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Mills for home manicure: Top 5 best, the criteria of choice

A novice master or a master learning the basics of hardware manicure, it is difficult to understand all the variety of cutters offered in stores for manicurists. Included with professional devices usually sell starter sets of cutters, it is convenient, but not always this set fully meets the requirements of the master. Some craftsmen often need to buy things that will be needed in the process of constant work. In this article you will find a tip: how to understand a beginner, compiling his toolbox “from scratch”? We have considered in detail, what cutters are needed for hardware manicure and pedicure, how to work with them, what manufacturers are on the market and by what criteria to choose nozzles. All types of nozzles can be purchased at Buy-Nail online

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Material for milling cutters defines completely its purpose.

  • Carbide (metal) cutters. Made of metal with notches on the surface. The notches cut the skin or material as they rotate, leaving an even surface. Work like a knife. The more pronounced the notches, the deeper the metal penetrates into the grafted material or skin.
  • Ceramic cutters. Made of ceramics. This type of milling cutters is very fragile, with shocks that cause cracks and splinters, so require more careful work.
  • Diamond. They consist of a base and a spray of different hardness or abrasiveness. Ceramic and diamond nozzles are the most popular in terms of price-quality-effectiveness combination.
  • Sand or silicon-carbide grinding caps. For use on pedicures, rough spots on the feet, corns. With cardboard backing. The caps are disposable and must not be washed; they must be disposed of after use. The caps are put on a rubber base that is sterilized after use.
  • Sanding pad can be made of rubber, silicone, suede. For the final sanding of the most sensitive areas in manicure and pedicure. They can also be paired with oil or polishing cream if additional nourishment of the skin is required. It is especially often used for foot treatment in pedicures.

What the color of the marking indicates

The color coding is used to indicate the hardness of the tip. For the beginner and the master it is very comfortable:

  • Yellow band. very soft, fine abrasive nozzle. Used for sanding the native nail and skin;
  • red. sufficiently soft cutter. Beginners are recommended to choose a set of nozzles of different shapes in red, as the most universal;
  • Blue. a tool of high hardness of medium abrasion, it is used for processing rough skin, gel-lacquer removal:
  • green. the cutter removes nail polish, gives the desired shape of the nail.
  • Black is a hard tool for working with artificial nails.

When choosing cutters, you need to consider how you will disinfect them. No need to think that if you use the machine alone, the tools can not be cleaned after work. That’s not true. Each attachment has a specified life, the manufacturer writes for how many sessions and at what speed the cutter is designed. Neglecting cleaning can reduce the life of the nozzle by 25%. And it’s very unpleasant when you pick up the machine and instead of a diamond nozzle there’s a bare, peeled off rod.

Ceramic cutters from the manufacturer Feecy are softer than diamond, the cost per tip from 25 to 100 The cutters are suitable for processing hard nails, cuticles. You can easily use the nozzle for home pedicure, cutters well removes calluses and corns. For a step by step pedicure for beginners see here.

It’s better for beginners not to use hard or metal cutters. This is a professional tool with a sufficiently rough surface, even at a fine abrasion. One wrong touch and you’ll make a kerf on the nail, which will both long heal and spoil the shape of manicure.

Silicone, plastic cutters are only used once in the salon. At home you can take a set of silicone bits that help to grind the nail plate easily.

Diamond cutters from Aprith, from 150 for a basic set of 7 tips. ideal for buffing the nail, cuticle treatment and nail shaping. The kit contains nozzles of different hardness. Artist set of 24 nozzles costs up to 500

Remove gel lacquer with a ceramic cutter. Choose a quality ceramic cutter for gel nail polish removal

Ceramic cutter to remove gel nail polish has become a worthy alternative to “soaking” nails in special compositions, wrapping foil and other long and not always safe processes. Don’t let the principle of sawing scare you. this procedure does not harm your nails. Ceramic cutter for removing gel nail polish removes only the artificial “shell”. The nail itself is not traumatized, not overdried and not broken with a professional approach to work and the choice of tools.

How does the ceramic nozzle look and work. at


speed up the procedure. it takes only minutes to remove the coating;

Do not heat up. the cutter grinds the nail delicately, without discomfort to the client;

do not cause dust. do not clog during the work, which allows you to perform the procedure quickly and accurately from beginning to end

easy to care. for the same reason as described above, but also because of the resistance to disinfectants;

do not blunt, harder and stronger than metal;

they are durable and just look nice.

Among the disadvantages are sometimes noted the high cost of nozzles ceramic to remove gel-lacquer products. That’s only partially true. If we consider that ceramics serves 4 times longer than hard alloy, then the question of the high cost is removed: it wears out more slowly, and you rarely need to buy new ones. The price difference is not as big as the life span.

In the case of shellac, a ceramic nozzle is the only option. Since the material is soft, any other cutter quickly clogs with “sludge. Ceramics do not pick up dust, the nozzle is easy to clean.

And while we’re on the subject of maintenance, here’s a tip. Nail-masters recommend to make a pause between soaking cutters in disinfectant solution and sterilization in a dry-cooker. Wait 5-6 hours for the ceramic nozzle to dry. This tip does not work when sterilizing in an autoclave. No need to dry the nozzles after disinfection.

Which type to choose

Cutters for gel nail polish removal are chosen according to their grit size. It can be identified visually, by the color of the product. Three types of tips are suitable for use with synthetic coatings.

with a red rim (fine abrasivity). used for the final stage of gel nail polish removal, as well as for correction of false nails, cuticle removal;
with blue rim (medium abrasivity). nozzle for removal of gel nail polish, correction of cracks, work with calloused cuticles;
With a green rim (coarse abrasiveness). for filing a nail with a thick layer of gel, removing acrylics, working with hyperkeratosis.

There are products with a double index, they are more versatile, but you need experience when working with them. the degree of impact depends on the master.

About the nozzle shape

You use a variety of nozzles for your overcoat. Here, the freedom of choice is almost unlimited. Cylindrical and conical products are the most popular (and convenient).

The thread on the cutter: what does it mean?

On some nozzles you can see a single cut. If you need to remove a large volume of artificial material, an experienced technician will choose it. But if you have to do delicate, almost “jewelry” work with sensitive skin, a thin layer of gel, a thin nail plate, it is better to choose ceramic nozzles (cutters) with a double cross-shaped cut. reversible. The material is removed very gently, nothing “superfluous” is filleted. We also recommend them for left-handed people, who work in the mirror image.

The best way to remove nail polish

Any cutter, including a ceramic one, should touch the plate lightly. Do not press too hard on the nail. The coating is removed gently, using a slow, steady movement, without sticking on one area for too long. The cutter moves from the cuticle to the nail edge, “up-down”. Areas near the skin should be treated with special care.

Cutters for removal of artificial nails. Choose cutters for gel nails correction

Cutters for nails correction do not injure, do not dry out the plate. provided that a qualified technician works with them, and he correctly chose the nozzles for each task.


When working with gel nails, these cutters are used:

Diamond. The dusting (crumb) can be natural or artificial. choose according to your budget. Diamond cutters are used to treat the edge of the nail, remove or correct the gel layer (including hard). They are precise and stable.

Ceramic. Suitable for the correction of gel nails, removal of artificial nail coating (the fastest way to remove the artificial nail coating). They do not overheat. Ceramics prevent dust from sticking to the nozzle, which makes the procedure easier, more accurate and simplifies the cleaning process. These products are resistant to disinfectants.

Carbide nozzles. Less frequently used for removing gel coatings. The process is slow but gentle, with no risk of damage. suitable for nail correction, buffing, cuticle work. Metal cutters have notches. in varying numbers and shapes. The toughest are the straight cutter bits. They are recommended only for experienced nail technicians. Products with oblique notches are the most practical and popular. The cross-shaped “pattern” is optimal for buyers with a practical approach. Such cutters are less likely to clog with dust and last longer. It is easier to use them for precise processing of all nails, from the beginning to the end of the correction.


While choosing cutters, pay attention to markings with different-colored bezels on the shank. They predetermine the field of application of the cutter and tell you how tough it is. In other words, it’s about the ability of the nozzle to grind the gel with which it comes into contact.

The highest degree of abrasion have cutters with black markings. They are used by experienced professionals to remove thick gel layers. Such nozzles must not come in contact with the skin.

Followed by the green ones. Also rough, but not that rough. They are used for gel removal, artificial nails correction.

The blue ones are next. Their abrasiveness is the most “popular”. They cut the gel and change the thickness of the coat during correction.

The nozzles of other types are the most delicate. They can come in contact with the natural nail and skin. Rarely used for the correction of gel nails. Perhaps only cutters with red marking are used by masters when working with artificial nails. to remove the remnants of coverage.


For correction of gel nails and removal of split coating, the needle-shaped nozzles are the best.

Cutters in the form of a reverse cone allow you to perform correction of the gel nail so that the coverage was as smooth and even as possible, without “waves” and thickening at the edge.

The flame-shaped bits remove the coating, prepare places for decoration (e.g., drilling out depressions in the gel for rhinestones).

For polishing a natural nail or coating, cone-shaped, rounded cylinder nozzles are suitable.

Delicate care

Often the clients with thin nail plate or hypersensitive skin turn to the masters. Artificial coating is not contraindicated in these cases. Rather the opposite, in some cases, the gel helps to strengthen the plate, eliminate delamination, brittleness. But the care must be more delicate.

All of the rules described above apply, but the abrasiveness of the nozzles tends to vary:

Black and green are not used at all.

The remainder of the application is performed with a red or yellow-rimmed cutter.

Diamond sintered nozzles have proven to be a good choice. They glide smoothly and quickly over the plate, preventing overheating. Characterized by low injury frequency. But due to the fact that the material is easily clogged between the grain of the diamond, they need to be cleaned more often. Otherwise, the tool will not work well, and the treated surface will heat up faster.

Useful tips

Quality gel nail care will provide a tapered diamond cutter. With its help, the master removes excess gel from the underside of the nail edge, forms the inner curve and a beautiful arch.

Disinfection of the cutters is carried out separately from the other tool.

Nozzles are selected individually: under the type of nail and coating, type of work (correction, removal, grinding the entire plate, cut, and so on).

cutter, remove, which, better

Thus, to carry out the correction of gel nails, you need to have in the arsenal of several types of nozzles of different shapes and abrasiveness.

Methods for removing gel nail polish and their characteristics

Regardless of where the manicure is done, at home or in the salon, its removal is done in only two ways:

Please note! The use of acetone is considered easier.

It is enough only to moisten a cotton pad in the liquid, put it to the nail and wrap the finger with foil. Already after 10 minutes, the layers will be softened and can be removed. But, for a faster and more effective result, you will need to first saw off the top securing layer. During this procedure, there is a high probability of abrasion and damage to the cuticle file or buff. In addition, acetone is a very aggressive environment, so it strongly desiccates the nail plate. Over time, it will begin to peel and become brittle.

cutter, remove, which, better

For the health of the nails it is better to remove the gel nail polish with a milling machine. With careful and professional use, this method is considered safer and absolutely harmless to the nail plate. The use of a ceramic or carbide-tipped cutter eliminates damage to the cuticle and perinodal folds. The technician can easily and safely remove the necessary layers of gel nail polish or correct the shape. This method will take a little more time. But the condition of the nail plate will not suffer.

What is the best cutter for nail polish removal?

According to the material of manufacture, nozzle cutters can be of two types:

Please note! Carbide cutter to remove gel nail polish has been used for quite a long time. Many craftsmen have successfully used it in practice for several years. The different shape and diameter of such a cutter was due to the spectrum of its use.

For example, the model corn, has a different number and hardness of notches. At the cost of carbide nozzle is much cheaper than the ceramic one.

Every master, and just an amateur, is entitled to his opinion. But, no matter how you look at the features of the ceramic cutter, everyone sees its advantages.

  • Practicality and durability. Ceramics can last almost 3-4 times longer than metal.
  • Lower temperature of heating. Using the ceramic nozzle correctly, the technician can remove the gel nail polish much faster. No need to take breaks to cool the tool.
  • Softer in operation. Ceramic cutter to remove gel nail polish almost does not vibrate, which reduces the degree of discomfort for the client. When sawing produces dust, not wood shavings.

Please note! The hardness of the ceramic nozzle also comes in different sizes.

On sale you can see three kinds:

The degree of hardness can be checked visually. The core of the nozzle has a colored rim: blue, green or black. Ceramic cutter for gel nail polish is considered a more advanced tool in the nail industry. According to the reviews of masters and their clients, it is the best in its field.

Recommendations for the selection of cutters

It is enough for beginners to have a minimum set of 2-3 cutters. They are universal nozzles for cleaning and polishing. Optionally, you can buy a tool for removing the artificial coating.

Professionals who own the technique of hardware manicure, can have up to 30-40 different nozzles. each client requires an individual approach in selecting the abrasiveness and severity. Cuticle cutters are needed separately, but you need experience and good technique to work with them.

Beginner masters will definitely need:

  • Diamond nozzles “bullet”, “flame” and “cone” with red notches. They are needed for separating and lifting the cuticle and buffing the lateral rollers.
  • “Ball” of medium abrasion with a blue notch is needed in reserve for removing cuticles and treating the outside of the lateral rollers. It is recommended to take a cutter size 1.2-2.1 mm in diameter.
  • The diamond cone comes in handy in cleaning the pterygium.
  • A carbide tool, such as a drum-shaped or cylindrical tool, is needed to remove material and color.
  • Ceramic “corn” is suitable for pedicure coating with gel nail polish.
  • Silicon-carbide caps with rubber tips are basic in pedicure. needed for smoothing, cleaning and cutting soft skin.
  • Diamond “needles” with diameter 1-2,2 mm and length 12-16 mm are used for cleaning shallow cracks on feet.

Beginners should choose cutters with blue and red notches

In addition to the marking, you should pay attention to the tips. They need to be rounded so as not to hurt themselves

You can buy Magic Bits in a nail store or order them on the web-site of the producer. Starter kits are sold individually or together with a milling unit.

  • RuNail. quality nozzle materials.
  • Naomi 24 and JessNail supply cutters to the international market and are in demand by the best nail artists.
  • Magic Bits presents a wide range of products.
  • Irisk Professional. the best combination of price and quality of materials.
  • TNL Professional supplies inexpensive models of the HDFreza line for professional and beginner craftsmen.
  • Planet Nails. affordable cutters for professional and hand-held milling machines.
cutter, remove, which, better

The listed market leaders are priced differently depending on the application and materials. The cost of the most affordable tool starts at 100 per unit and up to 1000

Manufacturers, review and cost of nozzles

There are various manufacturers of cutters around the world:

  • German router bits are of high quality and affordable price. Set of 6 nozzles will cost 1690
  • Russian offers a wide range of high quality milling cutters. Cutters are popular not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries. The price for a milling tool ranges from 150 to 400
  • “TNL Professional”. a company producing manicure heads from South Korea. The purchase of a cutter from this manufacturer will cost the buyer in the amount of about 600

Cutters for manicure differ in material, quality, abrasivity, shape, and price. Each nozzle has advantages and disadvantages, but the corundum cutter is easy to use, as a professional and a novice master.

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Cutters and router

Safety and efficiency of the procedure of hardware nail polish removal depends primarily on the power and speed of the cutter, as well as the material of the nozzles.

Power of universal machines is usually from 30000 to 100000 watt, the rotation speed can reach 45000 rpm. What nozzles are available, what are they made of, which is better to choose?

Consider this important issue. Cutters (nozzles) come in:

  • Ceramic. the best nozzles. Hypoallergenic, very durable, heat resistant. They work softly, without vibration, long life, can be used for the treatment of cuticles and barrels;
  • steel cutters are used for gentle removal of horny cuticle skin, and are usually effectively used for pedicures;
  • Hard-alloy nozzles (cutters) consist of hard metal alloys, are used for the correction of nail plates, treatment of the expanded nails. When the great thickness of gel nail polish, it can be removed with these cutters too (up to the base). There is no dust during processing, this nozzle forms only shavings. The speed of rotation can reach 30-40 thousand revolutions, as a result there is no heating;
  • Cotton and silicone. Soft cutters for polishing plates at the end of the procedure, to even out the surface and give a shine. They are not used to remove gel nail polish;
  • diamond cutters. Suitable for treating cuticles and forming the desired nail contour and length, creating acrylic nail designs.

Obviously, the innovative ceramic cutter is the best nozzle for removing gel nail polish.

Specialist’s kit

What will be required to remove gel polish with a manicure machine:

  • cutter and nozzles (cutters);
  • Brush to remove dust and shavings;
  • Orange wood chopsticks (can be a scraper);
  • Cotton disks or smooth wipes;
  • face mask from dust and shavings;
  • regular nail file;
  • buffing baffle for polishing;
  • warm oil to soften and nourish nails and cuticles.

Which nail files are best for removing gel nail polish?

Classification of nozzles is carried out according to different parameters. One of the main ones is the tool material. Below are the main types of cutters to remove gel nail polish with a description of their features, advantages and disadvantages.

They consist of a metal base and an outer coating of tiny particles that create a grainy surface. These models are popular among beginners, thanks to their optimal price-quality ratio. The size of the spraying grit influences the abrasiveness of the tip. the larger the grit size, the more efficient and faster the sawing process will be.

According to the method of manufacture, there are two types of diamond cutters for removing gel nail polish:

Among the pluses of diamond sprayed nozzles are:

The disadvantage of diamond cutters is that they are difficult to maintain. Spraying gets clogged with dust during work, so they need to be cleaned regularly. Recommended rotational speed is 10. 15 thousand rpm (4,000. 5,000 rpm). rpm.

Metal cutters for gel polish removal are made of carbide or alloy steel with the addition of tungsten. Their outer layer is embossed with notches to create an uneven surface. They are affordable and very durable tools with a long lifespan. Tungsten models are harder and more wear-resistant, they are darker in appearance.

When rotating, the carbide cutter for gel polish removal penetrates deep into the treated surface (skin or artificial coating) and cuts it like a knife. The deeper the grooves on the surface of the metal, the more layer is removed in one pass.

These cutters are very popular due to a number of advantages:

  • High performance. remove up to 1mm at a time.
  • Resistant to hard coatings. carbide cutters are suitable for gel and acrylics.
  • handy for decorative manicures. you can make grooves for rhinestones or stones.
  • Robust and durable. they do not wear out or rust.
  • Easy care. the material can be disinfected even with aggressive substances, it does not lose its properties.

Of the disadvantages, you can note the high traumatic danger of the tool. it is very easy to make a kerf nail. If the experience of the master is not enough, it is better to choose the safer option. In addition, the metal is heated during operation, so customers may feel a slight burning sensation when sawing.

How to remove the gel polish machine for manicure?

The twenty-first century. not the eighteenth century. Representatives of the fair sex need to work, keep the house in order, raise children and for all that look great. It’s good that the beauty industry does not stand still, because it once gave the world gel nail polish.

This permanent coating can not remember about a manicure to 3-4 weeks and save a lot of time. But inevitably there comes a time when the coating needs to be removed. And then the question arises how to do it: with the help of a machine or a special liquid Both methods have certain nuances, but the apparatus method allows to do it faster and with the right technique is less likely to damage the nails.

For a detailed look at how to remove gel nail polish with a liquid, read the article “How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home”. And now we will understand how to remove the coating with the machine and not to hurt the nails.

Recommendations of professional masters

To get a neat and attractive manicure, you need to choose a quality cutter. You can do this by following the recommendations of experienced craftsmen:

  • First you need to decide if you need a cutter for your hands or feet. From this depends on the material of the tool, as each type of work requires certain characteristics.
  • No less important point is the place of use of a manicure cutter. home or salon conditions. For the salon need to buy more cutters, and high quality, as the tool will be frequently used.
  • The product should be selected for a particular machine, since the power of all milling machines is different, ranging from 1500 rpm. The wear and tear of the nozzles depends on this indicator. At home, you can use the fixtures in the kit without replacing them with new ones for a long time.
  • Diameters of nozzles also make a difference. Fixtures of large size are designed to work at low revolutions of the tool, and small. at high.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the fact that some of the bits may have the designation “T”. which means that the cutter is covered with a special compound to enhance cutting performance.

Manicure and pedicure operations require the treatment of the nail plate, cuticles and skin adjoining the nail with different nozzles. The use of manicure cutters not on purpose can lead to such undesirable consequences as damage to the nail plate, and it is possible to spoil not only the appearance of the nail, but also cause various degrees of harm to health.

Rating of the best brands

The cheapest

The brand is owned by a Chinese company that has a solid track record of over 15 years in the nail industry. It has become one of the most popular on the Russian market, because the products have a high level of quality, and the company is distinguished by its responsible approach to the development and production of products. The widest range of products is represented, from corundum and sand to ceramic and diamond.

There are unique accessories made of special minerals, which no one else manufactures. The reviews of the products are mostly laudatory. Masters do not see great disadvantages in the cutters. They can be perfectly suitable for training both novice manicurists and professionals, satisfying the highest demands. Disappointing can cause only silicone products, which tend to quickly wear out and reduce the quality of machining.

The Korean brand TNL Professional is rightfully at the top of the rating. Its specialization is production of huge assortment of products for nail-industry. from decorative elements to professional tools. For over a decade, this company is the world market leader also in the development of cutters for manicure. They are made of hard alloys, so they retain all their properties for a long time. at the same time the of their products are low, in comparison with other manufacturers of high quality professional tools.

TNL Professional produces the following varieties of products: for various actions with nail and cuticle. with ceramic, diamond, metal, corundum, sand and silicone heads, for removal of keratinized skin and calluses on the upper and lower extremities. In the product line of TNL Professional you can find the necessary models for all kinds of actions.

  • easy to buy in specialized stores;
  • all types of these products are available;
  • it is made of practical materials.
  • low price.

On this line of the rating is a brand of domestic distributor of products from Asia and Europe. It represents cutters made of solid and sprayed diamonds, hard alloys, ceramic, silicone, sand, corundum. Their quality and assortment is much better than the products presented by other manufacturers: there are all kinds of heads for different needs. from 1 mm to 1 cm, from “needle” to “corn” and “barrel”, which will be needed to treat the nail, cuticle or coarsened skin.

HDFreza brand presents a range of products, which is one of the widest in Europe, that’s why it is so popular among nail-masters in many countries. The products are very durable and remain functional for a long time at a relatively low price, also there are all kinds of promotions. You can buy them at retail or through the website of the official distributor, which provides delivery of goods by mail or courier.

  • the widest range of products is available
  • A high level of quality of products;
  • have universal sizes;
  • low cost.

Domestic brand, quite young. appeared in 2015. Its aim is to develop and produce simple and understandable products for nail care at home and in the salon. The accessories have been carefully selected, especially the cutters, which have passed many successful tests. The manufacturer has made Accent on the range and quality of cutters, which are manufactured in different countries. Austria, Germany, Sweden, South Korea. According to the feedback from the masters, they are very comfortable to use. They do not require getting used to, they are wear-resistant, they can be used with maximum load for several months without loss of quality in the conditions of the salon. Products are marked with colored notches and brand engraving, which is very convenient to use and different from other brands.

The entire range of Magic Bits cutters can be divided into two unequal parts. professional and for personal use. The latter are characterized by heads that are safe for non-professional actions. Their range is much smaller than the professional ones, but they can also be used by craftsmen to perform simple actions on the skin, cuticle and nail plate.

  • In the manufacture of modern materials, resistant to wear and tear;
  • Manufacturer’s marking and engraving;
  • The most complete range;
  • low price.

Medium price segment

With the devices you can remove the gel coating and acrylic, treat the nail surface, give the desired configuration, remove rough and rough skin. The samples of products have a lot of different modifications, differing in size and shape of the head.

Yoko products have a positive side, consisting in universal configurations of the tail and heads, suitable for any kind of manicure devices, used both at home and in the salon. Favorably withstand various types of treatment and sterilization, without affecting the life of the tool. Special mention is made of the ceramic cutter with good customer feedback about the head not heating up during the working process.

  • The next step is taken by the Russian brand, which is well known abroad and on the domestic market in the beauty and cosmetology industry;
  • The form and dimensions are notable for their versatility;
  • Home and salon use.

The next step is taken by the Russian brand, which is well known abroad and in the domestic market of both the beauty industry and cosmetology. The product is used by hundreds of thousands of craftsmen and positive feedback is heard about the products because of the highest quality, durability, ease of use and a wide range of choice.

The range includes high carbon, diamond, mineral and garnet steel. This characteristic is due to the use of domestic materials that are improved to meet the needs of specialists. The use of good raw materials has given the heads ideal rigidity and long-lasting wear resistance, even during frequent work in beauty parlors. Having tried them once, professionals do not change the manufacturer in the future and remain faithful to the chosen brand. That speaks for itself as a highly valued product.