Crank Bur In Makita Hammer

Necessary tools and materials

Everyone who has ever had to work with a hammer drill knows how difficult the conditions for its operation. That is why do-it-yourself punch repair is such a popular request on the Internet. And today we will tell you absolutely everything regarding the repair of this tool.

What do you need to know about punch repair?

Undoubtedly, the owners of such expensive equipment want their devices to be of high quality, to do their job 100%. First of all, the correct use of the tool will protect you from serious breakdowns, which we will talk about later. And, of course, on-time repair of the device. At the same time, any small failure should already be a cause for concern and preparation for repair.

So, such “beacons” can be:

  • Unstable work of a puncher in an operating mode;
  • The appearance of strange sounds when you turn on the punch;
  • The smell of burning;
  • The hammer drill does not hammer, although there are no obvious reasons for this.

As soon as something like this happened to your equipment, then the time for repair has come. Like any such work, it requires care, understanding the cause of the breakdown and knowing how to deal with it. And your very first step in the repair process is to parse the tool into its components. For many, even this stage causes difficulties, and therefore it is necessary to know everything to the nuances. How, what, and why!

We disassemble the perforator step by step. A quick search for damage

Just imagine that your tool suddenly stopped working or you urgently needed to replace any defective part. The easiest way is to take the rotary hammer for repair to a service center, but this takes time, which means it will stall your work for some period. But if you know how to understand the device, it will be much easier for you to carry out the rest of the work. In addition, this will lead to significant cost savings, because you will not need to spend money on paying for the services of repair centers.

Instructions for parsing the tool:

  1. Getting started, starting from the top node: first, remove the rubber tip, then. The washer, spring, completes the ball.
  2. After you have removed the ball, unscrew the screws that hold the case, remove the grip on the handle, if it is available, and lastly, disconnect the stator wires.
  3. We remove the brush holder.
  4. The next stage is the separation of the gearbox and housing until a gap is formed. It is through him that we will remove the switch.
  5. After that, the puncher body is placed vertically, is fixed with a vice, and all its parts are carefully removed from the device.

Crank Bur In Makita Hammer

Whatever breakdown awaits you, clean the case. Sometimes it is dirt and dust that prevent the device from working normally.

Repair the punch yourself step by step

You must be as prepared as possible to repair a device such as a hammer drill, which will minimize financial and labor costs. It’s good if you are more or less oriented in the design of the drill, you know what parts and assemblies it consists of, which will allow you to quickly replace a broken part. Most often, the repair of the punch comes down to the banal replacement of “flying” elements, which include:

  • Anchor;
  • Brushes;
  • Gears;
  • Starters;
  • Bearings;
  • Cables for connecting to the network;
  • Circuit breakers.

It is worth noting that the easiest way to repair lightweight tools, given the fact that such a hammer is perfect for construction work at home. But breakdowns of more serious equipment can be much more complicated, and only professional craftsmen can handle them. In any case, no matter what class of tool you are interested in, find a model with a vacuum cleaner. This device will save you time on cleaning, and will also make work safer, since it reduces the amount of dust.

Another problem is the breakdown of the windings, the winding of the armature and starter, which also arise due to dust. Repair consists in thoroughly cleaning and replacing those parts that cannot be repaired. However, “prevention” is a more reliable method. To do this, once every two weeks to clean the device, soak it with varnish or grease. By the way, the choice of lubricant should be considered carefully. So, there are several rules. First, it is better to purchase a solution of the same manufacturer (Bosch, Makita, Encore), as the puncher itself, in this case, the composition of the oil or varnish will fit perfectly. If this composition is not at hand, diesel engine oil is perfect for you.

The second most common cause of breakage is brush wear, no matter how much your tool costs. Even the most expensive models are prone to this problem. It is very easy to replace them: we disassemble the puncher according to the scheme described above, find worn out brushes and put new ones in their place. It is only necessary to correctly determine which of them is best used: coal, graphite or coal-graphite. So, graphite ones have a long service life, however, due to the hardness of the material, the collector may suffer. Coal elements are characterized by a short life, however, they have high-quality contact with other parts of the punch. The acquisition of the third option is considered optimal and inexpensive.

Crank Bur In Makita Hammer

There are problems with the mechanical elements of the device. Each model is equipped with switching modes, and they often fail, especially with cheap devices. The algorithm of work is the same. We disassemble the punch, find the broken parts, replace them. The main thing is to purchase elements suitable for this model. A similar problem often “chases” cartridges that are subjected to maximum load. First of all, protect them from dust and dirt by flushing the elements with solid oil. But if the cartridge still broke, we will have no choice but to change it.

Now you know how to fix the punch and you see that most of the damage comes down to simply cleaning or replacing the defective parts. But if you disassembled the tool, but there are no visible reasons, it is better to take the device to a service center. Specialists will quickly find the cause and eliminate it.