Choosing a Cordless Screwdriver For Home 2019

How to choose the cordless drill / driver for home. Choose torque, impact and drill for a drill / driver

Is it worth taking a powerful device or is it better to save money, do you need a punch or not, why do you need to work with large drills? Now we will tell you how to choose a cordless screwdriver for the house, relying on its characteristics and numbers, which are written in the technical passport of this product.

“Why goat a button accordion” or what for a cordless drill stroke function? This question is asked by many, since there are always doubts about the relevance of loading lightweight hand tools with such technologies. You pay extra about 1000 rubles and you already have a percussion screwdriver. It is heavier, more massive, but he still will not be able to make many holes in concrete, for this you need a hammer drill, and constantly depriving yourself of comfort for a couple of holes is a dubious pleasure.

Photo of a hammer drill

Now about the torque. This is already important. 14-24 Nm is suitable for the installation of lightweight structures made of drywall, plywood, OSB boards. If you need to work with thick boards, drill ceramics or concrete with a crown, then it is better to take 36 Nm. If you doubt what a good screwdriver is and which one is not. Judge from the torque, it decides a lot. If it is more than 36 Nm, then it is suitable for drilling metal and working with large drills.

Now a little about the diameter of the drill. Even if you bought a cordless screwdriver with the characteristics of a power drill, it will not replace it. Do not take tools with a torque of 80-120 Nm in the hope of working with 10-12 mm drill bits for metal. It will not pull anyway, moreover, its cost will be 5 times more than a simple cordless screwdriver and a simple power drill combined. Is it worth it?

As for revolutions per minute. This is not so important, since standard 1400 rpm is enough for everyone, and professional models that go for 2400 or more are already overkill and necessary only in very specific situations when the tool is used for non-standard solutions.

We told you which cordless drill to choose and what characteristics you need to look at. But there is one very important point. Where is the confidence that the numbers are correct? Many Chinese and even European manufacturers inflate the data to make the tool more attractive to the consumer. As a result, you read a lot of literature, ask a neighbor or friend how to choose a cordless drill / driver, buy equipment with a KM of 80 Nm, a blow, a cool battery, high revs, and you get a useless piece of iron. To do this, you still need to get acquainted with the manufacturers.

How to choose a cordless drill / driver for home. What are screwdrivers?

This tool is available in various versions, which can be classified as follows:

  • Cordless screwdriver. It is intended only for working with fasteners such as screws, screws, screws. Widely used on assembly lines.
  • Wrench Designed to work with bolts and nuts, it is used on assembly lines, car services and other enterprises.
  • Drill screwdriver. Designed for drilling, there is a low speed mode for twisting and unscrewing fasteners with a slot for a screwdriver.
  • Screwdriver. It is used to unscrew and twist fasteners with cross heads, as well as for drilling holes of small diameter in wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals and other soft materials.

To use a screwdriver does not require any special skills. Even a small child easily begins to twist and twist self-tapping screws, if he is shown how to do it correctly. As soon as a drill driver appears among home tools, so immediately reduces the need for nails and a hammer. Particularly popular are battery-powered models. They do not need an electric network, so they are mobile, autonomous, independent.

Network screwdrivers are used mainly by professionals: builders or installers. They are indispensable where there is a large amount of work for them and the ability to connect to the electrical network. The most successful version of such a network tool is a drill / driver that combines the functions of a drill and a screwdriver. For home use, network models of screwdrivers are rarely used, as they are designed for continuous long-term work, and are quite expensive at a price.

All screwdrivers are divided into two groups: professional and household. The main differences are in the price, the capabilities of the tool and the duration of continuous operation. Professional models are more durable, but not so functional, have more powerful batteries, much less often requiring charging. A professional tool is made of durable materials, with high quality and is designed to work in “Spartan” conditions. He has a torque higher than that of a household tool, therefore, he can screw the screws into more durable and strong materials.

Household screwdrivers are more versatile. They are more compact, lighter, the rotation speed of the cartridge does not exceed 500 rpm.

When choosing an electric drill-screwdriver for your home, take a look at household tools. Do not overpay for ultra high reliability.

How to choose a cordless screwdriver for home Makita. Best Makita cordless screwdrivers

Such screwdrivers have lower power indicators than network ones, but they can be used at any distance, regardless of the presence of an outlet nearby. They are actively used on ceiling installation, assembly of cabinet furniture at the exit, or insert locks into gates.

Makita DF030 DWE. One of the most compact assistants

This is the best Makita screwdriver for multi-tasking on-site work. The tool comes in a plastic case with a set of bits, a charger and a holster for attaching to the belt.

The case is very small, where the battery is hidden in a pen without an expanding part, which facilitates work in hard-to-reach places.

The screwdriver has 18 twisting modes, including the drilling function, so you do not need to carry another drilling tool.

  • Very small in comparison with analogues;
  • Almost the entire body is rubberized;
  • The battery is placed in the handle and does not bulge;
  • Reverse for twisting;
  • Convenient switches at the top and side on the case;
  • Two-speed gearbox for speed selection with constant types of fasteners;
  • 18 positions of a torque;
  • Low vibration;
  • 2 batteries included;
  • A drill up to 10 mm in diameter will become a cartridge;
  • The ability to create holes in wood up to 21 mm, and in metal 10 mm;
  • Work area illumination;
  • Charges in 83 minutes;
  • Weight of 880 grams is convenient for ceiling work;
  • There is an engine brake.
  • The cost of 5300 rubles;
  • Battery capacity 1.3 A / h;
  • No impact function;
  • Torque of 24 Nm;
  • No spindle lock.

Choosing a Cordless Screwdriver For Home 2019

Makita DDF453RFE. With a capacious battery and wide functionality

This is the best screwdriver for remote work from the outlet due to the battery capacity of 3 A / h, which allows installation for 6-8 hours, depending on the intensity of action and the size of the fasteners.

Keyless chuck is suitable for fixing not only bits but also drills. Thanks to this, a screwdriver will be able to drill holes in metal with a diameter of up to 13 mm. The tool is equipped with two speeds for quick tuning.

  • Intuitive modes, the switching of which is carried out by a ring on the body with painted symbols;
  • Universal chuck for clamping bits and drills;
  • Rubber-covered handle with perforation;
  • 16 steps of a torque;
  • Keyless chuck for changing nozzles;
  • Twisting force 42 Nm;
  • Reverse for dismantle;
  • Installation of two speeds with revolutions of 0-400 and 0-1300 per minute;
  • Drilling in a tree of holes with a diameter of 36 mm;
  • 2 batteries included;
  • Everything comes in a plastic suitcase;
  • It is fashionable to clamp a drill with a diameter of 1.5 mm;
  • Long battery life with a capacity of 3 A / h.
  • A large battery at the end of the handle may interfere when working in hard to reach places;
  • The weight of 1.8 kg is less convenient for long ceiling work;
  • No backlight.

How to choose a home screwdriver

Inexpensive home screwdriver. Cordless screwdriver: which is better from inexpensive models, TOP according to experts

The cordless screwdriver stands out for its performance, therefore it is widely used for mounting and drilling holes on non-solid surfaces. The lineup is represented by equipment of various capacities.

Mobility, light weight and compact dimensions allow you to use the power tool in furniture production, household, as well as for the assembly and disassembly of various designs. Consider what a cordless screwdriver is, which one is better to choose from inexpensive options for the home.

How to choose a good screwdriver

The power tool is selected based on the amount of work that is planned to be performed. For frequent and lengthy processes, only a professional appliance is suitable. Its power is enough for intensive work without a break. For temporary needs, it is enough to purchase household models. Their power is lower, but it is quite enough to perform standard tasks.

Before buying, you should hold a cordless screwdriver in your hand, which one of the best inexpensive devices will tell a simple test. If the case fits comfortably in your hand, we recommend that you take a closer look at this option and study its technical characteristics. Anti-slip inserts make it easy to hold the handle in various positions. The buttons should be pressed without much effort. When choosing, it is recommended to take into account such indicators:

  • Battery Type;
  • Battery charging time;
  • Number of settings;
  • Face value of the twisting moment;
  • Possibility of use in the cold.

The device is equipped with a large torque that can operate at very low speeds. The degree of rotation is controlled electronically by a gearbox. There is also double insulation.

If it is difficult to determine the model of a cordless screwdriver, which is the best of inexpensive tools, pay attention to the battery capacity. The autonomy of the equipment depends on it. In a household electric tool, it is 1.5-2 Ah, in professional. Up to 3 Ah.

For long-term processes, it is advisable to choose a device with two replaceable batteries. The most common batteries with a capacity of 12-14 volts. They fit most household models; capacity is sufficient for most tasks. For home use, screwdrivers with a torque rating of 10-15 Nm are suitable, for professional use. In the range of 90-130 Nm.

Which is better from inexpensive. 2018/2019 rating

Vitals Master AUmo 12 / 2dn is a Latvian power tool with powerful torque, the performance of which is 26 Nm. The battery capacity of 2,000 mAh is enough for 1 hour of continuous operation. The rubberized handle is comfortable and ergonomic.

Intertool WT-0318. A budget option with optimal parameters. Allows the installation of drills with a cross section of up to 20 mm. It has two options for switching speeds. The battery charges up to one hour; if necessary, it can be replaced with a more capacious one.

Models Energomash, Bison and Bort

Energomash CD3014C. A model of the Russian brand, an analogue of “Stern”. Thanks to the keyless chuck, the change of components takes a minimum amount of time. The spinning element is adjustable in 16 positions.

Choosing a Cordless Screwdriver For Home 2019

Bison ZDA-18-KN is a compact device with low weight. A backlight illuminates a darkened workspace. A speed of 1,400 rpm is enough for most standard tasks. The lithium-ion battery charges up to one hour.

Bort BAB-12-P. Combines the positive aspects of a screwdriver and a drill in one case. Works with bits and drills. Suitable for drilling on wood and metal. There is no speed switch.

Japanese and Korean models

Hitachi DS10DFL is a Japanese brand with medium technical capabilities. The speed is electronically controlled. It has 2 speeds. Large chuck allows you to choose screws and large-diameter drills. There is a slot for storing bits, as well as locking the start button.

Sparky BR2 10.8li HD is a small product with an ergonomic handle and anti-slip elastane nozzle. Equipped with backlight for drilling in dark areas. The spinning element can be adjusted in 18 positions. The reverse function releases the jammed nozzle.

Bort BAB-18Ux2-DK. A productive model in a case for the home. It has two batteries, which allows long-term use of the Bort without interruption. Included are bits and drills.

Interskol OA-3.6. A powerful option with two speeds. There is an option to fix the spindle and the reverse function. If it is difficult to choose a budget cordless screwdriver, which is better from inexpensive interskol, pay attention to this device. This is the most productive drill in the brand line.

Hyundai A 1220Li is a small device with a hammerless drill function. Thanks to its performance and an additional battery, it can be used as a semi-professional tool. It also has a charge indicator and backlight.

How to make the right choice

Productive electrical appliances can work daily up to 8 hours without a break. For household needs, options with a power of 3-6 V are suitable, for drilling drywall and wood. 10-15 V, metal. At least 18 V. It should be remembered that the more powerful the rotating element, the deeper the hole will turn out. Devices with low revolutions are suitable only for unscrewing self-tapping screws, with high ones. For drilling.

Rating screwdrivers for the home. 16 best screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are one of the most popular types of power tools in construction. Its main purpose is to quickly / conveniently twist / unscrew the fastening elements. Manually this operation takes a huge amount of time. So, for example, when performing work related to drywall, thousands of screws are required, which it is simply impossible to work with without a tool.

What power to choose a screwdriver. Features of choice

When choosing a power, it is worth taking into account not only what power of the screwdriver is indicated in the information from the manufacturer. Due to too much productivity, the device can tighten the screws too much, pushing their cap into the surface. As a result, the appearance of the coating deteriorates, and the fasteners, if necessary, are almost impossible to unscrew.

When choosing which voltage is best for a screwdriver, it should be borne in mind that voltage is the main parameter of the device. So, for example, the power of the Makita DDF343SHE screwdriver motor is 700 W, with a voltage of 14.4 V and a battery capacity of 1300 mAh and a torque of 36 Nm. While the other Hammer ACD182 model has a weaker engine (22 Nm) and a not so capacious battery (1200 mAh). And it seems that this device is weaker by about 40%. However, due to the voltage of 18 V, the Hammer is able to tighten more fasteners without recharging, even inferior to the competitor in battery capacity.

To understand why a seemingly less productive screwdriver is inferior to a more powerful one, you can do a little calculation:

  • The amount of energy stored by the first model is 1.2 x 1.8 = 21.6 Wh;
  • The second indicator is only 1.3 x 14.4 = 18.72 Wh; i.E. 15.4% less.

In the process of choosing a screwdriver, it is advisable to take into account the presence of a spare battery in the kit. Some models even have 2 extra batteries. On the one hand, such equipment will cost more (especially since the cost of the battery is up to 80% of the price of equipment), but it will be much more convenient to work with it. At the same time, completing household tasks does not require an additional battery. The time it takes to work with it rarely exceeds 1-2 hours. Whereas in the process of constant use of a screwdriver (for example, for repair work or furniture assembly), the second battery allows you to not interrupt the work longer than several minutes. A discharged battery is charged, and a spare battery is installed in the device.

In the absence of the need for lengthy work, for which a screwdriver may be needed, buying a model with additional batteries is not recommended, not only because of its increased cost. Just the operational life of such a battery is small, and after a couple of years the user will have to buy a new part without even having used up half of the old resource.