trimmer model in under 5000 price segment can be used both for cutting soft grass and for cutting tougher vegetation. The device is equipped with a shoulder strap and a bike handle, which minimizes the load on the hands and shoulder girdle of the operator. The handle position is adjustable, which provides better balance of the whole tool, which in addition, weighs less than most analogues. 6.7 kg.

The advantages of this model are the quick replacement of the cutting element, the anti-vibration system (reduces operator fatigue), the mobility of the device and its compactness. The quality of fit and finish is also noteworthy. Many owners admitted that they found no reason to complain about anything. despite the affordable price segment, the fit and precision of the body parts are as high as the internal filling.


The manufacturers presented on AlieXpress like to surprise customers with the originality of their products. Now we have a lawn mower in front of us. At least that’s how it is presented in the product card. But we have to disappoint you. From a lawnmower here only the platform with two wheels. It’s basically just an electric grass trimmer. The grass is cut with a reel of fishing line without the ability to set the blades. The handle has several different angles. You just set the cutting unit at a right angle and lock the handle. Next you need to roll the platform, and it will cut the grass.

But in practice this design causes a lot of complaints. However, nothing prevents to remove the wheels and use the trimmer for the grass in the usual way. Unless, of course, you’re ready to hold on to the weight of the device without straps weighing 8 kilograms. Heavy model, but its power is 650 watts, which explains this parameter. You will also need a long carry. Own wire. only a meter and a half.

Choosing the best gasoline trimmer: Key considerations

When choosing a gasoline trimmer key importance are indicators such as power and performance, which must match the amount and intensity of work to be done. To serve the garden plot and the planned use of the tool 1-2 times a month, it is advisable to buy a lawn mower small power, which can cope with weeds, and mowing the lawn, and will last more than one season. Although the service life also depends on the manufacturer, with a small load this aspect is not so important. as a rule, a low-power tool is inexpensive, and the price difference between models from popular brands and Chinese companies is small.

For frequent use and work for 6-8 hours a day it is better to buy a gasoline trimmer with high power and good quality, from a well-known professional tool manufacturer (Echo, Husqvarna, STIHL, etc.). The long service life and reliability justify the high price of such machines.

chinese, gasoline, trimmer, grass, best

It is also necessary to take into account, who will be the operator. a man or a woman and his build. The weight of lawn mowers varies greatly, and to work with a heavy tool a girl or a teenager will be difficult.

Many gasoline trimmers have backpack suspension. this point is quite important when choosing a tool for continuous continuous continuous use. For infrequent work suit machines with classic straps.

On the type of boom performance depends directly on the lawnmower. in models with a bent boom movement of the cutting tool makes a steel cable, not designed for high loads. But the metal shaft in constructions with a straight rod, due to its strength, allows you to work with more power.

The type of cutting tool defines the ability to use the gasoline trimmer in different conditions. A line for a trimmer is intended for cutting of the grass and weeds, and at presence in the complete set of a metal knife. there is an opportunity to cut a rigid bush and young trees.

Huter GGT-1000T

Trimmer for grass Huter GGT-1000T from the famous German brand distinguishes affordable for many people the price of the product. At the same time, the mower has enough power (1 l / c), through which you can handle garden plots with abundant vegetation.

The tank capacity of 700 ml allows you to use the trimmer for the grass for a longer period of time than similar models of competing brands. Rigid drive shaft gives the product reliability and durability.

An anti-vibration system significantly reduces noise and hand-arm vibrations. It is equipped with an accidental start protection and a gas trigger lock. Other characteristics: engine volume. 33 cm³, tank capacity. 0.7 l., Blade speed. 7500 rpm, the width of the mowed strip. 25 cm.

Huter GGT-1000T. one of the few trimmers today that are produced in the home country of the brand. In Germany, not in China, as is common with a number of other brands.

A variety of advanced, but very expensive models are considered wheeled models of gasoline lawnmowers. They are equipped with a classic engine that makes the cutting blades rotate. But in order to move them around the territory, the owner will need to push them by hand. It reduces the amount of fuel consumed, simplifies the wheel base and method of application. The experts have chosen the best models in this category where the price corresponds to the quality and functionality.

Makita PLM4120N

According to many parameters, declared by the Japanese manufacturer, the Makita gasoline lawnmower entered the list of leaders of the review. With a fairly wide mowing width of 41 cm, it does not weigh much. 26.8 kg. American-made engine power outputs up to 2.7 horsepower. In addition to the grass catcher box capacity of 50 liters, there is a mulching option, after which the vegetation is chopped and scattered on the territory as a fertilizer. There are 5 cutting heights for operation. from 2.5 to 7 cm.

  • Stylish appearance;
  • Reliable manufacturer;
  • Mulching;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Quick start.

The strengths of Makita are considered a sturdy chassis, Japanese quality, design ergonomics, availability of useful features. Users appreciate the quick start-up, low noise level, and the ability to buy appliances from the company’s online store at a low price. The weaknesses are considered to be the weak motor, which is supplied by the manufacturer without oil. This means that the device needs to be serviced before it can be used for the first time.

Husqvarna LC 140

The garden tool is big on features, easy to assemble and easy to operate. It can be used not only in the garden but also on lawns, park areas, various lawns. The motor generates up to 1800 watts of power, which is equivalent to 2.4 horsepower. On the back of the body there is a container for collecting mowed material made of soft, but durable fabric with a capacity of 50 liters. It is possible to adjust the height of cut from 2 cm to 4 cm.5 to 7.5 cm by 10 positions, width at all times 40 cm. The body is made of steel, despite this it weighs 24.5 kg. There is a 0 tank for refueling.8 л.

  • Easy start;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • A well-known manufacturer;
  • 10 mowing positions to choose from;
  • Reliable manufacturer.

The reviews say that this lawn mower can cope with a plot of about 12 acres. Bridge and Stratton engine is easy to start, gives a good indicator of power, coping with vegetation up to 40 cm in height. The weak side is considered the fact that there is no grass mulching. Some buyers pointed out the large uncomfortable box as a negative quality.

Champion LM5127BS

The Russian brand has developed a manual lawnmower, which is small in size and good maneuverability. Working width up to 50 cm, the engine 2.1 l.с. Handles blade rotation well. The technique works in two modes: mulching and throwing grass sideways. Plants are shredded very well, quickly processed into fertilizer.

Mowing height is adjusted by the five-range switches on each wheel. Handle with anti-vibration pads reduces physical strain, allowing you to manage difficult terrain. Handle folds down for easy transport in the trunk of the car or storage in back rooms.

Dacha owners and cottage owners say the engine is easy to start: Older people, women and teens can do the job. The architecture of the mower is stable, making it easy to work on uneven terrain.


The DDE LM 51 refutes the opinion that a powerful and productive lawnmower must be big. There is a 3000 watt or 4 horsepower motor inside, which is enough for 2000 m². Body made of quality steel that ensures a long life. Mowing height can be controlled from 3 to 7.5 cm, but at a width of 51 cm. There is a 1 liter tank for refueling. No grass catcher, but there is a side ejection of mulched vegetation. Weight 26 kg, wheels made of plastic.

  • Compactness;
  • Powerful motor;
  • A wide range of operation modes;
  • Steel body;
  • Quick start;
  • Easy push.

The DDE LM 51 is ideal for a 12-acre lawn. Small, not bulky product is valued for several reasons. quick motor start, good passability, reliable body. The minus consider the fact that the wheels are made of plastic, and after mowing the grass is scattered on the site, requiring additional cleaning of the territory.

Huter GLM-4.0G

German company launches high grass mower with powerful engine. No grass catcher bag, efficient side discharge and 4L engine.с. The small size of the equipment make the model relevant to homeowners and homeowners who do not like to mow the lawn often. Four-stroke power unit has an upper cylinder arrangement, which simplifies maintenance.

The weight does not exceed 24 kg, which simplifies manual handling. The control is placed on the handle, the fittings are reliable and convenient. A novice landscaper can understand the operating modes.

Users like the model design: working width is wider than the body size. This allows high-quality removal of vegetation along fences and curbs. Shows good results in virgin and neglected areas, but can’t cut through tough bushes.

Almost every tool and small construction equipment manufacturer produces gasoline-powered trimmers: from world industry leaders to unnamed brands from China. The diversity of proposals gives rise to a lot of questions about the correctness of the choice of firm-manufacturer of gasoline trimmer for grass, not to mention the layout, quality of assembly, ergonomics. It is ideal when all the advantages of a grass trimmer are combined in a single body. Despite the fact that each manufacturer positions its equipment as the best on the market, the first lines of the rating of the best benzotrimmers remain almost unchanged:

Buying a petrol trimmer for grass domestic class will help to solve many problems in the garden, cottage, and the technique is often used to serve the household. Grass trimmers of this class are not distinguished by increased power and performance, because they are designed for periodic, short-term use. Choosing a good gasoline trimmer from the budget segment is the most difficult. Models similar in price and appearance can differ significantly in quality and reliability. Choosing a good and inexpensive grass trimmer, it is better to start the review not with the most popular, but with proven representatives.

Champion T433-2

The Champion T433-2 is a rare example of quality over price. Handy, lightweight grass trimmer for mowing lawns or shrubs. Use cord with 3 mm filament or 25.5 cm cutting blade. And now for the main thing: the maximum mowing width is 40 cm, the power of the unit is 1.7 l.с This is enough to allow the grass trimmer to easily handle lawn grass or weeds. Fuel tank holds up to 0.95 liters of mix. The construction of this power drill is somewhat massive, but quite familiar and standard: bike handle with a straight rod, top-mounted engine. According to user reviews it is one of the best models in its class, despite its unprecedented price.

INGCO Grass Trimmer and Bush Cutter Unboxing

  • Reliable and unpretentious in use;
  • relatively low weight of 8.3 kg;
  • low price;
  • The shaft can be disassembled for easy transportation;
  • economical;
  • meets the declared parameters.

PATRIOT PT 443 The One

Inexpensive, yet productive and reliable trimmer for the grass without problems copes with any “overgrowth” in the homestead. To mow the grass is used semi-automatic spool with a 3 mm line, for bushes in the kit with benzotrimerom is cutting disc. Despite the fact that this is the cheapest model in the review, the unit is quite powerful. 2.5 liters.с.

According to user reviews, the technical characteristics allow to process significant areas, not bad trimmer for grass copes with lawn grass, weeds, tall weeds and branches of small diameter. The Easy Start system made it easy to operate. the engine starts without a hitch. Owners also note the repairability. in the case of a breakdown, spare parts or consumables can be found at almost any service center. The disadvantages include vibrations that can be felt during prolonged work. This should be taken into account and take short breaks at least once an hour.

  • High throughput;
  • affordable price;
  • easy starting;
  • excellent equipment;
  • reliable non-slotted boom.

Champion T523

The proven Champion model has a two-stroke engine with the best fuel efficiency in its class. With a capacity of 1.9 liters.с. Only 0.62 liter of gasoline mixture is needed for an hour of work. For home use, the grass trimmer can be operated with a standard 2.4 mm line. And when you need to mow tougher grass or weeds, the bobbin can be replaced with a cutter knife. For operator convenience, there is a system that facilitates cold starting, as well as a two-arm unloading belt. Buyers refer a high level of noise and vibration that occur under a heavy load to the disadvantages of trimmers. Praise for its unusually high power output. the unit is effective for large areas and for tackling dense overgrowth.

DAEWOO Power Products DABC 520

This is one of the most powerful budget trimmers will perform well on large and rough terrain. Highlights include a robust, solid boom that can’t be knocked down and a quality handle that locks into place. Benzotrimmer convenient to use, compact and easy to manage, and most importantly. productive, its capacity of 3.0 liters.с. You can buy this unit even for the most neglected area. the grass trimmer performance is enough for any brushwood, except for trees from 10 cm in diameter, not to mention small lawn grass.

  • The grass trimmer replaces the shrub trimmer;
  • quick-release spool;
  • backpack-style strap;
  • excellent equipment;
  • high power;
  • quick access to air filter.

Top 25 Gasoline Trimmer Rating 2022

On the first place of the rating b enezino lightweight lawn mower Mobil K XT141C Premium. The ride-on mower is ultra-light and especially suited to men. The trimmer is equipped with high-tech engines from the HIGH PERFOMANCE series that have been tested and awarded all required certifications. Grass trimmer shaft is made by AIR LIGHT METALL technology of a special aircraft aluminum alloy. AVIAL

MOBIL K brushcutters use a 4-point anti-vibration system with steel springs, so the tool has low vibration and easy handling and is comfortable to work with. The brushcutters also use various vibration-reduction elements, such as quality shaft bearings and special anti-vibration mounts for the handlebar and engine.

  • No backfire
  • Vibration and hand-load capacity below 50%
  • Professional controls
  • Long tool life
  • Quick change tool change
  • Equipped with a starter with Comfort Start function

Patriot PT 555

American power grass trimmer with a decent output and extended service life does its job beautifully.

Customers especially like it for the throttle trigger lock. it is placed on the control handle and reliably protects from accidental pressure, which indicates a safety for the user.

The transmission shaft is no less strong, thanks to which the grass trimmer is one of the most durable and reliable.

The standard trimmer line and blade, as well as the saw blade for removing brushwood from small trees, are also an advantage.

Echo SRM-2305SI

Classic gasoline grass trimmer attracts the attention of buyers with a two-cycle engine with acceptable power. In addition, this model has other advantages.

So, most users appreciate the low weight of the construction, the optimum flow rate and the easy-start system, which is only used in modern devices.

Also, some masters include a shoulder strap to the positive moments, at the expense of which the use of the trimmer becomes more comfortable and less tiring for the worker.

The disadvantages of this device simply do not have, and some owners consider it even ideal.

Champion T433-2

One of the most budget, but the highest quality gasoline trimmers pleases its owners with a straight boom and the convenient placement of the two-pin engine. from the top.

It is very comfortable to work with due to the curved shape of the handle, the height of which can be changed manually in seconds if desired, as well as the shoulder strap of high quality.

This model boasts excellent specifications and value for money.

In addition, it surprises by its unpretentious maintenance.

Huter GGT-1000T

German gasoline grass trimmer customers like for the attractive price and appropriate quality of the product.

It has good power, allowing you to treat areas with abundant vegetation. No less pleased and the volume of the tank. it is capacious and helps to work without refueling for a long time.

The advantage can be called a drive with a rigid shaft, which gives the device more reliability. In addition to these advantages noted and durability model.

over, users praise the unit for its quiet operation and ease of use and maintenance.

Hitachi CG22EAS

Cheap grass trimmer with a genuine Japanese assembly is equipped with a two-pin motor, the power of which is considered optimal and acceptable for many users.

Also, the manufacturer has provided a comfortable handle, placed on the bracket and reminiscent of a bicycle handlebar.

It is worth noting the line for the trimmer. it has high durability, so it can cope with grass of any hardness, including fibrous grass with thick stems.

AL-KO 112387 FRS 4125

Ideal choice for use in the countryside, characterized by its high output and ability to deal superbly with any kind of grass.

This gasoline trimmer has a large tank, which adds weight to the construction, but it is not considered a disadvantage.

over, it is designed for continuous work without interruption and, in addition, has an anti-vibration system that stops the user’s hands from getting tired.

And the sturdy construction is ensured by the non-dismountable boom.

Fubag FPT 52

The twin-power variant is ideal for every customer.

The device has a good blade rotation speed, due to which it is possible to mow even the thickest grass, including bushes.

As an addition to the package with a trimmer is present cover. it is made of impact-resistant plastic and is designed to protect the design.

Other ratings in the category “grass trimmers”:

Strengths: Handlebar control, top mounted motor, electronic ignition.

Comment: A good trimmer for the grass, handle like a bicycle, comfortable to hold. I mow my lawn far and wide, no ties to the house. Frugal as far as gasoline is concerned, a full tank lasts a long time. Rubberized handles, hands do not slip, comfortable to work.

Strengths: Easy assembly and price.

Disadvantages: It looks nice. But the materials are of below average quality.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: assembled, screwed out the plug through the syringe poured oil 20 grams, jerked the starter, left for an hour. Started the engine with one jerk, ran the tank without load and went to mow 80 acres ! Did the job perfectly ! Starts on the first try. I’m thinking of changing the spark plug to Denso, the original doesn’t inspire confidence at all

The bottom line: Order number ST-271440

Advantages: Price-performance, fairly powerful, easy to work with, the spool is normal. The disk cuts the bushes well.

Gasoline Grass Trimmer and Bush Cutter. INGCO. GBC5434421

Weaknesses: The shroud is too thin, after one season it became soft in the area where it is attached to the rod. Cork gas.The threads do not go on the threads well.Can unscrew the handle’s “horn” fasteners. one screw is missing. Need to tighten up.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Usage on 20 acres. Lawn and cut down the old raspberry and currant bushes. I am satisfied. It does not start on the head.

Advantages: powerful engine. Acceptable price, can be transported in the trunk of a car.

Drawback: For the correct operation of the brushcutter it is recommended not to mow with a knife during the running-in period, it requires a certain skill to start the brushcutter.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: This is my second lawnmower, the first one worked for 5 years and still does, but it is weak 0.8 kW., For cutting dense vegetation is not very suitable, I bought two months ago a new mower Huter GGT 1900 with a more powerful engine, in the store I was warned that if properly obkatatat ( 10 minutes of work with a small twitch without overloading the mower to work the line. The coil uses a native coil once disassembled, you need to press the tab at the bottom of the coil, it worked fine. I followed all the recommendations with German precision and after the test run the grass trimmer worked more stable, but I have to put the brush on the ground and hold the engine with my hand, but it works without any problem. Reel uses a native once disassembled, dismantling should press on the ledge at the bottom of the coil, turned out fine, just in case (after reading reviews), bought a spare spool for 600 self-filling insert fishing line for trimmer without breaking the spool, cut better line if you mowing on a big area with dense grass after 25-30 minutes make a break for 10 minutes and then your grasshopper will work for a long time. As for brand name mowers such as STIHL and Husqvarna with more than 2 liters of engine power.If you’re not going to mow 24 hours a day, does it make sense to buy a mower like this?

The advantages: easy to assemble according to the instructions. Comfy, lightweight. No mowing problems

Disadvantages: Not yet, if there will be to write

Comment: Price corresponds to quality

Advantages: Low weight, autonomy

chinese, gasoline, trimmer, grass, best

Disadvantages: Size. Because of the design of the grass trimmer it’s hard to transport, you have to open the back seat to put it in the trunk

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Grass trimmer is lightweight, has comfortable shoulder straps with padded shoulder straps. Tank lasts for ~40 minutes of mowing. Mowed an overgrown 20 acres of land in about 6 hours. Noise-proof headphones, goggles and gloves are a must 🙂

chinese, gasoline, trimmer, grass, best

Advantages: Very responsive to throttle trigger. Very comfortable carrying straps.

Disadvantages: Long, t.к. The boom is not removable. Not very easy to carry, especially in the box.

Strengths: Worked great over the summer. No performance complaints. Starts up great.

Disadvantages: The shoulder strap immediately tore at the rivets. It popped out from under the rivets.

chinese, gasoline, trimmer, grass, best

Comment: I wish I could replace the muting button with a spring-loaded one. Would be great.

Advantages: Light-weight enough, easy to start, powerful. Considering that this is the first grass trimmer I’ve used, the fact that I put it together and run it without much trouble makes it Honor)))

Disadvantages: Maybe a reel and semi-automatic, but to beat it on the ground, holding a high engine speed, as written in the instructions I do not want. And it would only be 2.5mm longer. In short, when the line for the trimmer breaks, you have to take apart the spool and lengthen it by hand. It is not clear in the manual and about the procedure of fixing / removing the head.

Comment: It would be nice to have a funnel in the kit for refueling. No need for a knife yet. Stems 1 cm line for trimmer mows easily.

Advantages: Lightweight, handy, no blade

Disadvantages: the tank is small, you have to refuel, low fuel consumption, you can see how much is left in the tank, there is a shock absorber, the vibration is small

Review: I got a kind of irony of fate with this mower, I bought it for my husband, and I have to mow by myself. I do not know all the details, my husband showed me how to start the scythe. The handle is small, but handy, especially when mowing between trees.

Advantages: easy, comfortable. I bought my first mower 8-10 years ago, and it still works, but needs a little repair (put the retaining ring). The second has not worked much yet, but appreciated the spool. It’s more convenient to wind up a line for a trimmer.

Disadvantages: Noisy, but this is relative to the concept of neighbors. Price? In my opinion overpriced! I bought it for my spouse and I have to mow by myself! And if the first model came with a neck strap, a key. Screwdriver and spool with cutting blades. Now they don’t even give you a neck strap. Came in and asked about it. They say STIHL does not give. Maybe I was in the wrong store.

Comment: I wanted to take a chainsaw. But the price tag, what if the chain is missing? And I will be amazed.

Advantages: Price-performance, was used for 6 years without any problems.

Weaknesses: The build quality leaves much to be desired, I had to improve it.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I mowed a 30 acres plot three times a season for 5 years, never once let me down.I recommend it

Advantages: mows very well, even with tall grass and bushes, but only with cord. There is no vibration in the hands after mowing, like in other trimmers.