Cutting ceramic tiles at 45 degrees

As a rule, it is used to cut tiles and tile for wall or floor cladding. Using the technique you can get an aesthetic frame bypassing the purchase of decorative corners.

  • Finishing the interior of the kitchen, bathroom, toilet;
  • Creating an interior in office and commercial premises;
  • Facing the premises of the restaurant purpose;
  • decoration of swimming pools, saunas, recreation areas, etc.д.

You can do the work yourself, or you can order cutting at 45 degrees from a specialized organization. What to choose depends on the amount of work and available budget. For those who are engaged in large-scale construction it is best to order cutting in bulk from professionals, rather than lose time using their own forces. If you need to fit only a couple of elements just read the article.

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Dry tile cut at 45 degree. Сухая резка края плитки под 45 градусов.

Recommendations from the specialists

often for facing works is used tile with a glazed coating on the front side. It is a very fragile compound for machining. Therefore, masters during the formation of a cut of ceramic tiles at 45 degrees do not affect the glaze within 0.5-1 mm. That is, only part of the clay base is removed. But this approach is relevant for factory edges.

Choosing a method and tools for work, it is worthwhile to be guided by the environment and the features of the facing material. For example, it is better not to dust in a residential house. For porcelain tile, an electric tile cutter is the right choice.

How to properly cut tiles at 45 degrees

Whichever tool is chosen, it is advisable to practice on an unnecessary tile before the basic sawing.

angle grinder

Angle grinder to cut and file the corner will be more difficult than on the machine, but it is possible. A lot of dust is generated during work, so you should use personal protective equipment: respirator, goggles and gloves.

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Step-by-step execution of boring (filing) with an angle grinder for novice craftsmen:

  • A diamond wheel is installed on the angle grinder.
  • The tile is laid on the table face down. The edge, which will be bored, slightly hangs down.
  • The tile is filed (cut). the angle grinder moves with the top down, visually control the machine, it must be in relation to the tile at an angle of 45 degrees. From the glazed edge of the tile step back 0.5-1 mm.
  • The place of grinding is grinding attachment with sandpaper or diamond “turtles.
  • If there are small errors, it is better to use a wooden block with sandpaper and spot remove them.

With sufficient experience, it is possible to reduce the number of steps.

  • The tile is placed so that the cut edge is oriented vertically.
  • Boring (filing) is performed with an angle grinder. from the underside of the tile under 45 degrees.
  • When the angle is well marked, the cut edge is machined with the angle grinder again.
  • The irregularities are ground with diamond turtles. If only few cuts are required and enough time is available, a good result can be achieved with the use of emery wheels.

At first, a 0 and 0 sandpaper is taken. For finer work 0.

With an electric tile cutter

  • A tile to be cut is placed on the worktable.
  • The cutting wheel is set at a 45 degree angle.
  • The tile is cut with a diamond cutting head similar to a circular saw.
  • Only the clay layer is cut, the glazed surface must not be damaged.
  • The cut is grinded with an angle grinder with diamond spatulas or abrasive discs.

How to cut a glazed tile at home

In the home, you should use such a tool:

The tile is fixed, the marking is made and the cutting edge is moved along this contour. The minimum distance from the edge of the tile is 1 cm. If the product is cut even closer to the edge, it can become deformed. There are two ways to quickly remove excess material:

  • The tile should be placed on the edge of the table so that its edge coincided with the product marking line, then the free edge is pressed slightly in the middle;
  • It is necessary to put a protruding object under the material: a nail, a bar made of wood or a wire, and to press lightly from above.
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Electric tile cutting machine, laser, hydro-abrasive such options are not used in the home because of the high cost and complexity of implementation.

How to form a sharp corner properly?

The next step after the process of sawing the tile to a degree of a certain angle is its worthy application, as well as the organization of the right angle. To do this, the following points must be observed:

  • Using a special construction level, it is necessary to evenly glue the first part of the tile. Its trimmed edge should slightly protrude beyond the base of the right angle;
  • the second tile should be glued in the same way, the period of glue fixing allows you to move and adjust the contacting tiles to achieve a tight contact.

Before you start tiling the corner should check the vertical alignment of the wall. With even the lowest elevation differences, the corner at the top may not come together and be level. It will not be possible to disguise or repair this flaw in the future.

The scope of use of the cut tile at an angle of forty-five degrees has certain restrictions. As a result of clay cut on the back side, the narrowed edges of the tiles become thin and brittle, so they can easily break off.

Forming right angles from undercut tiles in places where there is heavy traffic is not recommended.

  • Material removal from the object
  • Precise 45 kerf cutting without chipping on precision equipment
  • Cutting is carried out by a diamond tape with automatic water supply
  • Trimming, sanding edges
  • Chamfering. FREE!
  • Delivery of the finished material to the object of the customer

Why cut a tile edge at a 45 degree angle?

Why do you need to trim the tiles at 45 degrees?? Such an operation becomes in demand in two cases:

  • When you need to join the outside and inside corners of rectangular elements, when you want to make a bevel for the edge, which helps to form a beautiful flat corner. This operation allows you to abandon the use of cheap plastic corners.
  • When a diagonal tile layout is chosen for tiling. In this case it is necessary to cut the tile itself at an angle of 45 degrees.
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This task can be performed with different tools.

What kind of tiles we cut?

For more than 10 years, our company has been providing professional tile cutting services, including 45° angles. On our account a huge number of successfully implemented projects, we know exactly how to perform their work at all 100%.

Cutting tiles at an angle of 45 ° is difficult enough work that requires a professional approach and equipment.

We cut tiles with modern Italian equipment accurately and without chips. over, in addition we grind edges.

Tile sawing technology at 45 degrees

The technology of tile trimming at an angle

When cutting a tile by 45 degrees you should meet two main requirements: the slope is maximum accurate and precise, and 0,5-1 mm of the edge on the enamel side is left not sharp and is sanded manually.

To meet the requirements of the technology, the work is divided into two steps. The first one removes the main surplus from the tile with diamond discs, the second one brings the edge of the tile to its maximum evenness.

In the home trimming performs with a vice and angle grinder, with the ability to adjust the speed in the range of 1000-2000 rpm, and removable attachments (diamond circles, turtles and abrasive discs for grinding tiles). If you need to cut a large number of products can not do without the tile cutter. a universal cutting and grinding machine, eliminating errors fixation and the risk of leaving the cutting disc to the side.