Choose a chain for champion chainship.

Choose a chain for champion chainship

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To choose a chain for a chainsaw, you should know three parameters:

Knowing these three parameters, you can easily choose a chain for a saw, height.cutting or a hardware head.

The chain step is customary to indicate in inches, calculate it as follows: measure the distance between the nearest drive links of the chain, or the distance between the three closest rivets of the chain (from the center of the rivet), divide by 2 and transferred into inch (1 inch = 25.4 mm).

The chain step should always coincide with the pitch of the leading star of the saw and the driven tire star.

  • Chain with a step of 0.25 “He is 1/4”. The distance between the three rivets (leading links) is 12.7 mm ÷ 2 = 6.35 mm we transfer to inch (÷ 25.4) in inches it is 0.25 “(more often designated as 1/4”).
  • Chain with a step 0.325 “. The distance between three rivets (leading links) is 16.5 mm ÷ 2 = 8.25 mm we transfer to inch (÷ 25.4) in inches this is 0.325 “.
  • Chain with a step of 0.375 “He is 3/8”. The distance between three rivets is 19 mm ÷ 2 = 9.5 mm we transfer to inch (÷ 25.4) in inches it is 0.375 ”(it is customary to designate as 3/8” so as not to confuse from 0.325 ”).
  • Chain with a step of 0.404 “. The distance between three rivets is 20.5 mm ÷ 2 = 10.25 mm we transfer to inch (÷ 25.4) in inches this is 0.404 “.
  • Chain with 3/4 step “. The distance between three rivets is 38.1 mm ÷ 2 = 19.05 mm we transfer to inch (÷ 25.4) in inches it is 0.75 ”(it is customary to designate as 3/4”).

Popular rating

Now it is worth considering the main models of chains for chainsaws, which are sold in this will allow you to choose the best option for performing a particular job.


This is a well.known brand that produces one of the most reliable chains. The company manufacturer Blountincorporation. She specializes in the production of sets for professional and household chainsaws, so this brand can be trusted. A special patented alloy makes the Oregon chains especially durable and durable. Most of the chains have a chrome coating, which also extends the life of. A special vibration suppression system allows you to reduce the load on hand during operation.

Here are the most popular Oregon chains:

Danny Hart’s 2011 World Championship Winning Downhill Run at Champery

Many chainsaws are initially supplied with tires and chains of Oregon. And in this case, it is easier to understand what exactly needs to be purchased when the standard chain fails.

I Accepted Every Trade Until I Won A Championship…


The German company STIHL offers not only chainsaws, but also chains with tires. They are often supplied with. The chains from this manufacturer are strong and quite reliable. There are models for household and professional chainsaws. Production capacities are in Switzerland, which guarantees the compliance of the goods with the requirements of the European Union.

It is interesting that even with intensive operation of the chain of this brand, the carved element will not stretch. This effect was achieved due to the fact that the saw chains on the preheated metal were riveted. The patented oilcap system guarantees an uniform distribution of lubricants over the entire surface, due to which the chain can serve longer.

Here are the most popular STIHL chains in three models satisfy the needs of professionals and those who use a chainsaw from time to time.


This company is not a global manufacturer of chain chains, but supplies several samples to the market. Usually they come with branded saw models. Interestingly, they develop chains at the Oregon factory, but under a different brand. The technology, respectively, is also used by another: only other people’s production capacities are used. Husqvarna today offers chains for household and semi.professional tools.

Thus, their cost is democratic, but the quality is not the best.


Another well.known organization that offers chains from an ultra.strength alloy. It is patented, so no one else uses it. The peculiarity of this alloy is that the chain is not susceptible to stretching. That is, its life is quite large. In this case, the material has great heat resistance. This means that you can work in any weather. Stamped links and sealed rivets are used to ensure high reliability. You can purchase chains from this manufacturer in specialized stores.

They are considered “eternal”, but the price for them is quite high.


This is an American manufacturer who is focused on the production of chains for professional and semi.professional chainsaws. This means that the quality of the alloy is quite high. Shot processing at the stage of production allows you to achieve increased hardness of metal.

The cutting links have a long edge, so that it becomes possible to produce a large number of sharpening.

Chains from the company are quite reliable and budgetary. They have increased strength, but are recommended for use on household and semi.professional chainsaws. If you use the chain daily for several hours, then it quickly stretches and wear out. Therefore, this manufacturer cannot boast of excellent chain properties for professional devices.

But the democratic price makes users buy these products to perform periodic work.


This manufacturer also offers its chains, but they do not differ in high quality. They should be used for household or semi.professional tools.

Thus, these are the main suppliers of chains for chainsaws today. Of course, you can find many other brands that are little.known. As a rule, their production capacities are located in China. The quality of the goods is not the best, so the price is minimal. After 2. 3 sharpening, it is necessary to throw a chain and buy a new.

But this approach justifies itself if the chainsaw is rarely used. Professionals need high.quality consumables that will serve them for quite some time.

Inexpensive chains for chainsaws

Zubry Master 70301-35 14 ″ 3/8 ″ 1.3 mm 53 links

Ideal for everyday work with wood, firewood harvesting. Saws cleanly and even thanks to steel teeth. About a thousand working sessions are required before the first sharpening.

OREGON 91P050R 3/8 ″ 1.3 mm 50 links

Suitable for light household chainsaws up to 45 cm3 and 30-45cm long tires. Most often used for Clitte MS180 and MS250.

RANCher P-9-1.3-52 (14 ″; 3/8 ″; 1.3 mm; 52 links) for Partner, Poulan Rezer 04.003.00004

Needs constant lubrication and sharpening. Suitable for household purposes. For sharpening, you will need a file with a diameter of 4.0 mm.

Chain (3/8-44-1.3 mm) 91vs DDE 249-303 (in the ring)

Located steel chain. Suitable for household chainsaws with an engine up to 45 cm 3 on the tire up to 45 cm.

Daws circuit (30 cm; 3/8 ″; 1.3 mm; 47 links) Champion A050-VS-47E

Is it possible to experience the pleasure of sawing wood? With chain champion. quite. Cuts quickly and almost without return, vibrations are inconspicuous. Suitable for chainsaws with tire length 30 cm.

Middle segment chains

Chain (3/8 ″; 1.1 mm; 52 links) for saw UC3520 Makita 531291652

It saws smoothly and easily thanks to a special lubrication and an improved link design. Almost noise.

Chain 73DP-68E (3/8 ″; 1.5 mm; 68 links) Patriot 862321368

This model is another evidence that you can acquire professional quality for a modest budget. You can saw firewood and even dump the tree with a chain. For its manufacture, only particularly strong steel is used, so you can work almost without difficulty. Low vibration due to the rounded edge of the incisors. Needs constant lubrication.

Saw circuit (20 cm, 1.1 mm) Bosch F016800489

German quality and reliability for moderate price. Requires regular lubrication and careful care.

Chain Husqvarna H64 5018431-04

Suitable for harvesting firewood and dump any tree. Suitable even for professional chainsaws with an engine with a volume of 85 “cubes” and more.

Rapid Duro R circuit (20 ″; 3/8 ″; 1.6 mm; 72 st.) Stihl 39440000072RDR

Sprinkles everything, and these are not advertising promises. To imagine the range of the capabilities of this tool, it is enough to know that the chain is used by rescue services around the world. If there is a large amount of work with complex wood-this is the best option, it is enough to take into account how much sellers of premium models take for such quality. Serves for a long time, but requires regular lubrication and careful storage.

Rapid Duro R STIHL 39440000072RDR

How to choose a chain for a chainsaw

The first thing you should focus on when choosing is what the chain is purchased for, what amount of work with it has to be performed.

  • If we are talking about a banal workpiece of firewood. do not spend money on premium version. However, this is not a reason to order the first option from the series “What cheaper”. It is also necessary to take into account the length of the tire. The chain can be arbitrarily excellent quality, but it will be useless if it does not fit the length of the tire;
  • pay attention to the tooth. Usually it is 1.3 mm;

Important! If the groove thickness exceeds the thickness of the link, the saw will “lead” the right to the right or to the left during work.

  • The brand is also of considerable importance. Not only the cost depends on it, but first of all. the life of the tool. From premium.The classes are the most popular Stihl, Husqvarna and Oregon. they owe their excellent quality to high.class raw materials and the accuracy of the manufacturer when developing a design. Of course, such models are the most expensive. The championship here is held by the German manufacturer of STIHL. it has the widest selection of chains with a particularly effective and light cut. Their models are suitable even for firing large trees;
  • If the budget is limited, you should pay attention to simpler models. But here it is necessary to monitor the quality. the brands of Champion and the Rub. Their chains are riveted at the manufacturer or special equipment, which is often neglected by other representatives of the budget segment;
  • In general, on the issue of tools, preference should be given to famous firms. It is categorically not to purchase a noun on Chinese sites, even if they are the cheapest. For a long time, such a chain will not last in most cases, it will be stuck even in ordinary wood and will ultimately become unusable. The secret in a primitive design and a careless rivet. experience shows that the Chinese rarely attach due importance to the rivet chain. It is best to buy a chain not online, but by applying a personal visit to the store;
  • The appearance of the metal also matters. Good quality metal is pleasantly shining and not erased during deformation. If the instrument is like a gray haze or plaque, this is a sure sign that the chain will not last a long time.

The sample is examined from all sides and struck by a file to check for strength (in self.respecting markets, sellers allow you to do this).

Types of STIHL chains

Rapid chains

Rapid chains with rounded teeth and a rounded spatula are great for firing forests, tearing and cutting branches. Rapid cutting tooth is larger than the Picco chain, respectively, the chain saws more aggressively, faster, but it is more difficult to saw such a chain, there is a large return when sawing. Such a chain must be tightened more often.

  • Rapid Super (RS). A high.performance chain with lobe.shaped teeth and a rectangular spatula with a sharp edge. Ideal for firing forests, cutting up and cutting branches at medium and high.power saws.
  • Rapid Micro (RM). A universal chain with teeth and a shovel blunted on the sides. for the high requirements of professionals and semi.professional in the rural, construction and forestry industries.

Rapid Duro (RD). A chain with carbide inserts on teeth for special use. Great for hard, contaminated wood, more resistant to short contact with the ground, and is also used for emergency rescue operations. Up to 10 times remains acute compared to conventional chains.

Picco chains

  • Picco Super (PS). The world’s first low.profile chain with completely donated teeth. Target audience. professionals of the forest industry and trees care. Unprecedented sawing performance. Very clean cut, low vibration, excellent incision.
  • Picco Micro (PM). Low-profile chain with semi-like-shaped teeth with pony return. It is used in agricultural and construction industries, and is also ideal for lovers.
  • Picco Duro (PD). The world’s first low.profile chain with cutting teeth made of solid alloy. Great for hard, contaminated wood, more resistant to short contact with the ground. Up to 10 times remains acute compared to conventional chains.
  • Picco Micro mini (PMM). Low-profile chain of high accuracy with semi-sub-formed teeth with a reduced cut width. Especially for small.sized saws of low power, it is ideal for lovers.
  • Picco Micro X (PMX). A chain with teeth with a low profile with a special tooth sharpening angle. Special chain for longitudinal sawing of wood.

How to understand what chain your saw has

First, carefully inspect the chain. On chains of serious manufacturers, the manufacturer’s brand will be engraved or knocked out (see. Photo 3.4). If there is no brand chain, be especially careful when working, t.Anything can happen to the chain and the user can get injured. In addition, in photo 3, 4 you see numbers on the saw, in one case 2, in the other. 6. We turn to the table and understand that in the photo 3 chain with a step 0.325 “, and on ⅜” p. Figures 5 and 3 are knocked out on the leading link. The number 5 suggests that the thickness of the leading link is 1.5 mm, and the number 3. 1.3 mm. Therefore, in photo 3 chain with parameters: chain step 0.325 “, link thickness 1.5 mm, marking. 25, then there may be the first letter P or R, the second letter m or s. The chain step ⅜ “P, the thickness thickness of 1.3 mm, marking 63 and similar letters from the previous example. Having calculated the number of leading links, we unequivocally determined the parameters and labeling of the chain.

We draw your attention to the fact that The chain should be well and properly sharpened, you can read about this here and here. Determine that the chain must be hidden, you can by the size of the chips formed during sawing (if the chips are finely dispersed as flour, then the chain must be sharpened) and the user’s increased effort when sawing (saw with a well.sharpened chain saws under its weight, the operator only supports the saw and does not put pressure on her). We will talk about the rules for sharpening the chain separately.

How to classify saw chains

The quality and speed of the cut depends on the type of saw chain, location and the total number of its constituent links. Manufacturers produce chipper and cheese products that differ in the shape of a cutting tooth.

The first type chains are installed on professional and household motorcycles. She got the name in the shape of a cutting element. The word chipper translated from English means “chopping into chips”. Indeed, sickle.shaped incisors, rounded from above, allow you to saw at high speed. However, such chains are less effective in the work, since they have increased the area of ​​contact of the cutting edge with wood. It is convenient to drag them, since it is not required to observe a clear angle.

Chisel products (Chisel in translation means “Doloto) are more often installed on professional equipment. The acute angle of attack of the working tooth allows you to more aggressively crashed into wood, which increases the productivity of the saw, but reduces the cut rate. When sharpening them, it is necessary to clearly display the correct angle.

Details for chainsaws are also classified for its intended purpose. For cutting trees and cutting trunks, a transverse chain is used, the angle of sharpening of the cutting edge of which is from 5 to 15 ̊. For the cut along the fibers we need longitudinal chains, which must be sharpened at an angle from 25 to 30 ̊. The firmly the tree, the sharper it is pulled by a file or machine.

What chain parameters affect the operation of the chainsaw

The main working characteristic of chain chainsaws is the performance, which mainly affects the engine power and the quality of the saw chain. When preparing a saw for work, it is also important to correct it correctly. To do this, first pour into the tank any oil with a vehicle or jaso tolerance, and then add gasoline. The resulting mixture is thoroughly mixed. The choice of the chain is strongly affected by the capabilities of the tool. When buying it, you need to pay attention to the marking, the correct decoding of which will help to choose a chain. On the leading links and in the technical passport of the chainsaw, the following parameters are displayed:

  • Step and size of the chain.
  • The thickness of the leading (tailings) and connecting links.
  • Depth and length of the cut.
  • The number of incisors.
  • The sequence of location of the links. To install the desired chain on a chainsaw, we will analyze in more detail these parameters.

The calculation of the step and thickness of the shanks

A step is the distance from one vertex of the leading link to another. To determine this parameter, it is necessary to measure the length between the axes of the two nearby rivets, and the number obtained in centimeters is transferred to inch, dividing it by 2.54. The larger the step, the more manufacturing the saw. However, in order to stretch the chains with a short step, you need a more powerful engine to rotate the leading asterisk. Manufacturers produce chain products with the most common 1/4 step sizes; 0.325; 3/8 (0.375); 0.404; 3/4. In this case, this parameter needs to coincide with the step of the leading and driven stars. However, there are non-standard saws, for example, a caliber of BP 220-18U, the step of which is 0.366. When the chain saw is operating, the main load carries a chain, the strength of which depends on the thickness of the shanks and connecting the links. You can measure it with a caliper. For example, in a chainsaw caliber BP-1800, the thickness of the chain is 1.3 mm. The larger the thickness of the links and wider the guide groove of the tire, the stronger the chain. For work, such a chain requires powerful chainsaw. The return on the operation and the cut speed depends on the depth of the saw. She is directly proportional to the drink.

How to find out the size and height of the profile

The height of the profile and the number of cutting elements affect the depth of the cut. The higher it is, the deeper the tooth enters the sawing wood, causing vibrations, from which the chainsaw drive wears out faster. Now you can buy low.profile and high.profile chain products. As a rule, there are more steps with a low profile and they are more often installed on a household tool. The length of the cut is comparable to the distance between the emphasis and tire tip. It indicates how thick the barrel or blank can be cut with a chain saw.

The size of the chain depends on the number of leading links. Its size depends on the working characteristics of the saw with the internal combustion engine and corresponds to the length of the tire. The technical passport indicates the length of the tires suitable for certain models of the chain tool. In order to avoid its breakdown, it is advisable to follow these recommendations. Sometimes, so that a longer chain approaches the bus, it is shortened, removing several links. This is forbidden to do, since it is impossible to reliably glue it with a handicraft method, and it can break during work, injuring others. However, the length of the tire does not determine the exact size of the chain product. Before buying, its total length can be calculated by taking out of the packaging, by the number of shanks or connecting links. Not critical if the roll is a couple more in the roll. The chain can be tightened with a stretch mechanism.

The sequence of links

Companies producing such equipment and spare parts for it produce chains in which the links are located in different sequences, which determines the efficiency of work. Depending on the location, there are such types of chains:

In the first type chains, there are two shanks for each cutting element. In products with semi.percentage, the links through two are replaced by connecting, and with a pass. instead of each second cutter, there is a connecting link. The grapes have less performance and they wear out faster.

Leading manufacturers of saw chains and a brief overview of their products

So, the parameters of the choice of saw chains in general terms are clarified. Let’s move on to a more specific story about how to choose the best model for your chainsaw.

I must say that in this area of ​​the market there are a great many fakes and low.grade products, mainly produced at no one unknown enterprises in China. No, the author does not say at all that everything is Chinese. this is bad, there are also quite apilic headsets. We are now talking about the frank “shirpotrebe” issued for branded products. So the purchase of equipment should be performed only in specialized stores, where, at the request of the buyer, consultant sellers can present documentary evidence of the originality of products.

And, of course, preference should be given to leading brands. The most popular are Oregon, Stihl, Husqvarna brands and some others, but already lower.

This publication will not have the usual rating with the arrangement of places and setting assessments. This type of product is simply a huge variety in its functional purpose and size. Therefore, I would have to put on a row almost incompatible model for comparison, which would even confuse the picture. Therefore, we will assume that all the products that will be discussed below are decent quality, and you just need to choose the optimal equipment suitable for your needs and at the disposal of the chainsaw.

Oregon saw chains

The company “Oregon Tool, Inc.”From the American city of Portland, it is considered the largest” authority “in this area of ​​production. It was created in 1947, and its founder, Joseph Boford Cokes, patented its own design of saw chains, and all world manufacturers are still using these achievements.

The company specializes exclusively in the equipment for chainsaws without releasing the “Machine” themselves. But its chains are suitable for most models of different brands.

Products under this brand are often estimated as the best in the world. True, the for it are also higher than for similar products of other manufacturers.

choose, chain, champion, chainship

What are the main lines of the chains that this trademark offers:

Name of the Pile line of sawing description

Pile chain Oregon 91vxl Multi-Cut /P>

STIHL saw chains

STIHL German family company has existed since 1926. And since 1971, absolute leadership in the world for the production and sale of chainsaws of its own development. Naturally, it also produces the widest assortment of equipment suitable for models of various brands.

In addition to sawing equipment, the company is engaged in the production of high.pressure sinks, as well as a wide variety of “small mechanization” for the garden and garden.

The leader of the leader in the production of chainsaws. Stihl

Products are in great demand due to the quality and high operational efficiency. True, they fake it. much more often than other brands, so you need a certain disassemble when buying.

What assortment of saw chains is offered by Stihl?

Name of the Pile line of sawing description

Belonging to Champion chainsaws

Cutting links with a cheese.chamfer with low vibration and return, have a side line with a double working corner. They have excellent cutting characteristics, as well as the durability and simplicity of service.

Determine the length of the chain.

The length of the chain depends on your tire. Since tires are different in length. 35 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm. then the length of the chain will be different.

The length of the chain is measured by the number of links. We count the links. One can one link. You can put the chain in half in pairs. And we get a second value.

choose, chain, champion, chainship

For example, the chain in the photo consists of 50 links. (the pen indicates one link)

And now we know two indicators of our chain:

By the way, if we multiply, these two indicators are divided by 2.54 (this is inch), we will get the length of the tire in centimeters.

Determine the thickness of the chain

The thickness of the chain depends on the tire used. There are several typical sizes. 1.1 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.6 mm. And for example, a chain with a thickness of 1.3 mm is not suitable for a tire with a groove of 1.1 mm and vice versa.

The thickness is easiest to measure with a caliper, although knowing the typical size, the thickness can also be determined by the ruler.

In our photo, the thickness of the chain is 1.3 mm. As a result, the characteristics of this chain will be as follows:

Call them to the seller and the selection errors will definitely not be. If the calculations seem difficult for you, then remove the chain and take it with you to the store and you will be selected a new chain according to the model

You are people in general, or where? what you write? So if 16mm, then step 0.325 And if 18mm, then this is specially to confuse people or something?