Circular saw from an angle grinder with your own hands

How to use an angle grinder to make a circular saw

Circular saw is useful, and sometimes. just necessary for the home handyman. Owners of private or dacha houses are constantly repairing, creating, rebuilding something. The basic material is wood or its derivatives. plywood or chipboard, which must be cut, cut into blanks or parts.

The purchase of a manual electric circular saw requires expenditure, and the creation of a stationary circular saw with their own hands is impossible without a working shaft and an electric motor. A good way out will be to use as a driving mechanism angular grinder, which has a landing place under the saw blade has its own electric motor. It will only take the creation of external equipment, turning the usual angle grinder in a kind of circular (circular) saw.

How to make a cover with their own hands?

In addition to a stationary machine for sawing wood, you can make its mobile version. To do this, first of all, a protective hood must be made. The cover of the circular saw is one of the most important safety elements. It performs several functions simultaneously:

  • Protection of the operator’s extremities against accidental contact with the saw blade;
  • Diverting chips from the working table;
  • Straight sawing direction.

It is made of metal sheet of at least 1mm thick. For this purpose, besides the workpiece itself you will need an angle grinder with a cutting and grinding wheel, a welding inverter, and a drill with a set of bits. The manufacturing procedure is as follows:

  • On the metal sheet to mark the side walls of the housing, a strip for the manufacture of the lintel and cut them with an angle grinder;
  • Using a drill, with a metal drill bit mounted on it, cut through holes in the side walls of the future guard;
  • In one of the workpieces, with an angle grinder to make a longitudinal hole;
  • Grind the workpieces with a petal disc;
  • Around one end of the tube weld a metal strip 10mm wide. It will act as a tie-down clamp, so welding only on the lower part of the circumference will be sufficient. For convenience, a piece of metal pipe can be inserted into the hole;
  • In the upper right corner of the second workpiece, using a drill with a drill bit for cutting metal, cut a ventilation hole;
  • With the help of a welding inverter to weld the workpieces and metal band with each other;
  • To fix the hood with the angle grinder body, cut out and weld a metal bracket;
  • With the help of a metal strip, two angles and a stud bolt to assemble the movable mount of the shell. After that, it is necessary to weld the corners to the plate;
  • To the opposite part of the casing, weld a bolt M10. Cut a fork from a metal sheet and weld it to the base on the opposite side of the shroud;
  • To the top and side of the casing, weld two long nuts. They will serve as the basis for installing the handle;
  • To the vent, weld a spigot cut at an angle;
  • After that you can fix an angle grinder in the planting hole and use a metal cutting disk to make a through cut in the base plate. After that, it is necessary to enlarge the hole to an acceptable size;
  • If you want the casing can be painted, and then you can begin your work.
circular, angle, grinder, your, hands

How to make a manual circular saw from an angle grinder with your own hands

No special skills are required for this purpose. You only need to understand how to use hand tools and acquire the necessary materials for the work. Before making a circular saw from an angle grinder, it is important to familiarize yourself with the general design of the machine.

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The necessary materials

To make a homemade machine you will need:

  • Rectangular tube, steel or aluminum angle;
  • Sheet of chipboard, heavy plywood 12-14 mm thick;
  • bolts, nuts, washers;
  • metal strips, plates, large-sized pieces of angle;
  • welding machine with electrodes;
  • An electric drill or a drilling machine;
  • angle grinder;
  • saw blade;
  • connecting wires, on/off button.

Design Features

To carry out the work of transforming one type of saw into another, you can use old, leftover elements from the repair. With locksmith skills and ingenuity, you can effortlessly cope with this task.

Distinctive features of this type of devices are that there are circular saws from an angle grinder as a homemade machine or a handheld device, fixed on a table or other basis.

If you have an old angle grinder, it is best to remove the motor from it and use it as the core of the future saw. A washing machine motor will also work.

Any circular saw has several basic components:

  • homemade table as a stable frame;
  • saw stand;
  • motor from the angle grinder;
  • sliding stop;
  • A rod to adjust the height of the kerf;
  • gearbox, saw blade.

Such a machine is suitable for cutting small wooden bars. When it is planned to process wood in large quantities and large dimensions, it is better to buy ready-made production equipment. It is expensive, but would be ideal for business.

to work safely on the circular saw, it is necessary to choose a disk for it with special attention. Angle grinder is a complex tool, and you can not use the disk from it to cut wood products. At any time it can jam.

Rotating at very high speed, this element can shred the wood into splinters that can cause injuries. This is because there is a high temperature load on the disk during machining. Best to get a new product specifically for the circular saw.

If the circular saw is fixed on the floor, the frame should be fixed with fasteners (angles) to ensure its stability. To make the bed, you can take an unnecessary cabinet or a few sheets of particle board. However, it is more reliable to make it of metal.

The main working surface of the table top is better to make of plywood or laminated chipboard. The table must be set very firmly on the floor so that its vibration is negligible.

circular, angle, grinder, your, hands

The blade on the saw must be smaller in diameter than used for angle grinder. this will prevent the motor from overheating. You can buy it in auto parts stores, as well as in specialized construction markets. Motor power of the angle grinder, from which the circular sander is made, should not be less than 1600 watt.

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A more complex version involves the installation of additional elements: pulley system, belt transmission. With this method of manufacture, the homemade design will acquire the appearance of a production machine. The presence of a belt will reduce the speed of disc rotation.

The design of a homemade circular saw provides for the following basic elements:

The optimal choice of drive for the machine is an angle grinder motor of about 1 kW. Angle grinders are supplied with clamps for fixing them on the base.

The tool motor has high rpm and can operate for a long time without interruption. It is recommended to choose an angle grinder, which has high power, durable gearbox and equipped with a soft start function.

It consists of several metal angles placed on either side of the saw blade. The bottom edges of the sliding stop should be rounded to make the saw more convenient to use.

It ensures a stable position of the circular saw. Made of metal bar. It has holes in its ends. Handle is attached to the circular saw with fasteners.

Allows for depth of cut adjustment. It is made of a steel rod with a diameter of 5-6 mm. One end of the workpiece is bent in the shape of a hinge and fastened with the front screws. A thread is provided on the shank of the bar, where the nuts are screwed.

The circular saw uses a system of pulleys and belt for efficient operation. A saw blade speed of approx. 6,500. 7,200 rpm is necessary. Two circular saw blades with different diameters must be selected: one of them has a diameter of 0.7 of the other.

If belt drive is used, it is recommended to provide a proper tensioning system: the angle grinder is rigidly attached to the bed, and the work surface with the shaft is fixed after the belt is installed.

Circular saw making

Circular from the angle grinder is made with their own hands in several steps:

It is necessary to ensure the stability of the table, excluding possible swaying. The frame can be a construction made of metal profile. To make the surface of the table you can choose from iron sheet, plywood, glass, chipboard. A slot must be provided for the cutting disc.

The angle grinder should be fixed to the bar under the table top with clamps. Threaded joints should be secured by means of clamps. When positioning the disk it is necessary to ensure that a significant part of it projects over the table top. A protective cover is installed over the disk.

To create the retaining bar, a metal angle is used. It is recommended to install it on a special plywood. The plate with the bar should be fixed to the table top with the help of clamps.

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It is necessary to lead out the wires and connect them to an extension cord. You can fix the wires under the tabletop with a stapler.

It is necessary to check by hand how easily the disc can be turned. It is worthwhile to additionally check its stroke when the power is off. To check the efficiency, the circular saw has to be started up for a short time.

The tool is ready to work. The motor temperature should be checked from time to time to detect overheating. Prolonged strain on the motor and gearbox of the angle grinder is unacceptable.

Preparing the gearbox and making the axial handle

With the standard handle of the angle grinder to make a quality cut is quite difficult. Therefore, it is recommended to make the handle with your own hands and then attach it to the angle grinder.

Awesome idea with Angle Grinder! And so it was possible

But first you should prepare the tool for such a modification. It is advisable to disassemble the gearbox of the tool and look for areas that are suitable for drilling. Then drill a few mounting holes in the reducer housing with threads for a small bolt.

The handle itself is best made of metal (rebar, pipe or crossbar). Drill holes in the ends of the handle to fasten it to the gearbox. Then the handle is attached to the tool with fasteners.

Stationary circular saw

You can also use an angle grinder as a working mechanism in stationary conditions. The frame in this case will have a slightly different design. The stationary variant assumes free space and a large amount of work. That is why the entire construction can be made more thorough, more massive, and therefore more reliable.

The base frame can be made of angle bars by means of welded joints. Bolt and other types of split fasteners lose their grip due to constant vibration, and the structure begins to wobble.

On top of the metal frame is attached a work table made of a wide board or thick plywood. The workpiece to be machined is guided along it. Support bracket is equipped with a sliding mount for adjusting the cutting width.

It would be nice to provide for adjustment of table height or disk elevation above its surface then it will be possible to saw longitudinal grooves in the board.

On the side of the machine there are controls: socket and ON/OFF buttons. In the stationary version of the button on the body of the angle grinder makes sense to exclude from the scheme. If there is enough space, a high-powered grinder can be used as a drive.

On how to make a sawmill out of the angle grinder, shown in this