Circular saw with a broach do it yourself

From a hand-held circular saw

The structure is common and acceptable for home construction. The body of the trimming unit is made of wood or iron. A base is built from plywood sheets (chipboard), on which a vertical rack is mounted, having previously cut holes in it to fix the facing. A pendulum-type device is made from a board and is attached to the base by means of a long bolt.

Having prepared a steel rod or corner, it is attached on top of the pendulum so that the end sticks out. Then the spring is taken, one end of it is fixed to the rear shelf of the corner, and the other. to the vertical rack. The tension is selected empirically, but it should be enough to easily hold the circular saw in the hanging position.

Having removed the handle from the equipment, it is fixed on the pendulum in a previously prepared hole. The wires are placed in the slots prepared for this, and the power supply is connected. A small slot is made in the table top, and side stops are fixed to it at an angle of 90 °. If they are made to rotate, then it will be possible to cut the blanks at a specific degree. The unit is assembled, it remains to test it in operation. Using drawings, you can make anything, even a very complicated apparatus.

From an angle grinder

Miter saws are capable of cutting wood, iron, plastic and other materials.

The most famous facing is based on the use of an angle grinder.

If you manage to do everything correctly, your device with a broach will have the following options:

  • disk rotation speed. 4500 rpm;
  • cutting distance. about 350 millimeters.

If necessary, trimming is dismantled from the unit and is practiced as an ordinary hand tool. A big plus is that the homemade device is versatile and can be easily disassembled.

Consider how the manufacturing procedure takes place.

  • Place the swivel mechanism of the angle grinder on the pivot of the implement wheel. Its fastening is made by means of a ball bearing. The recommended size is 150 millimeters, but larger will also work.
  • Ears are welded on the outer side of the bearing. They are designed to secure the base of the unit. Install with M6 bolts.
  • The holder should be covered with a protective cover so that chips do not fly on you during operation.
  • The broaching problem is easy to solve. To create it, take shock absorbers from a truck. Even if they are not in working order, this is not a problem. Remove any lubricant from the shock absorbers, drill holes for ventilation and cover with a mesh to prevent chips and dust from entering the cavity.
  • Install the soft start module. Thanks to him, you will not experience sudden jerks during the start of the trimming.
  • The final stage is the installation of the saw blade guard.

Depending on the supplied disc, the unit can be used for metal or wood, for trimming pipes. But be aware that the power of the unit may not be enough to cut the ends of the pipes. Decide on the technical parameters of your angle grinder to find out if the machine is capable of cutting pipes, or is it only suitable for working with wood.

This design has two important drawbacks.

  • To adjust the precision of the cut, wood residues are used first. Then the traction is fixed, and you can get to work.
  • The unit makes a lot of noise when cutting pipes and working on iron.

Manufacturing a complex unit

There is a variant with a more complex and heavier design. She will accurately cope with the facing of metal pipes. At the same time, a self-made device does not require the use of a circular as an element of the unit. But for specific moments of work, it is better to keep the circular at hand.

Based on the selected components, you have the opportunity to make a high-power unit. To create it you will need:

  • an electric motor with a resource of about 900 W, and if you need constant cutting of pipes, you can take a more powerful electric motor;
  • sheet iron;
  • metal corners;
  • channel;
  • hinge groups;
  • angle grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • file;
  • powerful spring.

Торцовочная пила с протяжкой, miter saw with a broach

When everything you need is ready, you can start assembling the end machine.

  • The bed can be made using customizable supports, metal corners and bed racks.
  • A sheet of strong iron is used as a working surface. It is necessary to make holes in it and file them with a file.
  • For the manufacture of the pendulum rack, we use a channel and a welding machine. The structure is placed on an iron sheet. Approximate rack height 80 cm.
  • The base for the electric motor is made of iron sheet in the role of a stationary plate. The bed is necessarily mounted on hinges.
  • A powerful spring will serve as a stabilizer for the electric motor of the miter saw. If you find one, then you can refuse from the pendulum and belts.
  • The lifting bolt can be used to tension and adjust the belts. The pendulum can be made of steel for a strong, reliable structure.
  • The cutting tool will be a disc of the required diameter. For household tasks, as a rule, a saw blade with a diameter of 400-420 millimeters is enough.

How to make a miter saw with your own hands?

The miter saw is created by hand on the basis of the existing equipment. a hand-held circular saw, an angle grinder (angle grinder). And when mounting disks of a specific type, a home-made device can be used to cut a profile on a metal-plastic base, pipes, which will increase the area of ​​its use.

Tool creation

It is possible to make a miter saw with your own hands, taking the available equipment as a basis.


Cross-sections are divided into the following types:

  • pendulum;
  • combined;
  • with broach.

DIY Tool | Make The Most Simple Circular Saw Jig | Homemade Circular Saw Jig

The base of the pendulum device is the frame. A table is also attached to it, which is based on a rotation mechanism with a ruler. This mechanism solves the problem of setting the cutting angle with its adjustment. The cutting angle can be adjusted by moving the work table in relation to the surface of the base. The saw component is held in place by a handle and is spring loaded with a hinge. The pendulum moves the saw vertically.

In the combined modification, it is possible to change the cutting angle in two directions. The structure is the same as that of the pendulum facing, only one more hinge is added. As for changing the angle of cut in a horizontal surface. it can be changed in the horizontal direction, which is also opposite to the installed drive.

Crosscut with a broach allows you to translate the cutting component both along the circumference of the hinge axis, and directly along the length of the cut. This is obtained due to the existing guides.

Pros and cons

Homemade miter saws have both positive and negative properties.

The advantages of homemade units include a number of characteristics.

  • The creation of a trimming machine will require an order of magnitude less money to be invested than in the purchase of industrial equipment for trimming wood, pipes, plastic and other things. Tentatively, specialists for the re-equipment of an angle grinder invest in trimming from 500 to 1000 rubles.
  • You have the opportunity to independently select the performance characteristics for the future end machine. Such parameters include the dimensions of the working surface, the power of the electric motor, the diameter of the discs, the depth of cut, and more.
  • The manufactured devices have a simple design. Due to the fact that you yourself assembled and disassembled the device, there will be no difficulties with finding breakdowns.

There are also disadvantages, among which several factors are particularly different.

  • For homemade units, as a rule, old, useless materials, tools and devices are used. This negatively affects the quality, service life.
  • They are not very powerful very often.
  • In some situations, saving on the purchase of an industrial design becomes far-fetched, because a lot of money is spent on repair work, refurbishment, preventive measures of a self-made unit.
  • You are putting yourself at risk, in terms of your own safety, using a homemade trimmer.

Having an angle grinder, hand-held circular saw for wood and metal, you can freely make a home machine. Follow the instructions, follow the safety instructions.

Be sure to take into account the presence of protective fences, since working on such machines is not entirely safe.

How to make a miter saw with your own hands, see the video below.

Circular trimming devices

Review and comparison of factory models

Model RedVerg RD-MS210-1200 Hitachi C10FCE2 Makita LS1040 DeWALT DW 711
Power, W 1200 1950 1650 1300
Cutting height, mm 55 59 93 55
Cutting width, mm 120 144 95 140
Inclination angle, degrees 45 52 52 fifty
Rotation speed, rpm 4500 5000 4600 2750
Weight, kg 6.8 11.9 eleven twenty
Dimensions, mm 430527445 460561628 530532476 590620490
Price, rub 6290 13676 15826 30432

RedVerg RD-MS210-1200 Hitachi C10FCE2 Makita LS1040 DeWalt DW 711

Wood trimming

A wood trimmer or miter saw cuts off the ends of various materials to be cut. The tool is able to cut off excess elements at a certain angle. The advantage of trimming is that when working with it, the workpiece remains stationary, and this allows you to make a neat and even cut.

Crosscut from an angle grinder

miter saw from angle grinder

Technical characteristics of cross-cut with a broach, assembled by hand:

  • disk revolutions. 4500;
  • cutting length. 350 mm (much higher than that of a middle-class factory tool).

The tool can be removed from the table and the angle grinder can be used as usual.

  • The rotary device of the tool is installed on the pivot of the car wheel (pivot), it is held by a ball bearing for 150 mm (if you can find more, it will do).
  • We attach the ears to the outer side of the bearing by welding to fix it on the base. It is fixed by means of M6 screws.
  • To protect against shavings, the clip is covered with a box.
  • We make the broach from the shock absorbers from the truck (broken ones will do). Oil is poured out of them, holes for ventilation are drilled, which should be tightened with a mesh from dust and shavings.
  • To avoid a jerk when starting work, the saw is supplemented with a soft start module, which slightly reduces the speed.
  • The last stage of work is the manufacture of protection for the disk.
  • works very noisy;
  • to adjust the accuracy of cuts in wood, trimming of bars is used, after which the thrust is fixed rigidly and you can work clean.
circular, broach, yourself

Circular trimming devices

The trimmer design is similar to a circular saw mounted above a work table. Its main advantages are: compactness and low weight. Thanks to this, saws are used not only in workshops, but also on construction sites. Unfortunately, DIY tools are quite cumbersome and heavy. It is convenient to operate them in stationary mode.

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The miter saw is designed for a single task. trimming the ends of lumber at different angles. Due to the fact that the workpiece is stationary on the table during cutting, the cut is neat and clean. Craftsmen dealing with woodworking give preference to this particular tool. over, hand-made saws have been successfully used for years.

Angle Grinder Machine

Many people prefer to do their own trimming. Homemade installation has undeniable advantages, which we will talk about later.

Miter cuts can work on wood, metal, polymers and other materials. But the harder the material to be processed, the higher the power requirements of the device will be.

The most popular cross-cut is based on the use of an angle grinder. Almost every master has circulars in the garage or at home, therefore, there will be no problems with the search for the original tool for wood or metal.

If you can get it right, then your broaching machine made from a handheld angle grinder will have the following features:

  • Rotation frequency of the circular disk. 4500 rpm;
  • Cutting length. about 350 mm.

If necessary, the circulars are removed from the machine and used with their own hands as an ordinary hand tool. A huge plus is that this type of homemade trimming is versatile and easy to disassemble.

  • Place the swivel device of the angle grinder on the pivot of the machine wheel. Its fixation is carried out by means of a ball bearing. Preferably 150 mm in size, but larger ones will also work.
  • Ears are welded on the outside of the bearing by welding. They will serve to fix it to the base of the machine. Fasten with M6 screws.
  • It is recommended to close the holder with a protective box so that chips do not interfere with the work of an angle grinder on wood or metal.
  • The issue with a broach is solved simply. For its manufacture, use another element from a truck. shock absorbers. Even if they are broken, it is not a big deal. Remove all oil from the shock absorbers, make ventilation holes and tighten with a mesh to prevent dust and chips from getting inside.
  • Install the soft starter module. Due to it, you will not feel sharp jerks when turning on the circular.
  • The assembly of the machine with a broach based on an angle grinder completes the assembly of a guard that can protect the saw blade.

Depending on the installed disc, the machine from an angle grinder is capable of working on soft wood or metal, cutting off the ends of pipes. But be prepared for the fact that the power of your circular may not be enough for cutting pipes. Be guided by the technical parameters of your manual angle grinder to understand whether the machine can cut pipe elements, or the unit is suitable exclusively for woodworking.

This design has two main disadvantages:

  • To adjust the accuracy of sawing wood with a broaching machine, you need to use wood trimmings. After that, the traction can be firmly fixed and work normally;
  • Such a self-made installation with a broach when cutting pipes and working on metal makes a lot of noise, which can negatively affect at least the mood of your neighbors.

Trimming from various scrap metal

the frame of the trimming is made of metal

This is a rather heavy bevelling on a stationary metal table. It will take some effort to manage it. But in the end, the saw mechanism moves smoothly, without jerking, do-it-yourself trimming is easy.

  • electric motor power. 2.2 kW;
  • disk revolutions. 2800;
  • cutting depth 80 mm.

Materials and tools required for assembly:

  • 900 W electric motor;
  • a metal sheet;
  • metal corner;
  • channel;
  • hinge group;
  • powerful spring;
  • angle grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • file.

The bed is made of adjustable supports, a metal corner and racks from the old bed. The working surface is a metal sheet like the surface of the table, in which we cut a hole, we process the edges with a file with our own hands.

  • The pendulum stand for the saw is welded from a channel mounted on a sheet of metal, its height is about 80 cm.
  • The support for the electric motor is made in the form of a movable metal plate mounted on hinges. When installing an electric motor, a spring is used as a stabilizer. Then you can do without a pendulum and belts.
  • Tension belts are adjusted with a conventional eye bolt, the swingarm for the mechanism is also made of metal.
  • A disc with a diameter of 420 mm is installed on the facing as an executive tool.

A miter saw is a rather dangerous equipment, collecting it with your own hands, you need to take care of protective boxes and covers. After all, there are much more errors in the operation of home-made equipment than factory equipment.

Let’s start assembling

  • We cut out a rectangular sheet of plywood and make a long cut on it, along which your trimming will ride;
  • From above we fasten two guides, for example, from an aluminum corner, to the width of the working plane of the circular itself;
  • From the bottom to the plywood sheet you need to screw two supports with a height equal to the cutting depth of your saw (5.3 cm).

As a result, we get a guide along which the circular will walk. Depending on how we fix it on the table with such a simple mechanism, we can make an accurate cut at any angle. The simplest design option is ready.

What if we want our miter saw to be more functional at work and look like a factory miter saw? In this case, you will have to show more ingenuity.

  • First, you need to make a bracket and a stand on which the circular will be fixed. Chipboard (27 mm) is an excellent raw material for such a mechanism. With the help of self-tapping screws and aluminum corners, you will get a very decent top end. And the springs fixed on top can make the work on such a saw more convenient;
  • Secondly, you need to fix the tripod itself on a movable pivoting footboard, make a pendulum saw, thanks to which we will eventually be able to change the facing angle.

Caution! From what material you choose for the stand and tripod, how securely you attach them to the footboard, not only the quality of work and functionality of the trimmer will depend, but also your personal safety. No wonder they say that if a carpenter is experienced, then he is sure to be without a finger

Fasten the circular as securely as possible! Safety first!

As for the trimming itself, everything is said about the assembly. However, if we decided to make a saw that looks like a factory saw, then it will be difficult to do without a table.

How to make a trimming from a circular?

So, in order to make a trimming with your own hands at home, you need to make a box that will serve as a base. As a raw material for the manufacture of a box, you can use a chipboard (chipboard).

In the process of whipping and assembling the box, experts recommend using confirmations consisting of 1 element. they are inherently ordinary ties for connecting wooden parts. The final box for the base for trimming must have the shape of the letter “P”.

On both sides, using self-tapping screws, it is necessary to fix small pieces of chipboard. Thanks to this manipulation, you will adjust the position of the sole of the instrument. The next step in transforming the circular is to fix it. over, this should be done using all the same clamps, and you can also use wing clamps.

Next, you should proceed to the installation of the so-called table. It should be fixed near the base of the table. However, keep in mind that in the process of carrying out this activity, you reduce the cut in depth by 1.5 centimeters, so try to put the profile as close as possible in relation to the saw element.

After carrying out the above described manipulations, you can proceed to the test cut. you should get the cutting line based on the stop. If so, then you did everything right.

As you can see, it is quite possible to make a miter tool from a circular hand saw. The main thing in this case is to strictly follow the instructions and recommendations, as well as make a little effort and be patient.


When using a combined saw, the cutting angle can be changed in 2 directions. The device, like the previous version, contains an additional hinge. In order to change the cutting angle, it must be adjusted and retracted to the side opposite to the place where the drive is mounted.


When using a combined saw, the cutting angle can be changed in 2 directions. The device, like the previous version, contains an additional hinge. In order to change the cutting angle, it must be adjusted and retracted to the side opposite to the place where the drive is mounted.


The basic part of such a saw is the bed. A table is attached to the bed, which must have a swivel mechanism equipped with a ruler. It is this mechanism that allows the cutting process to be carried out at a certain angle, adjusting it to the specific individual needs of each user. over, this angle can be changed by moving the desktop directly in relation to the bed.

The difference between a miter saw and a circular saw

The main difference between a homemade miter saw is its relative cheapness.

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It can be built from existing scrap Chipboard or OSB.

In addition, thick plywood is also suitable, and in certain cases, textolite.

In addition, homemade trims have the following distinctive features:

circular, broach, yourself
  • the machine is built, as a rule, for the existing specific need for cutting parts of a certain dimension. Sometimes it is these dimensions that cannot be processed on commercially available machines;
  • the bed of a homemade machine is made of wooden plates or even from scraps of thick and wide boards. Of course, you can build a frame from steel plates and even from a composite, for example, a frame. from a steel profile, and the table itself. already from a chipboard. But in any case, this will be more expensive and more difficult, because you will have to deal with more expensive metal, and secondly, you need to work with metal welding, and then work with Chipboard.

A homemade miter saw, of course, will be less technologically advanced than a purchased factory-made one. But often no one wants the perfect result. And here the construction of a homemade trimming is just such an option.

For example, if you are going to sheathe the house with clapboard outside, then it would be quite reasonable to carry out trimming in conditions when both the material and the tool will be as free of backlash as possible. In this case, the result will be much more accurate.

A distinctive feature of a homemade miter tool is its relative simplicity, and therefore, it is possible to achieve an almost complete absence of third-party movements of the cutting tool. And all this at no extra cost.


The basic part of such a saw is the bed. A table is attached to the bed, which must have a swivel mechanism equipped with a ruler. It is this mechanism that allows the cutting process to be carried out at a certain angle, adjusting it to the specific individual needs of each user. over, this angle can be changed by moving the desktop directly in relation to the bed.

Miter saw for wood. making from a circular do-it-yourself

For transverse sawing at different angles of wooden blanks, when accurate joining of several elements is required, a special tool is used. A do-it-yourself miter saw is made on the basis of the existing equipment. from a hand circular, an angle grinder. And when installing discs of a certain type, a home-made design can be used to cut a light metal-plastic profile, pipes, which will expand its scope.

The design is simple and available for making at home. The body of the sawing machine is assembled from wood or metal. A base is constructed from plywood sheets (chipboard), on which a vertical stand is installed, after having cut holes in it for fixing a circular. The pendulum-type mechanism is made from a board and is fixed to the support with a long bolt.

Having prepared a corner or a metal rod, it is screwed on top of the pendulum, trying to make the end protrude. Take the spring. With one side, it is fixed to the back of the corner, and the other to the vertical rack. The tension is selected experimentally, but it should be sufficient to freely support the hand-held circular saw.

Having disconnected the handle from the tool, it is fixed on the pendulum in the prepared hole. The cables are laid in the grooves provided for this and the voltage is connected. A small slot is made in the tabletop and side stops are fixed to it at right angles. If you make them rotary, then you can cut the workpieces at a given angle. The circular saw is assembled, it remains to test it in action. Using the available drawings, it is easy to make any, even more complex tool.

For the convenience of work, a cross-cut machine should be made. It is desirable to have a mobile structure if you have to move with it to another place or directly to the construction site. Therefore, the bed is made collapsible, for which the table top is attached to the legs with self-tapping screws.

To make a workbench, you need to do the following:

  • Prepare the upper frame. It is assembled from a wooden beam with dimensions of 40×40. Legs made of a similar material are screwed in with self-tapping screws and spacers are installed for their greater stability. Or the joints are reinforced with metal corners.
  • The table top is made from the boards. Its width should be 10 cm longer than the length of the miter saw, and the length should be equal to the width multiplied by 3.
  • Taking sheets of plywood (Particleboard, Fiberboard), prepare and fix improvised tables, trying to position their surface on the same level with the swivel mechanism.
  • Install end trimming equipment.

Such wood trimming will be in demand in your workshop or when carrying out various construction work, in which you cannot do without woodworking.

If you need to make a machine with a broach, then for this they take the shock absorbers of the front pillars of the car. Preferably a passenger car, because they are too massive from a truck. You can buy them at any car disassembly point. Before installing the shock absorbers, in order to facilitate the stroke of the rod, the oil is drained and “air” holes are made in the body.

For comfortable operation, it is recommended to connect a soft start system. It will reduce the load on the structure during the start jerk and regulate the number of revolutions.

The angle grinder miter saw is one of the common models. The advantage of this design is that the angle grinder can be removed and, by changing the disc, used for its intended purpose. for metal cutting. The simplest scheme allows you to saw boards at an angle of 90 degrees.

  • First, make the support frame from a metal sheet framed by a corner. A vertical rack made of a metal profile is welded (bolted) to it.
  • Brackets for attaching an angle grinder are fixed to the pipe segment, which is wrapped in a casing made of any available material. The main condition is a secure fixation of the sander.
  • The pipe is fastened to the post with a conventional bolt connection. For holding in an upright position, limiters or a self-tightening device are installed.
  • Having fastened the angle grinder, a cut is made in the bed for the entire diameter of the disc so that the cut of the workpiece is complete.
  • The side stop for changing the position of the workpieces is made swivel. To facilitate the selection of the desired angle, the marking in degrees will allow.

The purpose of the miter saw

Unlike a circular saw, the miter saw in question can be used exclusively for trimming the ends of various sawn timber. Some models allow you to maintain a certain angle. In the case under consideration, trimming takes place when the workpiece is stationary, which determines a better cut. This moment determines the fact that a homemade miter saw in workshops is quite common, since only when using it can you make a clean, even end. Self-made saws can serve for several years without major repairs.

Do-it-yourself metal cross-cut saw

A short story about how a miter saw is assembled with a do-it-yourself broach from an angle grinder using used materials and ordinary tools. I think it will be relevant, because the branded end-facing tool with a broach is not cheap, but now generally bite.

First, the characteristics of a self-made crosscut monster:. saw blade speed. a little less than the standard for an angle grinder. 4.5 thousand. the length of the cut is 350 mm. (this pleases because much more than that of an ordinary not expensive miter saw, for example, the same Makita with its 150 mm.). the weight is not large, thanks to the use of plywood

There are other advantages:. the angle grinder can be easily removed and used separately from the bed as usual for working on a different material.

At cost, the alteration was not expensive. it took 500 rubles for the whole homemade saw (not counting the old angle grinder).

Advantages listed now need a little criticism:. the accuracy of the cuts has to be selected during test passes on waste blocks, then the thrust is rigidly fixed and a finishing saw is made.

About the design and manufacture. everything is clear from the photo, but still there are few details:

The entire upper swivel part of the miter saw is attached to a kingpin which is inserted 150mm. bearing (the largest that we managed to get) Lugs are welded to the outer side of the bearing through them and is attached to the frame with M6 screws. The debris clip itself is closed with a special lid.

The saw feed is made of “cargo” shock absorbers taken from scrap metal. They had to be gutted. to drain the oil, cut out holes for air that were “taken” from the debris with a cloth.

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To work on the saw was more comfortable, I had to add a soft start block to the angle grinder, since the disc jerked too much. But thanks to this, it was possible to reduce the speed.

Naturally, in order to work safely on the disk, protection was made.

Here’s a homemade miter saw with a broach from a simple angle grinder. I think that this is not the last option for the author. shortcomings are identified, experience has come and new ideas are already swarming

A wide variety of equipment can be used for wood processing. Such material lends itself to processing, which determined its popularity in the production of various things. A cross-cut machine is used to change the size and shape of the workpieces. Its design is similar to that of a circular saw, however there are several differences that determine the popularity of the machine. The main advantages include low weight and overall dimensions, which makes it possible to install equipment in a home workshop. You can make a do-it-yourself wood miter saw, but as a rule, homemade products will be more cumbersome and less productive. It is convenient to operate this equipment in a stationary mode.

The main components of the miter saw

With the help of a miter saw, you can cut workpieces from various materials. plastic, metal, wood. The maximum weight of the unit is about 30 kg or less, depending on the functions it performs. The most widely used miter saws are used in woodworking.

Wood trimming machines consist of several main units.

First, there is a table. For the correct operation of the machine, the table must be installed on a stable support frame. To perform complex operations that differ from each other in the nature of the impact on the tree, rotary mechanisms and various positioners are attached to the table.

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A saw unit is required. It consists of a shaft and a cutting disc attached to it by means of a drive. Several saw units can be installed on the bed for simultaneous processing of different places on the workpiece. The unit consists of an electric motor and a unit for transmitting torque to the shaft.

The mechanism for moving the saw unit along the structure can be simple (assembled from shock-absorbing springs and brackets) and complex (hydraulic or pneumatic automatic). Its functionality is significantly expanded if you add a mechanism that allows you to extend the cutting disc at an angle to the workpiece.

In addition to the main units, the miter saw is completed with auxiliary devices, devices, programming units, simple or complex systems for chip removal.

Miter cut based on angle grinder

To solve this problem, an angle grinder is often used. It is ideal for making your own end-face miter saw. A homemade version will have the following technical characteristics:

  • the rotations of the disk of the angle grinder should not be less than 4500 rpm;
  • the cutting length is 350 millimeters. Note that this indicator is significantly higher than that of a factory instrument, which belongs to the middle class.

The created design allows you to remove the angle grinder from the table and use it as a regular tool.

When considering how to make such an execution option, we note the following points:

  • the cutting tool is mounted on an axle, which is represented by a car wheel. This moment determines the possibility of facing at an angle. To fix the swivel mechanism, a bearing with a diameter of 150 millimeters is used. To fix the angle grinder, a special mechanism is used, which is attached to the pivot axis. After a certain time, it is recommended to lubricate this axis, as there is a possibility of a squeak;
  • to fix a certain angle during the production of the machine on a bearing, from the outside, special lugs are welded on. The fixation is carried out using a screw, for example, M6. The ears should be fastened so that there is not a large distance between them. Otherwise, there is a possibility of a strong backlash, which will significantly reduce the processing accuracy; Miter saw based on an angle grinder 3D model (drawing) of a homemade miter saw Homemade model made on the basis of a circular saw
  • the possibility of swarf entering the bearing must be excluded. This is due to the fact that the chips inside the bearing lead to wear and poor turning of the cutting tool. The chips can be small enough to quickly wear out the bearing. The addition of a lubricant also eliminates the possibility of rapid bearing wear;
  • a broach can be created using a shock absorber. It is recommended to choose options from trucks, as they are more resistant to environmental influences. Broken shock absorbers can also be used. The preparation of the shock absorber consists in removing the oil and drilling holes, which become a kind of ventilation. The holes should be tightened with a mesh with small holes in order to exclude the possibility of wood chips getting into the ventilation system;
  • in order not to feel a strong jerk at the beginning of work, you should equip the angle grinder with a soft start module. This module, at the very beginning of the start, reduces the number of revolutions and spins the disc to operating speed gradually. It is not possible to make a soft starter on your own, it must be removed from another device or purchased separately.

The last step in production is the creation of the saw blade. This element eliminates the likelihood of foreign bodies entering the cutting zone. Your own miter saw can be used at home.

However, the design under consideration also has significant drawbacks that should be taken into account. These include:

  • DIY miter saw is very noisy. This is due to the peculiarities of the angle grinder. During processing, noise appears, which is almost impossible to reduce;
  • the cross-cut machine is used for high-quality processing of end surfaces. That is why quite a lot of attention is paid to the accuracy of the positioning of the angle grinder with the disc relative to the workpiece. To adjust the position of the angle grinder with a disc, trimming bars are used. The traction should be fixed with a bolt, after which processing can be carried out.

The drawings of the trimming machine determine that it can be installed quite simply in almost any workshop. It should be borne in mind that the structure is small, and the workpiece can be quite large. In order to eliminate the likelihood of loss of accuracy during processing, the structure should be fastened to the base.

Particular attention is paid to the type of disc installed. Initially, the angle grinder was designed for metal processing, which determines the presence of a large number of discs for metal. But there are also discs for wood processing, which have their own characteristics.

note that there are quite a few drawings that can be used when creating a miter saw. Some are easy to implement, others are difficult to implement.

To cut a small piece of wood with high quality, a regular circular saw will do. But with repeated repetition of this operation, very accurate processing of the ends of blanks of the same dimensions is required. For this purpose, it is best to use a wood cross-cut saw.

This is a more complex device than a simple circular saw. It allows you to trim wood surfaces with saws, in which two main characteristics can be changed: the number of teeth and the diameter of the cutting disc.

Self-made from a circular saw

To make a do-it-yourself wood miter saw, you must carefully read the recommendations of those who have already had a chance to work on a self-assembled unit. The assembly diagram of a homemade machine tool is quite simple and straightforward.

To assemble the bed, you need a metal corner and a steel sheet with a thickness of at least 5 mm. The motor is mounted on a base with bolts and a stabilizing spring. This is done to smooth the movement of the saw units.

To give the structure strength, regulating supports are included in its composition. The pendulum stand is mounted from a channel, which must be abutted against the base of the wood trimming machine.

Note! By picking up each unit, not only according to the need for design, but also in terms of price / quality ratio, you can significantly save on the total cost of a homemade cross-cut machine.

The main advantage of such a unit is the minimum time spent on troubleshooting. Finding them and fixing them in a self-assembled machine is much easier than in a factory-assembled installation.

The approximate maintenance-free life of homemade equipment is up to three years.

In the future, it may be necessary to replace units that have ceased to correctly perform the functions assigned to them. The disadvantages of homemade trims include low performance. It is quite difficult to set up continuous production on such a machine.

An example is the factory-made Stromab RS-40 trimmer. This machine can handle workpieces with dimensions up to 400 x 65 mm. Sawing can be done at angles up to 45o.

One of the main disadvantages of home-made cross-cut saws is the inability to ensure appropriate safety measures. Almost always on homemade products there are no protective covers on the saw units and in the area of ​​moving joints. This can lead to accidents. The presence of small defects on metal parts also negatively affects the safety of work.

Characteristics and types of equipment

Woodworking miter saws have a number of characteristics in common. With their help, it is easy to choose the unit that best suits the particular process. These common characteristics include:

  • motor power parameters;
  • the number of shaft revolutions and the possibility of adjustment;
  • maximum and minimum diameter of the cutting disc;
  • dimensions and indicators of the angles of rotation of the saw units;
  • distance between the table and the lower edge of the edge of the cutting teeth.

To connect the chip cleaning system, it is necessary that the inlet pipe and the vacuum cleaner tube have the same diameter. This eliminates the need to attach adapters.

To prevent the workpiece from moving during processing, it can be additionally fixed on the table with special clamps. The configuration and dimensions of the clamps are determined depending on the parameters of the working table of the cross-cut machine and the maximum height of the workpiece being processed.

By the nature of the movement of the saw units, the board trimming machine may belong to one of the following types.

In the rectilinear unit, a rigid cantilever beam is adapted for the movement of the block. The height of the console can vary depending on the size of the wood to be treated.

In a pendulum unit (CME), the disk unit is located on special suspensions so that the finished processed bar has a segmented arcuate protrusion. This is achieved by raising and lowering the cutter during the processing of the workpiece.

In a balancing miter saw, the saw unit is mounted under the table. The knife rises 10-12 times per minute using a pedal mechanism.

Finally, there is the stationary trimming machine. In it, the knife is firmly attached to the selected place on the table surface. The workpiece is processed without changing its position on the table and the position of the cutting tool in relation to the lumber.

Professional trimming

A completely different level of functionality, productivity and safety for the professional miter saw. Industrial units are lightweight and very stable in design.

All cutting surfaces are reliably covered with protective covers. All sawing units of machines are equipped with dust extractor adapters.

The main qualities of professional miter saws are high reliability and accuracy when sawing logs and semi-finished wood products.

An important advantage of professional miter saws is the ability to process workpieces from various materials. plastic, wood, metal. In order to adapt the machine to a certain material, you only need to change the cutting disc.

on the Russian market for professional trimming range from 15 to 30 thousand rubles. If it is necessary to establish small-scale production of wooden parts in the manufacture of furniture, such machines are simply irreplaceable. The most popular and relatively inexpensive professional miter saws are presented in the table.