Craftsman Lawn Mower Knife – How to Choose the Right One

Lawn mowers are very popular today. They are used to keep the household plot, garden, decorative “field” in proper condition, and their owners often ask quite logical questions regarding how to increase the efficiency of the device and at the same time extend the operating life.

The answer to this question is quite simple. To do this, it is necessary to timely check the reliability and degree of sharpening of the knife for the lawn mower, and also, if necessary, change it in time.

Craftsman lawn mowers require special, original knives that can be either straight or curly. Also, in addition to knives, it is necessary to purchase suitable washers and rings, which contribute to the correct operation of the device correctly and allow you to quickly and reliably install the knife in place.

Craftsman Lawn Mower Knife. How to Choose the Right One

Craftsman Lawn Mower Device

As for the device of the Kraftman lawn mower, it is quite typical for this kind of equipment. The manufacturer made sure that its equipment was ideal for simple and safe use for its intended purpose.

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The viscosity of the oil for the chainsaw chain plays an important role in the proper operation of the tool, read the details in this article.

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The device of the lawn mower consists of the following elements:

  • Wheel drive handle with control bracket;
  • Starter handle for starting;
  • Motor with silencer;
  • Fuel tank and air filter;
  • Grass catcher;
  • Knives
  • The system of regulation of the height of cutting the lawn.

Before operating the device, it is necessary to check each time whether there is a sufficient oil level in it.

Also it is imperative to check the mower for loose fasteners, because its device, if used improperly, can affect the quality of work, as well as interfere with the performance of the main function. And if you have not decided which lawn mower to choose, then we advise you not to hesitate and click here.

The principles of selection and characteristics of the knife

As a rule, the manufacturer always takes care that the basic configuration of its products contains all the necessary equipment to guarantee high-quality operation of the device. Craftsman must have two knives as standard equipment:

  • A sharp knife designed to trim the grass. It has wide blades and is unilaterally sharpened. This is necessary for a quality and quick cut of grass at a given height.
  • A special knife for mulching. He finely cuts the grass and passes it further to the grass catcher. You will find out how the mulching of a lawn by a lawn mower takes place here.

That’s what 100% never and under no circumstances can be saved, so it’s the choice of knives for a lawn mower. This is due, first of all, to the fact that the highest rotation speed, as well as significant loads caused by the resistance of grass stems, strongly affect the blade blades.

It often happens that the impact force can even damage the integrity of the knife. It is for this reason that you need to choose only high-quality knives from trusted manufacturers, and monitors their constant sharpening.

In the case when the stalks of the grass do not cut, but simply break, this can adversely affect the appearance of the lawn and even lead to its illness, or, so-called baldness.

Knocks on the knife often violate the entire balancing system of this device, and this, in turn, leads to strong vibration and damage to the bearings. Also the continuation of the chain reaction is often the failure of the bushings of the motor of the lawn mower and its wheels.

As for the mulching knife, it is also important. With its help, grass is crushed, which will then be evenly distributed over the entire lawn area and will become a good, and most importantly, natural type of fertilizer.

The principles of choosing knives:

  • Only trusted brands that cooperate with manufacturers of this equipment and guarantee a high class of quality knives should be preferred;
  • When choosing, it is necessary to give a report on how, how and where the device will be operated, what loads will be exposed. And only on the basis of these data, it is possible to give preference to certain variations of knives;
  • It is imperative to select knives for mowing and for mulching, it is necessary to take into account the specific features of each of them, their shape and type of sharpening.

Features of replacing the knife in the.

Manufacturers and prices

For the instrument to function properly, it must be equipped with the appropriate knives manufactured under the CraftsMan brand. Knives of lawn mowers of different grades necessarily differ in a specific form, which is combined with the shape of the deck and helps to create optimal aerodynamic properties for mowing and assembling grass.

It is important to remember that the sharper the selected knives, the better they will cut grass, and that is a fact. And by clicking here you can learn about lawn mowers for tall grass.

Craftsman knives are made of special hardened steel, which has an additional powder coating. This allows us to talk about a longer service life and providing the knife with the most even and precise mowing.

Consider the most popular knife models:

  • Craftsman 942-0741. This type of knife is ideal for use in Craftsman self-propelled gas mowers. It performs the function of a cutting element, and thanks to its excellent work, the lawn is given a more beautiful and well-groomed appearance. The knife is made of steel. Its length is 21 ″. The price is about 1200 rubles.
  • Craftsman 421825. This knife is used for mowing grass. It is made of especially high impact steel. Its main task is the evenness and accuracy of mowing. It is characterized by a large resource of work and is able to last a very long time. The price is about 1300 rubles.
  • Craftsman 5321592-67. This Craftsman brand knife is a great option for the professional use of the mower. The most durable and sharp, withstands shock. The length of the knife is 22 ″. The price is about 1900 rubles.

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To summarize, it’s worth noting that the Craftsman lawnmower knives offer superior quality and reliability. The manufacturer of this brand made sure that the products were equipped with the best knives.

When making a choice in favor of this or that knife, you need to remember the specifics of this device, its intended purpose and the main loads that the lawn mower will be subjected to.