Craftsman Lawn Mower – A Review of Popular Models

Recently, private houses and suburban summer cottages with a beautifully arranged territory and a magnificent lawn, such as those that only recently could be seen only in foreign films, are becoming more fashionable.

Of course, just because the lawn will not grow perfectly and should be looked after. Currently, you can meet a large number of different lawn mowers from a large number of different companies, and we will tell you about one of these today.

About company

A lot of people know about such a world-famous company as Husqvarna, engaged in the production of a huge number of different equipment, among which are: drills, rotary hammers and much more. For example, following this link you will find a lot of interesting and useful information about the Husqvarna lawn mower. We did not mention this company for nothing, because few people know such a brand as Craftsman, and yet it is one and the same.

Try to answer the question: amateurs, what kind of sport could the lawn mowers of this company already observe? Husqvarna is the official representative of NASCAR racing, which are so popular in Western countries.

Having visited the official website of the Craftsman company, you will see that a large number of various lawn mowers have already been released under this brand. They all have differences.

If you decide to purchase a mower of this particular brand for your site, you can be sure that you were not mistaken. We will try to help you with the choice and give a detailed description of the most popular models, among which there is sure to be a model suitable specifically for your site.

Description of the main models

Craftsman 77374

Besides the uneven terrain, the Craftsman 77374 is also not afraid of even the toughest weeds, which many other lawn mowers cannot afford. Many of you have come across such that the mower crashed after contact with stones or bumps, which did not allow the whole system to continue to work normally.

If you know that this can happen again, then this particular model of lawn mowers will be ideal for your site, because Craftsman 77374 is not at all afraid of objects encountered in its path. Speaking about the appearance, many do not understand why this model uses sufficiently large wheels, which in no way give beauty and accuracy to the appearance of this lawn mower.

In fact, everything is quite simple, because thanks to these wheels, the mower can maneuver better, thanks to which you can give a beautiful look to your lawn even in the most inaccessible places, and appearance is not the most important factor that should be used when choosing this unit. Note that lawn mowers on wheels are very popular among owners of sites with uneven terrain.

Craftsman 77374 is produced in the United States of America, and its price varies within 35.600 rubles. The warranty provided by various points of sale of the aforementioned lawn mowers is 2 years.

Features Craftsman 77374

Power equals 6.25 horsepower. It is worth noting that this Powerful enough for a lawn mower. To make it clearer to you, the average power of a standard lawn mower is approximately 4.5. 5 horsepower.

It is thanks to the high power of the engine that this gas trimmer leaves absolutely no chance for weeds and even the toughest shrub plants that meet on its way.

The width of the territory is 0.56 meters. If someone does not understand, then it is precisely this width of the territory of your site that the trimmer eliminates the grass at a time. As you can see, this is a rather convenient device, but if you are not happy with its pricing policy, then here you can find other electric hand-held lawn mowers with trimmers.

The type of fuel that it runs on is gasoline. The volume of the tank is 1.5 liters. It is a standard set for this type of equipment. Perhaps this device will not suit you for one reason or another and then you can click here and find out about other gas lawn mowers.

Craftsman 37034

Introducing the Craftsman 37034 Lawn Mower, which runs on gasoline. Another model of a lawn mower from the United States, combining simplicity and ease of use, as well as the power that is hidden under the Craftsman 37034.

Craftsman Lawn Mower. A Review of Popular Models

If you live in a private house or like to spend warm days in the country and are used to everything to be neat and beautiful, then you must purchase this lawn mower. As they say: they are met by clothes, but escorted by the mind.

Characteristics of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw will delight even the most spoiled consumer.

Only here you will find instructions for managing a forklift truck that will explain in detail all the nuances of working with this vehicle.

Few are aware of the size of the Kamaz dump truck, and to correct this misunderstanding, click here //

Of course, the first thing that catches your eye, for example, when guests come to you, is the appearance of the house and the plot. With the Craftsman 37034, you can always keep your area well-groomed even in the most difficult places.

Due to its design, unlike many other lawn mowers, Craftsman 37034 without any problems removes excess vegetation near the fence, in corners and even under benches, if any on your site. Perfectly smooth and beautiful lawn in a short time, all this can be obtained through the use of the aforementioned lawn mowers.

The warranty card issued by the manufacturer is designed for up to two years, that is, if something happens to your mower due to the fault of the manufacturer, they will repair it for free. The average price of Craftsman 37034 is about 28-29 thousand rubles.

Features Craftsman 37034

A four-cylinder engine that provides the operation of a lawn mower with a power of 6 horsepower. Note that a very powerful engine is built in, thanks to which Craftsman 37034 will easily bring your lawn to a neat appearance, not paying attention to all the obstacles encountered in the grass.

There is a removable grass catcher that will make lawn mowing much more comfortable. Not all lawn mowers have the option of installing a package in which all the garbage gets into the mower after mowing the lawn, but this is not about our model. All you need to do is just drive the mower, and after mowing, take out the grass catcher and shake grass out of it.

The mowing height of your lawn is in the range of 2 to 9 centimeters. That is, the minimum grass height of your lawn that you can leave will be two centimeters, and the maximum. Nine. This unit will serve you for many years, because the manufacturer carefully controls every part of the device, and the Craftsman knife is different from the rest due to its perfect sharpening.

Craftsman weighs 32 kilograms., which is the average weight for a gas mower. However, if you are a supporter of lightweight units that can be held with one hand, we advise you to take a look at manual gasoline grass mowers.

The maximum volume for which the tank of a lawn mower running on gasoline is designed is 1.9 liters.

The width of the mowing strip remaining as a result of the lawn mower running on the lawn is 54 centimeters, which is also an average indicator, which usually varies from 50 to 60 centimeters, i.E. 0.5. 0.6 meters. But, if your territory is much larger, then you should give preference to the MTD lawn mower.

This mower is powered by a Briggs engineStratton S675 Gold, which, like the mower itself, was invented in the United States of America.