Chinese segment mower for a mini -vector how to configure. T 13-93.8 HD-A Black Edition

Rotor braid: with your own hands, homemade for the T-25 tractor, chain and disk for MTZ

Grass.shirts and available in stores do not always meet the goals and objectives that the owner of the tractor sets himself, and their cost is often too high for the budget allocated for the purchase of such equipment.

This forces the owners of tractors to make mowers on their own, because this not only significantly reduces the costs of acquiring such equipment, but also allows the device that meets certain requirements.

What is a rotary mower for a mini.vector

Consider how to make a mower for a mini.tractor with your own hands and what they are.

Segmented samples have a smaller range of work than rotary. The segment mower for a mini.tractor is used by utilities and designers in landscape. They are cut and mowed by lawn grass, as well as ennoble the territories.

The segment mower is of great popularity among users, because it costs much cheaper than rotary. It consists of well.sharpened plates and a movable knife.

But farmers believe that the rotary model is more profitable to use than a segment.

It can be cut not only by lawn grass, but also by some types of agricultural crops. The rotary mower consists of a metal structure, working discs with knives, which are driven through the tractor power shaft.

Consider how to make such an indispensable thing for a tractor with your own hands.

First you need to decide which type of device is needed, and then already with the types of tools and materials.

Device and principle of action

The device works very simple. The so-called cutting fingers of the device carry out reciprocating movements. over, they move on the left and right sides parallel to the ground. In the mower there are mobile and stationary parts, which cut the grass that falls between them. Further, the vegetable mass is divided into two parts from the center of the apparatus and it remains to lie on the basis.

As for the installation of units, the segment mowers consist of these parts:

  • A hinged device with which the product is attached to a tractor or a motornote. In addition, this element provides a balance of mowing.
  • Cutting segments.
  • Knife drive mechanism.
  • Conical gearbox.
  • The traction rod, with which the device joins the axis of rotation of the input gear shaft.

In principle, segment mowers have not a very complex device. Therefore, with the use and replacement of broken parts, you can cope yourself.

Rotor mower for a mini.vector

The rotary braid for the grass cuts vegetation rotating on hinges with steel knives, the number of which does not exceed 8 pcs. On the disk.

Homemade rotary mower for a mini-tractor: how to make?

In the photo you can see a home-made mower for a mini-tractor. This device is a frame, a set of knives installed on the disks, and the casing. This design works thanks to the shaft of the tractor drive shaft. Movement on the Earth is carried out using the lower disks.

The process of installing a homemade rotary mower for a mini-tractor:

  • We take the scrap metal collected and build a welded frame from it, which should consist of angles 40 cm each. We cook knives for the future device.
  • We make two metal disks, the thickness of which should be 4 mm and diameter 39 cm. In this case, the best option would be to use the lower part of the unnecessary iron trunk.
  • Attach the knives to the finished disks. The most important. Ensure their free rotation. To do this, you will need discs that were previously used for a hoe. Their diameter should be about 45 cm. The axis will require an old iron pipe with a diameter of 30 mm. Bearings should also be installed: one for a pulley, the other for the pipe.
  • Then fix the knives on the shaft axis. You will need to install pulleys on the pipe using welding.

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This design will have the following characteristics:

Homemade segment mower for a mini-tractor

To create a segmented lawn mower with your own hands, you will need much more effort and time. The segment mower is based on a crooked-shaped mechanism.

The knives of the device in this case resemble connecting saws that work on the principle of scissors. Detailed instructions for creating such a design are presented in the video.

To make a segmented lawn mower for a mini.tractor, you will need to do work in a certain sequence, namely:

  • You can choose the width of each segment yourself, but in this case the value of 7.2 cm is used. First you need to install the angular gearbox on the base, that is, on the beam. This part has a shaft, we attach a hub to it. The displacement in this case will be about 32 cm.
  • For the main finger, put on the bowl for which we will later make a hole in the knife.
  • Reductor shaft and shaft must be connected.
  • Install the pulley on the shaft.
  • You can use the wheels from the old junk to make the rear axle. Their goal will be to prevent clogging of the device and adjust the height for mowing.

The main point in the answer to the question of how to install a lawn mower on a mini.tractor is to ensure a high level of safety, since such a device can be very dangerous for both the user and others. That is why you need to carefully prepare for such work, study all the nuances, and then install a segment mowing on a mini.tractor or its analogue. Turning. It will not be difficult for you and will not cause any problems with it. Operation.

Make a rotary mower for a walk.behind tractor

The rotary mower is used both for mowing the lawn and to mow grass for hay. Here it must be borne in mind that such a mower will grind both small grass and high mowing. The work of such a self.assembly model can be seen on the video in this article.

We bring to your attention a model for the Neva motornote and all similar models. To do this, you will need chains from a chainsaw gearbox, two disks made of grain seeder (we took from the SZ-3 seeder.6). Knives are made of hardened metal 65 grams. Each disc requires 4 knife. To do this, drill holes on each disk using a carbide drill. Diameter 6 mm. The knives are attached to the discs using a guide, which is attached to the discoverer regardless of fastening the main knife. The gap between the grinder and the knife should be 1-2 mm more than the thickness of the knife. This is done so that during rotation the centrifugal force spread the blades from the disk, and they could mow the grass. In this case, it is necessary that the knife can rotate 360 ​​degrees. This will save him in a collision with stones and something solid.

The axis of the knife are made of durable carbon steel with a diameter of at least 8 mm. The axis should be tightened to the stop so as not to interfere with the free movement of the blades. This model of a homemade rotary braid can be seen in the photos presented.

These two discs are mounted on the welded frame and connected by the drive of the cardan shaft (these are additional handles on the design of the walk.behind tractor). The gears were removed from the programs of the VAZ car with a gearbox. These discs should rotate towards each other, this allows you to mow grass in rows. A protective cover should be installed on the drive.

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General description and technical characteristics

Technical characteristic is presented in table 1.

Name The value of the brand of the product CS: GO-F-2,1B
Type of car Hinged
Mass mass, kg 215 ± 7
The width of the capture is working 2.1-0.2
Calculated performance at the hour of the main time, ha/hour 2.3
Working speed, km/h 6.7: 12
Transport speed, km/h thirty
Road clearance, mm, no less 400
Type of cutting apparatus Separate-fan
The overall dimensions with the T-25A tractor, mm, no more:
– length 4310
– Lady 3940
– height 2520
The overall dimensions in the transport position:
– length 4310 mm
– width 2220 mm
– height 2620 mm
Natural grass cut height 60 ± 10 mm
Cutting height height 80 ± 10 mm
The frequency of rotation of the shaft of an eccentric (at a speed of rotation of VOM 520-562 rpm) 932-1007
Step of placing fingers, mm 76.2
Knife move, mm 76.0
The power consumption on the drive is no more than 3.68 kW
Service staff Tractorist
The average service life 6 years
The appointed service life 6 years
Aggregation T-25A, T-30, T-40, MTZ of all modifications, YUMZ-6

After the assigned service life or storage period, the braid should be removed, investigated by a qualified specialist or in a repair workshop and a decision should be made to send it for repair, or for disposal, or for verification. to establish new assigned deadlines. Silents are designed to mow natural and seeded herbs in all climatic regions of the country with laying beveled masses in the worship. CS: GO-F-2,1B mitch is recommended for work in plain areas. 2.2. CS: GO-F-2,1B mower consists of:

  • cutter;
  • connecting rod;
  • traction bar;
  • drive frames;
  • hydraulic cylinder;
  • balancing mechanism;
  • cardan gear;
  • Sprengel. The cutting device will be cut to cut the grass. The main parts of the cutting apparatus:

  • Kzzn knife.08.040
  • Finger timing KNB-722V
  • Knm shoes.08.020; KNNM.08.030
  • Fingers of KNMM.08.010
  • KNOM friction plates.08.405; KNNM.08.402
  • Clutch KNNM.08.401; KNNM.08.403
  • Knem knife head cover. 08.406
  • KGN-503A knife guide
  • soles K-5014g; K5-2
  • K-60343 fuse
  • The contradictory plate n.066.56; N.066.52

During the operation of the mower, the cutting device glides on the ground on the inner and outer shoes (3), under which steel soles are located (9); employees for installing the cutting apparatus to a different cut height.

The front (8) and rear (7) guides of the knife heads, as well as a detachment of the rod (10) are strengthened on the inner shoe. The field board is mounted to the outer shoe. 27 fingers (4) with contradictory plates (9) are attached to the finger beam (2) with a hidden head (9).

The knife consists of segments (1), backs (2) and a knife head (3), which serves to join the knife to the connecting rod, and moves in the grooves of the fingers. The back of the cooking and segments it lies on the friction plates (5), the front part on the contradictory plate (11)

Дойц-Фар 40 Немецкое качество по цене Китая/

During operation, the knife goes back to the finger beam and the back is pressed against the friction plates. For a tight fit of the segments of the knife to the contradictory plates of the fingers to the finger beam, presses are attached (6). 2.2.2. The traction rod (2) serves to connect the cutting device with the mowing frame. With the help of a bracket (1) it is fixed jointly on an axis pressed into a frame. At the second end of the rod, a hinge (3), mounted on it with a nut with a corrugated washer and a corrugated sector, is mounted on it through the bracket welded to the bar.

The corrugated sector is hooked by the side protrudes by the bracket, and the puck with its reefs is included in the reefs of the sector.

Bracket and corrugated sector have oblong holes. An eccentric sleeve is inserted into the hole of the hinged hinge in front (4), fastened with a bolt hinge.

The hinge (3) connects to the internal shoe of the cutting apparatus with pins. The adapter of the hinge (5) serves to connect the traction bar with the hydraulic cylinder of the lifting of the cutting apparatus. 2.2.3. The connecting rod connecting the knife of the cutting apparatus with an eccentric drive, is a rod with a rolled connecting rod head on one side and on the other hand welded to the rod head with a self.supporting bearing N 1680205. In order to avoid friction of this head and the end of the rod on the eccentric drive, a distance washer is installed on the finger of the eccentric, 10 or 5 mm thick, depending on the length of the finger.

The nut serves to prevent the head of self.response. 2.2.four. The drive frame is designed to join the braid to the hinged device of the tractor and convert the rotational movement of the VPM into the reciprocating movement of the connecting rod. All mowing mechanisms are mounted on the welded frame. Using the axis, it joins the longitudinal rods of the tractor’s hinged device and with the help of the finger. to the central traction of the tractor.

Обзор Китайского Минитрактора Fengschou 180 3 Кратко о том что он может

The axis for the bracket of the traction rod and the axis for the Sprengel are welded into the frame, and the rod is attached to the transport.

On the bracket of the leading pulley (1). The connected axis with the frame, the VPM (2) with the leading pulley (3) (333 2 threads 2) is installed on two bearings. The drive box consists of a case (1) and a shaft (2) mounted on two bearings, a pulley (3) and an eccentric (4) with a finger pressed into it. The eccentric serves to convert the rotational movement of the shaft into the reciprocating movement of the connecting rod and balance that arise from the mass of the connecting rod and the knife of the inertial forces. The eccentric is protected by the pallet, and the cuneiform transmission with a protective casing. Used belts b (c) 1120.


KSF-2 braid.1 consists of the following main structural elements and details:

  • The frame on which the rest of the working tools are based and has a mount for mounting on the tractor’s coupling.
  • The traction rod is designed to connect the working cutting tool with the device frame.
  • Cutting the blade with sharp segments (fingers).

During the operation of the mowing, the blade with knives is driven by the reciprocating movement parallel to the surface of the earth. At the same time, the stems falling in the way fall on the fixed segments of the canvas and immediately pressed tightly against them, moving the blades. Haircut haircut is similar to the work of ordinary scissors, leaving a strip of finished mowing. Scheme of the KSF-2 mower.eleven. knife head; 2. guiding heads of the knife; 3. knife head cover; four. slippers; 5. rod tap; 6. street shoes; 7. field board; eight. finger; 9. finger of the insert; ten. a piece of a knife; eleven. clip-knife; 12. knife back; 13. friction stove.

Safety requirements When servicing a mower, be guided by the safety rules when working on tractors, agricultural and specialized machines approved by the military union of unions of workers and blanks on September 20, 1969. 3.2. Unload the car from vehicles using lifting devices. 3.3. Do not allow the presence of unauthorized persons in front of the cutting apparatus when it is launched and during operation. 3.four. Use protective mittens.3.5. Carry out work only with a serviceable tool. 3.6. Do not use extensions to extend the keys when tightening bolts and nuts. 3.7. Work by car with installed protective casings. 3.eight. Hind, maintenance and adjustment of mechanisms only with the tractor engine turned off. 3.9. Give the tractor sound signal before turning on the working organs of the mowing and before the movement of the unit. 3.ten. Follow the rules of fire safety. Work in the unit with a tractor equipped with a fire extinguisher. 3.eleven. Do not exceed the permissible working speed. 3.12. Do not exceed the permissible transport speed. 3.13. When working in mountain conditions: Work on the unit tractor-wallet only across the slope. 3.13.2. Work on the slopes with a steepness of no more than 20 °.

It is a mowing machine, popular with gardeners and utilities. Curzogogonsky factory is produced and can be aggregated with all Belarus minibrators, known as MTZ. It works at high speeds without prejudice to the motor, ensuring clearing the passage of the meter section. Simple in maintenance: all that is required is to lubricate the gearbox in a timely manner and pull the chain.


Domiting, adjusting and a mowing

Silents are sent from an enterprise in a half.common form with separate nodes and parts packaged according to the setting statement attached to the machine. Passing the braid.

To assemble the car, select a flat, preferably paved site and assemble it in the following order: Attach the field board (11) to the outer shoe (9) a bolt with a spring and fix it with a nut and a cod. Set the frame with the drive to reliable supports so that the center of the axis of the hitch is at an altitude of 400 mm from the support site. Attach the transport rod to the frame with a jet with a countrogike. Attach a traction bar to the axis welded into the frame. Install a puck on the axis and plin. Connection of Sprengel (11) to the axis hung into the frame, and install the puck and Shplint on the axis. Attach the cutting device using the axes (12) and (13), previously removed from the cutting apparatus and a hinge to the traction rod for installing the fuse (exterior bar), you need to enter its entire long end (below) into the hole on the shoe nose, expand the spray and advance it is further into the hole so that the shoe is on the middle of the rod. Then insert the short end of the bar into the hole of the sole and fix the bar with washer and nut. Install the field board (11) and the fuse (10) to install the connecting rod on the finger of the eccentric (4). To do this, unfasten and loosen the nut on the bearing axle. Combine the other end of the connecting rod to the knife head (3) and fix it with a nut and a counter.gag, having previously adjusted the length of the connecting rod. Combine a sprenigel with a cutting device. To do this, the end of the Sprenhel must be inserted into the hole of the hinge of the traction rod and move. Connect the balancing mechanism, stick to the chain traction to the adapter of the inner shoe, and season the tension screw to the sprout free and pass it into the hole of the bracket welded at the bottom of the frame, and fix it with nuts from two sides.

four.2. Playing and adjustment. Make a lubrication of the mowing according to the lubricant scheme. four.2.2. Check the tightening of bolt compounds. four.2.3. Check the fixation of the transport rod in the latch. four.2.four. The running of the car is idle. To use the rubbing parts of the mowing, carry out it overdoor at least one hour, first on small, and then at full speed of the tractor engine. Every 20 minutes, turn off the WOM, check the heating of the bearing nodes, inspect the gears, tightening of the bolted joints. four.2.5. Playing the car in work. During the first two hours of work, stop the mitch every 30-40 minutes, do not turn off the tractor’s VOM. Carry out all operations of the car run by idle.

Segment mower for a mini.vector

Such a device is designed for mowing grass, both in small and large areas. Segmented mowers are secure and efficiency. The essence of the operation of such a device is the simultaneous use of moving knives and motionless fingers. One of the disadvantages of such a mowing is that it does not add vegetation in mowing after work.

In maintenance, segmented mowers are much more complicated than rotary, but their quality mowing is much higher. Among popular models of such equipment, it is worth noting TX 1.6.

Table of comparison of goods

Model Width of mowing (m) Mowing height (cm) Maximum performance (HA/hour)
Scout FRM-80 0.9 up to 7 1.7
TALEX Z083 “Mini” 1.35 4–7 2
DM 135 1.35 4–7 1.35
KRR-1,9 1.9 4–7 2.5
Z-178 Lisicki 1.35/1.65/1.85 3.2–4.2 0.65/1/1.4
Z-169 Wirax 1.35/1.65/1.85 up to 4.2 1.2/1.6/2
KR-2.1M 2.1 4–7 2.85
KP-2.4V 2.4 4–7 2.5

First you will need to get the right drawing and also materials. From the materials you will need:

  • 4 wheels with a diameter of 45 cm;
  • axes for installing wheels;
  • the bottom of the old metal barrel;
  • a metal sheet;
  • 4 knife;
  • welding machine;
  • fasteners (nuts, screws, etc.);
  • chainsaw;
  • handle for special control.

The design of such a braid will consist of a casing fixed on the discs of knives and frames. Thanks to the gross power of the mini.tractor, the mowing will be moved.

We make the frame as follows: connect the corners with dimensions of 40 cm. Knives can be borrowed from the old Rotorka tractor mower, but they will need to be shortened by 3 cm. The height of the beam should be 35 cm.

From a metal sheet, cut 2 disks with a 39 cm dimeter. Weld the knives to the discs, they must be installed so that their rotation is relaxed and easy.

chinese, segment, mower, mini

Make axial shafts from an old metal pipe with a diameter of 30 mm. Take the bearings under the bottom in the pipe, and the upper in the pulley.

In order for you to succeed in such a home.made device, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with several drawings that can help you in your work.

How to choose a segment mower for a walk.behind tractor

An effective mower on a single tractor should be reliable, durable and well fixed on the aggregate. As a drive, such a device uses belt transmission

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, take into account the following points:

The segmented knives should be made of hardened steel so that they do not blunt for a long time and effectively perform work. An important parameter is the width of the capture. How quickly you can cope with the task depends on it. On average, it is within 1-1.8 m. The average cut height in a mower for a walk-behind tractor is 40-80 mm. Select this value depending on the type of vegetation on the site. Despite the fact that the segment mower is a hinged equipment, it has such a parameter as working speeds. It can be from 5 to 10 km/h. The operability of attachment equipment for the walk.behind tractor does not exceed 1 ha/h. Often this parameter is 0.25-0.35 ha/h. Find out which walk.behind tract is a stake.based segment mower. Some models are intended for specific models of technology. An important point is the availability of components thanks to this you can quickly eliminate problems and replace the failed parts. Pay attention to the mass of equipment and its dimensions in the working and transport position

The latter value is very important from the point of view of the transportation of a segment mowing from one section to another, the structure weighs depending on the model from 20-35 to 100-115 kg. Heavy models are intended for mini-tractors.


The mowers of this brand are now most popular and widespread in the territory, successfully working on the fields of collective and private farms. Such a high demand is also achieved due to the variability of the equipment-the KSF-2 mower.1 can be presented in different modifications:

Among them is the most in demand by the KSF-2.1B4, which in comparison with the base model is equipped with a more reliable frame and a reliable beam of the cutting tool. In addition, it gives a more simple adjustment of the inclination of the canvas with segments and the higher capabilities of the safety device.

Her “sister” KSF-2.1B requires a greater power of the tractor, but at the same time has a lightweight mass and a mechanized rise by means of a hydraulic cylinder.

Technical characteristics of mowing modifications:

Characteristics Units. Measurements KSF-2.1 B4 KSF-2.1 century
The total mass of the device kg 230 180
Dimensional values ​​during transportation, DHSHHV mm 500/1800/2555 500/1800/2555
Drive capacity, min. kW 7.5 eighteen
The speed of promotion in work, to km/h 12 9
The capture of the rounded strip mm 2100 2100
The height of the cut mm 40-60 60
Performance, max. ha/h 2.3 1.7
Tractor 0.6-1.4 0.6-1.4
The required frequency of VOM rpm 540 1000

Segment mowing

Segment-type mower for a mini-tractor

Segment type equipment, presented in the photo, is much more difficult to manufacture with your own hands than rotary, since the design of this equipment has a crooked-shaped mechanism. One of the curves performing the role of the rear wheels of the segmented mowing, connected to the crankshaft of the power unit. Knives are fixed on the other side of the crank. Thanks to this connection, when the mini-tractor moves, the crank mechanism and knives are activated.

The knives of a homemade mowing that you see in the photo are similar to two saws connected by each other, which during operation on the principle of scissors cut a vegetation cover. In order to make yourself a device for mowing the grass, you need to perform certain operations in some sequence:

  • The width of the segments can be selected at your discretion, but the value of 72 mm is considered optimal. First of all, you need to install a gearbox on a metal beam 15x50x120. The base has a shaft on which the hub is attached, and the displacement in this case will be about 320 mm.
  • The axis and shaft of the gearbox should be tied with each other;
  • On the shaft, install the pulley;
  • The cup from the cross with the needle bearing put on the main finger. Also on the very knife to make a slot under the bowl.
  • On the frame set the wheel from the old baby stroller. It will prevent the equipment of the equipment and configure the necessary mowing height.

The device is driven by a mini-tractor.

Safety precautions

Having decided to create attaching equipment with your own hands, it is necessary to ensure that it not only functions correctly, but it is also safe for both the operator and the surrounding people. Before starting a home.made rotor or segment mowing to work, it is necessary to check the reliability of all connections. At the first test launch, you need to make sure that there were no people or animals within 50 meters around.

Any person who has appropriate technology knowledge and knows how to use welding and locksmith tools can collect the current and effective mower. If you do not even have a minimum experience in creating such home.made equipment, then maybe you should regret yourself and buy a factory mower, thereby saving your time and nerves.

Principles of manufacture

Since everyone has its own list of skills and accessible material, in this section we will only tell about the general principles of manufacture of mowers of various types.

Start the development and manufacture of a mower with an audit of available materials, as well as the necessary skills.

If it turns out that there is no material or skill, you can change the design or determine the specialists who will have to attract.


This part of the overall structure connects the cutting tool and suspension or trailer tractor, and also determines the height of the herbs mowing.

There are 2 types of frames:

The hinged.bearing frame is tightly attached to the suspension system of the tractor and holds the cutting tool only due to its stiffness, so the dimensions and mass of the cutting tool are limited.

This type of frame cannot be used for segment or rotor devices with a total length of more than one and a half to two meters, otherwise the edge of the cutting tool will vibrate greatly. Partially the supporting frame differs in that this problem can be solved using sling or wheels installed on the edge of the mowing, however, even in this case, the maximum length should not exceed 2.5 m.

The trailer frame is a kind of cart on which cutting tools are installed, so it does not ensure the rigid fixation of the mower relative to the tractor body.

Its advantage is that it allows you to circumvent the restriction of the width of the capture, but for this you need to place several mowers with a displacement relative to each other, this is how two and three.blink mowers are arranged, which can be purchased in stores.

Large width braids are difficult to move along the roads, so they are either delivered to the place of mowing in the fields, or hydraulic cylinders are installed that change the configuration of the entire device.

The most effective is such a configuration in which the traffic width of the mower does not exceed 2.5–3, which allows it to be transported even along public roads, and side cutting tools are installed in an upright position. For transfer to working position, they are lowered in parallel to the Earth.

Cutting tool

Like any lawn mower, homemade devices for the tractor have the following main types of cutting tools:


The rotary cutting tool is a disk (rotor) on which small knives rotating around its axis are installed. The advantage of such a mechanism is that when a collision with an obstacle, the knife rotates around its axis, so that it has a minimal effect on its cutting edge.

The disadvantages of the rotary tool are relatively low (compared to segment) performance and low cut quality, because the knives soak the grass.

It can be made of any suitable steel sheet, however, the protection of the knives from a meeting with the soil needs some kind of limiter. It can be a round metal bowl, welded to the lower part of the cutting disk, or slide installed on the edge of a beam carrier cutting wheels.

The most effective combination of sling and bowls is, because the former allow you to regulate the height of the cut, and the second protects the knives from a collision with the ground.


The disk cutting mechanism consists of a steel disk on which the teeth are cut, usually a dull disc is a circular saw that is suitable in size for this.

The only plus of such a device is minimal costs, because the blunt disk was still going to throw out. Cons is the same as the rotary, only in much larger size.


Sable cutting tools are 1-2 two.lobed knife with sharp.folded edges and a wing of aerodynamic shape.

During rotation, such a knife creates a powerful vertical flow of air, which raises crushed grass, which provides a more even cut. In terms of performance, it is approximately comparable to rotary, but the quality of the cut is higher.

Such a knife is most effective where, after a bite, it is necessary to get a neatly trimmed surface, but any branch or stone disables it.

You can make knives of a saber tool from a spring from a truck, but this will require a blacksmith, because it is necessary not only to make a cutting edge, but also to form an aerodynamic wing.

You can make knives from soft sheet steel, but in this case they will often have to be removed for sharpening and balancing, otherwise the quality and speed of mowing the grass will drop sharply, and strong vibration will appear.


The segment cutting tool works according to the principle of scissors. the teeth located above the other, attached to one or two mobile bars, passing by each other cut the grass.

The advantages of the segment device are:

The basis of this mechanism is bars with triangular knives, located so that the distance between the knives is hundredths of mm. In addition, it is advisable to cover the cutting edge of each knife, which will increase the efficiency of mowing grass.

To force such a mower to work, it is necessary to convert the circular rotation of the shaft into the back of the beam, this can be done with the help of a crooked-shaped mechanism from an old motorcycle.


A chain cutting tool is a disk of small diameter, to which steel chains are welded or fastened, which is also easy to do with your own hands.

The advantage of such a tool is:

  • simplicity of manufacture;
  • the ability to mow grass in cluttered areas without damage;
  • suitability for mowing weeds and shrubs.

Reviews of owners of rotary mowers “

Many villagers have mowers of the KRN-2”. Some, including in working condition, even copies of Soviet production! Which are already more than thirty years old, but they look at all for three hundred years. But, nevertheless, they work. Among the modern ones as the most reliable, Bezhetskselmash mowels stand out, as already noted at the beginning of the article. According to the owners, they even visually look more reliable than others, and during operation this is only confirmed.

To the advantages of rotational mowers “KRN-2.1 “include the whole.head edge of the working node, which is welded around the perimeter and preserves the tightness well. Due to the fact that the supports of the rotors are removable, the repair can be carried out without analyzing the beam. Another plus: the pallet reliably protects the cutting node from possible abrasion about the soil. Also, according to the experience of the owners, not only a modification with the letter “D”, but also any mower “KRN-2.1 “calmly and confidently copes with mowing in areas with surface slopes up to 35 degrees.

The cut is really even and uniform, and laying feeding in the rolling is convenient for subsequent quick courage in stacks and for transportation. Even light.fitting herbs are well cut off, immediately laying into the wrap. The protection device is effectively valid, when the knives are triggered, they evade the obstacle.

Among some conditional shortcomings of KRN-2 mowels.1 “are called smaller compared to segment mowers; the possibility of winding grass on rotary nuts when working at low speeds; During work, the mower emits a fairly loud howling sound.

There are no problems with spare parts. The mower is disassembled easily, each working node is removed with its shaft and a block of bearings, transmission gears are removed from their shaft unscrewing the outer fastening bolts.

The price, of course, is higher than the products of Chinese manufacturers, but still cheaper than European analogues.

How to set up a segment mower

A hinging equipment for a mini-tractor is expensive. That’s why it will be much cheaper for you to do it yourself. But for this you will need some knowledge and experience, because the work is quite serious. The lawn mower for the mini.tractor is a fairly simple device, making it yourself, you can save a decent amount on its purchase, but all important functions will remain the same.

Currently, there are two types of mowers for mini.tractors:

The first design is the most easy to manufacture and operate, so it is more common. The segment, in turn, is more complex equipment and is much more often clogged compared to the rotary device. In the photo you can see both models of similar designs.