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Glass processing

Cutting and processing of glass is the main specialization of the Glass Workshop TD Steklotrade. Cutting is made according to the size of the customer for all types of glass on modern equipment in compliance with all necessary technologies.

We guarantee that all orders are performed on time, quickly and accurately with the utmost care and caution.

We work with any type of glass, any pattern and size. Need to cut glass 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm? It can be made to order: for this purpose, the cut is optimized first to reduce glass loss.

How much does cutting of glass according to your size in the “Steklotrade” Trading House??

In our workshop the order calculation is made on the basis of the order with the specification of the required glass. Cost of the order depends on glass thickness, size, shape, material, edge finish, and other factors.

The price-list below is for informational purposes only and is not a public offer.

Glass M1 (transparent) Pilkington, AGC, Guardian

Glass enlightened. clarified, optite

Glass processing (price in n/m)

Drilling holes (price in per p/m)


You can get any piece of glass: a table, shelves, nightstands, floor, flower holders, coffee tables and so on.

Processing of glass edges, grinding and polishing performed in our glass cutting workshop on the newest equipment Bottero, Baveloni, allows to process the glass and mirrors up to Jumbo size (6,00 x 3,21 m), which will give aesthetic appearance to the glass end, and will make an original interior of the room where it will be situated.

cutting circle of glass instruction HINDI

Only our employees have extensive experience in the glass industry, which is why we have such inexpensive custom glass cutting. You’ll be pleased with the price, because we have been on the market since 1998.

We have developed a price list that lists the of cutting glass to order and additional services.

Skilled cutting of glass to size

Not all glass fabrics can be cut. If you plan to install elements from tempered material, you need to create elements of the required shape, dimensions before the tempering process. There are no such restrictions for standard, optite, lacobel materials. They can be used to create elements of any configuration.

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Glass sheets are used for various purposes. They can be used to create panels and mosaics, to make doors, they are an important element of furniture structures, a spectacular finish. When cutting glass to order we take into account the purpose of the material and choose the best technology. You can order from us:

  • straight and curved cuts;
  • Production of details for mirrors, table tops, doors, panels, furniture facades;
  • Edge trimming, hole making.

Modern equipment with computer control programs is used in the operations. This guarantees accuracy of size and shape. You can use in the design of edges facet, give design elements finished look, to improve the aesthetic indicators.

Professional cutting of glass to size in Moscow offers several companies. But we must keep in mind that in order to get perfect results, the necessary conditions are the presence of professional equipment, professionals with the appropriate skills. An ordinary household glass cutter does not allow high-quality cutting of multilayer fabrics with a specific structure.

Our company specializes in working with glass canvases. We offer this product in a wide range. We produce tempered glass to order according to dimensions for interior doors, partitions, etc.

cutting, glass

Mechanical CNC cutting.

Is performed with the use of a special tool with rollers. The process is realized in two stages. First of all, a deep notch is made with a roller, and then by mechanical force, the cut part is broken.

Such type of glass cutting has several advantages: easy-to-operate equipment, high speed of work.

Order glass cutting for your project.

To order cutting glass at DomGlass, please fill out the request form.

Cutting of glass and mirrors to order is made by experienced masters after preliminary negotiations. Before the start, the nuances are coordinated, the client’s wishes are discussed, and then the specialists start the process.

Finished glass can be of different shapes. Rectangular variants with sharp angles, round, and oval are in demand. Their contours can be straight, shaped, and the angles can be straight or arbitrary.

Mirror cutting is carried out by measurements, they are discussed with the client. Popular products are considered to be 80 cm in height and 50 cm in width. But you can order smaller versions, depending on the intended use.

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Any process of making an order, begins with cutting glass. We use specialized equipment and tools for cutting glass in our production that allows carrying out of orders, strictly keeping the given sizes and terms.

  • Custom glass cutting of any shape and size.
  • Cutting mirrors with edge treatment and safety film application.
  • Edge processing on glass and mirrors:
  • Edge Grinding. the edge of glass and mirrors is blunted to remove sharp corners.
  • Edge polishing. the edge of the glass is processed and becomes clear and smooth The edge of the mirror is machined and polished at a specific angle.

Cutting of glass and mirrors

The process of creating products from glass or mirror begins with cutting. Any work with glass does not forgive errors and inaccuracies. Cutting involves cutting a sheet of glass to a very high precision, often to the millimeter, and in some cases even to the micron. Use of specialized equipment and tools ensures accurate dimensions. High-tech cutting on modern equipment is a guarantee of quality of the finished product. Our company cuts glass to your size and performs additional processing. We work with all kinds of glass thicknesses from 4 to 19 mm. We perform cutting of straight and complex shape, as well as shape cutting according to customer’s templates.

“Technopark” will be your reliable partner in any volume of work. We carry out both bulk and small single orders. We do not allow defects and carefully monitor the process at all stages, up to the accurate shipment of finished products.

Cutting glass to size

Accurate cutting of glass at low prices. Cutting of glass according to your size and drawings is made on a CNC machine. Custom cut glass to size.

Cutting of glass to size

Glass processing is required under a variety of circumstances. It can be a necessity to repair damaged furniture or a wish to realize a certain creative solution Fast and qualitative cutting of glass to size is required? The company Glass Express offers the services of qualified specialists for the processing of glass. Cut glass is delivered to the desired location.

Cutting shapes or straight glass, as well as any other glass processing process, has a number of nuances. Ignorance or neglect of the technological peculiarities ultimately leads to mistakes and damage of the glass. For example, glass as a material does not have the inherent “lattice” of crystalline substances. It means that when you cut one wrong move, it can destroy the integrity of the whole plate. This in turn makes it impossible to work on site or with universal tools. Not everyone is ready to buy a roller or diamond cutter if you suddenly needed to cut glass to size.

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The process of cutting any glass is represented by the following works:

  • Careful cleaning and subsequent laying on an even surface.
  • Scribing to the required dimensions. If a shape cut is made, a pre-designed template is used instead of a ruler.
  • Cutting with a glass cutter that makes a continuous scratch on the glass by means of the scythe line.
  • Plate breaking along the line for the scythe marking. Thanks to the described characteristic of the material, it easily takes the specified shape without excessive protrusions or cracks.
  • Scheduled additional services. The edge of the glass can be cut, patterned or punched.

Ordering a glass cutter from us means you get a number of important benefits:

  • Straight or curved cutting of glass and mirrors of all sizes and parameters.
  • You decide where to cut the glass: at home or by contacting the glass shop. Price does not change (the arrival of the glazier is free).
  • Available are transparent, patterned, laminated and reinforced glass, as well as patterned glass.
  • Cut glass delivery to any address without extra fees.

Photos of our work. Rapid cutting of the mirror according to the size at the client’s home:


Glass company Astral-Design provides wholesale and retail sale of glass on request of different manufacturers: AGC, Pilkington, Guardian.

We process glass and mirrors in our own production facility in Korolev, Moscow region.

Glass fabrication and sales of glass and mirrors. Our company’s main activity.

We provide a full range of services from measurement to installation.