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10 secrets of delicious borscht

There are sometimes more controversies around borscht than around politics. In fact, no one knows what the right borscht is. It should be delicious. here is the main rule. believes Ilya Lazerson, President of the St. Petersburg Guild of Chefs. Personally, I don’t like it when there are potatoes and bell peppers in borscht. They are not in my version, and this is my right. Someone loves sauerkraut, and pre-boil or bake the beets. I like raw beets better. I cut it into thin strips, add a little sugar, water, vegetable oil, after 5 minutes. tomato paste. Then I carcass the beets and add the ready-made ones at the very end of cooking into the pan. Thanks to this, the soup acquires a rich, appetizing shade. And this is just one of the secrets of delicious borscht.

Without sour cream anywhere!

If a tureen tureen has been gathering dust on the shelf of your sideboard for a long time, take it out and use it as directed. it is in this beauty that it is customary to serve borscht for a large company. Place food-appropriate supplements and snacks nearby. donuts, a loaf, chopped herbs and, of course, fatty sour cream. Well, what borscht without sour cream!

Finishing touch. lard with garlic

Many borscht lovers simply cannot imagine this soup without garlic dressing with lard. It gives the dish a bright juicy taste and a very appetizing garlic aroma. For dressing you need skinless bacon, garlic and fresh herbs: dill and parsley. The products must be chopped and chopped in a mortar or blender until puree. Then this fatty gruel with a delicious aroma is added to the ready-made hot borscht, the lid is closed, and the soup is infused for at least 15 minutes. After this, the contents of the pan should not be boiled, otherwise the aromas of garlic and herbs will disappear.

Borsch with prunes and mushrooms


  • Prunes. 200 g
  • Dried porcini mushrooms. 20 g
  • Potatoes. 4 things.
  • Fresh cabbage. 300 g
  • Beet. 3 pcs.
  • Onion. 1 PC.
  • Carrot. 1 PC.
  • Tomato paste. 2 tbsp. l.
  • Sugar. 1 tbsp. l.
  • Parsley root. 1 PC.
  • Flour. 0.5 tbsp. l.
  • Vegetable oil. 3 tbsp. l.

How to cook:

  • Soak the mushrooms for 2 hours. Then cook for 1 hour. Remove the mushrooms, chop, keep the broth.
  • Rinse prunes, pour 2 cups of water, add sugar and cook until soft for 10 minutes.
  • Cut the beets into strips. Heat half of the oil in a frying pan, add the beets, 1 tbsp each. l. tomato paste and mushroom broth, simmer, stirring occasionally, over low heat for 15 minutes.
  • Cut onion, carrot and parsley root into strips and sauté with butter, tomato and flour for 5 minutes.
  • Dip the cabbage into the boiling mushroom broth, after boiling, add the potatoes and cook for 15 minutes.
  • Place stewed beets and sauteed vegetables in a saucepan. Add mushrooms, boiled prunes and broth. Season with salt, pepper and cook for another 10 minutes.

Who’s first in line?

Borsch, like most other soups loved by Russians, belongs to the filling first courses. It is in the West that they prefer pureed pureed soups, but we should have a broth in which various delicious additives float. In order for these additives to harmoniously combine with each other and get the correct consistency (and not when one product is overcooked, and the other crunches on the teeth), it is necessary to observe the correct dressing of the soup.

First of all, shredded cabbage should go to the pan, it cooks longer than others. Later. bell peppers and potatoes. At the very end, put sautéed onions with carrots and tomato paste in the borscht and in the final. ready-made sour beets. After that, you need to cook the soup for no more than 5 minutes. If you are cooking borscht with sauerkraut, it should also be added in the final. If you put sour beets or cabbage first, and then the potatoes, the latter will cook for a very long time (acid will interfere).

Stew the beets separately!

If you put the beets in a common pot and then cook for about an hour, all the color from the vegetable will go away and the borscht will turn out to be faded. To avoid this, you need to grate the root vegetable on a coarse grater or cut it into thin strips with a knife. Then add water, a teaspoon of sugar and always a little acid (a couple of tablespoons of wine vinegar or lemon juice), this will help the root vegetable to retain its color. Place the beets on the fire and simmer until tender.

With or without broth?

For vegetarian borscht, no meat broth is needed. But, if you are a fan of the classic soup, then you need to make a rich broth. For him, you can take beef brisket, chicken or pork and beef in a 1: 1 ratio. For flavor, it is better to pre-fry the pieces of meat. Or immediately put the meat on the bones in cold water and put on fire. As it boils, remove the foam, add salt, bay leaf, a few peas of black and allspice and cook for 2-3 hours until the meat is fully cooked. Then strain the broth, remove the meat from the bones, cut it and return it back to the pan.

How to acidify

Many people use vinegar to acidify their soup. It has two functions: it acidifies and maintains the rich color of beets.

But vinegar is not the most useful additive in soup, so many replace it with other acidifiers: lemon juice, tomatoes added to frying, even sauerkraut or a spoonful of pickle from it.


It should be rich and of high quality. then the soup will be excellent. Therefore, we do not regret meat. And if you intended to cook borscht only on bones, then it is better to change the plans and add a piece of meat to the bone.
Before cooking, the meat must be thoroughly rinsed and filled with cold (!) Water. It is cold, since in this case the meat will give all its taste and aroma to the broth. We fill the meat with hot water when the main thing is to get boiled meat, not broth.

Boil the broth slowly, immediately bring to a boil, remove the foam and cook over low heat for at least 2 hours.

After the meat is cooked, it must be removed, removed from the bones, freed from the veins and cut. How. depends on the desire of the hostess. You can. in portions, and then put them in each plate, or you can finely crumble.

Meat selection

Borscht is a meat soup, although it has many vegetarian options, and it is also cooked in poultry meat, in fish broth. And yet the classics are meat. Pork, as in the south of Russia and Ukraine, or beef, as in the middle lane.

The duet of these two types of meat looks great: the broth turns out to be rich and moderately fat.


They are put after turning off. The set is standard: black and allspice peas, bay leaves. Grind the pepper well in a mortar.


You need to cut the potatoes coarsely enough, and it is better to choose the one that does not boil.

If the potatoes are fried a little before laying, then the soup will turn out to be even more rich, its taste will be full, voluminous, rich and tender.

18 culinary tricks for making the perfect borscht

Borscht, like any popular dish, can be prepared in a million different ways: it is made from pork and beef, from various smoked meats and on the basis of lard, potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables are added or not, lard is added, meat is generally abandoned. There are a lot of variations, and every housewife knows how to cook borscht properly: only the way she does it. Therefore, perhaps no other dish causes so much controversy.

But whatever the recipe, there are little tricks that will help make the borscht irresistible, impress your family, impress your friends, show off an ingenious soup on the forums.


The most successful option is not to fry the vegetables, but to caramelize. simmer over very low heat, achieving transparency from the onion, and softness from the carrots. Thus, the carrots will retain their color and flavor.

The order of laying vegetables

The order is as follows: potatoes, cabbage, then stewed vegetables (sautéed, stewed beets). If the cabbage is sour, then it must be boiled for literally a minute and immediately put in the sauté. If a white-headed winter one is used, then it needs more time, about 10 minutes, even if it is not cooked right away, then it will come in hot soup. Cabbage should be pawned when the potatoes are half cooked.

If you cook the beets directly in the borscht, then it should be laid after the cabbage. And do not cook for a long time. 10 minutes will be enough for it, unless, of course, you cut it into thin strips.

How to cook borscht with beets and fresh cabbage. a classic recipe with step by step photos


  • 500 g beef brisket on the bone
  • 3 l of water
  • 1 large beet
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 large carrot
  • 2 large potatoes
  • 200 g white cabbage
  • 2 tooth. garlic
  • 1 tbsp. l. tomato paste
  • 3 tbsp. l. vegetable oil
  • 1 tbsp. l. vinegar
  • 2 tsp Sahara
  • 1 tbsp. l. without a hill of salt
  • 5. 6 black peppercorns
  • 2 bay leaves


Let’s start cooking classic borsch with meat broth. To do this, rinse the beef brisket with running water, put in a deep saucepan, pour cold water to the top and put on high heat.

Bring to a boil, remove the foam and cook the broth over low heat with a low boil for 2 hours.

Remove the meat from the broth and cut into small pieces. 4. Peel and grate beets or cut into thin strips. Sprinkle it with sugar and drizzle with vinegar. This is done so that the beets do not lose their rich red color when boiled in borscht, and the soup, as a result, looks especially beautiful and appetizing. 5. Put the beets in a frying pan, add a little water or broth and simmer over low heat for 30. 40 minutes, adding water if necessary. 6. Peel the onions and chop finely. 7. Peel and grate the carrots. 8. Fry vegetables in vegetable oil over medium heat for 8. 10 minutes, add tomato paste and simmer for another 5 minutes. Instead of tomato paste, you can take 3 tbsp. l. ketchup or any neutral-tasting tomato sauce. Vegetable frying for borscht is ready!

Chop the cabbage into thin strips. 10. Peel the potatoes and cut into small slices. 11. Bring the meat broth to a boil and put the potatoes in it. 12. Wait until it boils again and add the chopped cabbage. Cook at a low boil for 15 minutes. 13. Put vegetable frying and stewed beets in the soup, cook for 7. 8 minutes. 14. Add salt, peppercorns, bay leaf and crushed garlic, turn off the heat after a minute. Cover the soup with a lid and let it brew for 15 minutes. Before serving, put pieces of boiled beef and fresh sour cream to taste in each plate. You can offer fresh garlic buns or donuts to borscht. Delicious, aromatic and rich classic borscht is ready!

Helpful information

Other recipes for you:

Classic borsch

Borscht is one of the most famous and popular soups in our country, which is loved by both adults and children alike. Even for foreigners, Russian cuisine is often associated with the word “borsch”. It would seem, what is so special about this soup? A standard set of inexpensive vegetables plus beets, which not everyone likes. My daughter, for example, hates beets and dishes with them, but for some reason she eats borscht by both cheeks. Probably, the secret lies in some kind of incomprehensible harmony of the combination of these vegetables, thanks to which this soup acquires its unique excellent taste. a little sweet, a little spicy, very rich and so attractive.

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I will give here a classic recipe for borscht in beef broth with beets and fresh cabbage, which is prepared from the simplest and most affordable products. There are no particular difficulties in preparing delicious homemade borscht, but this process takes a lot of time and effort. Many ingredients will have to be cleaned, cut, rubbed, and a large number of dishes stained. But as a result, you will get one of the best soups in the world with a traditional, bright and deep taste familiar from childhood and loved by everyone. I am sure that the classic borscht prepared according to this simple recipe will become your family’s favorite first course.!

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The best, most detailed, excellent recipe. Only lemon is better instead of vinegar. thank.

Thank you for the nice words, Oleg! Lemons, of course, are always better than vinegar, but judging by the current for them, soon you will only have to dream about them))

I love borscht very much, but I never dared to cook it myself. After reading the recipe, I decided to try it, and yesterday I implemented my decision.
You know, in my life I have done a lot of things that (I hope) can be proud of. But how happy I was yesterday! I notified all my relatives and friends, posted a photo of my creation in chats, bragging without hesitation, what kind of yummy I managed to create the first time! I was surprised at myself))))
By the way, after reading Oleg’s comment and Olga’s answer to it, he nevertheless replaced vinegar with lemon juice. And since I really respect the sourness in borscht, I doubled it in the dish (2 tablespoons instead of 1). And the amount of meat for the broth turned out to be a little more. The piece was 625 grams, not 500. Well, do not shred it. And together with the garlic, I decided to chop some dill and cilantro right into the pan. I love the hue of these herbs. Not saturated, weak. But I think these are just small touches that do not change Olga’s recipe.
Olga! Thank you sincerely! You are so great!
You not only very accessible and described in detail the creation of borscht. exactly as it should be. You gave me the opportunity to enjoy the results of your successful experiment. Now I can safely, on occasion, boast of culinary knowledge in this area. A fat plus to your karma for such a generous gift!)))
With all my heart I wish you all the very best))

Olga, why do you serve meat separately from borscht and not in borscht?

This is to put it on the plates later to taste. smaller women, bigger men and children)) But this, of course, is not important, you can return it to the borscht and hope for good luck when distributing

I cooked borscht according to your recipe. only put more meat per kilogram. Happened! Everyone liked it.

When simmering the beets, add a couple of cloves, the taste will be more intense and it is best to cook in a cast-iron bowl and add a little mashed bacon with garlic before letting it brew.

Thanks for the interesting recommendations! I will definitely try to do this, I think it will have a purely positive effect on the taste of borscht!

Extra potatoes in borscht.

I’m not superfluous, but I think without him it will be fine too.

Why is there never enough money?

How do you feel about spontaneous and small travel?

I want to change my life

Girls teach how to cook red borscht (with beets)

I want to hear from experienced women a recipe proven by practice.

It is necessary not to girls, but to Andryukha Pitersky for a recipe for borscht! )

to be red, you need to stew the beets with vinegar. this is the main feature

I need more details

cook pork on the bone for 1.5 hours over low heat, skimming off the foam, when the meat is ready, pull it out, cut the meat back, Bobik’s bone, diced potatoes, chop the cabbage, all this to the meat, in parallel, rub carrots, beets on a coarse grater, onions cut. Pierce the oil in a frying pan, there onions, sauté, carrots, beets, darken for 5 minutes, a couple of tablespoons of tomato or chopped and peeled tomatoes, there are spices to taste, you can have a little bit of bite to enhance the color, darken for another 5 minutes over low heat. Salt the borscht, put the contents of the frying pan and a couple of leaves of lavrushka there, sweat a little, turn it off, hold it a little under a closed lid. In a plate with sour cream and garlic, and a black loaf in a bite. Have a nice!

I’ll tell you how I do it. it turns out delicious (my husband really likes it).

I will make a reservation right away: I do not eat onions, so it will not be here, but the taste, as I understand it, does not change from this.

I fry 2 small beets in olive oil (I cut them into thin strips about 2-3 cm long), then add grated carrots to them (well, about 1 small or half large), fry more, adding salt and pepper (of course to taste). Then I add tomato paste and / or canned tomatoes (sold in paper packaging, cut into pieces).

at this time I cook broth. First, the meat is separate. After removing the foams, I add potatoes (since I don’t really like them, I cut them into small cubes so that large pieces do not come across later in the soup). Salt and pepper.

While the meat and potatoes are being cooked, I cut the cabbage (a little, otherwise it increases during cooking and you get porridge). I add cabbage 2 minutes after potatoes.

After another 3-5 minutes, add the mixture from the pan. Stirring

Then I add all sorts of herbal spices. Here, which is more like it. but I advise you not to get carried away with dry mixtures, they personally enrage me in the soup 🙂

I usually add parsley, dill and bay leaves. Well, I give it a little boil. If there is not enough “taste”, then I add more tomato paste (it turns out more rich).

Go to LJ Nika Belotserkovskaya. There is a recipe. She learned to cook borscht according to the recipe from Nika. even the first time it turned out so tasty that now I often cook for an encore.

the easiest. boil the beets separately, grate and add to the borscht at the end of cooking. color guaranteed.

Take a good piece of beef on the bone, rinse and put on the fire to cook, first on a large one, periodically removing the foam, as soon as there is no foam left, tighten the fire, but not much. There must be a golden mean. Throw in a peeled onion, a laurel leaf. leaf and peppercorns, salt can be added in 15 minutes. readiness of meat, or with these ingredients. While the meat is cooking: add potatoes, carrots, beets (venegrete) 1 or 2. Chop cabbage and greens dill, parsley, cilantro (if you like) Fry: a little olive or grow. Heat oils in a frying pan, then add finely chopped onions there. onion and pass, then add grated carrots, carcasses min. 10-15. If the broth is ready, strain it through a sieve, cut the potatoes there and over the fire, after the potatoes are boiled, add frying there. So that the borscht is bard, one small beet with potatoes and boil, and when you add the frying, you will need to cook it. Then also sweat the beets in this pan (also through a grater), add 1 tbsp. vinegar, but no more. Then take the volume. Mix 4 tablespoons of pasta with boiled water and add to the beets and carcasses for about 10 minutes. Now throw in the cabbage, and then I will fry the beetroot. as soon as it starts to boil, add finely chopped greens and without interfering turn off the heat and let it breathe for 15 minutes. All cover the borscht with a lid. Enjoy your meal.

and I, since I can afford culinary liberties, finally cooked borscht without meat. just in vegetable broth. I didn’t have the usual cabbage, I put broccoli, green beans, carrots, onions and beets there.

the last three positions were sautéed in a frying pan, and then added to what was cooked in the pan. Then vegeta, salt, pepper, seasonings, etc. voila. It is better to eat it with mayonnaise or sour cream))

and tastes like real

[quote = “peach”] and tastes like real [/ quot

if there is no meat in the borscht, it does not cease to be borscht because of this.

I also like without meat, I like it much more. in the end, the meat can then be put in, but I don’t like the meat broth itself as a basis for borscht. but sometimes you have to cook with meat at the request of the workers.

the main classification feature of borscht. this is a set of vegetables that are put into it. not the presence of meat.

and here is mayonnaise. this is a sauce for holony dishes, do not add it to borscht.

I do everything like Point J6, but the color at the end changes from phylet to the color of tomato paste, so probably really the beets need to be boiled separately.

Go to my thread “My borscht is always incomparable”.

Simmer the beets separately with sugar and vinegar. Separately until ready. And add to the rest of the ingredients only at the very end, last. Let it boil and that’s it, take it off the heat, otherwise the beets begin to lose color.

For taste and good “texture”, it is good to add raw carrot-beet juice along with beets (about 1/2 cup per 3l. Borscht)

I also cook it separately, then add it. The most important thing is not to boil it after adding the beets. Prepared. in the refrigerator, cool down. will be purple.

By the way, I don’t really “respect” potatoes either, so in borscht I replace them with white beans. If not lazy. I boil it myself, pre-soaked well, add a little cold water during cooking (then the beans become very soft, “melting”). I really like the vegetarian version of borscht with bean broth, without meat.

If you are lazy, there is no time, then you can throw a ready-made can from the can. I prefer Bonduelle.

Go to my thread “My borscht is always incomparable”.

I went in. I read your recipe. It. not borscht, it is, at best. gruel.

about the gruel I agree. the horror of what Borscht is called: ((

Girls, the main secret of real tasty Ukrainian borscht is: 1 /. When boiling the broth, throw in a few whole potatoes so that they are boiled, if they do not boil, then remove, mash, and throw back. AND 2). In the middle of cooking, take 50 grams of regular salted lard and mash it with 2 cloves of garlic, or chop on a blender and add to the borscht.

Then write here as an advice to you. I will wait 🙂 you will not regret.

Really very tasty with bacon and garlic, but you can’t do that every time. Lard is harmful, and without it it is also very tasty. 🙂

The easiest. cut the beets into small strips and throw them into the borscht at the very end of cooking. minutes for 10 And close the lid. In general, I cook borscht, without frying anything beforehand, in total, all vegetables are cooked for no more than 20 minutes.

Work for 30-70 thousand. Survival

If she hadn’t written to him.

I also do not like potatoes in borscht, I replace it with celery root, try it. interesting taste and healthier than potatoes. Beets are always separately carcass with spices in a pan with a small addition of sunflower oil, I add wine vinegar to it, sugar, if not very sweet beets. When the beets are ready in a frying pan, combine them with broth with other vegetables and no longer boil. This is very important to preserve color, do not boil beets that have been stewed in a pan and do not bring to a boil.By the way, if you are vegetables, carrots, cabbage, onions, peppers, tomatoes, celery just in water (not in broth), boil and then combine with separately stewed beets, add garlic and a lot of herbs. then cool, put in the refrigerator, you will get a wonderful cold beetroot, no worse than any okroshka in the heat with sour cream.

To make the borscht red, I rub a piece of raw beets on a grater and pour boiling water over it. The broth stands under the lid until the borscht is fully cooked. After the borsch is cooked, the broth is poured into a saucepan (liquid only). Redness is assured. But you still can’t boil such borsch, the color will go away immediately: (((

Thank you all very much for your advice! Cooked according to the G-point recipe. Very tasty. I will take note of the rest of the recipes.

I always have a bright red borscht, but I cook it in a zeptera. Much faster, and no vinegar or sautéing is needed (I can’t stand either one or the other). First, the meat is practically steamed, then vegetables are there, I salt. And only at the end of cooking I pour boiling water over them and add spices, dill there, garlic, black pepper. The color is very bright and beautiful. I think you can cook like that in a regular saucepan, or in a pressure cooker.

I always have borscht bright red and delicious, I cook it like this:

First, I cook the beef brisket broth. as it boils, I remove the foam, reduce the heat, add the whole onion and the whole small carrot, salt and cook until the meat falls off the bone. The broth should be transparent. At the end of cooking, remove the onions and carrots with a slotted spoon and discard. they have already done their job.

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I take the beef broth (take out the meat). I add diced potatoes and cabbage to it. finely chopped into strips.

Finely chop a fresh onion, grate a large carrot or a couple of medium ones. I fry in a frying pan with a minimal addition of oil, it is better to add a little broth or simple boiled water. Then I add there the grated beets, and a few cloves of garlic, crushed in a garlic press, one finely chopped tomato. I pass it for a couple more minutes. and send it to the soup. I add a few peas of allspice to the soup. I close it with a lid and open it slightly. At this time, I take a good bunch of parsley. finely chop with a knife, send to the pan. At the very end, we take 2 small pieces of sugar and also into the pan (this is a small secret, but I sometimes forget to add it). The soup stays bright and tasty even if you reheat it several times.

yes, I forgot. meat should be cut into pieces that would be nice to eat. and also in the pan)

I do this: I cook the broth, then I send the chopped beets into it and cook for about half an hour. then potatoes. at the end I fry the onions, carrots, tomatoes and tomato paste. I put everything in the soup. salt and pepper to taste and a little more vinegar about a teaspoon. the soup turns out to be red, rich. the chip is in vinegar (for my taste). I fill with sour cream and eat 3 plates.

I forgot! be sure to garlic a couple of cloves!

Go to LJ Nika Belotserkovskaya. There is a recipe. She learned to cook borscht according to the recipe from Nika. even the first time it turned out so tasty that now I often cook for an encore.

Take a good piece of beef on the bone, rinse and put on the fire to cook, first on a large one, periodically removing the foam, as soon as there is no foam left, tighten the fire, but not much. There must be a golden mean. Throw in a peeled onion, a laurel leaf. leaf and peppercorns, salt can be added in 15 minutes. readiness of meat, or with these ingredients. While the meat is cooking: add potatoes, carrots, beets (venegrete) 1 or 2. Chop cabbage and greens dill, parsley, cilantro (if you like) Fry: a little olive or grow. Heat oils in a frying pan, then add finely chopped onions there. onion and pass, then add grated carrots, carcasses min. 10-15. If the broth is ready, strain it through a sieve, cut the potatoes there and over the fire, after the potatoes are boiled, add frying there. So that the borscht is bard, one small beet with potatoes and boil, and when you add the frying, you will need to cook it. Then also sweat the beets in this pan (also through a grater), add 1 tbsp. vinegar, but no more. Then take the volume. Mix 4 tablespoons of pasta with boiled water and add to the beets and carcasses for about 10 minutes. Now throw in the cabbage, and then I will fry the beetroot. as soon as it starts to boil, add finely chopped greens and without interfering turn off the heat and let it breathe for 15 minutes. All cover the borscht with a lid. Enjoy your meal.

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We cut beets in borscht or three on a grater?

We cut beets in borscht or three on a grater?

I tried to cut it into “cubes” and “cubes”, and to grate boiled ones, but! Most of all, I like to grate raw beets on a coarse grater and stew them, with a little vinegar and tomato paste. This is an option, according to taste, I like it more.

It all depends on your taste preferences and patience.

If you like the beetroot crunching on your teeth, then cut it, but you need patience.

And if you are lazy, and you do not really want to feel the beets, then rub them on the track.

The taste and quality of borscht will not be affected by this.

The main skill is to cook it, because not everyone succeeds in it.

I like to boil the beets more, and then grate them and send them to an almost finished borscht. So the dish turns out to be more tender, a beautiful intense burgundy color is created. If you rub raw beets, then, firstly, it is more difficult, and secondly, the borscht can turn out to be pale.

it all depends on how you prepare borscht, there are dozens of recipes. In origanili, you need to cut and so that the borscht is very red, but does not turn into a salad, then a few pieces of beets are thrown whole, then either to be thrown away or used for salad.

And I cook a quick borsch, then I grate the beets and fry in a pan, then the borsch is ready in 40 minutes;)

I rub the beets for the borscht, already boiled, it is easier to rub and the color of the borscht is more beautiful. Only then I also fry beets, carrots, onions. first the onion, then I add everything else, bring to a boil and remove, the color remains until the borscht ends.

If I cook borscht using beetroot, I always cut it into cubes. In one pan I fry onions with carrots, in another I chopped beetroot carcass with the obligatory addition of tomato paste. Borscht turns out to be a rich burgundy color, as I like. over, my taste preferences are such that I rub the carrots on a large can, and the beetroot should be exclusively cubes. Delicious borscht and bon appetit)

Everything depends on taste preferences.

My family loves borscht cooked on a large amount of cabbage with the addition of tomatoes to the roast. Therefore, the beetroot is more for color. Accordingly, I rub the beets on the can and add to the roasting.

If I cook something between borscht and beetroot, then I put a lot of beets, but again I prefer to rub it on the can, so children eat it better. Pre-fry the beets with the rest of the frying.

You can cut the beets into cubes or cubes, but this is for those who like the pronounced taste of beets.

Beets can be cooked in borscht in any version, as you like. You can cut it thinly and initially stew it, you can grate it. And then the borscht will have a beautiful color.

Classic borscht is beetroot, carrots and onions fried and stewed with onions in butter. And you need to put them in the borscht after cabbage and potatoes, and then the color will be juicy. Someone likes to rub the boiled beets and add to the borscht when it is almost ready.

You can add a little vinegar when stewing beets. you can add fruit, or you can use the usual one and then the color will be richer in the borscht. Someone also puts tomato paste, but in general it will be superfluous if there are beets in the borscht.

I lock the beets in foil in the oven for about an hour, so it retains nutrients as much as possible and does not lose color. Then I cool it and rub it into a coarse grater when the borsch is almost ready.

Cut or grate beets in borscht

The most common recipe for borscht, but the only thing is that the beets will have to be boiled in advance. This greatly simplifies the borscht preparation process. If I could, I would cook everything in advance, and then just throw it into the pan and cook everything in five minutes (just kidding). So let’s get started.

To make borscht with boiled beets, you will need:

onion. 1 piece.
beets. 1 piece.
carrots. 1 pc.
tomato juice. 0.5 l
meat. 500 g
potatoes. 4 pieces.
cabbage. 1 head of cabbage
Bay leaf

How to cook borscht with boiled beets:

So, you and I will need a medium-sized saucepan. Pour water into a saucepan and put it on the stove.
2. We wash the meat well and put it in boiling water.
3. Do not forget to collect the foam so as not to spoil the taste of the broth.
4. Add bay leaves. The meat needs to be cooked for at least one hour, it all depends on what kind of meat you took.
5. In the meantime, while the broth is cooking, we need to prepare the dressing.
6. Peel the onion, rinse and cut into cubes.
7. Wash carrots, peel and rub on a medium grater.
8. Beets must first be boiled. To do this, rinse it well, put it in a saucepan, fill it with cold water and cook for about 1 hour. It all depends on what kind of beets you have, old or young. We try for readiness with a knife. When the beets are ready, put them on a plate and allow time to cool. Then clean and rub on a medium grater.
9. Wash potatoes, peel and cut into small pieces.
10. We wash the cabbage, remove the top leaves and finely chop.
11. In a preheated skillet in vegetable oil, first fry the onion until golden, then add the carrots. Fry a little, pour in tomato juice. We simmer vegetables for about 10 minutes and only then add the boiled beets.
12. When the meat is ready, take it out of the broth, cut it into small pieces and put it back in the pot.
13. Add the potatoes and cook until half cooked, and then put the chopped cabbage.
14. When the potatoes with cabbage are almost ready, add the stewed vegetables and cook for about 5 minutes more. Then remove from heat and leave to brew for another 10-15 minutes.

When the borscht is finally ready, pour it into portioned plates and serve with sour cream.

We also offer to cook Ukrainian borscht according to the video recipe.

Video recipe Ukrainian borsch

Cut or grate beets in borscht

5 rules for an ideal borscht or how to marry a guy in 10 minutes 🙂

As popular wisdom says. the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And the way to the heart of a Russian man. through borscht or jellied meat 🙂
Today I will reveal to you the secret of my crown borscht and, believe me, it will not leave any man indifferent)

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The basis of delicious borscht. BOUILLON. It must necessarily be on the bone, preferably beef or pork. Chicken legs will work too, but will not give you such a fat.

Typically, this broth is cooked within 2-2.5 hours. But, if you have a multicooker, like ours, then 1 hour is enough)
In the broth, we add all the seasonings to taste. We added salt, pepper mix, bay leaf and dried garlic.

An equally important part. FRYING. The color and consistency of our borsch depends on how saturated it is.

Classic Red Borscht | Borsch Recipe (Beet Soup). Natasha’s Kitchen

First, fry the onions and carrots. Carrots can be grated, but I prefer to chop by hand as it will look better in broth.)

Heat the frying pan to the maximum temperature and lay out the vegetables.

Instead of tomato paste, it is better to add TOMATOES.
In the summer, I use fresh tomatoes, peeled them first. And in winter I buy canned ones. Of all the firms, I like this one the most:

After the onions and carrots are browned, add the tomatoes and reduce the heat a little.

If the mixture turns out to be rather thick, then add a little boiled water. This is very important, otherwise the frying will burn and the borscht will be spoiled.

Also salt and pepper to taste.

The main and most important ingredient. BEET. Many housewives refused it, but it is he who gives color and sweetness to borscht.

over, it is better to use not borsch, but salad. It has a burgundy hue, which is what we need)

You can use canned beets if you cannot find fresh beets, but they have much less color, of course.

I prefer to grate beets. So she can give more juice)

10 minutes after adding the tomatoes, add the beets to the frying.

And again we dilute a little with boiled water.

Add some garlic for a scent.

And then simmer over low heat for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

While the frying is being completed, you can prepare the vegetables. Peel potatoes, chop cabbage)

The ready-made broth must be PROCESSED. It is very important. If you do not do this, then the broth will not be transparent.

Add our frying to the strained broth)

As soon as it boils, you can throw the potatoes.

If you like boiled vegetables, then add cabbage 10 minutes after potatoes. Lesha and I love the cabbage to be crispy, so we add it at the very last moment along with the herbs)

We wait again until it boils, remove the foam if necessary and turn it off)

Serve with hot peppers or garlic. If you love all these things, of course)

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I always did this before, my grandmother taught)

And now she stopped, for some reason. Perhaps due to the fact that my frying is always very thick and the extra thick is simply not needed)

five! Very appetizing!
And about “the way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach”, not everything is so simple!))

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As many housewives, as many recipes for wonderful borscht.

But! Borscht. it is a vegetable soup based on beetroot, and cabbage soup. cabbage-based.

Therefore, formally, borscht cannot exist without beets.

Nutritionists now recommend cooking with a second broth. boil the meat for 7-10 minutes, drain the broth, rinse the meat. And when you wash the pan, with difficulty washing its walls from the nasty stuff, you will understand this recommendation is very based.

To make the broth transparent, there is a budget option. onion head with peel at the beginning of cooking the second broth. Or richer. saffron.

For some reason, carrots are recommended to be cut into strips, not cubes.

How to cook

  • Divide the washed poultry meat into parts. Put several pieces in each pot.
  • Peel the semi-finished beets and cut into strips 0.5 cm thick.Add the beets with tomato to the butter melted in a frying pan, stew.
  • Prepare vegetables: onion and potatoes (respectively), cut into strips and cubes, carrots. rub coarsely.

Tip: To make the onion look beautiful and unusual in a dish, try slicing it lengthwise, not across.

Add prepared vegetables to the chicken in containers, so that the beets are at the very top. Season with salt and spices. Add water counting two fingers of empty space to the edge.

grate, beets, borscht

Consider. you need to cook the dish in the oven for at least 90 minutes. In this case, the temperature regime should be about 200 degrees. To improve the taste, leave warm for 20 minutes. Serve with herbs, garlic and slices of fresh bacon.

Cooking process

Let’s start with broth.

How to make broth. recipe for a delicious and rich base. Meat, cut into pieces, must be thoroughly washed, or even soaked for several hours in cold water. Onions, 1 pc., Do not peel, but rub with a loofah. Put the ingredients in a saucepan on the stove, wait for the water to boil. Cook over low heat with salt, bay leaf, black peppercorns.

Cook beans in parallel.
3. Grate peeled carrots and beets, finely chop the onion with a knife.
4. Using sunflower oil and melted lard, fry the onion until it becomes translucent. Stir the carrots into the onions and stew a little. Determine the beets there, mix, stew for about 15 minutes. Make sure not to burn.
5. Put a couple of garlic cloves, tomato paste in a frying pan and pour in ⅔ cup of heated water. Leave to simmer for a quarter of an hour, stirring occasionally.

Tip for a note: Instead of a paste, you can take 200 ml of juice. Water in this case will be superfluous.

Remove the meat from the finished broth. If there is water left in the pot with beans, then it must be drained.
7. Chop the cabbage by hand and using a food processor. Cut the potatoes into cubes. Pour freshly boiled water over a ceramic container.
8. Place all prepared food in layers on the bottom and add the required amount of broth.
9. Put the container in a preheated oven, for example, Gorenje BO635E11XK-2, without covering.
10. Reduce the temperature in the oven to 150˚С, cover the pot. Bake for 60 minutes.
11. Pour the finished borscht into plates, using herbs and sour cream for decoration. Season with crushed garlic if desired.

Ukrainian borscht on chicken broth in the oven (dietary)


  • chicken. 1/2 chicken, can be replaced with 2 quarters, or 3 legs. Pour the chicken with cool water and stand for 2 hours. So harmful substances will come out of the bird;
  • the rest of the ingredients are the same as in the Recipe, except for the beans.

Ukrainian borsch with beef in the oven


  • beef ribs. 0.5 kg. The meat should be taken fresh, with a reddish tint. If you use veal, the dish will be dietary;
  • oil. 100 g;
  • the rest of the ingredients from the Recipe, except for beans.


Borsch will smell fragrant throughout the apartment even before it is put on the table. Thanks to pork with bone, the broth will come out rich. The beans will add satiety and thickness, “so that the spoon stands.” To prevent the dish from being sour, experienced housewives recommend adding a little sugar.

No. 1. Baked borscht in pork broth

  • pork. 350. 400 g. Preferably a bone with pulp or ribs;
  • potatoes. 5. 6 pieces. Root vegetables that boil quickly, but do not decay are suitable;
  • carrots. 2 pieces. It is best to take medium-sized cone-shaped carrots. It gives a rich, vibrant color and good taste.

Tip: Long, even carrots are easy to peel and grate (choose a grater with a capacity such as a 22cm Krauff), but they are usually pale.

  • beets. 2. 3 pieces. It should be rich in color, round, not long. Elongated beets look faded and can spoil the taste and color of borscht;
  • onions. 2 pieces. In this case, on the contrary, it is worth taking an oval-shaped onion. it is more convenient to cut it;
  • cabbage. a quarter of a cabbage welk;
  • a glass of whatever beans you like. white, marble.

Remember: Soak the beans overnight. So it will dissolve faster and softer.

Add garlic for flavor. Enough 3. 4 cloves. Let’s not forget, of course, about tomato paste. Add 1 tablespoon to the dish. It will be tastier if you use home-canned paste. For frying, sunflower oil, lard or ghee for frying are useful. Add salt, seasonings and pepper to taste.

Ukrainian borscht in the oven. 3 delicious recipes

Experienced housewives and eaters know that borscht becomes tastier the next day when it is infused. But also freshly brewed, fresh from the stove, you can not only feed your family, but also offer guests in a beautiful tureen. Hearty and aromatic, lean or with good meat broth, borscht will be the king of the table. But what if you are tired of the usual version of the dish, and you want something new? The way out is to cook it in the oven.

This method is also called languor. While in the oven, the ingredients are impregnated with smell and taste. Borscht cooked in this way will be the closest to the taste of a dish from a real oven. You can cook in a heat-resistant container, such as the Emile Henry Cookware, or in several small ceramic pots. It is more convenient to serve in portions this way.


Wash the meat thoroughly, divide the ribs into separate components, put in a cauldron (for example, FISSMAN MEGA) or a heat-resistant ceramic saucepan (like Fissman Del Fuoco).

Chop the potatoes and onion in the form of cubes. On the coarse side of the grater, grate the beets and carrots. Flatten 2 cloves of garlic with a knife (Arcos Universal comes in handy).
3. Put vegetables on the meat, add garlic
4. Spread the butter cubes evenly on top of the rest of the food.

Tip: For easier cutting, you can put the butter in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Put the oven heated to 180 degrees for half an hour.
6. Chop the cabbage.
7. Remove the container from the oven, put the cabbage.
8. Dilute tomato paste with water and pour into a cast iron.
9. Add seasoning and salt.
10. Bake in the oven (for example, Indesit IFW 6230 IX) for an hour.
11. When serving, season with sour cream and chopped herbs.

Good to know: if the greens are finely chopped with your fingers, rather than chopped, they will be more flavorful.


Oh, borscht is the most Ukrainian food! I am silent about lard, since lard is an appetizer and dessert. Despite the fact that this is a Slavic dish, the classic recipe is invariably associated with Ukraine. Everyone has their own recipe, as a rule, inherited. Often, depending on the season and region, various secondary vegetables are included in the dish, or some are excluded. I think that the process of preparing this dish is more a state of mind than a stable recipe.

Remember: Ilf and Petrov “12 chairs”. “On this day, God sent Alexander Yakovlevich for lunch a bottle of bison, homemade mushrooms, herring forshmak, Ukrainian borsch with 1st grade meat, chicken with rice and dried apple compote.” Or “The Master and Margarita”. “And at that time they called, and Pelageya Antonovna brought in a steaming pan, at one glance at which, one could immediately guess that in it, in the thick of it, there was something that wasn’t tastier in the world. a brain bone”

For many, this dish is a sign of a home, warmth and comfort. I don’t know about others, but here, if it is cooked at home, other dishes are no longer needed. Well, perhaps. donuts and bacon with garlic.

Yeah! There is no such thing in the West. neither with mushrooms, nor green. They don’t cook that. I remember that in some episode of the “Police Academy”, they showed an American who tasted a traditional first course for the first time. The man experienced a real shock. In the famous novel by the Strugatsky brothers, stalkers gathered in an institution called “Borzhch”.

If you ask 1000 housewives how to make a classic borscht, you will hear 1000 different recipes. And all are good. Each recipe is unique and affordable.

Ingredients for borscht

  • Pork, beef up to 1 kg
  • Carrot 1 pc
  • Potatoes 2-3 pcs
  • Beans 1 cup
  • Parsley root, celery to taste
  • Red beets 1-2 pcs
  • Red bell pepper 1 pc
  • Garlic 2-3 cloves
  • Onion 1 pc
  • White cabbage 0.5 head of cabbage
  • Salt, black pepper, herbs, hot peppers, bay leaves, parsley and dill, sour cream to taste
  • Tomato paste 2-3 tbsp l.

Green borscht in meat broth

Lean borsch with mushrooms and beans

Recipe facts

Exit: 6-8 Servings
Calorie content: 49
Training: 30 min
Preparation: 2 hours
Preparing for: 2 hours 30 mins
Kitchen: European
Recipe author: Sergey Dzhurenko

Chicken borsch

Sorrel soup

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