Corner grinder does not work without a disk. Stator malfunction

The corner grinder of the cause stopped working

According to statistics, most cases of failure of the corner grinder are associated with the electric part of the device. Some breakdowns can be insignificant, which allows you to repair corner grinding grounds with your own hands. But, for example, when the engine windings are blocked, the repair of an angular grinding machine can only be carried out by a specialist.

Corner grinder does not turn on

The reasons that the corner grinder does not turn on can be the following:

  • an electric fork is faulty;
  • faulty electric cable;
  • The launch button broke;
  • the contact between the power cable and the button is disturbed;
  • cliff of the contact wire of the electric shock;
  • severe wear of electric grinding;
  • The failure of the rotor or stator windings.
corner, grinder, does, work, disk

Corner grinder does not develop momentum

The reasons that the corner grinder is not gaining momentum can be different.

  • Damage of the revolutionary control unit. To check this version, you need to connect the machine engine directly, bypassing the regulator and check the operation of the device.
  • Electric cable malfunction due to constant overcurrents or mechanical damage. Because of this, the damaged wire begins to warm up under load, and the engine speed is falling.
  • Dust pollution by dust. It is necessary to remove pollution with alcohol.
  • Problems with brushes. They can be worn out or have a short contact wire, as shown in the next photo.

The brush, although half.wiped, is quite efficient. In this case, a short contact wire prevents the spring with press the electrode to the collector. This situation can also be the reason why the corner grinder stopped working in normal mode.

The electric motor heats up

The reasons that the angular grinder is heated may be the following.

  • Incorrect operating mode of the device. As a result of overloads, the electric motor can be very hot, which often leads to blocking the windings.
  • Destruction of bearings located on anchor. As a result, the rotor clings to the stator, the engine operation is difficult, and the windings overheat. The problem is solved by the replacement of bearings.
  • Clogging of the ventilation ducts through which the air enters the engine cooling. It is necessary to clean the ventilation holes from dust.
  • Damage to the impeller, which serves to cool the engine. It is installed on the rotor, on the opposite to the collector side. If the impeller is broken, it must be replaced with a new.
  • Interpreter short circuits of the stator and rotor windings. Rewinding the coils or replacing these parts with new.

The corner grinder sparkles

If you notice a strong sparking when turning on an angle grinding machine in the place where the collector is located, then the reasons for this trouble may be the following.

  • Damage to the anchor winding: a break in one or more sections of the winding, an interval circuit. With such breakdowns, increased noise appears, engine speeds fall and brushes burn.
  • The contact between collector plates and winding was violated.
  • Weakly clamping brushes. With prolonged modes of corner grinding, the springs overheat and can “eat up”, while losing the elasticity.
  • Balance of the engine rotor.
  • Violation of the cylindrical surface of the collector. This sometimes happens after rewinding, if the anchor is not pulled on a lathe, but immediately installed in the device. In this case, you can also observe that the brushes sparkle excessively.
  • Between the collector’s lamels, insulation is impaired. There may also be clogging of the grooves of the proxy with graphite or breakdown between the lamellas.
  • Bearing wear that causes the rotor bearing also leads to the fact that brushes sincle greatly.
  • Violation of the geometry of the rampage shaft. This usually happens with an inaccurate disassembly of the electric motor when the shaft bends.
  • The graphite brushes are installed in the wrong brand. Brushes are selected based on the expected revolutions and stress.
  • Raising one or more lamellas leads to the fact that brushes are quickly burned. This happens due to overheating of the engine during prolonged operation. As a result of the glass mass, which serves as the basis of the collector, softens, and the lamella begins to rise. Due to the fact that the lamellas are raised, the brushes are erased very quickly. corner grinder repair at home. diagnostics and methods of elimination

How to correctly repair a corner grinder? This question is interested in many masters. The approach to repair work may be different. it all depends on the type of malfunction.

Breakdown of the electric part

If the current does not enter the brushes, it is necessary to clean the contact plates of the holders. If this manipulation has no effect, it is recommended to replace the brushes.

To cope with this malfunction, you need to buy a new button for a suitable structure and install it on the machine. It will not be possible to repair this element on your own. This part includes small elements that can crumble during disassembly.

Repair of a network cable corner grinder with your own hands

When detecting a cable cliff, it needs to be cut in this place. Then it needs to be connected qualitatively and reliably insinurate.

Repair of an angular grinder electric motor. types of breakdowns and ways to eliminate them on their own

The anchor of the machine is most often broken, but the stator may fail.

  • When breaking the anchor, it must be replaced with a new.
  • If the stator has failed, it can be repaired. However, for this, the device is recommended to be handed over to the repair workshop in which the winding is rewound.

How to check the serviceability of the anchor and perform its repair on a corner grinding of with your own hands

To evaluate the anchor, it is recommended to use a multimeter. This tool will help measure the resistance of the anchor winding. To repair this element, it is recommended to contact professional masters.

Check the serviceability of the engine stator angular grinder

To check the work of the stator, you need to do the following:

Measure the resistance between the stator winding and core. It indicates a violation of the insulation of copper wire. Check the resistance in the winding. To do this, probes need to touch the output contacts

It is important that the resistance in two windings matches.

Malfunctions of the corner grinder controller and its own repair

Some models have regulators that change the pace of spindle rotation. This is a very convenient function

To identify a breakdown of the regulator, you should pay attention to the work of the product

How to eliminate the fault of brushes yourself

When abrasion of brushes by more than 30-40 %, they need to be replaced. To do this, just disconnect the wires and pull them out of special holders. Then you can put new ones in place of old brushes and connect the wires to the contacts.

Malfunction of the mechanical part angular grind

Mechanical breakdowns are easier to identify and eliminate. They often manage to diagnose by ear:

  • The rumble during operation indicates the wear of the bearings;
  • The appearance of a knock indicates a malfunction in the gear node;
  • With problems with fixing the spindle nozzle, you can suspect a button breakdown.

How to repair a gearbox on a corner grinding gearbox with your own hands

The gearbox is a pair of braids. Over time, their teeth can be angry. This creates the need to replace the element. To analyze the gearbox, you need to do the following:

How to replace bearings on a corner grinder

To replace the bearing will require a special puller. A fragment of the pipe of the desired diameter is also suitable. After changing the element, it is necessary to remove the old grease and apply a new. To do this, it is permissible to use solidol.

The spindle fixed button broke off on its own

To remove the nozzle, you will need a thin open key. They need to get to the inner nut of the spindle and unscrew it. Then you can install a new element.

For the prevention of breakdowns, you need to lubricate the elements of the device in time

Causes of malfunction of the corner grinder

At the stage of initial diagnosis, it should be remembered under what conditions there was a breakdown. Corner grinder did not turn on after you dropped it? You took it out of the dusty cabinet and could not run it? She got stuck at the time of cutting metal? The grinding disk suddenly stopped rotating? Any trifle will help when determining the malfunction.

The most common causes of the failure of the corner grinder are:

  • excess operation (at extreme temperatures, with excess of norm-hours of work, overheating of the tool, etc.D.);
  • incorrect or untimely maintenance, replacement of consumables;
  • Excessive effort, pressure on the corner grinder during operation, cutting “not sparing strength” on stone, brick, concrete;
  • dusting of the button and internal parts, oxidation of contacts, a break in the internal wires;
  • Wipe the electric cord.

Before use, check the integrity of the external parts of the device

How a corner grinder arranges?

All the power of the angular grinding machine is hidden in a compact case. To determine the malfunction, you must first get acquainted with some of its main parts:

  • electric motor (stator and rotor-yakor),
  • revolution regulator,
  • Start button,
  • Faster replacement button of a working disk,
  • gearbox,
  • collector,
  • Electric power plants.

Corner grinder “comes to life” after pressing the “Start” button. Inside the stator is the brush mechanism. It receives voltage from the collector and transmitted to the rotor. The latter is the main movable element of the engine.

He begins to rotate and transfers an effort through the gears system to the gearbox. The gearbox consists of two gears that change the movement of the output shaft by 90 degrees, transmitting an effort to a grinding circle or saw.

So the device works as usual.

Corner grinder “died”

It happens that the corner grinder stops sharply working. Then it must be immediately turned off from the network and upset the disk with your fingers. If it spins easily and freely, it means that electricity does not enter the engine brushes. The second option. the disk rotates tightly, the culprits of the malfunction in this case are a fork, cable or “Start” button.

In the first case, inspect the brushes and the brush holder. The brushes are completely wears out in a couple of years, but it all depends on the intensity of using a corner grinder. If they have not changed for a long time, it’s time to do it.

Also, a cliff could occur in the chain. The call will allow you to install its exact place, then you will need to replace the wires. Inspection and checking the fork and cable by the tester will help establish the exact cause and place of the rupture of the chain. After eliminating the cliff (it is best to replace the cable entirely with a similar one) angular grinding grinder will work again.

The rupture of the chain and wear of the brushes completely disable the angular grinding

If the brushes are replaced, and damage to the cable is not detected, then the cause of the sudden stop of the corner grinder was a problem in the starting mechanism.

It needs to be disassembled, disconnected by contacts (they can be marked in order to connect correctly when assembling) and also call. The starting mechanism will probably not give signs of life.

Then it is easier to replace it assembled with a similar set. Such spare parts can be found in large construction stores and in the market.

The failure of the electric motor of the corner grinder

The angular grinder engine is very sensitive to the external environment. He is protected from her with a reliable body of strong plastic.

But if work is carried out in dust or the device is carelessly thrown onto the sand or ground, finely dispersed particles will inevitably get into the body. You can protect the engine using an additional filter.

His role is often a stocking, worn on the ventilation holes of the corner grinder.

As we recall, the main parts of the angular grinder engine are a stator and a rotor (anchor). Overheating and overload of the engine lead to a break and short circuit in the winding. Accordingly, the winding malfunction, failure of the collector, damage to the winding are distinguished.

Serious damage is noticeable “by eye”. If the reason is still not established, it is better to contact specialists.

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How to understand that the gearbox of corner grinding?

The gearbox will tell you about his “illness” with a hum and a knock. In models with a capacity of about 1000 watts, straight.toothed gears are used, and in more powerful ones. braids. They have the shape of a cone, since the transmission of rotation is possible only at an angle.

Even if a pair of teeth is knocked out, the tool will not function normally. Typically, a breakdown causes arbitrary jamming and, if the gears are just broken after it, consider that you got off with “low blood”.

The simplicity of the design of the gearbox led to its simple repair. If one of the gears breaks or stood, it should be replaced in tandem with a whole and conical wheel. It is more difficult to replace a broken disc toothed wheel. it is always reliably attached in the case and it is not so easy to get it.

Why is the corner grinder works, and the disk does not spin

“Corner grinder” is a truly universal thing, a universal assistant for any master. However, over time, like any electric tool, an angular grinder may break or completely fail. Since the tool does not differ in particular difficulty, and the device of all the Bulgarians is almost the same, then the breakdown is similar.

To identify the causes of a malfunction, you need to familiarize yourself with the device of the tool at least theoretically. The general device of all devices is as follows:

  • Rotating anchor;
  • Collectors of anchors with windings, or, as they are also called, lady;
  • Stator is a fixed part of the engine;
  • Graphite brushes. electricity conductors for collectors;
  • Reducer. a device for transmitting a rotational moment from the anchor to the cutting element of the tool.

Possible malfunctions: how can they be eliminated

The most common malfunction is the wear of the brushes. True, it is difficult to call this malfunction, rather. the need to replace consumables.

Most often traffic jams that close the brushes are located on both sides of the case. Some models of the Bulgarians are arranged so that in order to get to the brushes, you have to disassemble the case.

However, in most cases, the brushes are replaced in a few minutes.

Since the tool has to work in different positions, the power cable is very often broken, most often at the base. For repair, you will have to disassemble the housing and connect or solder the cable inside the tool.

Sometimes metal dust accumulates inside the housing. Because of this, they can shorten the turns in the windings of the anchor or stator. Such malfunctions are manifested in the form of an unpleasant odor, the case begins to bask, windings can darken.

If there are no external signs of closing windings, they are detected by a multimeter. The resistance on all windings should be approximately the same. It is better to immediately give a tool with such a malfunction to the workshop for diagnostics and repair.

Sometimes the contacts of the launch buttons burn out. The problem is eliminated by its replacement, something to solder and screw in this case is not recommended.

The corner grinder works, but the disk does not spin. you should immediately turn off the tool from the network and do not try to run it anymore, since you can even damage the case and working parts even more. The reason for such a breakdown is the lack of adhesion between the gears or the failure of one of the shafts. This is one of the most serious breakdowns that can happen to a corner grinder.

The transmission of the tool consists of two gears. Even if only one is damaged, both change. If you are very lucky, then the disk may not spin simply because of the weakened gear mount. If the anchor shaft cut off, you will have to change the entire anchor. Such breakdowns are visible immediately when the gearbox is opened (you just need to unscrew several bolts).

For the prevention of such breakdowns, you should carefully handle the tool, do not put pressure on the disk, and also regularly lubricate the gears in the gearbox.

The device and principle of operation of the corner grinder

First of all, let’s take a look at the principle of the work of the grinder. To start the engine, you need to use electricity, there a special gear will give the necessary rotation to the shaft. At the end there is a special grinding or cutting circle.

The quality of the tool depends on the number of revolutions of the cutting canvas in 1 minute. High.quality tools provide speed at 10,000 or more in 1 minute of time.

The main parts of the power tool:

  • electric motor (stator and rotor-yakor);
  • revolutionary control regulator;
  • start button;
  • button of quick replacement of the working disk;
  • gearbox;
  • collector;
  • Electric power plants.

Corner grinder “died”

Sometimes it happens that the corner grinder ceases to work sharply. When this happened, disconnect the tool from the power supply, and then put the disk with your fingers. If the disk spins freely, perhaps electricity does not enter the engine brushes. If the element rotates it is difficult, then it is worth checking the cable, the “Start” button or fork.

You need to inspect the brushes and the brush holder. If you regularly used a corner grinder, then the brushes wear out in a few years. Therefore, replace them with new ones, if they have been serving you for a long time.

In addition, a cliff in the chain could occur. Apply a call to obtain accurate results, after which the wires should be replaced. Inspection and testing by the plug and cable tester will give you the opportunity to determine the exact cause, as well as the area of ​​the rupture of the chain. You may not perform all these actions, and if you are sure that the corner grinder does not work due to a faulty cable, then just buy a new cord.

If none of these methods helped to eliminate the breakdown of grinder, it is necessary to inspect the trigger mechanism. To get started, it is disassembled, after which the contacts are disconnected and the call is made. When you decided that the launch mechanism is broken, you should go to the construction store and buy the necessary spare parts.

The main malfunctions of the corner grinder

Angle.grinding machine, or in everyday life “Corner grinding” is an indispensable assistant for home masters. She will always find application on the farm. and the more often you work as a tool, the greater the likelihood of its failure. Since all corner grinders are arranged approximately the same, the diagnosis of the main malfunctions for various models will be similar.

First, we’ll deal with the main nodes of the corner grinder. For all models of the Bulgarians, regardless of the model, the presence is characteristic:

  • Anchor. the rotating part of the electric motor.
  • Collector. parts of the anchor to which all windings are displayed. It is a number of copper plates isolated from each other, the so.called lamellas.
  • Stator. the fixed part of the electric motor.
  • Brushes. coal or graphite, supplying current to the collector’s lamellas.
  • Gearbox. a mechanical device for transmitting rotation from anchor to a cutting or grinding circle.

Electric malfunctions

The most common and easily eliminated problem includes the wear of the brushes.

With normal operation of the corner grinder, a slight even sparking should be observed inside the case. If the sparking is strong, or it is not observed at all, then this often indicates that it is time to replace the brushes.

In some models, it is enough to twist two covers on the housing to replace brushes, but more often there are models that have to disassemble the body to replace the brushes. If you could not find your native brushes for your model, then you can take similar from another model. the main thing is that they are the same or slightly larger. With the help of a file, they can be easily adjusted to the right size.

Another common problem is the banal break of the power cable at the input. This malfunction is easily located using a multimeter. If the multimeter is not at hand, then you can use an indicator screwdriver.

Also, due to overheating or dust entering the housing, problems often arise with the electric motor of the corner grinder, most often it is a cliff or short-closed turns in the anchor or stator windings, as well as the burning of lamellas on the collector.

The main symptoms of malfunctions are the characteristic smell of burning, heating the case, severe sparking on the collector. Often an external inspection is sufficiently enough, the presence of darkening on the windings, fragrance or detachment of the plates on the collector clearly indicates that the stator or anchor is faulty. If the external inspection has not revealed anything, you will have to use the multimeter.

Perclit the multimeter into the resistance mode of 200 Ohms, check the resistance of the two neighboring lamellas and so we check all the lamellas in a circle. The resistance on all lamellas should be approximately the same.

We also check the resistance between the lamellas and the anchor body. The device should show endless resistance.

Checking stator windings is carried out in a similar way, only in this case we check with each other all the conclusions of stator windings, as well as between the conclusions of the windings and the stator body.

Interpretation of the anchor or stator will not be determined by a multimeter, in this case a special device is needed.

From the problems associated with the electric part, it is worth noting the malfunction of the start button. Due to the hit and layering of dust, the contacts located inside the buttons simply burn out. The button can be checked using a multimeter. I do not advise you to try to repair it, it is better to buy a new one.

And finally, the most rare problems are the failure of the revolution regulator (not in all models) and a noisy capacitor. This problem is also solved by the replacement of faulty details.

Mechanical malfunctions

From mechanical damage, the wear of the bearings or their complete destruction is most often found. Signs of the problem can be increased vibration of the corner grinder, increased noise, as well as excessive heating. You can remove the bearings even if there is no puller, you just need to gently knock them out, it is advisable to heat them before that. After replacement, it is necessary to lubricate the bearings with lithol or cyatim.

Also, due to the prolonged use of the angular grinder, the teeth of the gear of the gear or a breakdown of one or more teeth often wear out, this can be determined visually. If wear is very small, then this can be corrected with a superstil. With high wear, you will have to change the gear.

If you have to use corner grinders often, do not forget about the preventive maintenance of the tool, but specifically cleaning the nodes, complete replacement of all lubrication, timely replacement of worn parts.

Do not allow the angular grinder to work for a long time under load at reduced speed compared to idle speeds, try to prevent the instrument for jamming.

How to disassemble a gearbox

When repairing the mechanical part of the corner grinder, first of all, it is necessary to separate the gearbox from the drive, unscrewing the four bolts and licking the leading and driven gears. For its internal inspection and repair of components, it is necessary to remove the lower part of the gearbox, which is also attached to the main body with bolts. Next, the gearbox is disassembled in separate parts, sequentially separating bearings, gear and flange from the shaft.

How to remove gear gears

The lead gear of the angular grinder gearbox is usually attached to the shaft of the vest and pressed by a nut, and the driven is fixed using a key and a split washer. The video below shows the procedure for the repair of the reducer, removing the upper bearing and replacing the driven gear. A video in English, but everything is extremely clear there, so you can watch without a sound.

Prevention angular grinder

Prevention of corner grinder includes compliance with passport requirements during its operation, performing periodic maintenance and scheduled repairs. First of all, it is necessary to strictly observe the ratio of work cycles and breaks recommended by the manufacturer. It is also necessary to periodically clean the internal space of the corner of the corner grinder from dust, timely change the brushes and make the reducer lubrication. If the corner grinder occurs during the operation of stable vibrations and uncharacteristic sounds, an internal examination of the mechanical part should be immediately carried out and the necessary repair should be carried out.

Unlike the usual fast.packed nut of corner grinder, is a rather expensive device. And how long it can last and whether its repair is possible in case of failure? If someone knows the answer to this question, please share information in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Care and proper operation

To maintain the tools of tools and your own health, an angular grinder should be used only for the work for which it is intended. It is worth paying attention to the following rules:

  • You can not use any lubricant, any spare parts, except for those recommended by the manufacturer;
  • All firms warn in their instructions that it is possible to work with a corner grinder only with good well.being; Even ordinary fatigue, not to mention alcohol or drug intoxication, is a serious danger;
  • It is impossible to carry out any work if the protective casing is removed;
  • All the time you should control the location of the wire. it should not fall under the cutting or grinding disk;
  • Checking the technical condition of the tool should be carried out both before the start of work, and after its completion; It is advisable to inspect the corner grinder also after long (from 1 hour or more) breaks;
  • Regardless of the brand and model, it is necessary to disassemble the tool from time to time, cleaning all the pollution from it, updating the grease of the running parts;
  • It must be remembered that the corner grinder is not intended for work and even for storage in high humidity conditions;
  • It is always necessary to put it so that the tool does not fall by accident, is not subjected to the pressure of heavy objects; It is worth remembering that the cord should not hang;
  • It is required to minimize the folding and twisting of the cable;
  • It is strictly unacceptable to transfer the corner grinder behind the network wire or pull it up for it;
  • the disk and other nozzle are selected strictly for the work that they are going to do;
  • when a crack appears, or even single potholes. the circle is subject to immediate replacement; The same should be done with disks that have the wrong shape;
  • When the circle is replaced, the launch of 30 seconds in trial mode is carried out; If during this time there are no unusual noise, vibrations or beats, everything is in order;
  • You can not leave anything in the working area that can easily light up, talk strongly or explode;
  • It should only work in good light on a stable platform (support);
  • You can not hold the workpieces in your hands-they are either clamped in a vice or instructed someone to keep with divorce keys.

Important! Compliance with these simple rules avoids injuries and extend the time of use of corner grinding, removing the repair.

About how to repair a corner grinder with your own hands, watch in the next video.

corner, grinder, does, work, disk

Repair of corner grinders.

Hi all!In general sho? Turned the head broke the corner grinder on the principle of “there is strength, there is no mind”.And specifically broke the disk clampor Here we will fix it today)) The corner grinder is small, budget, imported (Chinese))), but it has been serving for several years, faithful and true!You can (you say you) not to rack your head, and just fix it with a regular track key. But I want the tool to be still working.So, let’s begin!

The “body” of the fixer broke off, into two parts.

Here are fragments. If they hit between the couple, the gearbox would break.

I will ask the turner to drill a hole in the bolt.Thus you get a sleeve.

Kitten named “crook”, I thought that I could not cope. And decided to help))

We are not distracted and continue!So the sleeve looks inside.

And since the “body” around the sleeve remains exactly half, I will still focus. So as not to tear it out.

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Under the nut, you need to cut the rubber washer of the milimeter 2, then the nut is always unscrewed, no matter how it is squeezed!

Well done, the same crap happened. It is necessary to repair.

These are such hands large or corner grinder small? Repair. With your own hands and exit without exit) worthy praise

Do not work without a casing- we have a lot of fingers, there are only two eyes, and life is one

Yes, I’m a scientist! Lay in the eye (or how it is there?) the department. Just after a corner grinder.Worked. Could be left without eye thanks!

Do not work without a casing- we have a lot of fingers, there are only two eyes, and life is one

Safety rules are written in blood.

Safety rules are written in blood.

Sometimes except without a casing, you’ll crawl

There was the same crap, in the bins of the Motherland there was a sleeve with a loaf and the outer threaded 14 probably twisted the nut outside, I had to make a ringing one, in the shape of the case, and inside it turned out exactly, and then the bolt with the spring then picked up everything instead, instead of it, instead fixator, this corner grinder died, but lasted about 8 years, an interlobe in anchor and a horse, not to the hell, more expensive

I thought I was original))) But in any case, thanks!))

On his two and two working sparks, he picked up immediately immediately.I just took the key to 17, stood up to 3 mm. and hold the shaft from the bottom of the disk for the bald. Even when biting, it is possible to calmly spin.

The solution is not bad, only troublesome (Tsari had to attract).I have so flimsy on the intercom of the case (like silumin), I’m afraid to stand it, there is almost nothing to cut there and there’s almost nothing to cut.Narrow grooves under the face of 17 expanded another corner grinder, so that any key to the arm is drawn by 17 and forgot about the problem.Your body allowed and made it well, only how long it lasts, the gearbox body does not crack?

Everything is actually easier)) his turner is at work.And the hole in the gearbox housing hmm. I think it will not affect his work in any way

I meant the proximity of the two holes-stages and the new one for the stop.The path to combine them for a crack is small, it is worth only from vibration to a bit to weaken the threaded connection of the stop, the load on the stopper is considerable.

Well, this does not break the instrument

No doubt)) but this is wild China, let’s understand this forgiveness))

Well, this does not break the instrument

I do not agree, I have the same trouble on the Kosso corner grinder, temporarily I use the GBC bolt from 🙂 as a stopper 🙂

Makita in the service and in the tail and in the mane have been driving for 10 years now

I do not agree, I have the same trouble on the Kosso corner grinder, temporarily I use the GBC bolt from 🙂 as a stopper 🙂

Новая Физика и Графика. Хорошо? Сrossout/Кроссаут

And in the first photo of the cutting disk without a casing

Buddy! These are trials)) well, too lazy to put protection and the mustache here))

It turned out great! So what about China, at work a gearbox poured in Metabo! By some miracle, the floor of the tooth was bounced from the gear and races Lo all the gearbox 0_o ! It’s good that with the boss :)))

Lucky! The bosses usually arrive at the most inopportune moment))

Aha :)) But in my case, it is good that he saw that she herself “stuck”)), and not I cut her out) All the same, she is now worth a pindo. Eshch and 230mm. Metabo!

The boss thought: damn it, I didn’t come in time)) Metabo all the same, damn it!

Once I broke it, then the disk was bitten, the output is not an old grandfather with a paper lining, but a modern purchase of another nut for an open key

A piece of cardboard lies between the disk and the nut, it is better than several layers of ordinary paper, when biting the nut, it is easier to unscrew (the nut glides on paper)

A piece of cardboard lies between the disk and the nut, it is better than several layers of ordinary paper, when biting the nut, it is easier to unscrew (the nut glides on paper)

In such cases, made of plastic, for example, from a piece of canister polyethylene reusable for a long time.

Once I broke it, then the disk was bitten, the output is not an old grandfather with a paper lining, but a modern purchase of another nut for an open key

The device is corner grinding

Any corner grinder consists of the following details:

  • The rotor is a part of the electric motor, which rotates during operation and is regulated by speed, is also called an anchor;
  • Collector. a place on the rotor where the control wire control is located;
  • brushes. parts that serve as conductors of the current from cable to the collector winding;
  • The gearbox. a mechanism that acts as a drive from a rotating rotor to a spinning disk consists of a spindle, bearing, of two gears (large and gear of the shaft);
  • Stator. part of the electric motor in which the rotor works;
  • The impeller of cooling of the corner grinder;
  • launch button;
  • network cable with an electric drive;
  • casing of protection;
  • corps of corner grinders;
  • Additional handle.

All these details can be divided into two parts:

How to disassemble a corner grinder

How to disassemble a corner grinder? Not so complicated process. This does not require special knowledge, but you need to do everything carefully and with caution. Each owner needs to know how to disassemble any working tool, because periodically he needs internal cleaning of pollution and dust that has caught, and his durability depends on this.

At the present time, on the market you can choose different types of corner grinder, which differ in working parameters, sizes, quality. Manufacturers are also different. Whatever the model of the grinding machine you get, everyone has one model of the assembly of parts.

Dismantling of the corner grinder will require some tools, you need only a regular screwdriver or reversing with a ratchet mechanism.

Having prepared a screwdriver, you can start disassembling:

  • We unscrew the screws from the housing and remove one side of the product.
  • Remove the nut, thanks to which the disk holds, unscrew the bolts of fastening the protective casing.
  • Remove the brushes.
  • Disconnect the wires from the engine.
  • We unscrew the bolts with which the gearbox is attached inside, and very carefully remove it, the rotor is removed with it.
  • Unscrew the bolts that hold the stator and remove it.
  • We collect the corner grinder back, alternately put everything in place in the reverse order and fasten.

Analyzing the corner grinder, it is important to remember the outline of removal of parts in order to correctly collect.

Repair of the stopper disk for corner grinder with your own hands

The failure of the blocking button (disk stop) to the corner grinder is a fairly common problem. However, this problem can easily be solved.

In this review, we will tell you how to repair the stopper of the disk for the corner grinder with your own hands. This is completely easy.

First of all, we remove the disk and the protective casing. And then unscrew and remove the cover of the gearbox of the angular grinder.

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The inside of the corps of the angular grinder gearbox must be cleaned from the old lubricant. For further repairs, it will be necessary to unscrew the gearbox body from the body angular grinder.

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The main stages of work

At the next stage, we need a bolt with a head for a hexagon. Using a file, we grind part of the thread on the bolt (make an even platform) and drill a hole in it.

Cut a piece of the spring. We put on a spring on the bolt. We insert the bolt into the hole, where there used to be a button. In the hole in the bolt, insert a piece of wire and make a locking ring.

The repair is completed. Now it remains only to add a new lubricant, after which you can start assembling the gearbox. We fasten it back to the corner of the corner grinder.

For more information on how to repair the stopper of the disk for a corner grinder with your own hands, watch in the author’s video on our website. This idea was shared by the author of YouTube DIYfixman channel.